My Daughter’s Garter Belt Ch. 03

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I was driving home from showing a client a listing I had over in the Cookie Canyon subdivision. He hadn’t liked the pale blues that the previous owner had painted the place, and I didn’t think that he was going to buy it. I really hate losing potential buyers because they don’t have enough brains to imagine a house with different color paint.

I was driving along and toying with the idea of trying to use my computer to re-color my pictures of the house so the jerk could see it in (yuck!) beige and maybe I could make another pitch when my cell phone rang.

“Mr. Kent? This is Ms. Richter – the nurse at Lincoln High School?”

Now there are several people that a parent never wants to get a phone call from. Calls from the police probably top the list. But the principal is way high up there and so is the hospital. I don’t know exactly where the school nurse falls on the list, but I’m pretty sure she’s in the top 10. Maybe the top 5.

“Yes, Ms. Richter?” I vaguely remembered meeting her at a school open house. She was very pretty, but had gone to some pains to hide her good looks from the students by wearing shapeless clothes and pulling her hair into a severe bun. I suppose it just doesn’t do to fuel the fantasies of the teenage male population any more than can be helped.

“It’s Andrea, Mr. Kent. I need you to come down to the school right away.”

“What happened? Is she hurt?” I asked, tightening my grip on the steering wheel. I listened for an answer but all I could hear was a girl’s voice sobbing in the background before the sound was dampened by a hand over the mouthpiece.

“Hello? Hello?” I practically yelled into the mouthpiece.

After a moment Ms. Richter’s voice came back. “Mr. Kent? You need to come to the school. Right now.” Her voice carried a tone of finality, and the phone went dead in my hand before I could ask her again what had happened.

My heart plummeted to my stomach. I learned right then that every parent should fear a phone call from the nurse a lot more than one from the principal. The worst that the principal can do is to expel your kid, but a phone call from the school nurse conjures in your mind emergencies and dire possibilities which are a different matter altogether. And the fact that Andrea was a senior in high school and presumably able to take care of herself did little to alleviate the sudden dread that Ms. Richter’s call caused me.

I threw down the phone and turned the car towards the school. Had that been my little girl crying in the background? I began racing towards the school, the parental urge to take care of his child fueling my speed. I had to get to her. I had to find out what had happened to my daughter.

A lump of fear settled into my stomach as all kinds of alarming scenarios ran through my head. Did she fall down the stairs? Fall off a rope and break her leg during gym? Was she hurt in an explosion in the science lab? Each new possibility was wilder and more improbable than the last, and my heart beat faster as I rushed to hold my baby girl. I took a deep breath and tried to reason with myself. If Andie had been really hurt, I wouldn’t have gotten a call from the school nurse asking me to go to the school – I would have been told to go to the hospital. Right?

I knew that school nurses weren’t allowed to treat anything serious. The whole world’s become too afraid of lawsuits. Hell, nurses weren’t even allowed to give out aspirin anymore, were they? I’m not even sure they have band-aids to put on boo-boos. So Andrea couldn’t be seriously injured. I almost even believed it.

And then the other possibility, one that was actually more likely than Andie being physically hurt occurred to me. My fear meter shot up and a nauseating lump of dread settled into my stomach like a wad of unbaked biscuit dough.

I had suddenly realized that I had a more personal stake in a call from the nurse because I had more to fear than other parents who get such phone calls. I needed to be worrying about the authorities finding out that for the last several months I had been fucking my daughter.

It had started one unforgettable night when I discovered that my quiet, t-shirt and jeans wearing daughter had a secret side, dressing in seductive clothes when she was away from the home and giving blowjobs to the boys who were her dates. The night I caught her she swore to me that she was still a virgin, and I believed her. But after that revelation she didn’t stay a virgin long, not even an hour. Andrea begged me to be her first lover, and I had succumbed. I’d tried to resist, like any good father would. But when she was pleading for me to fuck her, standing there in her garter belt and smoky black stockings with her skirt pulled up so that she could show me her tiny shaved pussy, I’d had no chance in hell of resisting.

Andie had never made me feel guilty about what we were doing. In fact, we would often only make love after she’d exacted a promise that I wasn’t neglecting my wife, Judy. Judy was getting more Escort bayan sex now than she was before, thanks to her daughter. And Andrea had learned how to please her father in ways that her mother never had. It was some kind of cosmic joke – I had had my daughter so that she could grow up and become my lover.

