My Fantasy Ch. 02

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As if in a trance, I stepped into the shower with my new goddess. It was a tight fit, the two of us in that little space. Neither of us minded; it just pushed us up against each other more and more.

Her skin was softer than I imagined it, if that was possible. Her hands were pressed against the glass on either side of my shoulders, effectively trapping me against the now warmed glass of the shower stall. The water was raining down her back, making her lean forward so it didn’t run down her face. She leaned in close, brushing her lips against my neck. Feather soft, I felt her tongue travel up the vein.

“Silly girl,” she whispered throatily in my ear. “You thought you could pick me up like some college frat boy. I’ve got news for you, little one. I wanted you the minute you walked into that bar. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with me.” Her teeth bit down on that same vein, making me gasp with pleasure and pain.

“Either way,” I gasped as Cynthia let go. “You’re still here now, in my shower, and will no doubt later be in my bed. I’m a winner either way.” My hands, up until now laying limply at my side in shock, snaked their way up her thighs to cup her firm ass. “And I’m going to make the best of this situation, don’t you worry.”

Cynthia’s mouth came crashing down on my own. Her tongue forced its way past my lips to begin a dance of love that would put the tango to shame. Her right arm came in between us to grab at my left breast. She kneaded my tit expertly, not too roughly, but just enough to make me squirm with the sensations that were traveling down my body. My hands pulled her hips forward, one traveling up to the curve in her lower back.

She tasted like strawberries and peppermint gum. She smelled like my shower soap, cucumber melon. Her skin felt like wet silk under my hands. My head was spinning with all of these sensations.

Pulling away from the kiss, Cynthia dropped her head down to pull my nipple into her mouth. She nipped at the tip lightly, then pulled more into her mouth and bit down hard. I threw my head back and pulled her towards me even harder. I knew I would have teeth marks there tomorrow. I was looking forward to it.

Her tongue teased my nipple as she continued to bite down hard around it. My knees were beginning to give way, and only the hold I had on her waist was keeping me standing. My arms were doubled up around her, almost crushing her against my body. One second she was devouring me, the next she pulled her head back with a smile.

“You want the best? You’ve got it, baby. I want to do things to you that you’ve never even dreamed about.” Her hand let go of my breast and traveled slowly down my stomach and hip. She slowly slid it between my legs, keeping her eyes locked on me the whole time.

“You’re going to have to work harder than that, Cynthia. I’ve got one hell of an imagination. I’ve been dreaming about getting you in bed all night long. And the things I want to do to you would make a porn star envious.”

She laughed deep in her throat as her fingers began to dance across my clit and pussy. “I’ve seen some remarkable pornos, little one. Maybe you should show me a little of what you’ve been dreaming about.”

I lifted her legs up and placed them around my hips. One thing about being slightly larger, you can do a lot more with the smaller women. Her hand slipped from between my legs as both arms locked around my neck. I placed one hand at the top of her back, and the other between her legs to support her. Her supple tits were right in front of my face, and I buried my face in the valley between them as my fingers found her pussy.

“You smell so good,” I muttered as I pulled my face away. “Think I can get you off like this?” My fingers danced a mile a minute inside of her. Left to right, in and out. I nipped at her breasts, first the left, then the right. She tasted as good as I thought she would. Taking a step forward, I pushed her back against the wall, freeing up my other hand to join the first in her juicy box. Four, then five fingers played across her inner walls. I bit harder into the inside of her breast, sucking and pulling and driving my teeth harder and harder.

“Oh! God, baby, don’t stop! Yes, right there, oh god! Deeper, harder, ohhhh!”

I felt her pussy tremble around my fingers as she hit her first orgasm. Her legs began to loosen around me, and I slowly slid us down towards the floor of the shower. I didn’t want to pull out of her warmth. I loved the feel of her quaking around my fingers. Slowly, ever so slowly, my fingers wound themselves out of her.

I was kneeling on the floor with her sitting in my lap at this point. Her feet touched the ground awkwardly, like she wasn’t sure if her legs still worked or not. I smiled and kissed her neck. Trailing little bites from her shoulder to her ear, I moved my hands up her ass and back as well.

“How was that for starters?” I hinted sinfully into her ear. I trailed my tongue around her ear lobe. “I escort bayan merter can’t wait to taste that sweet pussy of yours.”

