My Family 4

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My Family 4

For the rest of the week I continued to fuck Mom’s velvet pussy every chance I could. I really wanted to have Mom learn it was me she was fucking and not dad, but my respect for my dad and what it might do to both my parents kept me silent. I kept taking my shirt off in front of my mother whenever I could without making it to obvious. I also noticed that now my mother not only gave me a big smile when she saw me but would give me a big hug and would hold me just a little longer than before. Many time’s I would get a hard on and I know she could feel it. I wondered if she was beginning to have strong sexual feelings for me. The idea excited me.

Thursday night I got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink of milk. I was drinking a lot more milk those days. I had on just my under shorts, no top. I was standing there in front of the fridge drinking straight from the carton. Mom came in and said “can’t sleep?” no I just woke up thirsty. She said “your dad is snoring so loudly I am having trouble sleeping.” She looked at me and gave me that big smile for about thirty seconds and said “give your Mom a big hug.” I pulled her to me and my cock began to get hard. I let it slip out of my shorts and slid in between her legs. She just stood there looking at me kind of funny. She didn’t move so I lifted her night gown and slid my cock back between her legs. I started moving back and forth sliding my cock over her pussy. Her eyes began to fill with tears and she pulled away from me and said “Oh honey I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. This is not right and I’m so ashamed.” Mom, please don’t be. We love each other and it seemed only right. “No it’s not right, go to bed.” I almost wanted to put her under and fuck her anyway but I didn’t. As I went up to bed I heard her crying and I felt like a shit.

Friday was the big talent show. Ester was going to do a special dance and I was on last. She did a tap and soft shoe. She looked beautiful in her outfit dad had bought her. When it was my turn I asked for volunteers to raise their hands. I made sure I selected Fran Sally and Tom. I picked a total of fourteen including Miss. Widner and another teacher Mrs. Tully. She was a Math teacher nice figure in her early forties. As it turned out I was able to put twelve under including the teachers. I could tell two were faking it so I dismissed them. I also noted many in the audience were under and I wrote down the girls names. I went to each of them and whispered into their ear that when I snapped my fingers they would wake up very refreshed feeling good and would remember nothing except if they heard my voice and only my voice say “Donkey Girl” they would immediately go into a deep, deep sleep and would wait for my instructions which they were to obey.

It could not have gone any better. Each one performed exactly as I asked. When I got to Mrs. Tully I told her she was in her class room correcting papers and I told her the air conditionign stopped and it kept getting hotter and hotter. She began to open and close her legs exposing he panties to the audience. She started to take her blouse off. I let her unbutton her blouse and just as she opened it up exposing her braw I told her the room turned very cold. She buttoned up and bent over holding herself tight and was shivering. I told Miss. Widner that she was with Mrs. Tully and it was so very cold. They began to hug each other trying to keep warm. Then I said it was getting hotter and hotter again. They both started to strip when I told them to stop before they went to far. The Audience was in hysterics. I told every one that they would remember nothing when I snapped my fingers twice they would wake up fully refreshed as if they had just had eight hours sleep; except they would all remember their key word that would put them in a deep sleep when they heard my voice say it to them.

From then Until Summer vacation I fucked ninteen of those girls who I had been able to put under at the talent show. I caught Mrs. Tully going to her car one night after her teachers meeting. She gave me a great blow job and over a three hour period in her car I fucked her in her ass and pussy. She had a huge bush with enormous tits. As for Miss Widner I fucked her for the next sixteen years. I was even invited to her wedding and just before the ceremony began I went to the room she was waiting gaziantep swinger in and had her give me a blow job. As she walked down the isle I couldn’t help but see a little cum on her wedding dress. I later found out that she was pregnant at the time because she had a little girl two months early. I have always wondered if she was mine. I also fucked her in the ass just before she took a leave of absence to have the baby. These stories will have to wait for another time as this series is about my family.

For the next two weeks Mom avoided me as much as she could and would not look directly at me. I felt really bad, so one night I put her under and told her that the incidence never happened and that she was to completely forget it, but she would continue to have that warm feeling whenever I had no shirt on. That particular night Ester got up while I was fucking Mom and came into Moms room when she couldn’t find me. I said “little camel” and she immediately went into her hypnotic sleep. Mom said “who is that?” I said it’s Ester honey I think she had a night mare. I’ll put her to bed and be right back.” Hurry, I was almost there and I want to keep the mood.” Ok sweetheart I’ll be right back. I took Ester back to her bedroom and put her to bed. I reached down between her legs and could feel she was all wet and was probably why she was looking for me. I told her she was to go back to sleep and remember only that she had found and fucked me, and that she would wake in the morning fully refreshed and feel like she had been fucked real good.

