My Daugherter and Me

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Everyone in the story is of major age. Everyone in the story is over the age of eighteen.

I was standing in the bathroom in front of the lavatory quietly shaving. I had just taken a refreshing shower and had not dressed. My prick was hanging down my thigh. I loved my prick because I was uncut and my foreskin was quite long, hanging over the end of my prick a good inch or more. When I pissed, I usually just pissed through the foreskin, then wiped the end of it off when I finished.

Suddenly without any warning, the bathroom door came flying open followed by my twenty year old daughter.

“Oh daddy” she said “I’m sorry to barge in on you like this but I have to piss and right now.”

She didn’t have any clothing on save a pair of quite sheer black thigh high stockings that came right up to her very hairy cunt. She proceeded to sit down on the toilet and no sooner had she sat than the hissing sound followed by the spraying of water came flowing out.

She looked at me as I stood there in front of the lavatory with shaving creme all over my face and said “Oh my God daddy. I’ve never seen you naked nor have I ever seen your cock. Wow. I’m impressed that it is so long and has such a long foreskin on it too.”

With that she reached over with her right hand and proceeded to take my cock in her hand. She sat there and played with it as the last drops of her pee fell into the toilet bowl.

“Daddy, I want to play with your cock and nuts. I want to skin your foreskin back so I can see the head of your nice cock.” Becky said. “I also want you to take your hand and run it through my bushy cunt and wipe the excess pee off of it. Once you’ve done that I want you to suck my pussy. I’m horny this morming and I need to have a few orgasms.”

“I don’t know what to say Becky. You come barging in the bathroom, announce you really need to piss, then see my cock and nuts and want to play with them. Now you also want me to suck your hairy cunt.”.

“You’ve said it all daddy. Now quickly finish shaving so I can get down on my knees and suck your long soft dick. I’m not going to pull your foreskin back over the head of it – yet.”

I quickly finished shaving, wiped the excess creme off my face and turned toward my daughter who was still holding my cock and nuts. She told me to get on my knees. As I did so, she spread her legs wide apart so I was looking right at her black haired cunt.

“Now lick my wet hair daddy. Then you will be able to suck my cunt, which I am going to spread wide open for you. You will find my clitoris which will be sticking out for you to suck like a little cock. You will suck on it and make me climax. You wil use your snake of a tongue and lick my engorged pee hole trying to stick the tip of your tongue inside it. Once you have made me climax, I’m going to have you stand up, then I am going to suck your prick.” Becky said.

I slipped my mouth up close to her wet hair and began sucking the excess pee droplets off of it. Then Becky opened her cunt lips and I was staring directly at what looked like a small prick. I licked it a couple of times with my tongue then put my mouth over it and began sucking on it. Becky went ballistic.

“Oh daddy.” she cried. “You are such a cunt eater. I didn’t realize you knew how to suck a womans’s clit to make her climax. You don’t do that with mommy. Now keep sucking on it so I can climax again. Then you can play with my peehole.”

I sucked her clit some more and she had two more powerful orgasms, then I moved to her peehole which was quite visibile. I tried to stick the tip of my tongue in it, but it simply would not go. However Becky kept encouraging me to keep licking it as it was also turning her on.

I felt her peehole contract a little and was rewarded with a little spurt of hot piss which I licked up. With that she pushed my head away and told me to stand up so she could suck my cock.

I stood right in front of her and she gently held my cock and slipped it into her mouth. I was only semi erect and as she sucked it began to get totally erect. Becky continued to suck my cock as she fondled my nut sack and I realized I was only seconds away from blasting off in her mouth.

“Becky. I’m about to blow my nuts off and you’re going to get a huge load of hot semen in your mouth if you don’t let go of my prick.” I told her.

“That’s what I want you to do daddy. I want to taste your baby creme. Doesn’t mommy ever give you a blow job or does she only do that for her boyfriend?” she asked.

“What do you mean her boyfriend?” I asked.

“Daddy. You are so naive. Everyone in our small town knows she is fucking and sucking Frank’s cock. She’s his fucking whore daddy. Besides being a fucking alcoholic she’s a whore. Now shoot your fucking baby creme in my mouth.” she said.

I couldn’t believe my own daughter was calling her alcoholic mother a whore. What waas I doing standing in the bathroom in the nude with my turgid cock in my daughters mouth ready to shoot bursa yabancı escort creme for her to drink?