Cynthia’s fingers curled themselves into the hair at the nape of my neck. She pulled me in for another soul draining kiss. Her teeth nipped at my bottom lip as she pulled away, leaving me almost as breathless as I had just left her. “Let’s go find that queen sized bed and put it to good use.”

“Do I get to dry you off first?” I could just picture her standing in the middle of my bathroom, her hair dripping behind her, while I caressed and roamed across every inch of her body. “Why wait until we get into bed?”

Cynthia nodded as she unwound herself from me. I stood up slowly, a very hard thing to do with two people in the same small space, then lent her a hand. I trailed my hand slowly up her arm; her skin prickled with goose bumps at the soft touch. Her biceps were amazing. Everything about her was amazing. Was I dreaming all of this? Was there really such a beautiful creature standing naked in my shower?

Well, it’s not as if she would be fully clothed in the shower, now, would she?

I rung my hair out slightly before opening the shower door. Might as well try to keep the floor as dry as possible. I grabbed two fluffy towels out of the linen closet, the best ones I owned. I toweled off briefly, then wrapped the towel around me like a sundress. I held the other towel open before me in a silent invitation for Cynthia to come out and join me.

She was a tease. Her hands were pushing her hair back from her face to try to wring it out like I had just done. Those marvelous abs were jutting out one way, her ass the other as she tried to get the water out of her long tresses. Water hit her breasts and rolled down her luscious curves. I wished I could be there to catch the water on my tongue as it slid between her legs.

And she knew exactly what she was doing.

Arms outstretched, my goddess stepped out of the shower stall awaiting my administrations. Gently, reverently, I slid the towel across her flushed skin. Starting at the top, I dried off her shoulders, then kissed the skin. Arms, back, butt, thighs, calves, nothing escaped the towel or my lips. At the bottom, I crawled towards her front and began again at the top. I paid particular attention to her breasts, cupping them in the soft fabric and lavishing them with kisses. When my hands dried off her perfect stomach, I bent down to pay homage to her belly button.

I left her delectable pussy alone, barely brushing it with the towel. Instead, I kissed her thighs, her knees, ankles, and toes. Then I wrapped the blanket around her as I had myself and drew up to kiss her lips.

Her eyes were mostly closed as I stood up next to her. Her lips were slightly parted, her breath being drawn intermittently. I brushed my fingers over her cheek, then traveled slowly to her eyelids, now closed, and down the brim of her nose to her lips. She shivered from my touch, and I felt powerful.

I lowered my lips to hers. Softly, like silk scarves blowing in the breeze, our tongues slid across each other. Cynthia’s kisses were hard and overwhelming; this one was deep and intoxicating. Our arms wrapped around one another, pulling our bodies together and letting our heat intertwine.

“Do you still want to find my bed?”

Cynthia nodded beneath my hand. Her eyes fluttered open slowly, a smile spreading across her luscious lips. “I think some of those porn stars would already be jealous. My body is on fire right now, just waiting for you to touch me again.”

“That’s quite a compliment, thank you.” I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. I purposely left both of our tee shirts in the bathroom. Calculating? You bet.

“I could have sworn that you were a lesbian-virgin when I saw you tonight. Now I’m not so sure.”

Raising my eyebrows slightly, I looked back at her as we stepped into the bedroom. I had my soft reading light on in the corner, so I couldn’t quite make out her face. “What made you think I was a lesbian-virgin, as you call it? And why change your mind now?”

We sat on the bed, or rather lounged on it as she looked for the right words. Her pale skin and red hair stood out wonderfully against my black sheets. “You seemed hesitant to come up to me tonight. I could tell you were staring at me, and that you were fascinated with me. But when you came up to me, you were making meaningless small talk, like you weren’t sure how to approach me.”

“Maybe it was because I wasn’t sure if you were into that sort of thing. Not every woman is, you know.” I stroked her thigh as it began peaking out from the towel. “I didn’t want to insult you if you were hard-core straight. What makes you think differently now?”

Cynthia looked at me and smiled. “You’re a different person now then you were in the bar. You’re confident, know what you want and take it. And I still can’t tell which one of my assumptions was correct. Are you going escort bayan şişli to tell me?”