And now I was going to pay for taking my pleasure with her, I was sure of it. Somehow the officials at the school had found out, and they were bringing me in so that they could confront me. Hell, they had probably even called the police. Didn’t they have to if they thought there was abuse going on?

Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I had known that this day was coming. A guy can’t live with that kind of behavior hanging over his head without feeling like someday there’s going to be a reckoning. But that neither of us wanted to stop. She was so sweet and so willing that I couldn’t resist her. Andrea was a vision of teenage lust in nylons, and a perfect lover for any man. I gladly became lost in her.

Resigned to my fate but nourishing the tiny hope that there was some other reason that Ms. Richter had called me I drove towards the school. I was sick to my stomach trying to decide which I wanted least – Andrea being sick or hurt, or our secret being found out. As I drove I began to wonder just how they had learned about us.

The cops were going to think that I had been forcing myself on her. There was no way that they’d believe anything else. But it just wasn’t true. I knew it.

I remembered the other night when I woke up in bed and couldn’t get back to sleep. My stomach was calling for couple of graham crackers and a glass of milk, as it sometimes did in the wee hours. Judy stopped her gentle snoring for a moment but didn’t wake up as I got carefully out of bed.

As I made my way to the kitchen I could tell that Andrea was in there, probably raiding the refrigerator for a midnight snack of her own. When I got there the door to the refrigerator was open, spilling its cold light onto the tiled floor.

Silhouetted against the glow was my daughter, looking in the open refrigerator. She was wearing one of my old t-shirts, which came down just far enough to cover her ass. Her legs were bare and white, her tiny feet crossed at the ankles. My mouth started to water and my hips jerked in an involuntary fuck at the sight of her naked legs and gentle curves. Andrea was kind of small for her age, but her figure was a perfect wet dream.

I would have bet my last dollar that she hadn’t heard me come downstairs and didn’t know that I was standing behind her. And I would have lost every penny of it.

Andrea reached into the refrigerator and rummaged around for a few seconds, pretending that she didn’t know her dad was behind her ogling her ass and legs. She finally emerged with a red apple, which she brought to her mouth and bit down on hard enough to hold there. With her hands free, Andie reached behind her and slowly lifted her t-shirt, wiggling her hips as she inched it up, baring her taut little ass and then her toned back. My dick started to grow at the sight, not caring one bit that it had been fucking my delicious wife only a couple of hours before.

Andrea bunched the shirt up over her tiny breasts and then leaned slowly forward at the waist, putting her head almost into the refrigerator and poking her little ass out towards me. Still holding the apple in her mouth she put her head down, letting her dark hair cover her face and dangle onto the shelf with the orange juice. She carefully positioned her hands on the shelf as if bracing for an assault from behind. Once her hands were in place she spread her legs as far apart as she could, presenting her willing pussy to the room.

I couldn’t believe how hard I was. Andrea had done it again, somehow offering herself to me in a way that I couldn’t resist. My dick grew even harder, moving from ‘pleasantly erect’ to ‘do something about me now!’ As I crossed the floor Andie pushed up on her tiptoes, her bare heels lifted up off the floor to make it easier for her daddy to fuck her.

I stopped behind my little girl and dropped my shorts. Andrea’s bare ass was tiny and white, and I couldn’t resist cupping it in my hands. It was firm and round and reminded me of the apple in her mouth, only covered in soft teenage girl skin. Someday I was going to have to take the time to teach my little daughter how to take it in the ass. But there was no time now. She had pushed my dick to the point of no return without even touching it.

I slid my hands to her petite waist, and it almost felt like I could encircle it with my fingers. I had a little trouble lining up my stiff dick on her slick pussy, but Andie wiggled her ass around until I suddenly was probing her entrance.

I pushed hard and steady into my little girl. Our fucking her wet tunnel in recent weeks had done nothing to loosen it. She was still so tight that it was almost a fight to get myself into her. Andie wiggled her slick hole Bayan escort onto my dick, fighting to push every little bit of it into her. Suddenly she moaned, a low sexy sound muffled by the apple in her mouth and I slid all the way into my little girl’s pussy. Her firm ass pressed against my crotch and I almost came right then.

