My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 12

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CH 12 Mom & Daughter Sex Party

After shaving her pussy, Angie was feeling a little sexed up so she went looking for her husband Dave for relief. Daughter Chloe was in a similar state, hairless and aroused, she went looking for her boy toy Paul.

They each wandered around for 20 minutes without finding the person they were seeking. The two met up with each other and together continued their search. Finally, Chloe saw Paul and his friends hanging out by a picnic table in front of Paul’s cabin.

“Hey look at you two,” Paul shouted at Chloe and Angie from across the yard.

Chloe blushed. She grabbed her mom’s arm for support and the two of them walked over to Paul, Peter and Pablo, the three guys they played volleyball with the other day. Piper, who Angie and Chloe also met at the pool, was sitting with the boys.

Piper was a skinny, gangly girl with a ‘barely anything there’ butt. She wore her thin brown hair in pigtails. Naked, just like everyone else, Piper exposed her little breasts. They were cute and surprisingly saggy considering she was only 20 years old. They were the size of a dumpling or a small lime. The tiny breasts were covered almost completely by her areolas and cherry colored nipples. Her crotch was shaved, but it had a Fred Flintstone type five o’clock shadow.

Angie said, “Chloe, I need to find your father.”

“Mom, stay with me a few minutes. I’m a little nervous because of our new below the waist haircut. Please!” Chloe whispered.

“Oh, all right. Five minutes.”

When they were close enough to speak in a normal voice, Chloe said to Paul, “Do you like?”

Peter elbowed Paul and the two answered at the same time, “We like.” The curvy Chloe was always stunning. Now since she had shaved her pussy, Chloe’s twin vaginal lips peeked out between her toned thighs.

Peter and Paul were good friends with opposite appearances. Peter was a stocky built 22 year old with longish brown hair and a mustache. Paul, taller at 6 feet, had a swimmer’s build, narrow hips and a broad chest. Paul was uncircumcised and had a dick that looked like a hand rolled cigar. Peter was circumcised . His meat was short and stumpy like the rest of him. The two men were drawn together by their similar interests: drinking, girls and busting each others balls.

Paul said, “You two are here at the right time. We’re about to play Texas style ‘Truth or Dare’.”

Paul’s table mates were surprised and amused by this announcement. This was news to them. However, Peter jumped in to support his friend,

“Yes. Hey, Pablo go get the Jell-O.”

Pablo laughed heartily and hurried inside to get the potent Jell-O shots he had made earlier. He was a wiry, lean young Puerto Rican with black hair and goatee. The dick of this good looking man was hidden in a mass of black pubic hair.

Piper laughed too at the mention of the Jell-O. She could imagine what Peter and Paul were up to since their usual modus operandi consisted of getting women drunk and taking advantage of them.

“I don’t know…” Angie began begging off.

Angie had heard of ‘Truth or Dare’, but had never played it. Chloe was familiar with the game, but she was surprised that kids in their twenties would be excited about Jell-O.

“Please,” Paul said smiling at Angie with his movie star handsome face. Everyone joined in with an exaggerated, “Pleeaaaseee.”

“Okay. Okay,” Angie answered laughing along with everyone else. Paul was so pretty Angie could not say no to him.

Paul winked as he said,

“Piper come in with me and help me with the snacks.”

Paul and Piper followed Pablo into the house.

Once inside türbanlı escort Paul said, “There’s something intriguing about that MILF…”

“Don’t you mean the voluptuous teenager?” Piper teased.

“Oh Chloe’s something special too. We hooked up the other day. Peter is making a play for her. If you guys help us, I’ve got an ounce of marijuana for you to share.”

Piper and Pablo smiled and nodded. The trio left the cabin. Pablo set the tray of Jell-O cups on the table. Piper put down a bowl of chips.

Peter handed Angie and Chloe a Jell-O shot and took one for himself as the other took theirs and said,

“Salut.” Everyone downed their cup. Angie and Chloe did so too after seeing that that appeared to be the expected thing to do. Angie and Chloe felt the burn as the vodka filled gelatin slid down their throats. Neither were big drinkers nor did they know that the Jell-O would be spiked with alcohol.

Paul said, “In our version of ‘Truth or Dare’ you take a Jell-O shot after every question. If you don’t want to answer the question there is a dare or activity for you and your team. We’re playing the boys against the girls.

Peter said, “And the die. Don’t forget about the die.”

