My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour Pt. 03

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Authors Note:

This is the 3rd chapter in the series called My Curvy, Sexy Mature Neighbour. This extended chapter can be read independently, but I recommend chapters 1 and 2 are read first, as these explain a series of sexual encounters, giving context to this chapter. Enjoy it and I look forward to comments.



Part 1: – Chrissie and Steven discuss the dirty details and plans of the forthcoming threesome with Veronica, over an intense sex session in the Jacuzzi.

Part 2: – The Threesome

Part 1:

A text arrived whilst I was sat at my desk at the Solicitors practice where I had worked hard for 7 long years. My mind was definitely off work the last 3 weeks and my performance had dropped as a result of my horniness and daydreaming about my shagging sessions with Veronica and Chrissie.

I picked up my phone and seeing the message was from Chrissie.

“Can you fill up the jacuzzi when you get home. I’ll be home by 6. I need the lowdown on our 3some this Thursday and you can tell me whilst I sit on your wet slippery cock! Mmmmmm! Tshuss.

C xxxxxx”

I responded swiftly and with sudden sense of arousal.

“Sounds like the perfect antidote to a shitty day. I’ll be home 530pm. I’ll wait for you in the tub. Looking 4ward to feasting on yr pussy! S xxxx”

“ILY” she replied. ‘What does that mean?’ I wondered. Oh well, I didn’t have time to dwell on it as my boss approached me, and in a flash I hid my phone away from sight.

When I arrived home later, it was close to 540pm. My first instinct was to get straight into the shower to clean off. I stripped off as I moved through the house upstairs, throwing my clothes off, trousers, shirt, shoes, socks and my boxers were scattered on the staircase and landing. I thought I’d leave a nice trail for Chrissie when she arrived. I then started filling the tub, let it run for 10 minutes and pressed fire on the jacuzzi jets and away we were. The sound and appearance of flowing bubbly water never failed to awaken the senses.

I jumped into the tub and closed my eyes filling my mind of thoughts of what I would tell Chrissie. The thought and anticipation of jacuzzi sex and a threesome later this week with my two favourite fuck partners sent me wild with excitement and my thickening cock responded to it.

I waited a short while until I heard footsteps in the distance becoming more audible as Chrissie made her way up the stairs and opened the door.

“You didn’t need to leave your clothes like a trail Steven. I know exactly where the bathroom is now!” She said sarcastically whilst laughing.

I turned around smiling back at her.

“You are a good boy, antidote to a shit day you said. Give me a few minutes to strip off. Hmmm!” She winked at me and was clearly getting hot and bothered.

Chrissie had come into my life 2 years ago. She was a petite woman, about 5ft3, and just about able to squeeze into a size 12 dress. She had wide hips, the cutest bubble bum and lovely well endowed size D breasts. This together with her shorter height, gave her body a curvaceous, desirable shape. She had a slight fold in her belly which I had fetish for anyway, but she wasn’t overweight. She had pretty blue eyes, pale white skin and short curly brunette hair. The intense sex, blow jobs and her swallowing my seed surely helped, but I couldn’t say I was struck by a thunderbolt at first sight. It was a slow burner and they are the best ones. On her day she could turn heads on the street. She was attractive to me and her German accent added to her appeal. My infatuation for her grew as she actively pursued me for several weeks, whilst we were co-workers. She came on hard at work and in social occasions. I eventually gave into the intensity of her pursuit and her sexy German mannerisms. Eventually she moved to a new job as our relationship became complicated and known to colleagues and detrimentally effected the normal harmonious office atmosphere.

At 35 years old, 7 years my senior, her body was fully ripened. She’d had enough sexual experiences to know what she liked and to know how to get it.

We had an on / off relationship since, but neither of us wanted to settle down. We shared common interests in literature and films and were compatible bedfellows. I was fond of her but wasn’t sure whether I truly loved her. I knew that allowing Chrissie in as my lodger would either destroy or cement our relationship may be allowing love to blossom. That’s partly why I think there was a sense of jealousy around my liaisons with Veronica and it worried her. But her agreement to the threesome wasn’t out of character from the stories she’d told me of her times living in Bavaria.

Chrissie opened the bathroom door wearing her silky and pink floral bath robe. She had a smug, satisfied look on her face.

