My daughter, Nancy

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My daughter, Nancy.

I’m a hard working, hard playing man, in my late forties. I work as a construction inspector and sometime instructor, I own my own home, have one daughter and one wife. Some would call me a typical middle class man.

My wife works at the local college, but six or sometimes seven or eight times a year she travels to Asia to teach there for ten to fourteen days, add the travel time and she could be away for almost three weeks at any one time. At times It was a hard way of life, being separated for almost half the year was not the best way of having a marriage, but it afforded us a good standard of living, and That was very important.

It was during one of my wife’s absences, on a Friday evening, that my daughter Nancy came dashing into the house in a flood of tears.

“He’s dumped me! I told him I didn’t like him smoking because it made him smell bad and he told me we were finished!”

How do you console an hysterical teenager? I knew she’d been seeing the same guy for over a year, and to be honest I’d come to regard them as a pretty fixed item. Well it seemed I was wrong, she came and sat on the arm of my chair, buried her head into my shoulder and quietly sobbed.

“Why can’t I have a boyfriend like you dad, you’re so perfect!”

Well that came out of the blue! I’d never been called that before, and I really didn’t know where that came from.

“You don’t lose your temper, you don’t smoke, you’re kind and considerate and you never fight with mum, even when she’s being bitchy!”

I had to laugh, and say that I’d never call her mother ‘bitchy’.

“Come off it dad, you know she is sometimes, same as I can be!”

“Well thank you for the vote of confidence, and I’m sure you’ll find the right man eventually, just give it time, some very very lucky man will come along and make you very happy one day, I’m sure.”

Nancy snuggled down into my lap and told me she’d already found the perfect guy, me! Why couldn’t I be her boyfriend?

I had to explain quite plainly that as her father I could hardly be her boyfriend! “Apart from anything else a boyfriend would expect you to do things that you certainly wouldn’t do with your dad!”

“Such as?”

“Oh come on, you’re not a child, you know what I mean!”

“Sorry, yes I know what you mean, but I wouldn’t do anything with a boyfriend that I wouldn’t do with you!”

“I’m also a married man.”

“So cheat a little, I’m pretty sure mum does when she’s at conferences and overseas!”

She had me Denizli Escort there, I was almost certain she was correct, my wife had never admitted it, but somehow I knew. I also knew that I was only human, so tongue in cheek I commented “Well if you expect me to be your boyfriend don’t bother with pajamas if you come sneaking into my bed!”

At least that got a smile, if not an actual laugh from her.

I thought no more of it, I’d only said it as a joke and certainly never even imagined that she would take me up on it!

I was on the edge of sleep when I heard, and then saw my bedroom door open and then close. My duvet was pulled back and a small warm body got into my bed.

“Are you awake dad?”

“Yes, are you wearing anything?”

Why the heck had I said that?

“Never, not in here with you, clothes would only get in the way!”

She was telling the truth, as I ran my hands down her lovely warm body I could feel her smooth naked skin as she lay next to me. I stroked her thighs and her bottom as I asked her if she knew what she was doing?

“Yeah, I’m in bed naked with my daddy and waiting for him to treat me like his girlfriend.” With that she threw her leg over mine and crawled her way on top of me. I couldn’t have stopped myself if I’d tried, and I didn’t try. I was hooked, I rolled us both over until Nancy was laid under me, I used my legs to push her legs open and as she raised her knees I positioned my hard cock at her very obviously wet entrance and pushed into her.

Her softly moaned “Oh Yes!” was all I needed as I began to slowly fuck my daughter. At first I was somewhat hesitant, but it soon became clear that I needn’t be. The harder I drove into her the better she seemed to like it and the more she shouted her encouragements.

Soft, pliable, warm, and wet. Her vagina was like velvet, she was tight but smooth, her vagina sucked me in, I couldn’t believe how good she was. I’d never even dreamed of having sex with my little girl, but I was finding out that she was no longer such a little girl, she was all grown up and sexual dynamite! As I ploughed my daughter I leaned down and found her breast with my lips, sucking almost her whole right tit into my mouth.

“Yes daddy, yes daddy, suck and fuck me, make me your bitch!”

I couldn’t believe the stuff that was coming from her mouth, her language was filthy, but it seemed to have a direct effect on my cock! I joined in the dirty talk.