Paul had completely fabricated the so called ‘Texas style Truth or Dare’ so Peter was having a little fun putting him on the spot.

Paul’s mind drew a blank “What the hell is he talking about?” Paul thought. Then realizing that Peter was playing with him, Paul made a mental note promising retribution “Brother, pay back is hell.”

Piper came to Paul’s rescue saying,

“You know. If there is a dare, you roll one die and do what it says.”

Peter coughed to cover his laughter having gotten his buddy Paul. Paul recovered and simply said,

“Right, Piper. The number affects the implementation of the dare.”

Piper decided to get things started and said. “I’ve got a truth for Chloe. Why did you shave yourself?”

“I felt so furry…so out of style.”

Piper grabbed a shot for herself and Chloe and said, “You made the right choice, you look great. Sexy. Salut!”

Everyone downed another one.

Pablo said, “I’ve got a question for Angie. Did you shave each other?”

Everyone said “Oohh.”

Angie blushed and answered, “Yes.”

“Salut.” Pablo said and each of them slurped down a Jell-O shot.

This time the cool jiggling compound did not burn so much as Angie and Chloe swallowed it.

Peter spoke, “Pablo, Truth. Why haven’t you ever done any work on the mess around your junk?”

“My friend,” Pablo explained. “Puerto Rican men know we cannot be improved upon so we don’t tinker with our original equipment.”

“Salut!” Everyone shouted as they drank and laughed at Pablo’s conceitedness.

Paul said, “Angie, your turn.

Angie tried to think. Her mind wasn’t working so well after 4 shots. The innocent looking Jell-O shots were taking a toll on her.

“Em…Paul, Do you have a girl friend?”

Paul looked at Chloe and then Angie. Paul said,

“The truth is I’m too young to settle down. Lovers yes. Girlfriend no. Salut!”

The gang drank. Chloe wasn’t disappointed in his answer. She had had no expectations when they had their tryst. Angie, however, felt a pang in her heart. His answer reminded her that she had married so young she never tasted the freedom that he espoused.

Peter said, “Chloe, you ask someone a question.”

Chloe bit her lip as she thought and swayed in her seat. The five powerful shots had her drunk.

“Pe…Peter, do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, but I’m looking. tüyap escort Salut!” He gave Chloe his most engaging smile while the table drank. This salut went unanswered; they were out of Jell-o shots.

Paul said, “Angie, you have fabulous nipples. How long do they get?”

Angie blushed. Everyone could see she was conflicted. Piper spoke up,

“You don’t have to answer. The first dare is a minor one. It’s only for the girls sit on the boys’ lap.”

That wasn’t as embarrassing as answering the question so Angie said,

“I’ll take that dare.”

Paul said, “Angie you sit with me. Chloe you’re with Peter and Piper is on Pablo’s lap.

I guess we can dispense with the ‘Salute’ since we’re out of Jell-O.”

Chloe innocently said, “What about the die?”

Piper, Peter and Pablo laughed. Peter said,

“Sorry, I forgot it. It’s inside.”

Peter went inside to the Monopoly game and got a die. When he came out he handed it to Angie and said,

“Give it a roll.”

Angie looked confused, she didn’t know the game. She tossed the die and rolled a 2.

“Oh, good one Ang,” Piper said. “3 and lower and we sit facing away. 4 and higher would have had us straddling the guys and sitting face-to-face.”

Angie was relieved to her that. Each girl climbed into the lap of her assigned man. Piper, with an exaggerated motion, wiggled her skinny, bony ass into Pablo’s soft dick. Chloe’s inhibitions were disappearing. She smiled at Peter as her round ass met his firm body. Peter ran his hands along Chloe’s outer thighs and her butt without any objections.

Paul put a hand on Angie’s stomach holding her to his chest. She was as light as a feather. There was something about her waif-like appearance that appealed to Paul.

All the men began to get erections. Angie blushed feeling Paul harden under her. Chloe and Piper shifted in their seat to accommodate the warm bulges.

Piper said, “My turn again. Angie, were you a virgin when you got married?”

Angie’s cheeks were burning and it wasn’t because of the liquor. She looked to Chloe as she explained hurriedly,

“No… but I had only had sex with my future husband.”

It was Pablo’s turn. He said,

“Piper, who or what took your cherry?”

The boys all snickered. Paul winked at Piper signally he wanted her to balk.

Piper pretended to hem and haw and finally said, “Ah…that’s too personal. I’ll take the dare. What’s this one? Being alone with your partner inside the cabin? Pablo and I’ll go first.”

