My Cousin’s Feet Pt. 02

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Link to “My Cousin’s Feet” (1st story):

Note: This is my second time publishing a story involving my lovely cousin Selena. If you haven’t done so, please read the first one, it will provide you with a better picture of what she looks like and how she acts. In the comments of said story I posted some creepshots I took off her feet. The events happened exactly as they will be depicted; any inconsistencies should be blamed solely on the alcohol consumed that day.


I think I’ve told you that my cousin wasn’t much of a party girl, I wasn’t much of a party boy myself, small town, over protective parents, a generic origin story for two boring teenagers like us. I changed when I went to college, very cliché I know, I made sure to move to the dorms despite the commute being a mere twenty-five minutes or so. I met cool people, really cool in fact, and started going out more.

Selena and I were enrolled in the same university but we went to different campuses. Every year, when the second semester was coming to an end, there was a week-long festival organized by the students. Famous singers and rappers performed for us and afterwards we spent an entire night drinking, smoking weed (if we managed to hide from the cops that is) and dancing. Drinking parties were held in the apartment buildings next to the campus, the mess and the smell of booze were constant proof that the species known has the “college student” inhabited those parts. They were “unofficial dormitories” in a sense. It was a complete riot, meeting new people everyday at the house parties, the concerts, witnessing the drunks passed out by the entrance of the arena (we called them “war casualties”), going to the liquor booths (also student run and operated) and hitting on the girls so they’d give us free shots, what else can I say, it was one of the best weeks of the year, I loved it. I also loved my cousin’s feet, my cock loved them more than anything, it throbbed at the mere thought of those two beauties. On a Friday during festival week I finally got some release and those bratty feet of hers felt some long needed “love” from me.

“Come to the festival with me Selena, we’ll have a blast!”

“I told you already, I don’t like those things, I don’t like alcohol.”

Being honest now, I felt she was just socially anxious much in the same way I used to be.

“In a few years you will leave college and you won’t have had any fun. You know; you can meet cool guys there, besides me that is.”

She smiled, I was being playful but she knew there was an inkling, a drop of truth in my words.

“You’re so annoying John, I’ll think about it.”

“My roommate won’t be there, so you can sleep over at my place if you want.”

“It’s like we’re little kids again.” She smiled once more. Sometimes I think of what would happen if she found out my true intentions, would she be surprised? Well of course. At times I felt she teased me on purpose, like she wanted to torture me and shake me with pleasure at the same time, I reminded myself that was ridiculous, she did those things candidly, naturally, I got even harder when that happened.

Time passed, I forgot about it, figuring she wouldn’t come, she wasn’t that type of girl, right? She said so herself. My mind was filled with the haze of the festival; the fun, the girls, the alcohol, the drugs, the music, more alcohol, it all was all very overwhelming. Tuesday arrived, she called me at three in the afternoon, I woke up ill-humored with a raspy voice and diddled the phone screen without even looking at the name on the display.


“It’s Selena. Sorry for bothering you, I’m thinking of going on Friday, will your room be free?”

“Oh.” I felt like an asshole, and I was, being so mean to such a sweet voice, I would have slapped myself in the face if I wasn’t holding a phone in my hand. “Of course, so you did change your mind after all, I’m glad.”

It took a minute, but it hit me, she was coming, I had no plan yet but I knew this was a good chance, a phenomenal opportunity to touch her feet or at least see them, be in their presence, smell her socks, relieve my frustrations on those toes of hers, I was wide awake now and I would have trouble sleeping despite the long bursa escort bayan hours of partying, more than booze and girls and drugs, I wanted her feet so bad it gave me headaches.

We met the at the entrance to the arena, she saw some “war casualties” and laughed when I let her know that’s what they were called. I’ll be brief since not much happened between us during the festivities, we had a couple of shots, for the first time I was seeing my cousin with alcohol inside her, when drinking, her face contorted like a paper about to be thrown in the garbage. I could tell she didn’t drink often, maybe not at all.

“We’ll meet at five a.m. at the entrance.” We went our separate ways, but at five a.m. sharp there I was, and there she was, my shoulders itched and I felt like jumping in place, couldn’t wait to get home.

The walk back took around fifteen minutes, each milligram of alcohol in the bloodstream added a couple of seconds to that time. I don’t remember what we talked about on the way back, she giggled a lot, I probably did too and I could tell she had a good time. What a shame Friday was the last day of the festival. I also remember a lot of touching, grabbing her waist like you would a girlfriend, whispering in her ear and moving her hair away from her face, I get really forward when I drink but I know when a girl is enjoying herself or not, no matter how drunk I can judge whether to keep escalating or to slow down and stop.

I felt courageous, fueled by beer, whiskey and good reactions. Except for us, everything was quiet, the morning air had that characteristically fresh smell where it hasn’t been disturbed by people or cars yet, we arrived at my dorm, the key went in the keyhole and the door opened.

