My Eros 70: Wolf Calls

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Tonight, outdoors…the Wolf calls for the forest…

You cross through the forest. Faster…faster…trying to get back before dark but the Sun has already set and the sky’s hues are deepening and growing dimmer. Your feet moving quickly along the path you’ve crossed so many times before, a path you could run in the dark if need be. You smell something in the air tonight, a bit of a charge, something making you tense, and so you run…

You dash past leaves that have yet to turn, feeling some of them brush you as you stray too close to the edge of the path. The air isn’t cool enough to warrant your jacket while you’re running like this, but still you’re so close to home it would only slow you down to take it off. Opening it a few inches allows a nice breeze to flow across your breasts, though, cooling the sweat. And as you raise your head again he’s suddenly in the path. No…after a split second recognition settles in…it’s me in front of you, and you barely slow down in time to avoid knocking me down, but still you bump into me hard enough to nearly knock yourself backwards. I tenderly catch you.

You pant through your grin and feel your cheeks flush as I help steady you. You catch your breath enough to mumble something along the lines of “fancy bumping into you here” and I give you a warm smile as I apologize for startling you. Your urgency to run, from earlier, rapidly vanishes but the tension you feel doesn’t evaporate with it. I offer to walk you back, or out of the forest at the very least. The idea appeals to you and you tell me so.

Your breathing returns to normal as we walk along the forest path, any obstructing roots still visible in the dimming light. I’m walking beside you, pointing at different plants & trees, and talking to you about the different plants. You absent-mindedly toy with your jacket, opening it further so you can take it off…you’re much too hot after running like you were. You peel off your jacket and I continue to jabber away beylikdüzü escort and point out plants. Suddenly I stop in mid-sentence, I’m looking at you, and a big grin begins spreading across my face after a few moments. Something about the way you look…your hair tousled from running and your skin glistening from sweat twinkling in the fading twilight…and oh wow…cleavage!

You give me a wide smirk and nudge me as you ask what I’m staring at. I tell you how beautiful you look to me, how something about you is starting to really get to me, and with a blush I tell you about how I wish you didn’t have to get back in such a hurry tonight. Realizing that you’re not in *THAT* much of a hurry, you smile and tell me so. Something about the way my soft eyes and warm smile look tells you that I’m extremely happy about this…

We continue walking, my eyes scanning the woods, looking for an area close to the path but not too close for what I have in mind. I take your hand and guide you to a small clearing I can see, on the other side of a large leafy bush. I hold the branches aside and usher you through into the clearing. I pull off my black denim jacket and spread it across a lush patch of grass away from the trees, then motion for you to sit down on it. You smile and suddenly my hot lips are pressing against yours, your smile becoming a kiss, the longing below the surface rising and becoming true passion. You kiss me long and hard.

I move us down and over so that we’re laying on my jacket. It’s dark now but you’re not worried, any tension goes into fuelling your passion with every unspoken urgency you feel tonight. Sensing something, I scent the air and tell you it smells like a storm is coming. You recognize that’s where your unbidden urgency to dash home came from… the animal instinct of getting away from an oncoming storm. I relax you, put you at ease, and then set about enflaming your passion further.

I beyoğlu escort kiss you again and again, loving the feel of your lips against mine. The way you close your eyes…the way you press your body against me… the way you make a soft sound in the back of your throat when I kiss you deeply…all of these things tell me how much you enjoy the sweet things I do to you, and I enjoy everything about you with equal appreciation. My lips upon your neck, my hands removing your shirt, your hands working at my jeans…within minutes we’re both naked and entwined, and you feel safe in being here with me…I will protect you.

You want me inside you, you use your gentle hands to guide me in, but your urgency is written on your face as to just how much you want me. And I want you…oh how I want you so much. And then you feel me filling you up, sliding in deliciously, making you tingle, making you shiver. Soon I will begin pumping, plunging into you again and again, but first I hold myself deep inside you and kiss you with great longing…always enjoying our times together, and always thrilling with the way you make me feel, with the joy I feel from pleasing you… And then it begins…the thrusting…the pumping… You push back at me with your hips, pulling more and more of me inside you, and wanting still more so much that you feel an ache all over your body. My hands seem to cover you as my fingers dance all over your body, thrilling in the feel of you as well as bringing you pleasure. I feel your muscles pulling at me, squeezing in a way that drives me wild, makes me drive like wild into you…harder…faster…your breath comes in gasps…my eyes blaze bright in the dark, passion burning there as I fill you again and again, touching all the right places…

You feel your body tense as the pleasure overwhelms you, your orgasms are close…so very close now, and I can feel you just on the brink of a series bizimkent escort of climaxes. My lips kiss yours then trail down to your nipples, bringing you higher and higher in terms of excitement. Your hot body almost sizzles with the first drop of rain. It lands beside my cheek, on your tender breast, and the shock of it coupled with my throbbing thrusts brings an orgasmic explosion from within you. You cry out into the night, feeling the climax wash over you, so very hard as if it was pulled from you by force… The next few orgasms cascade one after another as the rain begins its steady falling, this time I coax them from you, kissing you, whispering sweet things, making all the right movements that you enjoy the very most. You show your appreciation by cumming and cumming… Oh how I delight in our time spent together!

And the rain falls more and more now…harder as my thrusts go deeper into you, and you pull at me with your hands, crushing me closer into you, pulling me deeper inside you as well and I can feel your desire to have more and more and more of me. I plunge into you a final time just as a peal of thunder rings out and I cum…spurting deep within you as you feel the shocks of your orgasm course through you and hear the thunder echo above us. And I cling to you, holding you close, gasping my pleasure into your ear and kissing you softly, sweetly. I hear your moans lower and fade as your tension eases after your final climax and you tenderly hold me, kissing me back.

You whisper to me that we should get out of the rain, and I kiss your ear and neck whispering back that I will leave with you in just a minute…one minute more to spend with you…that’s all I need until the hunger next calls out your name again and we meet again…

Once more I kiss you softly on your lips, helping you up, brushing you off, donning my jacket again and walking with you through the forest. There’s the path, it’s not far to the edge of the forest now. I walk to the edge with you and say my goodbye after you kiss me again. This is the place where I belong…you hurry home, but I’ll be here for when you need me again. Look for me and I’ll be there…now go…and I’ll be right here where you left me, waiting for you to come back again and again. Take care and I’ll see you again soon…you are always welcome in my forest, Lover…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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