My cock erupted and Becky took every drop I could get out. She had never even pulled my foreskin back so when she let go of my cock, the foreskin was still covering the head of it.

No sooner had she finished than I had to piss. I told her to sit still and to point my shriveled up cock at her black haired cunt. She took hold of it and I began flooding her cunt hair with my yellow stream. She couldn’t resist taking her free hand and cupping a handful of my pee in it, then putting it to her mouth and drinking it. In the process I had also pissed all over her thigh highs so they were going to need to be removed and her legs dried off.

“Oh daddy.” she said. “Your pee tastes almost as good as your baby making creme did. We are going to have to do this more often. By the way, do you like my thick, bushy black cunt hair daddy?”

“Honey, I haven’t seen your cunt since you were almost ten. It didn’t have any hair on it then, but it certainly does have now. Do you ever trim it?” I asked.

“No. I also started letting my leg and pit hair grow too. I’m got tired of shaving. Mommy has a bushy pussy too doesn’t she? I’ve seen her massive gray haired cunt a few times, especially when she is getting fucked by her lover, Frank. She doesn’t know I’ve seen them fucking, but I have two or three times.” Becky replied.

“She is usually on your bed on her elbows and knees wearing her black garter girdle and black stockings. Her 38C teats are hanging straight down as Frank impales her with his long cock from behind. She is screaming at him to ‘Fuck me you motherfucker’ or ‘Give me all of that fucking cock of yours’.”

“Finally, after about seven or eight minutes of drilling her sopping wet cunt with his cock, he erupts inside her pussy. She is writhing around on her knees like she can’t get enough of his peter. Then it is all over and he won’t let her wipe her sopping pussy, but slips a pair of black DK’s over her legs and tells her to pull them up. Then he gets off the bed, goes around to her face and tells her to suck his slippery wet cock so she can taste their juices.” Becky continued.

“She sticks his wet prick in her mouth and proceeds to lick and clean his cock off, then sucks him again just for good measure.”

“Oh Frank.” mommy tells him. “I just adore your fucking cock. I can’t get enough of it. Now let’s have another bottle of beer, then I will piss for you.”

“So they sit and drink a bottle of beer with her still in her lingerie and him with his cock dangling down his thigh. Then she tells him she needs to piss and they go out on the side porch where she pulls her DK’s down to her ankles, sits on the top step, spreads he legs wide open, and pisses about four feet out onto the sidewalk. When she is finished, she stands up and you can see some of his baby making creme leaking out of her very hairy cunt. She pulls up her DK’s and they go back into the house.”

“Doesn’t he fuck her anymore or suck her big teats?” daddy asks.

“No. He usually needs to get back to work. He only spends about an hour here playing with her and when they’re done, he leaves.” Becky replied.

“How do you know all of this?” daddy asks.

“Because I was home a couple of afternoons when Frank came over. Momma didn’t know I was here. They weren’t exactly quiet when they were fucking each other so I heard a lot of what as going on between them.” Becky said.

“Now enough of this talk daddy. I want to take a shower with you so I can soap your cock and balls. You can then wash my very hairy cunt and soap my teats too. Then we’ll see where we are going today.” Becky said. “Now peel my fucking wet stockings down my legs and take them off for me. When you are done doing that, get into the shower and lie down. I have to piss again and I’m going to piss all over your fucking body.”

I peeled her stockings down her legs and took them off then got into the shower and laid down. Becky got in and straddled me. No sooner had she straddled me then her pee began flowing and dropping down onto my body. As she progressed her stream became a waterfall and poured all over me. Just as suddenly it was over and she told me to get on my knees so I could lick her wet hairy cunt.

I got up on my knees, and as Becky spread her bushy cunt lips wide open, I began using my tongue to lick her wet cunt. The first thing I did though was to find her clit and begin sucking on it. It set her off and she screamed “Daddy, you are a good fucking cunt licker. You’re turning me on damn it. Now keep sucking my fucking clitty.”

I sucked her cunt for a few more minutes until she pulled my head away and told me to get up.

“Now take the soap and wash my cunt real good while I wash your prick. Then, rinse me off and wash my cunt again so I get a big lather on my pussy hair. Then I’ll rinse your peter off, pull your foreskin back, and wash the head bursa sınırsız escort of your peter too.” Becky said.

