My Daddy, My Slave Ch. 03

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

My first thought was, “Traitors! How dare you!” but I have to admit, they were right. I ended up liking it.

It’s me again, Brigid, I just wanted to update you on what’s going on between my father, my best friend and I. If you just clicked in I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m 5’2″ and stacked with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. My Daddy’s been my slave since I was nineteen and caught him sniffing my dirty panties. Turned out he likes being a slave and I love getting all the sex a horny woman like myself can handle!

My best friend and sometimes lover Marta has played with us twice now, she likes being submissive too it turns out. Marta’s 5’8″ and slender with naturally tanned skin and nice little titties, she’s so sexy to me I can’t keep my hands off her!

It turned out that Marta and Daddy were scheming behind my back. They’ve known each other for years as well, Marta and I practically lived at each other’s houses back in high school. My horny Daddy had always wanted to fuck her too. He’s gotten his chance a few times now thanks to me.

Well last night I got home from work and slave Daddy was nowhere to be seen. He should have greeted me at the door and taken my things! Naughty Daddy. I’d excuse his behavior if he was on the toilet or bleeding, otherwise he was in trouble.

I went up to change. Opened the master bedroom door and Marta was on the bed, naked. Where was slave Daddy? Something dropped over my head, slave Daddy was behind me, fastening a collar around my throat!

“Hello, slave Brigid!” Marta was gloating. Slave Daddy came around and knelt on the floor next to Marta. “Your slave Daddy and I have been talking. He wouldn’t mind trying me as his Mistress and you as a fellow slave. And I’ve been wondering what it’s like to be in charge.”

My first reaction was anger, of course. My slave, my Daddy. Who did she think she was? And slave Daddy? No orgasms for a month, ha!

But then it occurred to me, I’d be punishing myself too. I needed sex just as much or more than my father, if I cut him off where would I get cock? Damn it, Marta was always a smart one, I bet she figured all the angles already.

So I decided to go along for now. I could always punish Daddy later, and as for Bodrum Escort Marta, well I’d figure something out. All this went through my mind like lightning, once the decision was made I gave a cute little pout, Marta would expect some resistance from me at least.

“Well I suppose I don’t have much choice if I want to play tonight, do I?” I asked. Then I approached Marta with a slow hip swing, knelt at her feet and gave her my best doe-eyed, demure slave look. I knelt next to slave Daddy, head down now and without looking up I asked Marta, “How can I serve you, Mistress?” If nothing else I’d show them how it’s done!

“It’s a trap,” said slave Daddy.

“I know,” said Marta, “we’ll just have to change her mind about getting even.”

Mistress Marta ordered me onto the bed, head down, ass up. Once I was in position slave Daddy blindfolded me, hey, no fair! I kept my mouth shut, I didn’t want a ball-gag as well. I felt ropes going around my legs; I hadn’t changed positions, they were tying me up right where I was, and securely too. At least the ropes were soft.

When they were done my calves were bound to my thighs, my arms were stretched in front of me and my wrists bound as well. I could barely move, not even to close my wide-spread thighs. I felt more naked than I ever had before, vulnerable and exposed. I knew my wet kitty would be glistening at them, not knowing what was coming next was torturous.

What came next for me was nothing, they left me there. I heard them moving around, then Marta’s voice, “Mmm, yes, such a good cock. Good slave Daddy.” Wet sounds were coming from the edge of the bed, then the mattress began rocking.

“Yes, pound me! Oh god yes! God what a good slave, what a good cock you have, fucking me so good! Fuck me harder, harder!” Marta was taking a pounding from slave Daddy, I could hear their flesh slapping together, smell their funk.

“Talk to me slave, your Mistress commands it!” Marta’s voice was husky and low, wavering as slave Daddy continued to pound her cunt.

“Oh Marta! God! I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, god you’re so fucking hot! Yeah, fuck that pussy back at me, god you’re pussy’s fantastic!” Slave Daddy wasn’t lying, I loved that cunt of hers too.

“I’ve thought about fucking you too, slave Daddy, Mister Anderson, my best friend’s dad! Oh yes! Is that Bodrum Escort Bayan what you want to hear? I used to rub my little cunt thinking about fucking you! Oh God Yes! Pound me! Harder, yes, fuck me harder!”

Listening to my best friend going at it no holes barred with my own father was getting me hotter than hell! I needed something in my kitty, fingers, a cock, a dildo, anything! Was this what my Daddy enjoyed so much, the anticipation?

