My Feather Girl Ch. 01b

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My feather girl 01b – A diamond in the rough

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast and thor_pf for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style… and a strong reliance on spell check.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Acup


Somewhere in the night we had shifted, me on my back and Betty under my arm with her head on my chest. I looked down at her sleeping, the little smile on her face, the morning sun in her hair. I could feel her tit in my side, the other lying slightly on my chest. I pushed the covers down enough to lightly trace her tit and nipple, that soft pillowy pink bubble with a little nubbin tip. Her areola made me think of a freshly cracked egg, the tender yolk so fragile. Pull and push a little watching it move, but so tender you could break it if you went too hard.

Betty opened her eyes and smiled, “you keep that up and we’ll be flooding two beds mister.”

“And your point is?”

Betty pulled herself up onto me trapping my firm cock between us, gave me a soft kiss, then laid her head on my shoulder and rolled completely up on me, “Hold me,” she whispered.

For as wild as last night had been, in some ways this was better. Waking up in Hanks arms, his fingers playing with my nips, rolling over to lay on him, his chest hair in my nipples. I can’t remember ever being wanted like this before.

I pulled the covers back over us, wrapping one arm around her back and the other I let drop to grope her ass.

“Naughty, naughty,” she whispered. “Don’t stop,” she giggled.

I held Betty in the morning sun, holding her to me with her soft tits in my chest and her firm ass in my hand. This had turned out to be a heavenly week.

I was beginning to really enjoy holding and squeezing her when my cell phone went off. I looked to see a text from Sandy, ‘LEAVING THE AIRPORT NOW’

I ran my finger up the crack of her ass making her hiss, “Hey babe, Sandy just left the airport. We have about an hour and a half until we have to start in.”

Betty rolled off me, squeezed my firm cock and licked the tip, “Party pooper.”

I rolled out behind Betty, slipping my shorts and slacks on. I slipped socks and shoes on and was pulling my new logo polo shirt on when I stepped through the connecting door.

Betty was standing there in her pink thong and lace bra hunched over her suit case.

“Mmmm, I remember those…”

Betty jumped and turned, “remember what?”

“That pink thong.”


“That night you stood over me while I was putting Frankenstein back together.”

“NU UH…”

“Yup, you were wearing one of your shorter skirts with some nice stockings with the wide lace top. When you shifted forward that last time I got a little peek of that pink thong. Thought about it every time you knelt down letting your thighs show for the next few weeks.”

“Uhhhhhh!” Betty turned back to her suitcase, bringing her black slacks out and started slipping them on.

OH FUCK HE DIDN’T, I DIDN’T DO THAT! Oh shit I’ve ruined it, he’ll think I’m a slut for flashing my panties at him, shit shit shit shit…

I came up behind her and put my hands on her waist, “Hey babe, can I ask a stupid guy question?”

He still wants to touch me!

Betty snickered, “Is there any other kind?”

I nipped at her shoulder making her squeak. “Why does a beautiful,” kiss shoulder, “delicious,” kiss neck and slide hands from waist around front and begin going for her tits, “petite hottie,” cup her bra covered tits and give them a nice squeeze, “need to wear a bra?” Nibble on ear lobe.


“Because why?” I began tracing her nipples through her bra with my finger tips, “It’s not like you’re built like Zandra.”

Betty snorted, “Not even close.”

Zandra, black as coal from South Africa, and a pair of G cup boobs she has to rest on the counter when she can, but ALL the guys want to use her cashier cage… and probably her puss as well!

I reached between the cups and released the catch, letting it pull apart but not lifting it off her. I began tracing the underside of those soft tits, “Would it be that terrible to know I was looking down your shirt today?” I parted her bra a bit more, almost letting it clear her nipples. “Knowing that what I really want to do is rip your shirt off and ravage your nipples for a few hours.” I let the bra fall away from her tits and brought my hands up to cup and squeeze lightly, catching her nipple between thumb and finger rolling and gently tugging.

He still wants me, Hank still wants me after I flashed him my thong!