I went back to Mom and she said, ”maybe we should put a lock on the door, the kids are getting to that age that they notice things” I said, Ok, I’ll have Eric put one on. We fucked and ate each other until about four in the morning. She said “You know honey I love the fact that our love making has not diminished over all these years. You still turn me on like you first did on our honeymoon.” You are such a sexy wench, how could I not want to make love to you every chance I get, I said. I put her under and told her that she was dreaming about making love and the reason she was so wet was that she had a wet dream.

When summer came my Dad told us that we had been invited to my Aunt Jenny’s ranch for the Fourth of July holiday and dad would be off for four days. Ester and I were ecstatic. My Aunt lived on a twenty acre farm. She boarded Dogs and horses as well as having two riding horses and one pony of her own. She had three steers, four sheep, twenty or more chickens, two hogs that were pregnant and two dogs. Shep a German Shepard and Blackie a Saint Bernard mix.

We had a wonderful time; I rode the mare and Ester the pony every day. That Sunday Aunt Jenny borrowed one of the boarded horses and we all went riding. We went up into the hills nearby and had a picnic by a little stream. Mom looked just beautiful in her tight Jeans. The clean mountain air made her radiate, Ester too. Dad and I wrestled on the grass. Aunt Jenny I noticed kept watching us so I walked over and sat down on her and began to tickle her. She thrashed around giggling and telling me to stop before she peed her pants. I pinned he arms over her head and sat on her stomach. She was panting and her tits were heaving in and out. I held her there for a few minutes and then leaned down and kissed her on the lips and I said I love you Aunt Jenny. We were both a little embarrassed. Dad chidingly said hey we better keep an eye on you two. Aunt Jenny said “don’t be silly.”

The last day we were all kind of sad about leaving, when Aunt Jenny said, “what about Ester and Eric staying with me for a week or two? I could use some help around here to catch up on all the things I have been neglecting.” Both Ester and I jumped right in. “Oh Dad, Mom could we, please, please.” Aunt Jenny said “that would give you two a little time together alone for a change. I imagine it has been awhile since the kids were born.” Mom just beamed. I could tell she was thinking of all the good fucking’s she had been getting. I wondered how it would go when dad was at work and I wasn’t there to hypnotize her. I quickly forgot about it in my excitement of staying there. Dad finally said “Ok if it’s alright with your Mother.” Mom nodded yes and my Aunt said “it’s settled then.

Dad and Mom left on that Monday and for the next week we pitched right in helping my Aunt. Ester fed the Animals and I helped mend the fence and plowed a garden close to the house. My Aunt planted tomatoes, squash spinach, and a bunch of spices. It was too late to plant corn, and melons. On Friday she took us into town and we saw a picture show and had ice cream after. That night when we got home Ester went to bed; she said she was too tired to think. My Aunt and I stayed up watching television for awhile. About eleven she said she was going to bed and for me to turn the television off before I went to bed.

I had been getting pretty horny since I hadn’t fucked either Mom or Ester in over a week. I waited about ten minutes and walked out side. The moon was out so I could see pretty well. I snuck around to my Aunts bedroom window and got lucky. She hadn’t pulled her shade down. I couldn’t see her but I could hear the shower was on. I went over to the bathroom window but it was to high and small. I went back to her bedroom and waited. After about five minutes she came out and I immediately started to get hard. Aunt Jenny had really nice tits. Bigger than Mom maybe a “D” cup. She was shorter than Mom and just a little heavier. She had very big areola’s much larger than Moms and her nipples were large and sticking out. I wondered if she had been playing with them. She had a nice plump ass. I was very surprised, she didn’t have any hair around her pussy it was completely shaven. I took my dick out and began to jack off. Both her dogs were in the bedroom with her. As she moved around Shep kept trying to stick his nose in her crotch. She would push him away but he would be right back trying. This went on for about ten minutes as she got ready for bed. She turned off the lights and I guess she got into bed. She didn’t have any cloths on so she must sleep naked. I finally got my nuts off and went in the house and went to bed.

Saturday night I talked her into letting me practice my hypnotism with her and Ester. It was so easy. Ester went under immediately and Aunt Jenny was soon under also. The key word for my Aunt to go under was “big dog.” I got them to do little things at first. Then I decided to see how far my Aunt would go. I began by telling them that the air conditioning went out and it kept getting hotter and hotter. Both started taking off their blouse’s, then their Jeans. Finally they took all their cloths off. My Aunt was sweating and the sweat was rolling between her tits. Ester was complaining it was so hot she could hardly breathe. When my Aunt would spread her legs open to let air in her Pussy area made me want to fuck her right then. What a site. Then I told them the heater went off and it was winter and that they were very cold. I had thrown their cloths behind the couch. I then told them that they only had each other to keep warm. They hugged each other and pressed their bodies together as I told them it was really cold. Then I said the only way they could get warm was to rub their vaginas together.