As always, Andie’s hole quickly became wet and slippery after that initial invasion. I was able to start to fuck her, ramming my dick into her pussy as hard as I could. I was a madman, and all of the self control that I prided myself on having in bed with my wife was nowhere to be seen.

Aside from my guiding hands on her tiny waist and her tunnel gripping my erection like a firm tiny hand we weren’t touching at all. It was as if there was no sensation in the universe except Andrea’s pussy gripping me, wetly demanding life itself from the man who made her.

I came, my back arching and my hips thrusting my dick so hard into Andrea that her head bumped into the milk carton. I gritted my teeth to keep from moaning as the sperm flowed out of me and into my little girl. I shook and trembled and spilled my hot love inside her. Her slick tunnel invited my seed, but it couldn’t hold onto it – there was simply not enough room in Andie’s tiny pussy for anything other than my swollen cock. Sperm spilled out of her as quickly as it spurted in, drooling down her firm white thighs and sploshing onto the floor.

I had a death grip on my daughter, and I was only able to loosen my fingers after the last drop of cum had left me. To this day I’m sure that I must have left bruises shaped like my fingers on her hips. But aside from the little moan that she’d made when I entered her, Andrea hadn’t made a single sound.

I slid out of her and fell against the counter, glad that it was there because I could hardly stand on my suddenly weak legs. My gasping for air seemed loud enough to wake Judy upstairs, and I struggled to quietly catch my breath.

Oblivious to my presence, Andrea stood up straight and tugged her t-shirt back down over her ass. It was as if I’d never been there, as if I hadn’t just hurled a load of hot sperm into the wet hole between her legs. She closed the refrigerator door and took the apple out of her mouth. Without a backward glance she turned and walked away. Amazed at her indifference, I watched her tiny butt wiggle seductively under the t-shirt as she left the kitchen. I could see little rivulets of sperm glisten as they drooled down her legs. When she reached the doorway I heard her take a crunchy bite out of the apple, and she wiggled her fingers over her shoulder, saying goodnight to her dad.

As soon as I caught my breath and my legs stopped shaking I cleaned up and went back to bed with my wife. I forgot all about my graham crackers.

– – – – – – – –

Now I ask you – does that sound like someone who’s being forced to have sex against her will? Of course not.

But I wasn’t stupid enough to think that anyone else would see it the way we did. Andie just liked sex with her father. And it wasn’t like I thought we were going to stay lovers forever. Someday she’d meet a boy and get married, and our relationship would return to normal. Well, maybe I could still have her once in a while. Meantime we loved to love each other, and had no intention of stopping.

That is, as long as nobody else found out.

I turned onto Parker Street, heading towards Ms. Richter and certain doom. There was no other explanation for my summons to the school, at least not that I could figure out. As I got closer I tried to figure out where we’d gone wrong.

How could it have happened? I mean, I knew I hadn’t told anyone. And I was pretty sure that Andrea hadn’t. She had promised me that she wouldn’t on that first night. Explicitly. And I knew in my heart that Andrea would never break a promise to me. Especially not that one. Not after all of our shared intimacies.

The most likely person who could learn our secret was my wife. Andrea and I made certain that she was out of the house or asleep whenever we fucked, but maybe she had found out somehow. Maybe she had called the school because they had counselors and nurses and psychiatrists and would know ‘what to do.’ Could it have been Judy?


I suddenly remembered last Sunday, when we hadn’t been quite so careful. Maybe it was Andrea’s teasing and my love for stockings that had proved our undoing.

The three of us were sitting down to our Sunday dinner. Andrea was going to go over to a friend’s house later to study as soon as dinner was over, and Judy and I were going to watch a movie on cable.

My daughter had on her usual outfit – jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, her ever-present backpack on the floor beside her chair. She seemed to be in a good mood. We even got her to smile once when Judy teased her that maybe she should color her hair blond.

I was munching contentedly on my salad, happy to be in the company of the two best girls in Escort the world. Suddenly I jerked in my seat as something stroked my crotch through my jeans. Startled, I looked down at my lap and was amazed to see Andrea’s foot, her toes rubbing gently up and down the length of my zipper. But what really got me excited was that her toes were covered in smoky dark gray nylon. I looked at Judy to see if she’d noticed what her daughter was doing, but she was eating her buttered roll and obviously had no idea.

