My Fantasy

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I woke while the sun started shining that morning not really knowing what was real and what was fantasy. It hit me like a kick in the jaw when I saw her lounging in the corner with nary a cloth on her body. She smiled so seductively as she stood and paced towards the bed. She crawled upon the bed and knelt to my ear as if to whisper something, but as it turned out, she said nothing. She only delivered a soft, luscious lick from my ear to my neck which became a forceful, erotically painful hickey before I had time to wince. She retained her lip-lock on me as the rest of her body slithered on top of me. As she continued to suck on my neck she began moaning and humming which got me rock hard before I even had a chance to return the favor. Her lips released with a single suctioning pop leaving behind what felt like the most amazing bruise.

She continued kissing and licking down my chest and abdomen while periodically glancing into my eyes for some feedback. The little bit that I could muster was of overwhelming assurance. Her hands began to work up and down my groin through my boxers as she continued kissing closer and closer to it. She passed her tongue across the tip of my cock through my boxers. I could do little but spasm in surprise as I gasped in excitement. As she pulled down my boxers, the same actions continued with both her mouth and her hands, complemented by her sounds of passion.

She then stopped her tongue, looked me in the eyes with an animalistic intent, and engulfed my rock-hard member. Her hair bounced all over the place with her rapid, shaft-long slurping. I held onto her head and tried as hard as I could to get my entire shaft into her. As I exploded, my body began quaking and contorting in uncontrollable seizures. Her mouth never let go of my cock as the room was filled with my screaming complemented by her gulping and slurping. She managed to swallow every drop and continue to milk my shaft and balls for that little bit remaining.

She crawled back up my lifeless body rubbing her voluptuous chest all over me. Teasing me and talking dirty, she knew that it would only take minimal effort to get me ready for more.

“You taste so good, sweetie. What would it take to get you to destroy my aching, moist sex. It wants you inside me, sweetie. I need to feel you inside me. Let me show you how moist I am.” Her accent was intoxicating.

With that, she reached down to my almost-ready cock and rubbed it into her sex. The sensation was heavenly as we both knew that we were now ready. Knowing how drained I was from her actions earlier, she knew that I would not be able to spew so much. So she pushed the condoms off the bed, braced herself with one hand on my shoulder and the other sliding her underwear to the side, and pushed me inside of her in another single motion. She wiggled and grinded into me like a porn star, commanding that I never cum. She lifted her entire body almost completely off of me but then dropped back down upon me with a phenomenal slapping sound. Her hair tossed and her chest bounced as she rode me into the bed. All the while she continued commanding that I never cum. I headed her command as much as I could, but she knew, as well as I, that I would not be able to resist for long.

Looking me in the eye, she asked if I was ready to finish. With the little restraint I had remaining, I said yes. She slammed her entire body into mine with an erotic, tonguing, moaning kiss. My body shook as well as hers as we came with one another locked together, convulsing together, moaning together.

She lifted herself off of my now-flaccid shaft with a smile of satisfaction. I was truly laid — I was lifeless, breathless, wordless. My eyes rolled back a dream-like sensuality.

Suddenly, the cold steel of handcuffs across my wrist was unmistakable. I reacted in shock as my right wrist was shackled to the bed post. She was already prepared to get my left, as I was trapped before I could fight back. As I looked back to my right wrist, I saw her smiling in anticipation as if she had done this before with earth-shattering results. She then got my ankles just as she had gotten my wrists. I was still too awe-struck to fight back. Once she completed my shackling, she stepped back Uşak Escort to admire her work.

“You are mine, now,” she said as her bra came off revealing the most amazing set of tits I had ever known. She then slithered around the room. She turned around and bent at the waist to show her perfect backside as she dropped her panties. They fell to the ground leaving behind only sexiest backside. She stepped out of her panties and walked toward me. The two of us never took our eyes off of each other until we locked lips on one another. I laid there helpless with my shaft back at attention as we searched and molested each other. We finished with numerous simple licking kisses knowing that I was aching for her to satisfy me. That would not be the case.

She walked to the bedside, threw her leg across my face, and exposed her engorged sex. She finished mounting the bed and my face while grabbing a hold of my head and grinding her moistness into my mouth and the rest of my face. She demanded that I make her cum, so I began using my tongue and trying to hit those spots to drive her nuts. She would tease me by pulling off of my face just far enough that my tongue could barely reach. This seemed to get her off as she smirked in dominance. Grabbing my head, she slammed herself back into my mouth to see just how far my tongue could go inside of her. That is when I hit her in just the right spot.