“At the very least I could trap you in a corner somewhere and slip my hand up your shirt and molest you doeda while I kiss you into submission.” I turned Betty, never letting go of one tit and put my other arm behind her to hold her to me, the heat of her pussy against my cock.

Betty wrapped her arms around my neck and held me for a nice kiss, “Damn you, now all I want to do is hop back in bed.”

I grinned at her, “We can always come back when we’re done.”

Betty grinned and bit the corner of her lips, “Yes we can.” Betty let her bra fall to the floor before slipping her logo polo shirt on, arching her back and tweaking her nipples at me.

Why am I turning into such a slut? Hank talking like that to me like I’m some hot babe and all I can think of is getting him back in bed so he can nibble on me, TO FUCK MY PUSS INTO SUBMISSION!

I called in two biscuit and gravy orders to go and we headed out. We sat eating in the shop and had just finished when Sandy came in grinning with a pair of heavy boxes. “Time to play, kiddies!”

We headed for the floor, already getting busy since it was a grand opening. One of the security guards was keeping an eye on our taped off area, because gamblers would NEVER sneak under the tape and play a machine they weren’t supposed to, no never… yeah right.

Our Vegas transfer guy still hadn’t shown, so I had security call down to hard count for a volunteer and about a dozen quarter buckets.

A few minutes later in walked Shauntane… Beautiful Shauntane… BUSTY Shauntane. Where Betty was barely an A cup, Shauntane was at least a DD if not larger. She loved letting her chest bounce and loved the attention it got so it was comical to see the guys around us staring at her cleavage. The cleavage that was on display was because Shauntane had only zipped her coveralls up to her nipple line. A little bit of red lace showing and then all that wonderful chocolate cleavage.

“Well Cheri, what we doin’ now?” She asked in a pure New Orleans accent.

She saw me glance at her bare cleavage, Betty elbowed me, and I grinned. It was all in fun, she was engaged to be married, and they both loved showing her off.

Hank’s looking at those big boobs. He likes them, and all I have is these speed bumps. FUCK!

I had her start emptying hoppers and bringing them to me and Betty to swap plates. We had a few done and were making good progress, but I was getting a bit of a look from Betty when she caught me glancing at Shauntane as she bent to set the hoppers on the cart.

“Hey Betty, it would work better if you leaned forwards a bit more.”

Betty looked up at me and bent forward a bit, “Like this?”

“Just a little more, yeah, that’s perfect.”

Betty gave me a look, “How’s this going to help me work better?”

I smiled at her, “I didn’t say it was going to be better for you, but it sure is better for me.”

Betty looked down and realized I could now see right down her top to those puffy nipples, she turned red, “ACCCHHHH!” and went back to work, Shauntane just laughed, that laugh rippling back and forth through her monster chest, and went back to swapping hoppers.

WHAT THE FUCK? Hank keeps glancing at Shauntane’s big boobs, and then he gets me to lean forward to look down my shirt at my bumps. And he’s standing behind the cart so I can’t even tell if he’s getting hard looking at me or her…

We got a pretty good rhythm going, we would get a few changed and security would move the tape for guests surging in, sure that the new machines were better. We had the first isle done and were shifting to the next when Samuel stopped by to see if we needed anything.

“Pepsi and a snickers,” I hollered out.

“Make it two,” added Betty.

Shauntane groaned, “Coffee.”

We kept going, and our refreshments were delivered. By noon we had about two thirds of them completed. Samuel and a bunch of suits came around checking on us. “Looks like you’re making some headway. Figure what, two maybe three hours after lunch and you should have it all wrapped up?” one of the suits said.

I looked at our audience, just waiting for the next batch of machines to be released to them. I pointed to them with my screwdriver, “You think they want us to take a lunch break?” and went back to work.

A guy from the back of the pack stepped forward, “You want some sandwiches?”

I kept working, not even looking up, “Sure if you have time, otherwise we’ll make do with another candy bar and some chips.”

“What’s your preference?” he asked.

“Plain ham on white with cheese.”

“Egg salad,” Betty added, head still down working.

I didn’t hear Shauntane, so I looked up at her staring at me. “Huh? Oh, um, turkey on wheat if they have it.”