“Come on Selena, admit to your cousin, admit you liked going out.”

“I guess it was kind of fun.”

“What do you mean “kind of” fun? ”

She didn’t want to fully admit it but I could tell she had a good time.

My bed could only fit two people if they spooned, or if one slept on top of the other, I wouldn’t mind being naked with her under the sheets, but I wasn’t stupid enough to suggest such a thing.

Still fully clothed, Selena jumped back first on to the bed, the old thing nearly fell apart after squeaking and bouncing a good couple of times. She splayed her arms and legs, stretched her neck and let out a moan as if she was just waking up from a long sleep. I felt something tingling inside me. The room was meager, so my bed had to be squeezed in between the wall and the bedside table. I planted my ass at the bottom edge of the bed, my back now leaned against the wall, her feet relaxed next to my thighs, she was still wearing her white vans, a bit dirty from all the walking through the night and early morning, her socks peered over the cusp of the shoes, white, pure, just like she was.

“We have to sleep, at least for a bit, let me take these off for you.”

She had pulled her phone out of her pocket and was distracted scrolling through something, so I got no response.

I grabbed her right ankle and gently placed her foot on my lap, she looked at me with a blank expression on her face like she didn’t really want me to do it, but she also didn’t mind it was happening. I then took off both her shoes.

“You’re ticklish, aren’t you?” I said as I ran my fingertips up and down her soles, pressuring only so slightly, making the sock rub against the foot. She giggled, it was weaker than before, the alcohol was probably starting to wear off and she looked tired. I kept at it until she began to shake her foot up and down, tapping the flesh of my thigh with her tiny heel.

“Stop or I’ll kick you.” “Go ahead do it then.” We teased each other back and forth.

She lifted her other foot and swung it in the direction of my face, I was so relaxed I didn’t even flinch, she stopped just an inch short of actually hitting me. Selena seemed a bit more energized now, laughing a bit louder, she joined the top of her foot to the space in between my nose and my lips. My lips split apart in a smile, for moments my teeth touched her sock and moistened it slightly, she pushed the back of my head to the wall while grinding her foot against my face. It was at that time that I noticed görükle escort the heavenly smell of her feet, I had to hold myself back from devouring them with kisses.

“John if you don’t behave I’ll make you kiss it.” “Do it then.” I said a bit too much it seemed, she pulled her foot back down to my lap, her face looked drowsy once again.

“Ugh! I’m tired, I really have to sleep.” She yawned and started looking at her phone again.

“I’ll give you a foot massage.” I looked at her waiting for permission, she gave me a face, like, OK, and stared back at her phone.

One sock off, two socks off, I placed them inside her shoes because there was no way I was going to let those treasures touch the floor.

Selena’s feet were spotless in spite of all the walking, they felt so smooth, so supple like she was an angel that’s been walking on cotton floors her entire life. I thumbed her soles again and again, I went around the heels, then the top of the foot, rubbing it with my fingers and my palms, lastly, I got to her toes, I love them the most of all, all ten of them, I pulled, grabbed, felt the spaces in between, slowly, gently. Overall, I delighted myself on those gorgeous feet of hers and my cock hardened so much it began poking at her ankles although she didn’t seem to notice.

My bulge kept growing as I caressed her feet. I started pressing harder, tenderly forcing her to bend her toes so I could feel the wrinkles that covered her soles. I must have done this for ten minutes, but it felt like ten seconds, ten seconds of pure joy but also hunger, so hungry, so horny, I needed more, I wanted to bite them, fuck them, cum on them, right there in front of her while looking right at those innocent eyes. I would have fucked her face afterwards too, have her bent over like a fucking slut, a cheap toy made to please my cock. Fuck. I couldn’t.

I looked over and noticed she had closed her eyes, her phone, still on, rested on top of her perky little tits. She slept peacefully. I brought my nose closer to her toes, no sudden movements, I couldn’t make a sound or I’d be found out. I started with small little inhales of her toes, they smelled just like Selena, but stronger, sweatier, moldier, so fucking hot. Every two seconds I would throw a glance her way, still sleeping, good. Stronger inhales now, and after that, I peppered those soft toes with the tip of my tongue. It was time. I had to. I started unzipping my pants, no sound, it must have taken me around a minute or more since I did it so lethargically. My cock tried escaping trough the open gap, I undid the button, it tried to rip my boxers apart, I pulled the boxers down and it stood up, hardened, with precum dripping off the tip. The foreskin was down now, the precum wet the space where the toes end and the soles begin, I masturbated using her foot to help me as if she were a lifeless doll. The head of my cock itched, fuck, I was going to cum, I started panting, Selena squirmed. Shit, she might have woken up. I stuffed it back inside, still out of my underwear and with the tip uncovered, it was nasty, the precum was still coming out and I felt the fabric of my jeans in contact with the swollen head of my dick.