Chloe handed Piper the die. Piper thanked her and rolled a 6.

Paul announced, “6 minutes people. Make it count!”

Piper grabbed Pablo by the hand and they entered the cabin. Paul and Peter chatted with mother and daughter while Piper and Pablo lunged into the cabin laughing as they went. After a couple of minutes, Pablo asked,

“Do you think we’ve been in here long enough?”

“No, a little more. Come over here and give me a hicky on my neck. We want to make this look good for Paul. I want the pot,” Piper said.

Pablo sucked on her neck while Piper giggled. They went outside hand-in-hand looking very lovey-dovey. Angie and Chloe noticed the hickey. Angie was relieved that the cabin action was that tame. “I can handle that” she told herself.

Chloe and Peter went in next. His erection hung heavy between his legs as he walked up the steps. Peter was excited because of the beauty of Chloe and because the plan was working.

“Wha…what do we do?” Chloe slurred.

“Chloe, push those two beautiful breasts together. I’m going to fuck ’em.”

Chloe tuzla escort giggled. She had never done that before. Peter grabbed a bottle of olive oil out of a cabinet and drizzled it on her chest. He sat Chloe in a chair and put his dick between her terrific tits and began pumping. Chloe squished her boobs around his cock and watched his thick dick plow her chest. When his dick reached its zenith, she lapped at the tip of his erection.

Chloe had a buzz on and giggled uncontrollably. Peter was fulfilling his fantasy; these were the best tits he had ever seen. He grunted with satisfaction. After a few glorious minutes, Peter moaned and shot his load all over Chloe causing her to giggle more seeing the spurts of cum shoot out of his prick.

Chloe cleaned herself up as Peter relaxed in the after glow of his orgasm. When they walked out, Peter hugged Chloe close to his body so her mother wouldn’t see the cum in her hair, the redness in her cleavage and the oil shine that ran down her front.

Angie who was already a little nervous, became more so when she noticed that Peter’s erection was now gone. Paul grabbed her hand and led her inside. He said,

“Don’t worry,” I just want to make you happy.”

Angie believed him. She had such a crush on him. The alcohol had lowered her inhibitions and for the last day or so she had been melancholy over the price she had paid for marrying so young. Yes she had a wonderful husband and family, but she had lost her youth, missing out on experimenting and gaining experiences.

Angie willingly followed Paul into the kitchen. He grabbed her narrow waist and hoisted her onto the countertop. He spread her legs and stepped between them so they stood nose to nose. Paul stared into her hopeful, hungry eyes.

“I like you,” he said softly. “I think you like me a little too.”

Angie melted as she stared into his beautiful brown eyes. When he leaned forward, she leaned into him. Their lips met. As the passion of their kisses increased, Paul’s hand moved up Angie’s body until he grasped the object of his desire, her large nipples. He pulled, squeezed and toyed with her special nipples. Angie moaned as he groped her chest and kissed her mouth.

Taking her sighs and moans as signs to go further, Paul dropped to his knees and planted his lips on her shaved sex. She caught her breath as he found her clit. His tongue explored her pussy, dipping deep into her tight hole checking her level of arousal and savoring her flavor. Satisfied on both counts, Paul stood and sunk his manhood into her.

“No,” she cried unconvincingly.

Paul pulled out.

“No,” Angie cried again.

This time they both knew she meant it. She wanted it as much as he did. Paul lifted her petite body off the counter and sunk himself deep within her. Angie, her head spinning from the alcohol and from her now acknowledged desire, wrapped her legs around Paul drawing him into her deeper.

The two smitten lovers set aside their inhibitions and allowed their passions to rule. They fucked with abandon. The aroma of sex filled the room. The sounds of rutting and people being ravished echoed off the walls. Together they hit their apexes, they gasped and came as one. His dick pulsated, firing off inside her; her vagina pulsated, sending orgasmic waves that washed all over her body.

When Paul and Angie exited the cabin it was obvious to all what they had been up to. They had been in there a long time and they exuded an after sex glow.

Their love making had been wonderful, everything Angie had hoped for. Yet, when Angie stepped out on the porch as the cool fresh air hit her body still damp from her sweaty tryst, it struck her hard, like a slap across the face. It brought home the fact that she was back in the real world where she had a husband and responsibilities. Angie ran off tears streaming down her face. The moment with Paul had been fantastic, but it was a fantasy she didn’t believe she could continue.

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