She walked across the glossy cream tiles towards the jacuzzi, swaying her hips from side to side, sexily striding over. I noticed the sound of her flip flops peeling and slapping off and on to the soles of her feet as she gaziantep bayan escort numaraları walked towards the tub. She dropped her bathrobe to the floor to reveal her birthday suit and what a suit it was. Her wide hips and partially shaved genitalia were in my line of sight. I loved the sight of bush on a woman as it represented a real woman to me.

“Wow! come and get that sexy figure into the jacuzzi now.”

Just as I was about to grab her by the thigh, she took a few steps back and sat on the toilet seat.

“Es tut mir Leid!”

We both laughed as she kicked off her flip flops.

“Pssssssssssss!” Reverberated around the echoey walls of the bathroom. She released copious amounts of urine into the toilet pan. Hopefully a foreshadowing of a very wet orgasm to come later on. Her urinating in front of me was a sign of how comfortable we were in each other’s company. I just didn’t realise it at the time.

I turned onto my belly to get a better view of a lovely side profile of her naked body as she sat weeing on the toilet. The side of her breast. I drew my eye down the side of her hips down to her milky white thighs and legs. She had curled her feet and toes so that her toes nails faced down on the floor. I was in total awe and hungry for her body.

“Hey……..naughty. Are you a naughty boy Steven?”

“Why certainly Ms Herring. I can die a happy boy now seeing this. That is sexy as hell what you are doing!”

“Are you pervert about urine Steven? Do you want me to pee on you next time?” She added mischievously.

“You know me, I am never too afraid to try something new!”

“That makes you a pervert!” She said with with a chuckle.

“Well yes I can’t argue with that. I have got some bad ideas in my head, Chrissie!” I didn’t really believe that. I always considered my sexual perversions to be fairly vanilla.

She wiped her pussy clean, stood up and walked over to the base of the tub just behind my head. I tilted my head back to see Chrissie reaching down and she planted a lovely sloppy wet kiss on my lips. Our mouths clenched together, rotating our heads one way then the other, before detaching for a gasp of air.

“Hmmmmm, have I been looking forward to this! Let me give you a sight.” She said.

Chrissie at this point lifted her left foot and leg placing it into the tub beside my belly. And her left hand rested on the rim of the tub. “Ooooooh, bubbles tickle my feet!” I looked to the side to see her stretched out inner thigh and her pubic hairs around her pink snatch.

She wanted to give me a full view of her pussy and ass cheeks as she slowly adjusted and moved her right leg into the tub and over my head. Her rear end and pussy hovered above my face. I focussed on the intricate movement of her labia, her fleshy thighs and the space between her vagina and her gorgeous bum cheeks. It all passed by my face so closely that I lifted my head and my tongue to catch a taste, but her sweet nectar was tantalisingly out of reach. I caught an aroma of her urine scented snatch and a whiff of her bum odour and it exhilarated me to the point where naturally, my cock thickened up to full capacity. She starting laughing, gently lowering herself and submerging her body and her shapely bum splashing into the bubbly water.

” Oooo!!!! Gorgeous!” She screamed in delight. I didn’t blame her for that. The feel of flowing water certainly stimulated your bits.

She flipped her body around and then we came together in the centre of the tub, as if we were magnets attracted to each other, arms stretched around each other’s bodies and we locked into a deep kiss with our tongues extending into each other’s mouths.

We disengaged and Chrissie got up and flipped over to get on on all fours and lifting her ass as high as she could out from the water with it draining away from her ample cheeks.

“Get to work Stevie, lick my pussy cat unt leck meinen bayerischen arsch!” She said seductively ending it in German, which she knew I found to be turn on. Pussy cat was my personal nickname for her snatch.

“Gosh, willingly, let’s not hang around!”

“Hmmmm!” I reached forward pulled her ass cheeks apart and extended my tongue to stimulate her perineum, knowing from experience this was the key to Chrissie’s successful climax. I moved my tongue around in a circular motion on the skin between her genitalia and anus applying plenty my saliva to a highly erogenous part of Chrissies anatomy.

I then moved my tongue toward her outer vaginal lips. She extended her hand and started rubbing her clitoris as I focussed my tongue on her labia.

“Ah jaa!! Don’t stop!!!” She moaned.

I carried on munching on her labia for a few minutes flicking her lips from left to right whilst feeling her vaginal area moistening with every tongue stroke. I ramped it up a notch and dug my tongue deep into her salty pussy, licking the outer edges of her vaginal opening.

“Ja ja ja ja! Keep it ….. going…….” gaziantep escort bayan reklamları her voice quivered.