“You like this? You like your daddy fucking you?” I was hammering into Denizli Escort Bayan her, her cunt making splashing sounds as I drove downwards, hitting her internals.

“Yes daddy, fuck your little girl, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, any time any where, any thing you want!”

We rutted like a couple of animals, all night, first me on top, then her, then me again. I don’t know how many times we started again, all I do know is that by the time the sun came up we were both exhausted, and sated.

I slept then, until about midday. When I woke, Nancy wasn’t in my bed, but I could hear the shower running so I assumed she hadn’t been up for very long. Considering what we had been doing all night, I was strangely reluctant to go into the bathroom knowing she’d be naked, but I really needed to relieve myself, and as we only have the one bathroom, I had no choice.

Nancy was coming out of the shower as I went in. My God, she was beautiful! We’d been fucking all night, but this was actually the first time that I’d seen her naked in the daylight since she was about five or six years old. I thought to myself ‘how could anyone dump this beauty? She’s everything a man could want, her ex must be a total idiot!’

I apologised for going in, stating the urgency of my need. To my amazement, Nancy made no attempt at covering up, and asked if she could hold my penis while I pee’d. I was taken aback, I didn’t know what to say, so I just mumbled mmmm! As I urinated, my daughter held my penis, and it started to swell. By the time I finished I was more or less hard, a fact that obviously pleased Nancy as she knelt down and took me in her mouth.

She licked and sucked, holding my balls at the same time. This was something that my wife had never done, and having finished, my daughter led me back into my bedroom and laid herself on my bed.

“Your turn daddy!”

Nancy lifted her legs by her knees and opened very wide. My daughter’s sex was beautiful, her swollen lips inviting me to partake of her. Going down on her was like some sort of dream come true, I was hooked.

That was the pattern for the next ten days or so, I would get in from work and Nancy from college and after eating ( and sometimes before ) we would start again, sex, sex and more sex. We explored as many aspects of sex as we could think of. Oral sex was easily my personal favourite, I found that she was so sensitive down there that even the lightest touch of my tongue had her screaming and writhing around, her ecstasy pouring, even squirting Escort Denizli from her as she gasped for breath. Her moisture was like honey to me, I couldn’t get enough of her as she begged for more.

But for Nancy it was anal, she loved being taken in the ass, she explained that to her it was the ultimate act of surrender, she wanted and needed to surrender to me, to be, in a word, dominated. My daughter is a natural submissive. Nancy loves having what she calls ‘unadulterated sex’. No rules, and no saying ‘no’! Oral, anal, golden showers, mutual masturbating; you name it or even think of It and we tried it, there was nothing that she didn’t want to do, she was insatiable, and to be honest, so was I, we lived the life of a porn film!

It went on like that for almost three years, when my wife was at home, Nancy and I found our moments when we could, sneaking around and taking the occasional risk to have some time together.

When my wife was away however, we lived a completely different lifestyle. Nancy almost never wore clothes in the house or in our secluded garden. When she did wear something it was almost always a very provocative outfit, usually purchased from an ‘adult’ store. And meals, the appetizer was nearly always my daughter’s soaking vagina. She was always wet, always ready to let her daddy eat her!

Then the inevitable happened and things changed.

My wife came home from a trip and admitted that she had had a few drinks too many and spent the night with a man who she later had suspicions about. When she got home she insisted that she needed tests before she would have sex with me. She broke down and admitted that this wasn’t the first time she had spent nights with other men. We got sort of tipsy and I admitted my relationship with Nancy. She was understandably upset with that situation at first, but after a long conversation with both Nancy and myself came to begrudgingly accept it.

Nancy and I never rubbed my wife’s nose in our relationship, we acted discreetly. We occasionally took ourselves away for a weekend, and of course I did the same with my wife.

And that’s where we are nearly ten years later, my wife still travels, Nancy is married and has a little boy and a very nice guy as a husband. And when she comes over to visit, if my wife is home she takes my little grandson for a walk knowing that Nancy and I will be fucking like rabbits as soon as the coast is clear. And we really do fuck like rabbits, we have no boundaries, no holding back and no restraints.

If my wife is away then Nancy really lets her hair down, leaving my grandson with either her husband or his parents her visits are longer and more intense. With the doors double locked and knowing we won’t be disturbed my daughter turns into the daddy’s bitch that she loves to be, mind blowingly filthy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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