Soon Marta was climaxing on slave Daddy’s cock. “Oh fuck yes, god that cock fucks me so good, gonna cum, oh, cum with me, pump me full! Yes! Give it to me!”

“Take it, take my cum oh god, yeah!” Slave Daddy cried as he pumped Marta to overflowing.

I could feel my juices creeping down my thighs I was so wet, hey, don’t forget about me here guys! I needed cock, my GOD I needed cock! Normally I’d have cum at least two or three times by this point in the evening.

The bed moved as someone climbed up next to me, Marta by the size. I felt a pair of slim thighs settle over my outstretched arms, smelled a familiar pussy.

“Here, slave, lick this cum out of my cunt. Slave Daddy, remove her blindfold please.” Suddenly I could see, Marta’s oozing cunny close up and personal. I had been right, she was overflowing with slave Daddy’s seed.

The taboo nature of all this made it feel so nasty, I couldn’t help myself. My mouth fastened like a leech over my BFF’s twat and my tongue started scooping up my Daddy’s tasty cream. The two of them together was a tangy treat, I couldn’t get enough!

“Mmm, oh yes slave, lick that cunt, god that’s sooo good, just like that, oh yes!” Marta’s filthy talk was revving my motor, I slurped and sucked with enthusiasm, swallowing every last drop.

I sensed someone behind me, and then slave Daddy’s hard tool was balls deep in me, all at once, god it was heaven! He held his dick there for just a moment and then pulled all the way out, what?! Fucking tease!

Meanwhile I’d stopped munching Marta for the moment, she tapped the side of my head and pointed to her snatch. “Focus, slave! If you want a reward you have to earn it!” So if I gave Marta a nice orgasm I’d get more cock? I could do that.

I’d always liked giving Marta head anyway, she does have an attractive kitty. My own kitty was feeling hollow Escort Bodrum but now that I knew relief was possible I really went to town on ‘Mistress’ Marta, focusing on her clit, using moves I knew she loved.

Soon I had her clawing the sheets. “Oh god, Brigid, mmm, oh you know I love it when you do that, oh fuck yeah, lick my taint, what a good slave!” I shoved my tongue all the way in her and sucked as hard as I could on her clit and she started cumming.

“Cumming, oh yes, cumming again, oh fuck, suck me slave, suck my messy cunt, yeah, get your face in there, suck your Daddy’s cum out of me!” Marta was shoving her pussy in my face, grinding herself against my chin. “Daddy, fuck your daughter’s cunt while she eats you out of my pussy!”

Daddy didn’t need to hear it twice, in an instant my kitty was full and purring around my Daddy’s prick. I was tied tight, I could barely wiggle as Daddy pumped my tight sheath. Being helpless, being used for Marta and Daddy’s pleasure was making me gush, my nips were digging into the sheets as I got pounded by my own father.

“Are you cumming yet, slave? I haven’t told you to cum yet, have I?” Marta was done with her orgasm, I truly hoped she was about to assist in mine! She got off the bed for a moment, returned with a paddle, black leather with studs on one side. Was she…?

*SMACK* She was! Oh god, I was being spanked while Daddy fucked me!

*SMACK* “You can cum now slave, cum for me, cum on your Daddy’s dick and don’t stop cumming!” The stinging was becoming a throbbing, my whole crotch was heating up!

*SMACK* “Yes, gonna cum! Gonna cum oh god! Yes! Fuck me Daddy, fuck your nasty daughter!” This was mind-blowing, I was turned on in a whole different way!

*SMACK* “All right slave Daddy, cum! Cum in your daughter’s cunt!” Marta dropped the paddle and turned, dropped, stuck a finger in Daddy’s ass!

“Oh fuck yeah! Cumming! Cumming in my baby’s cunt!” Daddy’s dirty talking was so hot, god, I needed to let him talk more when I fucked him! I could feel his balls pull up, then he started throbbing, shooting me full of his cum this time, man it was incredible!

Jet after jet pulsing into me as I strained against the ropes, I needed to move with my cum and not being able to was actually more intense! My god, who knew? My hungry cunt was gobbling Daddy’s sperm, Marta was now stroking my tingling ass, it was intense pleasure on a plane I’d never suspected!

So now we take turns being in charge. So far it’s only been Marta and myself, next time it’s Daddy’s turn, us gals can’t wait!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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