My Day in Drag

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“That’s a good girl” said the middle-aged man whose cock had been thrusting in and out of my mouth for the better part of half an hour. He had come at least twice, but I wanted more and the more he talked dirty to me the more I liked it. His cock was nice; just small enough for me to deep throat with just a little effort but big enough to remain a challenge.

Every couple of minutes, I took his cock balls deep and slowly worked my throat up and down on it, then long deep strokes and then bury my face in his crotch with his cock well past the back of my throat and I remained there over and over letting him pump me as he saw fit until I desperately had to breathe.

But my respites were short lived because as soon as I got a deep breath or two, I attacked his cock again.

“God Damn, you are a dirty little whore!” he exclaimed as I took him deep again.

I pulled off him and said “I want your cum” in my best sultry voice.

“I don’t think I have any left,” he said looking me in the eyes.

I didn’t care. I started to suck his cock again anyway until he was no longer hard and it was a wasted exercise.

I stood up, looking around the darkened room to see the group of men watching me. I straightened the bangs on my hair and flipped it behind my shoulders and adjusted the collar on my dress as I flipped my large breasts back inside. I brushed my dress, making it lay properly as I started to walk through the group of men.

“Where ya going?” asked one older guy as I passed him, his hands reaching for me.

I let him catch me.

He pulled me close and tried to kiss me.

“No kissing” I said.

He ignored me, and soon his tongue was groping mine and I was reciprocating with vigor. I pressed my lips to his as other hands began to pull my breasts out from the top of my dress again.

As he kissed me, I felt his hand wander to my neck as he felt the choker collar covering my secret. He felt around it and I reached up to move his hand away. He grasped my chin and turned my face to his and began to lick my lips with his tongue.

I spun, so my ass was pressing against his erect cock. He pressed it against my ass as he pulled my tits completely free from their top. He began to squeeze and maul them as did other guys in the room. One guy bent to kiss my nipples and the guy behind my suddenly lifted the bottom of my dress and quickly pulled out his cock.

He spit eve gelen gaziantep escort on his hand and wet his cock and unceremoniously plunged it into my waiting ass. His cock was not huge, but felt filling as I thrust my ass back to him taking it as deeply as I could. We repeated this dance several times; He thrust hard forward and I matched his momentum in the other direction, allowing as deep penetration as possible.

Then he developed a rhythm and began fucking me in earnest In and out and with each thrust, I moved subtly to enhance the thrust while allowing myself to stability to return the kisses to the guy in front of me while several guys mauled my tits and masturbated as they watched.

One of the guys in front of me lifted my dress and pulled aside my panties letting my flaccid cock tumble out. I wanted to stop him but I didn’t want to stop anything else. Suddenly, his lips encircled my cock and a long-lost tingling began. He took me into his mouth and almost instantly, my cock, which had not had a good stiff erection in a couple of years, was suddenly rock hard and pounding his throat.

I started to work my ass back to take the cock deeper into me and then thrust forward to bury myself in his throat.

I felt him start to pull back from my thrusts and I immediately grabbed the sides of his head and growled “Don’t you dare stop” as I thrust into his mouth savagely, over and over. I wasn’t going to be able to stop it so I buried my cock in his throat and stopped. I held him there until he started to squirm.

“Don’t move!” I commanded and he stopped moving until I felt him start to gag but, more importantly, my urge to cum began to subside. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and moved forward to bend over the sofa situated in from of us in the dark porn theater.

I bent over and lifted my dress higher in the back so the guy fucking my ass would continue, but I wanted to suck cock while he did. I braced my hands on the lower cushions and looked around begging someone to present me their cock. I didn’t wait long.

I took it deep slowly, worshipping it with my mouth and fingertips until my hands reached his balls and I cupped them, bringing them to my lips. I worked myself up and down slowly on the base of his cock as I was fucked from behind while several guys still fondled me and masturbated.