I took the bar of soap and began washing her cunt. I got a good lather on it, but did as she asked and rinsed it off. I soaped it again and this time had a huge lather all over her pussy hair. I continued washing it until she took my hands and moved them to her teats.

“Now play with my nipples daddy and wash my teats off. Then I may have you suckle them a minute or so. Then I’ll wash your fucking peter for you.” she said.

I washed her teats, playing with her nipples as I did so. Then I put my mouth over her right nipple and began sucking on it. She reached down for my peter as I did so.

Becky pushed my head away and said “Now I’m going to wash your fucking cock, rinse it off, then wash it again. Then I may suck it again.’

She reached for my still flaccid peter, soaped it good, rinsed it off, then soaped it again. This time she pulled my foreskin back and washed the head of it very well. I began to get another erection, which is what I think she wanted me to do.

Becky rinsed my peter off again, then got to her knees and proceeded to put my cock back in her mouth and begin sucking on it again. I got erect very quickly as she continued to suck me off.

She must have sensed I was about to blow my nuts off again as she said “Give me your baby making juice again daddy. I love you shooting in my mouth.”

Unable to hold back any longer, I blasted the back of her mouth with five or six good spurts of creme and she swallowed all I could give her.

“Now let’s get dried off daddy. Then you can help me dress and we’ll go have breakfast. Perhaps my whore mother will be up by that time.” she said.

Becky looked through her lingerie drawer and finally selected an eight strap black garter belt, full fashioned beige stockings with black heels and seams, a sheer black cut out bra, and one inch pumps.

“No panties or DK’s?” I asked.

“No daddy. Don’t need them today.” she replied. She also picked up her rouge bottle and took it to her dressing table.

“What are you going to use the rouge for?” I asked.

“I’m painting my areolas with it. When it dries it dries a dark color and sets my areolas off against the pink color of my nipples.” Becky replied. “Now help fasten my garter belt around my waist so I slip my nylons on.”

She held the belt up and I fastened the four eye hooks so it was held firmly. Then she sat down on her stool and carefully rolled one stocking down, slipped it over her toes, and carefully pulled it up he legs where it ended almost at her cunt lips and fastened the four gaarter straps to it.

She did the same thing for the other stocking, making sure the garter straps were tight, then stood up and checked to make sure her seams were straight.

Then, she sat at her dressing table, shook the bottle of rouge and carefully pulled the applicator out of the bottle. She began painting her left areaola with the applicator and the change was immediate. It went from pink to dusky rose color and was dry very quickly. Then she did the same thing to her other one and said “Viola. Finis.”

She let it dry for a couple of minutes then slipped her teats into the cut out of the bra and said. “Now daddy be a nice man and fasten the hooks on my bra.”

I fastened them and she turned around and what I saw amazed me. Her pink nipples stood out like a beacon in the night compared to what they had been. Painting her areolas made a great difference. She looked exquisite.

“Are you working today daddy?” she asked.

“No. I was taking a day off, but I usually shave anyway, so that may be why you were surprised I was in the bathroom shaving when you barged in.” I said. “Why are you asking?”

“Today is a day that Frank usually stops by to have a beer or two with mommy. I think it would be neat if you could see her fucking and sucking his prick.” she said.

“I’ll go to the office for the morning then come home early this afternoon. I’ll park the car nearby and walk a block or so. That way they won’t hear me drive up.” I aid.

“Oh daddy, that will be perfect. He usually gets here about two thirty. They have a couple of beers, she pisses, then sucks his cock. After a few minutes of that they get into bed and he fucks her. Don’t be surprised when you see Frank because he is usually wearing lingerie when he stops by. Garter belt, stockings, bra with foam pads. Your fucking wife loves it.” Becky told me.” I think it would be neat if you had some too. I can see you in dark brown full fashioned stockings that come up to your nuts. Now let me suck your peter some more, then I have to go.”

She got down on her knees, played with my nuts, the stuck my flaccid cock in her mouth and began sucking. I had a total erection in fifteen seconds and erupted in her mouth in less than a minute. I wondered where she had learned how to suck a cock so well.

Becky görükle escort left and I went to work. Left for home about two fifteen and drove around the house. I could see a car parked in back so I presumed Frank was already there. I parked in the next block and walked to the house. I let myself in the back door and took off my shoes. I could hear voices so I knew someone was there with her.