I pushed the towel up over her hipbone and leaned forward to kiss the exposed skin. “Maybe tomorrow morning, if you ask nicely.”

Laughing, Cynthia rolled over so that she was on top. “There you go again, getting all confident on me. I think I liked it better when I intimidated you. Now that you know you can have me for tonight, you lost that edge of innocence and naivete. I think I have to show you just how innocent you really are.”

Her red hair draping around us, hitting wetly on our skin, my beautiful bartender once again took control. Tearing open the front of my towel, she began to take possession of my body. Smooth hands wandered freely over my exposed flesh. There’s really nothing quite like another female’s hand roving across every square inch of you. A man is rough and callused, where as a woman is satiny smooth and knows just where to touch you to make your breath stop and your head spin.

“Oh, Kelly. Just look at you, begging for me to touch you. I bet you would just love it if I started squeezing these delectable breasts of yours.” Her breath whispered over my flesh, sending goose bumps dancing across my flesh. My nipples rose up to meet her awaiting lips. “I think I was right in the bar. Let me show you how good this can be with a woman, Kel.”

Straddling my waist, I could feel her soft, shaved pussy sitting atop my pelvis. She slid down slowly so that she could lay down atop me and pay attention to my breasts. Her hands squeezed them together, forming a valley of cleavage that I wish I had for real. Then, looking into my eyes, she licked around first one nipple, then the other. Her fingers were kneading my flesh, causing soft ripples of pleasure to course through my body.

Cynthia took one nipple in her warm mouth, sucking and pulling teasingly. She watched as my head lolled to one side with delight. A moan escaped my lips, and she let go of the first nipple to go after the second. Then my delectable bartender began rotating her stomach on top of me. I could feel her rubbing mere inches from my clit, and wanted more than anything for her to be between my legs.

“Let me guess what you want, little one,” she whispered across my chest. One hand released my breast to travel slowly, oh so slowly, down my rib cage and across my hipbone. Her long fingers wound slowly through my small patch of hair in the front, teasing and pulling and forcing me to moan again. “You want me to touch you right, here.”

One finger slid down to press directly on my sensitive clit. She rubbed back and forth across the tip, quickly and just hard enough for me to try and squirm away. Cynthia’s strong legs held me in place, and she squeezed my breast forcefully in warning. “Don’t move, little one. Let me show you what a woman can do to you. A man doesn’t know what this feels like, doesn’t know how to control it. Trust me, Kelly. Let me show you how it’s done.”

A fire started burning down low in my body. Flames began licking upward, traveling farther and farther across me. Soon, my whole body was ignited with waves of heat. Cynthia was stoking that fire with each wiggle of her finger, each flick of her tongue over my breasts. I was being consumed with the scorching heat, being burned alive with the flames of passion. With a flick of her wrist, Cynthia had turned her hand and began stroking my wet pussy lips as well as my clit. I cried out as the heat burst within me. Sparks and embers of orgasms coursed through and around me. I was the fire of passion. I was the flame of ecstasy.

I wrapped my arms around Cynthia as she continued to pull small shock waves through me. She let go of my breast and pulled my face towards hers. Capturing my mouth, her tongue began toying with me just as her fingers were. She was relentless in her pursuit to pull me head over heals into another mind shattering orgasm.

And it didn’t take long at all before I was a quivering mass of flesh underneath her. I cried out into her mouth, dragging my nails across her back as the second orgasm in just as many minutes tore through me. She was right, there were some things that no matter how good the man was, a woman could definitely do better.

As if my body was her own, she recognized that I couldn’t endure much more stimulation on my clit. Her fingers began slowly pressing their way into the wet folds of my pussy. She began trailing kisses down my neck and chest, and I was forced to relinquish my hold on her. Cynthia set up a slow, rhythmic in and out motion with her fingers. In, circle around, and then pull out. Go in, move up and down, and then pull out. Go in, pull out. It was torture and rapture all at once.

My body was her playground. She caressed my ribs, my thighs and back up to my chest. Her tongue drew wet designs across my abs and pelvis. It was almost too much to bear. The different sensations were intermingling into one continuous touch. escort bayan şişli My body was tingling everywhere, not just where she was touching me. My heart was racing; my breath coming in short bursts.