Her hand continued rubbing her clitoris but now went into overdrive as if someone pressed a fast forward button. I responded to this speed by vigorously moving my tongue further inside her vaginal opening and it randomly moved from east to west and north to south digging further and further into her self lubricating pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! That’s the spot Stevie!”

I maintained my rhythm rubbing my tongue and saliva against her beautiful pussy cat knowing her explosion would come.

Ooo! Eeeeeeeee!!! Eeeeeee!!! Let go!!!!”

I detached my tongue from her vagina and right on cue, Chrissie sexually erupted, her body spasming and her salty juices splashed out in all directions from her gorgeous love tunnel adding a salty flavouring to our bath water. I extended my hand out stroking her drenched cunt before licking my hands for a salty snack. It was divine!

She struggled to catch her breath and she fell silent. I froze in amazement.

“Damm, that was intense…. I almost passed out. I haven’t come that hard for ages.” She said once she’d got her composure back.

“I have no words Chrissie! My tongue is exhausted. That was stunning. You are stunning and your pussy is delicious. I just tasted your salty fluid!”

Chrissie turned around approached me and whispered into my ear.

“Danke schon! I love you!”

“Ihr willkommener Schatz. Wow! That is profound, but I like you saying that………” I took a bit of time absorb it. Chrissie waited in anticipation to my response. “I didn’t even get to lick your arsch!”

“Argghhh you are so juvenile!” She responded angrily.

“Chrissie I am confused about this but I think I love you too, thats if I know what love is.” I said as the tone turned a little serious.

“That’s satisfying to hear Steven, but trust me I’ll show you.”

We settled back and relaxed for a few minutes and enjoyed the silence.

A further 10 minutes passed when Chrissie found some energy and she crawled over towards me maintaining eye contact with me.

“So what is she like Steven? What special qualities does she possess that makes you want to fuck her so hard? What turns her on?” She asked me like she was seeking some intelligence. She was on all fours on top of my body with her sexy ass sticking out of the bathtub and her breasts were hanging down partially submerged in the warm bubbly water. She stuck her tongue down my mouth. I wrapped my lips around her tongue and tugged at it and grabbed both her breasts, caressing my finger around her pink nipples. We then smiled and chuckled with each other.

“Well she is a total sex animal! You will enjoy her company for sure. Oh you naughty girl!” I was suddenly interrupted and lost my train of thought, as Chrissie grabbed my penis and started rubbing it with her hand, whilst she continued to dig her tongue in my mouth. The sensation of her wanking me off was enhanced by the hot bubbly water being pumped around the jacuzzi and her slippery hand.

“We’ll go on then Steven! ……Schnell!” She screamed. Chrissie then moved her mouth from pulling my lower lip to licking and biting my right ear which she loved to do. I landed my hands on her ass and started slowly stroking her ample ass cheeks. The temptation to run my finger up and down her ass crack was too great. She moved her thighs and spread them apart either side of my body. My erection was getting close to her pussy and ass which rested just over my lower belly, tantalising close to penetration. I could distinctly feel the coarse hairs from her bush. Chrissie resisted sitting on my cock and held her position resting her full weight on my body. She was clearly aroused as was I.

I continued…..

“Forget what you thought you knew about her. Anything goes with her, as you have become accustomed to. She is sexually liberal like you, she doesn’t seem to have many boundaries and is game for quite a few things. Although getting to anal sex was the challenge but that was broken on Sunday as you heard and the floodgates will open up for butt fucking now I hope and what a peachy bum it is.”

Smiling and laughing Chrissie retorted. “You mean on the slightly plump side of the bum spectrum!”

“Okay ……let’s agree it’s that.”

“Sex brings out her alter ego. So I have two insatiable fuck buddies to enjoy. I am in a dream.”

“My dick just gets harder …….and harder…… and harder …. at the sight of her and your naked body lying together!” My voice started quivering and my penis throbbed and Chrissie started breathing more deeply.

“Oooooh!!!”Exclaimed Chrissie as her ass slipped down my slippery belly touching my fully engorged erection which was now resting comfortably between her ass cheeks.

“Patience Chrissie. Let me tell you there are no fake orgasms. She is a total squirter and that for woman in her late 40’s gaziantep escort kız telefonları is mighty impressive. That pussy is tight and wet and pulses, squeezing my penis, at the point of her orgasm.”