“Hnnnng, I’m cold John, let me cover myself up.”

“Yeah, I was sleeping too, good night Selena.” I lied.

“Good night.”

Without even bothering to undress, she tucked herself under my blankets and rolled around to feel more at ease. Her feet were gone, those blankets, just a few inches thick, might as well have been the great wall of China separating me from my beloved angels.

Her socks were still in her shoes and those were still on the floor, I was cursed with my throbbing cock, it hurt terribly, more than before. I waited about ten minutes to make sure she was asleep. Sitting on the floor, practically foaming at the mouth, I stroked my cock in an attempt to relieve my horniness but I held back just enough so I wouldn’t cum. She was asleep, I was certain of it. I grabbed Selena’s socks and sniffed them as if they were cocaine, I did it again and again, now the other sock, now both at the same time, they smelled just like the source but stronger, the smell had more time to ingrain itself in the cotton and the aroma aroused me tenfold. bursa escort bayan I fondled my cock carefully, one stroke too much and the floor would be painted white. The time came to worship her shoes, I experienced the strongest smell yet, they were the property of a goddess and I was privileged to absorb her odor. I was her property too, she just didn’t know it. It went on like this for hours. Tired, hungover, that was heaven right there, just below my nose.

At one point the pain in my cock became too much to bear, a strong gust of wind would have made me cum, my body was screaming at me to finish. The smell from the socks was mostly gone, I had sucked it all up my nostrils, the shoes still had some left. A big final sniff from each shoe. One. Two. I knelt and placed them in front of me. My right hand gripped my shaft, my left picked up a sock and put it in my mouth, my tongue swirled, tasting her sock, tasting her. I brought the sock that was left up to my nose and violently sniffed the very slight hint of smell still left in it. One stroke of my cock, two strokes, three, fuck… couldn’t hold it in any longer, it was coming. I fell forward a little placing myself in a plank position, holding my weight on my feet and my right hand, my left was still holding the sock next to my nose, my cock hovered just above the throat of her left shoe. A big deep breath made my belly expand like a balloon, my neck and vocal chords constricted so I wouldn’t moan and the head of my cock tingled with pleasure, it finally came, fuck, FUCK…

One big squirt into her left shoe, the rest of the cum was shot into the right, I tapped my dick tip on the edge to make sure every last drop of my load would stay there for her.

Holy shit, I felt so tired, and a bit scared too. I placed everything back in its original spots. The insole of the right shoe had absorbed a good amount but the left shoe had taken the brunt of the load and so it still had some visible cum. No worries though, I figured the socks would absorb some of the leftovers and it would all be fine in the morning. I sat down on a chair and planted my forehead on my desk. I passed out.

The morning sun had been present in my room ever since we got back, but by midday it became so intense it woke both of us.

“Good morning.” “Good morning Selena.”

“What’s the time John?”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time, while doing so I turned my chair towards her and stretched out, spreading my legs. I placed my arms behind my head, I felt like a king and I acted like one too.

“It’s noon already, guess we slept a lot.”

“Shit, I have to catch the bus back.” I almost never heard the choir girl talk like that, it felt novel but I found it amusing.

“Relax. You still got half an hour and the bus stop is only five minutes away.”

She got up in a hurry apparently ignoring what I said. My eyes marveled at her feet as she walked to the bathroom. I got a chub. She stopped walking and I heard the water coming from the rusty sink that my landlord refuses to have replaced. I heard her walking back and I felt that rush again, just like last night, I wanted to hold her down and dominate her, make her into my little slut.

She sat on the foot of the bed just like I had done, she bent down to grab her socks. First the right foot, then the left foot, she didn’t say a word. My cum was touching her, an ecstatic bolt of lighting ran trough me starting from the head of my cock all the way to my fingertips. I kept staring intensely, she grabbed her shoes, no complaining about the right, the load landed mostly on the left, shit, maybe she would find out, she put it on, nothing, not a word. The bulge in my jeans was very prominent, it pointed right at her and I made no attempt to hide it, I wanted her to see it, I wanted her to say something about it, I dared her. “Yeah, I’m fucking hard, and you caused it you fucking slut, and It’s your responsibility, get on your knees, now!” That’s what I wanted to tell her, those words felt like a needle in my neck that I wanted to spit out.

She came to me, hugged me and gave me a kiss on each cheek, I did the same to her.

“Thank you for letting me stay here.”

I followed her to the door. Selena was walking down the hallway, her feet coated by what was left of the cum I had shot while worshiping her socks, my cock got harder with each step she took. I hope she enjoyed my little present to her, what a fucking cock tease that girl is. She went down the stairs, I went back inside my room and masturbated thinking about her.

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