Before gaziantep eve gelen escort long, he shot a load into my mouth. I swallowed and immediately pushed him away looking to others. He was replaced just as I felt the guy in my ass begin to buck as he came inside me. He pulled out and I stayed just as I was, hoping someone else would take his place. This was a much larger cock and I felt it deep inside. It was a little uncomfortable but it turned me on.

“Fuck me hard” I whispered around the cock in my mouth and immediately he began to pound me mercilessly as I worked hard at keeping a steady deep throat rhythm.

Occasionally, his cock would catch in my throat and I would have to hesitate before going down on it again. Then, I felt him start to tense and buck and I buried myself on him, taking hie seed deep within me.

He pulled out. ” Damn” he said.

I looked at the group of men in front of me and, truthfully, any one or all of them could have taken me in any way without objection by me, but I saw the guy who had just fucked me in the ass.

I reached for his soft cock as he stroked it and pulled it to my mouth, smelling the pungent aroma but putting it in my mouth anyway. It was soft, and I had to suck and play and tease to get it hard again, but I did.

I relished the acrid taste and the nastiness of what I was doing. I loved that I thought there were few who was as nasty as I was. I sucked him until he came in my mouth this time.

I played with his cum on my lips while waiting for another cock, which I took just as eagerly.

“Piss on me” I said as I looked up at him.

He eagerly grabbed his cock and began to work at trying to piss. It took him a few minutes but soon he was pissing on my face, in my hair, on my clothes and in my mouth as I sucked him and swallowed his piss.

“More” I said looking pleadingly to all the other guys, some of whom turned to leave the room. I had disgusted them, but others were playing with their cocks trying to get the piss flowing. Soon, I was being covered in warm urine from every direction.

My dress and my hair were soaked as I tried to catch the various streams mid-air and then take that cock in my mouth swallowing his urine.

After I swallowing an ungodly amount of urine, many loads of cum and having had my ass fucked several times, the gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan energy was gone but I stayed bent over, allowing access to my ass for anyone who wanted it. I just stayed there, bent over the back of a sofa in a dark porn theater, while a line of men, one after the other, fucked my waiting ass.

Finally, I was tired, wet and stinky from all the urine and I stood up to leave. My tits were, once again, hanging out of my top, my dress was askew and wet, my wig was crooked and I could feel loads of sweat inside the massive silicone breastplate.

But, now was the next challenge. I had to walk out of the theater, out through the lobby and the attendant along with any customers while hoping there were no County Sheriffs in the lobby because such behaviors were definitely against the law in Harford County Maryland.

I walked through the door into the lighted lobby, for the first time seeing just how bad I looked. I watched the attendant and one customer watch me as I walked out. I lowered my head and started to walk faster for maybe two steps. Then, I lifted my hard and tossed my hair and began to strut.

I made my fake tits bounce and purposefully moved my ass from side to side as I confidently strode out the door into the parking lot and my car.

I climbed in and drove as far as Aberdeen, to the McDonalds drive through to get a cup of coffee to cleanse my moth. As the young female cashier took my money, she looked at me intently, expecting to see a male from my voice and seeing a 60 year old male in a wig and fake g cup tits hanging out of a wet, soiled dress.

I just smiled and said “Thanks you.” And drove up to the pickup window where the young black male was unable to hide his surprise as he did a double take. I looked in his eyes and smiled.

I would love to suck any you black males’ cock, especially a long hard young black cock.

I smiled at him and drove home, drinking my coffee uneventfully. Until I got home, that is.

As I approached my house, I saw the mailman had already been by, so I drove to my mailbox, rolled down my window and reached in the box only to look up and see the elderly man next door standing on his porch looking right at me.

‘Too late now’ I thought. I got my mail, rolled up the window and pulled into my driveway. I got out on the driver’s side of the car, which was facing away from him, and pranced quickly into my house.

The rest of the day my thoughts centered on whether or not he was going to tell my wife or my mother-in-law, with whom he had become friends since my father-in-law passed away, and totally wreck my life.

It was too late to worry, so I took everything off, cleaned up and threw everything in the washer. I barely got the laundry finished and put away before my wife got home and caught me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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