“Mmmmmmm I cant wait to get my tongue and fingers in there!” Chrissie was aroused and moaning. She released my ear from her teeth and started licking my face. She slowly used her tongue to leave a trail of her saliva across my cheek before entering my mouth for more french kissing.

“Oh god Chrissie you are really turning me on?” As we disengaged our lips to take a breather. My erection was fully formed and primed for intercourse. She must of been getting wet, but I couldn’t tell. After taking her mouth out of mine she said. ” What else?” She started licking my left cheek.

“She has delectable feet, size 7. Okay she is 47 and a big boned woman, so her feet are a little worn with slightly cracked heels, but they are beautifully curved around the ball of her foot. She always has her nails painted in various shades of pink and red. She loved the toe rings I had delivered to her. Her feet are a mirror of her voluptuous figure and her toes are in perfect alignment.”

“Hmmmm, I am liking the sound of that as I have always been fascinated with women’s feet! Hmmm! Leckere zehen, hmmm!” She grunted.

“Oh of course, I have bit of a back story about her reclusive lifestyle. She had a steamy long-standing affair with her sisters husband and was ostracised from her family. I think she suffered a broken heart and left her home town to come here. But she has been unattached ever since, but she did mention she had several flings since then.”

“What like mystery man those months back?”

“I guess so and then there is me!”

Chrissie released her hands from my chest looked into my eyes raised her pussy and body above my erection and moved back from me to sit on the opposite side of the jacuzzi, slightly annoyed at my last comment.

“You are such a tease Chrissie.” I felt deflated as we had been on the cusp of penetration and it was definitely a case of blueballs.

“I want you to service my toes first Steven. That’s all.” Chrissie loved having her toes sucked. In fact she was the first woman in my life who I felt I could release all of my sexual desires out on. I was really able to let out my secret and burgeoning foot fetish and she allowed it to thrive. I would never ever think of it with sexually immature girls I’d fucked previously. Their loss.

She extended out her legs and ran her feet along my thigh and groin before briefly rubbing my cock. Her feet covered in bubbles moved along my belly and chest, running smoothly along my slippery skin before resting right in front my face.

“Feast on these tired feet Steven. They need a tongue massage. Beeilin sie sich jetz.”

“Bereitwillig.” I responded in my broken German.

I grabbed both her feet. Chrissie had what I would call petite feet. They were cute with short toes that I called my Bavarian digits. I took both her soaked big toes in my mouth and started sucking them vigorously.

“Ahhhh ja!! Chrissie moaned. “How does she feel about sex toys? Will she be up for double penetration if I bring my strap on dildo and anal beads?”

“She will be game for that!” As I stuck as many of her toes into my mouth as possible, and my tongue which slalomed in between each of them.

“She has already said she wanted a threesome with another man. That to me says DP!” I said as I ran my tongue up and down the curve of her wrinkled left foot.

“Oh Chrissie!” I was overcome by lust. Women’s feet always aroused me to the point where I could no longer control my urges. “Let’s stop this talking and fuck!”

We both rampantly moved our bodies up from the sides of the jacuzzi and embraced, both our sloppy hands stretched around each other’s lower backs and we deep kissed like there was no tomorrow. Chrissie suddenly disengaged and turned her body around, pulling her rear end out of the water. Splashing water everywhere. I knew copulation is what we both craved. I pulled my body up and positioned my pelvis behind her ass. I grabbed my fully erect soaked penis and guided it between her ass cheeks rubbing it against the rim of her ass, up and down until I found the feel of her drenched snatch. Chrissie grabbed my dick rubbing the head of it against her vaginal opening and lips. She slowly guided it into her well lubricated vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Du bist so Gross!” Chrissie moaned.


The inward outward motion of my cock began slowly at first, as I took in the feel of her tight, humid, love tunnel. Chrissie started to rub her clitoris to amplify her pleasure.

“Ohhhh pick up some speed Stevie!”

“Oh, your beautiful Chrissie.” As I began to settle into a rhythm thrusting back and forth for a good few minutes. My pelvis barging into her rear end created a lovely ripple effect on the fleshy skin around her ass.

Chrissie lifted herself up to rest her face next to mine. She turned her head round to imprint an impassioned kiss on my lips, both extending our tongues. I reached around her chest rubbing my hands over her breasts, stroking her belly. I continued with all my strength to maintain my consistent thrusting, as she rubbed her clitoris and fell back down so that we were in doggy once more. Water continued splashing in all directions. I knew I would come easy, the splashing water her glossy ass cheeks was accelerating my climax.

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