As my dick involuntarily pushed against Andie’s sole I looked up at her. Andrea twirled some pasta around her fork and pretended not to notice me staring at her. She was doing a damned good job of it, too. I glanced over at Judy, who was telling us some story about her boss at work and was totally oblivious to the footjob her little girl was giving her husband under the table.

Andie was slouching a little in her chair to that her foot could reach my lap. I realized that she had planned this before dinner had even started. Andrea knew her daddy well, and she had learned quickly that nothing turned him on quite so much as her pretty legs when they were encased in nylon. She had put her stockings on under her jeans so that her mother wouldn’t notice. And then after dinner was started she had just slipped her foot out of its sneaker under the table. Andrea had planned this tease in advance just so that she could make me squirm, ensnaring her father between his lust for her stockings and fear of getting caught by her mother.

I put my hand in my lap and caressed her nylon encased foot, pulling it against my throbbing cock so that she could feel how hard I was through my jeans. My hips thrust my dick against her sole, trying to fuck the bottom of her foot as if I had no say in the matter at all. Maybe I didn’t.

Judy got up and went to the kitchen to bring in dessert – a new recipe for pumpkin pie that she’d gotten from somebody at work. Andrea waited until she was out of earshot.

“Take it out, Dad.” Even though she was whispering, Andie’s voice was teasing and demanding at the same time. I looked at her like she was crazy, with what I thought was stern denial written plainly on my face.

“Come on, Dad, you know you want to.” That was true enough. At least my dick wanted to. But right here? Where Judy might catch us? I’d go and visit my little girl later tonight and fuck her silly after my wife had gone to sleep. That’d teach her to tease her daddy when he couldn’t do anything about it. I raised my eyebrows, shook my head, and silently mouthed ‘no.’

Andrea leaned forward, her toes still pressing my erection. I pressed her silky nylon-covered foot against my straining dick, taking a mute opportunity while Judy was in the kitchen to show Andie just how hard I was. She moved her foot up and down against me, her face an expression of sublime innocence as if she had no idea what she was doing to her father.

“Daddy?” she said sweetly, her voice a mere whisper. “If you don’t take it out right now before Mom gets back, you won’t see me in stockings ever again.” Then her voice turned hard, and she hissed at me, “I mean it, Dad. Right now.” She pushed her foot against my dick for emphasis.

Andie smiled at me, pleased with herself for being able to blackmail me and knowing that she’d win. She forked the last of her pasta into her mouth. I knew that she was probably kidding, but I also knew when I was beaten. There was no way that I was going to take the chance that I wouldn’t be allowed to look at her long legs in nylon, that I couldn’t caress them, fuck them. I started to unsnap my jeans.

I knew that my daughter had come to love showing off for me and being fucked by me as much as I loved doing it to her. She wasn’t going to give it up. But it was hard to come up with a good reason to take that chance when her nylon covered foot was already between my legs, gently stroking my stiff dick.

I opened my jeans and pushed them down with my shorts as far as I dared. I figured if I sat close enough to the table that Judy wouldn’t see. My cock sprang free, searching for my daughter, straining and wanting the touch of her foot. I looked down and watched as Andrea slid it gently into place between my legs, her sole and her toes gently stroking up and down my erection. The scratchy friction of the nylon was delicious, and I watched the head of my dick swell even bigger and turn an even darker pink. I held the top of her foot gently against me as she fondled me with her toes.

Judy came back, carrying three plates of pumpkin pie with spoonfuls of whipped cream on top. Andrea made yummy noises as Judy put the plates in front of us, and the girls dug in.

I did, too, but I don’t remember whether or not it was any good. I ate mechanically, my mind consumed by the touch of Andie’s sole sliding up and down my shaft. I risked a glance down into my lap. My dick was swollen and almost bright red, ready to shoot its load onto her foot. Pre-cum was leaking out of me, and the sensation of wet scratchy-slick nylon sliding up and down my shaft was exquisite. Andrea massaged the fluid into me with a deft touch that had me ready to explode in no time. Who ever knew that wet nylon could feel so good?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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