Ester hesitated because I don’t think she new the word, but Aunt Jenny got between Esters legs and began to rub her pussy against Ester’s. I got so horny I started to jack off. I told them that the more they rubbed the warmer they would be. Both started to moan as they rubbed each other harder and harder. My Aunt was the first to cum and then Ester soon after. They each came two more times before I told them that when I snapped my fingers they would have an uncontrollable erg to eat each other’s pussy. And they would see no one else in the house. I was to be invisible to them. I wasn’t sure if they would. Only if subconsciously they would want too. I new Ester had asked me about it before. I also new if it didn’t work they would remember what we had been doing and I would be in deep shit. I took the chance because the idea of them eating each other was too much. I snapped my fingers and waited.

They came awake and looked at each other. My Aunt looked a little bewildered but she began to fondle Esters boobs. Ester did the same to Aunt Jenny. My Aunt pulled Ester’s legs apart and shoved her face into her pussy and began to suck and lick. Ester then pulled My Aunts legs around and began to eat her pussy. I was jacking off furiously and came. They were moaning and thrashing around, it was obvious each were Cuming over and over. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. After a half hour I thought they must be eating themselves raw. Shep was outside scratching on the door and whining something awful. I told the girls to stop. I went to the door and not thinking I let Shep in. He made a beeline to Aunt Jenny and began to lick her pussy. I just stood there with my mouth open because my Aunt smiled and rolled over onto her knees and Shep mounted her and began to fuck her. Esther just laid there looking. I didn’t know weather to shit or go blind so I just watched in fascination. Shep was shoving that cock in and out of her like a jack hammer. She was moaning, “Yes Shep that’s a good dog, fuck mommy good. Shep stopped hammering her after awhile and just stood there jamming little short strokes into he. I new he must be Cuming in her. I put Ester back under and told her to get dressed and to go out in the back yard and play with Blackie. She was to remember none of what happened. But that tonight when she was in bed she would let Aunt Jenny come to her room and eat her pussy and that she would have the desire to eat Jenny’s pussy in return.

I told Aunt Jenny that she would not remember anything that happened and would not remember about my hypnotizing them. But tonight at nine o’clock she would have the uncontrollable erg to go to Ester’s room and make love to her and that Ester would want her too. Finally I told her that when I snapped my fingers all she would remember was when Shep came in and how pleased she was to let him fuck her. By that time I realized they were tied together. Shep had turned around and now they were ass to ass. I walked to the door and stood as if I had just come in and snapped my fingers.

She came awake and reached behind her and grabbed Shep’s hind legs and pulled him tighter into her. She was pressing her pussy hard against him so that his dick was buried as deep into her as he could get. She looked up and saw me and said “Oh Shit, Oh fuck, I’m sorry Eric.” I pretended as if I was going to leave. She began to cry and said “please don’t leave we have to talk about this.” I said Ok and walked over and sat on the couch. There she was hinged to Shep with her tits hanging down. I had a hard on that was the hard on of all hard ons. I got up and unzipped my pants and took my dick out and walked over to her and presented it to her mouth. She looked up at me with astartled look but opened her mouth and began to suck. Shep finally pulled out of her so I rolled her over onto her back and shoved my cock deep down her throat. I wasn’t to gentle either. To my amassment she took all of me. I didn’t know where she learned to deep throat a cock and I didn’t care. I just started fucking that mouth like it was a pussy. It didn’t take to long before I shot a load of my sperm down her throat. She took it all and milked my dick until it was completely empty.

I asked her how long she had been fucking Shep and how did it get started. She told me that two years after her divorce she had been getting pretty horny. She bought herself a couple of vibrator’s to help release some of the tension. She said “last summer she had used one of the vibrator’s on herself and then decided to go out in the yard and sunbathe. She said she was laying there on a blanket naked because she new no one could see her. suddenly Shep stuck his nose between my legs and began to lick. I must have been asleep because he did it for quite awhile. I woke up just as I had a climax. I jumped up like you just saw me and before I could stand Shep mounted me and shoved his dick into me. I was stunned and for a moment or two I couldn’t think. By that time his cock was completely inside me. I tried to get away but he forced my head down and when I felt his knot swell up inside me I went nuts. I started Cuming like I had never cum before. He must have fucked me for only about five minutes before he stopped hammering me and I felt him shoot his hot juices up inside me. Eric in that next five minutes I must have cum ten or mort times. He kept shooting his sperm up into my cervix. His cock was the hottest cock I have ever had inside me. I have been alternating letting both dogs fuck me ever since. What are you going to do?” Well for openers I am going to fuck you any time I want too, ok? She looked at my cock hanging there and smiled and said “I think I’m going to like that.” And I get to watch you fuck the dogs while I’m here. She nodded yes.
(Continued) All rights held by the Author.

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