Her eyes and mouth opened in amazement as she lost her breath. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her head was thrown back in ecstasy. She begged for me to keep licking her just like I was. I was happy to oblige. Her domineering voice became a subtle whimper as she gasped for a breath and bit her lip.

Screaming out, she juices surged and her sex clamped down onto my mouth. She continued to drive herself into me as her last few gasps were released. She looked down at me in amazement as no one had ever licked her so deeply and expertly before.

But there was something that itched inside her deeper than any tongue could go. As she dismounted my head, she lowered her groin next to mine. I still laid there, shackled and unable to resist anything that she may have wanted with me. Her previous position, though, was enough to wake my cock into another firm erection.

She turned her back to me and lowered her sex onto my cock with ease. By simply gyrating her hips, she was able to encompass my entire length and grind it deeply into her sex. This however, would not be her method for long. She began riding me like a bronco, slamming her entire weight expertly onto my length over and over again while screaming out in passion. I came instantly, but she never slowed. She rode me for nearly thirty minutes and four orgasms a piece never slowing her body from its amazing rhythm. Upon my fifth orgasm, I had tensed so tightly the right hand bedpost broke and my arm was free. With that arm I reached around to her front side and began to tease her clit. She screamed one last time and finished by fainting back on top of me. All the while I remained inside of her with our juices mixing together.

After waking, about an hour later, she unlocked my limp body from the handcuffs and rolled her body to my side as she was still panting and barely conscious from our previous episode. I, too, ached so wonderfully and erotically as the tingling took over my entire body. She took one last look at my exhausted self before dressing in a bath robe and exiting the bedroom as seductively as possible.

About ten minutes later, she entered with two glasses of Merlot, though I was in no need of arousal or stimulation. It all seemed pointless as we gazed at each other sipping the wine. The aroma filling my mouth, nose, and mind with intoxicating fumes. Her own perfume mixed so perfectly with it as well, driving me mad with excitement. That was when she informed me that she had indeed spiked my glass with a couple Viagra pills. My jaw dropped in shock. She was not the type of girl to do such a thing as this, or so I thought. She offered me a second glass of the same concoction from which I teasingly sipped.

She stood at the foot of the bed and began to undress once more, never failing to smile at my still overwhelmed Uşak Escort Bayan body. Her slippers landed next to the dresser. Her robe ended up on the lampshade. She twisted and wiggled her hips while barely holding her chest in place with one hand and arm, but as she released, I was treated with a view of her most exceptional body. I laid there, still exhausted in my bed, even more breathless than before.

I was so strained to become erect though from earlier efforts. She understood this and cautiously placed her body against mine while she whispered in my ear. “Such a shame you aren’t ready for me. I am ready for you right now.” My eyes blank in dumbfounded amazement. She ran her fingers across my shaft still promising the best sex I had ever had. Then, like a rocket, the medicine took over.

My groin almost instantly swelled into granite. Her eyes bugged at my size as it continued to swell within her hands. She took my hand and placed it against her moistness. I hardened even more when I realized how wet she had become.

Without taking her eyes off of my cock she stood up and walked to the window. With curtains still drawn, she asked if anyone would be awake this time of day. I mentioned that I have incredibly nosey neighbors, but that the balcony was not visible by anyone in the area. Her smile told me all that I needed to know.

With her body teasing and motivating mine, I managed to crawl out of the bed and lead her to the balcony door. As I opened it, she peeked out to verify that, indeed, nobody could see us. Perhaps she didn’t trust my fetishes. Regardless, she was satisfied at the view, and she opened the door wide and led me outside.

Embracing and kissing one another, I had gotten her onto her back on the patio floor. That was when she started begging for me to enter her. Using my hand on my rod, I rubbed against her crotch just barely starting to enter her. This drove her mad as she tried to lunge herself onto me to no avail. I had no intention of getting her off without a lengthy session of teasing.

I backed down her body, kissing and licking her chest, nipples, and stomach. My hands began searching her inner thighs and moist, hot middle. She bit her lip as I went down on her. She had nothing to worry about as far as my hardness was concerned. Between her body and those pills, she was about to get broken.

For now, I feasted on her twat. Her legs wrapped around my head as she moaned and pleaded. My hands were now under her ass as I lifted her off the floor to my mouth. Her legs then opened to a near-split as she grabbed my hair and pushed herself into my mouth with an orgasmic scream echoing through the neighborhood. I lowered her to the floor and crawled up her body ending with my rock-hard cock easing so deeply into her that her gasp and bug-eyed expression just about got me off. The outside air could not keep her quiet as she continued to get louder.