“Watch this, little one,” she purred as she looked up at my face. “I’m going to count down from ten. When I get to one, you’re going to orgasm for me. Don’t hold back, and don’t force it. I guarantee you’ll come as soon as I say the word. Ready?

“Ten.” Her fingers began dancing the gig inside of me.

“Nine.” She started blowing on my clit.

“Eight.” She raked her fingernails down my side from my ribs to my knee.

“Seven.” She pulled her nails up the inside of my thigh to meet her other hand.

“Six.” She lapped greedily at my clit.

“Five.” She again blew on my clit, dragging her nails back up my side.

“Four.” Once again, her tongue assaulted me.

“Three.” Cold breath against my wet, engorged clit.

“Two.” Tongue.

“One.” She sucked my clit into her mouth with brutal force, pulling me over the edge faster than I ever dreamed possible.

I cried out with surprise at the ferocity of the orgasm that ripped its way through my body. I had felt it building steadily as she counted down. It was being fed expertly by her administrations. From five on down, I could barely keep breathing. But once she said the word, just like she had promised, I had come with a vengeance.

I’m sure my landlord had heard me come from his bedroom downstairs. And I didn’t care.

Cynthia came up to lie down next to me, slowly rubbing her hand across my chest. She smiled as I tried to get my breath back. I put a hand to my chest to feel my heart, and wasn’t surprised to see it was going a mile a minute. “I think I reached my target heart rate there.”

Chuckling, her hand came up to caress my neck and face. “You know, little one, I think we’ve almost popped your lesbian cherry.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Lesbian cherry, I like that. I know there’s still one very important thing that I want to do to you before we finally get some sleep tonight. I think we may be on the same page here.” I reached up and undid the loose knot at the top of the towel. “I also think that it’s time to get rid of this.”

Amazingly, her breasts seemed even more perfect than they had in the shower. Golden brown, you could tell she enjoyed tanning in the nude. Her pert nipples almost blended in to the tanned skin around them. Red curls, just beginning to dry and take shape, lay sensually across the skin. “Let me worship you, darling Cynthia. Let me set you on fire like you did to me.”

I rose over her, pushing myself up on one elbow. Cynthia lay back, her head cushioned by two pillows so she could watch me. One hand was pulled behind her head, the other was rubbing my back and shoulders encouragingly. I was drawn to her like a moth to flame, and that was probably a very accurate description at that point. I was the small fluttery being, she the warm light that drew me in and consumed me.

Like I had dreamed of doing all night, I caressed and kissed her amazing stomach. I rubbed up against her like a cat, marking her and feeling her against me. Soft skin covered hard muscles. Tanned strength. Moving up to her luscious breasts, I circled first the whole globes with my tongue, then the outline of her nipples. I couldn’t keep my hands off her. I sat above her so that both of my hands could wander.

I could feel her body radiating heat between my legs. I shuddered with her as our clits slid across each other when I leaned forward to kiss her neck. I moved my legs apart so she could do the same, and began rubbing against her even more as I bit into her shoulder lightly.

“Cynthia?” I whispered in her ear. “This is one of the things I’ve wanted to do all night. Give me your hand.” I took her hand in mine and led them both between our legs. “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”

As if we were the same person, we plunged our hands into each other at the same time. Mimicking one another, we began simultaneously fingering each other towards climax. Our arms and wrists were pushed together between our bodies, making it slightly difficult to gain a lot of movement, but the intimacy of that unbroken contact made everything sweeter. Our palms moved against our clits, our fingers danced inside our moist pussies. I caught her in a deep kiss, and our tongues thrust and parried like our fingers.

“Now, Cynthia,” I said breathlessly. “Are you ready? One, two, three!” We both leapt into oblivion at the same moment, and felt each other quiver around our fingertips. She pulled my head towards her again as she thrust her hips up to draw my fingers in deeper. She was still quaking and pulsing, so I continued to move my fingers inside of her, drawing her orgasm out to last as long as she could handle it. I stilled my fingers when I felt her pussy open up around them.

Her hands fell away from me the same time as she pulled away from our kiss. “Those porn stars are missing out, little one. Damn.”

“Who said I was done yet?” I nibbled on the vein in her neck just below her ear. “I’m going to take you higher and higher, Cynthia. And you’re not going to have a count down to let you know when your orgasm will hit.”

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