“You motherfucker.” I heard her say to him. “I just love your fucking cock. I enjoy playing with your long foreskin, then peeling it back to get to your cockhead. Now let me suck the fucking thing, then you can fuck me.” my wife said to Frank.

All was quiet for a couple of minutes then he said. “That’s enough. If you keep on I’ll blast some baby batter in your mouth then won’t be able to fill your cunt with any. Now get up and let’s go in the bedroom so you can get my fucking cock in your cunt.”

They went through the packet doors from the living room into the bedroom. I heard heels tapping on the floor and presumed my wife was wearing them. I gave them a minute or two, then sneaked quietly into the living room and looked through the slight opening in the packet doors.

She was on her elbows and knees with Frank behind her. Sure enough, he was wearing women’s lingerie just as Becky had said he would be. My wifes big teats were hanging way down because she had no bra on and she was spreading her hairy cunt lips apart with her hands.Her legs were encased in dark brown sheer nylons with a Havana heel and held up with an eight strap black garter gelt.

“Now slip that big fucking cock of yours into my wet hairy snatch.” she told Frank. With one hard thrust, he was all the way in her cunt and she just squealed with delight “Now fuck me good with that prick and blast off inside my cunt.”

Frank lasted about two minutes and I saw him arch his back and shove his cock deeper inside her, yelling “I’m coming you fucking whore.” and blasted his load inside her.

When he pulled out of her a minute or so later, I could see his foreskin was already back covering the head of his cock. However, he went right to my wifes face and she slipped his wet prick in her mouth and began sucking him again.

“I have to get back to work you fucking whore. I enjoyed the beers and fucking you. I’ll see you again in a few days.” he said.

“I’ll be here darling and will suck your cock again.” she replied.

I scurried away to the back and heard Frank leave via a side door. When I went back in the living room my wife was still in bed. She had put on a pair of navy blue panties which I presumed were to catch all of Frank’s semen as it leaked out of her cunt.

She started to get out of bed and slip her high heeled shoes on, but fell doing it. I knew she was drunk. “Oh fuck.” I heard her say. “What am I going to do now? I have to piss and I can’t stand up.”

I went into the bedroom and saw her lying on the floor and said “Emmy are you alright dear? Do you need to get up and go pee pee after being fucked by your paramour? I’ll help you up and get you to the chamber pot so you can pee. Looks to me like your panties are aready wet to begin with.”

“Oh Herb. I didn’t know you were coming home early. I’ve been drinking and am a little tipsy and I do need to pee pee very badly.” Emmy said.

“Well, it look to me like you just got a good fucking from Frank too. He was giving you every inch of cock he has and plowed a pretty big furrow in your gaping hairy cunt. I presume he filled your cunt up with baby juice and now it is leaking out.” I told her. “Now let me help you up so you can go piss.”

I pulled her up and her huge teats were flopping around on her chest as she walked the eight feet to the potty. I pulled her navy blue panties down to her ankles and she sat down on the pot. She was already pissing when she sat down and it was pouring out of her pee hole.

“Don’t wipe your cunt.” I said. “You are already leaking his semen out of it and your panties are already wet, so just let me pull them up for you.”

“Darling, don’t be angry with me. Frank just happened to stop by and we had a beer or two. I needed to piss and he helped me get to the potty. He wiped my wet cunt and led me back to the living room where he pulled down my panties and began playing with my cunt. He got me very horny and the next thing I knew I had his cock out of his pants and was sucking him off. He told me to stop and we went in the bedroom and he fucked me good and filled my cunt up with warm semen.” Emmy said in a slurred voice. “I don’t know what came over me as his cock felt so good. He made me climax about six times before he shot his semen inside me.”

“But this wasn’t just a random first time visit was it darling? He stops by rather frequently doesn’t he? When he stops, it isn’t just to have a beer or two is it Emmy?” Herb asked. “You not only have a beer or two with him, but also have to play with his fucking cock don’t you?”

“Herb darling, it’s just that his cock is so long and his foreskin hangs over the tip of it so far. It’s like yours, but longer and you know I love sucking you off, don’t you?” Emmy replied.

“Does he enjoy playing with your big teats? I see you left your bra off so he could nurse them if he wanted to. Do you enjoy being nursed?” Herb asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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