Grabbing and embracing each other, I stood while keeping her against me and never exiting her. She went as deep as possible with her entire weight resting on my member as she remained in the air. Her frame was perfect for this kind of action.

I began thrusting as hard as possible into her body while she continually screamed in rapture. The pills were certainly having their effect on me and my performance as I never slowed for over 40 minutes. Her sweating and naked body slid so perfectly against me. She came only twice that session, but they were earth-shattering to say the least. I heard cheering from the neighborhood below. As I laid her back down on the patio, we finished with a long sensual barrage of kisses as she again thanked me for the best sex of her life.

We had laid in each other’s arms tingling and glowing from such expert love-making, but she was not done by a long shot. She smiled and stood up and commanded that I not waste any time in following her.

As she walked back into the living room, I followed knowing that I wanted to make so much real that, until now, was merely text. With my body still naked, she had such a head start on me as she pushed me back onto the couch and climbed onto me. She asked me how I wanted her as she offered suggestions in her erotically Escort Uşak charming accent. Each idea flooded my imagination with possibilities of positions. How could I possibly satisfy this woman? What we had finally decided upon was a personal favorite of us both.

She stood before me exposing her gorgeous breasts. Climbing back upon me, she lunged them into my face for me to worship. My hands felt her up as my mouth sucked and nibbled on her. No less than two hickeys ended up on her tits.

She then stood off off me, smiling with her new marks. Placing her hands on my knees, she lowered her mouth to my shaft and swallowed every inch in one giant suck. I blew my load again instantly with her amazing skills. She never missed a drop. This was her trick to make sure that what followed would not end too soon.

As she turned around, all I wanted was to grab her by her hips and ride her. She dropped to all fours on the carpet as I slid off the couch behind her and entered her with absolutely no friction. She bounced against me as I did the same in her direction. At her digression, I smacked her backside just the way she liked. In between smacks, my hands remained on her hips guiding her expert performance.

Not the least for her own fetishes, she asked that I pull her hair while riding her. We both made our own animal grunting and moaning sounds as we continued pushing deeper and harder. The handprints on her backside began to glow red as my thrusting continued. She looked over her shoulder at me and again asked that I pull her hair, only harder. I took my left hand and grabbed her hair. My right hand still rested on her hips as I screwed her. With her head thrown back as I pulled, our sex transformed from a mutual slamming to me controlling her every thrust. She loved it that way. She eventually became lifeless in overwhelmed passion as I rode her endlessly.

It continued for at least an hour with my one hand on her hip and other grappling her hair, and her moaning got louder as I reached underneath her and teased her with my free hand. She convulsed into a dramatic tantrum as I drilled her so slowly and erotically. Finally letting go of her hair, I locked my hands upon her shoulders and lunged into her from behind faster and harder than before. Her screaming was accented by my pace. I then grabbed her hips and exploded into her over and over.

She grinded into me as I continued to let the last few spasms squirt inside of her. As I fell to the floor exhausted, she mounted me kissing and molesting me in a sweaty, passionate afterglow of great sex. Her hands rubbed me so affectionately as she kissed me. The medicine finally wearing off as I found myself limp once again. With no strength left in my entire body, I found myself fearful of her whisper in my ear. “You aren’t finished yet, my dear.”

“If you do not satisfy me, this will be your last chance to ever get under my skirt, Sweetie. You had better not disappoint me.” I had no clue how I was going to oblige her wishes, but I stood up with pure adrenaline and followed her back to my bedroom.

“I have been waiting for a long time to get you, and you have been great, but we simply have to end this right” she said as she walked towards me seated on the bed. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me to lay back down on the bed. We were still naked as ever. “You remember that picture I e-mailed you,” she asked. “That picture was all I could think about for these past five weeks,” I stammered as I began to harden once again.

“That’s it, Sweetie. Get yourself harder. You know what I look like from underneath, so this should be no surprise.” With that said, she climbed on top of me and slammed herself onto my shaft. “Oh, God, Yes!” She screamed. “Make me cum, Baby. Get me off!” She rode me like a horse, and I could do nothing. I could not finish. I could not thrust. I could not speak. She did it all. It felt amazing. She was insatiable. She must have finished herself eight or nine times without slowing. Hours passed as I began to hallucinate in ecstasy.

She never slowed. She could not stop from shaking as she moaned in a passionate uproar. Her talking got me near exploding just as she herself was creaming all over me. I couldn’t stop myself from a final mind-numbing orgasm along with her. We both groaned in rapture. As she fell on top of my spent self, she gasped in her most innocent voice “See what happens when I don’t get any sex for four months? You had better never do that again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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