We finished off that isle and got out of the way for the rush. We had shifted to the next to the last when the suit came back with our sandwiches and fresh drinks. “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

What’s with Shauntane? She’s acting like she’s seen a ghost or eş değiştirmeli porno something.

I ate about half of it and set it aside to get back to work. Finishing it between hoppers. I saw our gopher and a few others walk by every once in a while keeping an eye on us, but oh well. The only odd part was Shauntane wasn’t quite her usual gabby self, and had zipped her coverall up a bit more, not letting any lace show and covering more than half her cleavage.

We had finished that isle and shifted to the last one when the suit guy came back by himself. “Coming along okay?” he asked.

I looked down at the last isle, enjoying a bit of cleavage as Shauntane bent over getting the first few hoppers pulled and bringing them to us. “About what I expected.”

“Samuel said you expected to be completed by this time.”

I didn’t even look up at him, “Yeah, but that was with another tech out of Vegas. He didn’t show so I called for someone from hard count to help out. Shauntane has speeded us up significantly, otherwise we would be about halfway on that last isle right now.”

“Done this before have you?”

I chuckled and looked at Betty, she grinned back. “Once or twice I guess.”

Once or twice my ass. All the resets we did on opening and six of these trips. Go on Hank, tell him what you can do.

“Need a hand?”

I looked over at mister starched shirt and tie, well what the hell. “As long as you know what end of the screwdriver is what and aren’t afraid to get your fingers dirty, sure.”

He folded up his jacket and put it on a chair behind us, loosened his tie and rolled up his sleeves, “Now what?”

I handed him my screwdriver and showed him what to remove and set the new shelf wheel and how to adjust the knife. He didn’t do too bad for a beginner.

I grabbed my stubby screwdriver and began another one beside him. He was a little slow, but not bad. A little over half an hour later we had the isle finished and everything was back open to the public.

We were packing up getting ready to head back down to the shop, security and Shauntane having left already. “Good working with you two,” the suit said and held out his hand. He shook both mine and Betty’s. Betty took sheer pleasure in rubbing and teasing me on the way back down to the shop.

God I can’t wait to get back to the hotel, all those little glances Hank made. I could see him looking at me, even watching my nonexistent ass as I walked back to the shop. All I wanted to do at lunch was slide around to his side and curl up under his arm, pull his hand across to my boob… and working on the machines afterward, feeling his hand on me, his breath on my ear, his dick against my thigh. Even dragging my nips across his arms was pure delight and torture at the same time.

We grabbed another sandwich and then went back to the floor sticking around the quarter area. We had a few little problems the next few hours, but nothing with the hoppers. And it was pure torture to have to lean over Betty as I instructed her on what to do, glancing down her shirt, putting my hand on her back and then letting it drag over her ass as she turned to stand up. And of course Betty just had to let her braless tits drag across my arm when she got the chance.

I can honestly say, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Betty picked things up. I knew she was intelligent, but intelligence and mechanical aptitude are two totally different things.

We were at an unoccupied machine having slot machine class when the suit came back around. He watched us a bit, finally coming up after Betty had gone through the diagnostics all by herself.

“You two still here? I thought you would have taken the rest of the day off with all the fun you had this morning.”

We turned to him, “Nah, I wanted to keep an eye on them just in case. Beats sitting around the hotel, and it gives me a chance to teach Betty more about the machines.”

He looked at us, then pointed a finger between us, “So you don’t work here?” looking down at our state gaming badges. We had to get local badges to work on an active gaming floor so I could see his confusion.

I smiled, “No, we’re from up north. I was the lucky guy to find the shelf wheel problem, so I got to stay and help fix it, Betty stayed to help also.”

“Been kinda fun to learn more about the inner workings of the machines, it will make my job easier when we get home,” Betty added.

He looked back and forth between us a bit and his eyes stopped on Betty, good choice! “So what do you normally do?”

“Host side shift manager,” Betty responded. She jerked her thumb at me. “Mr. lazy bones here is one of our senior techs and does most of the training.”

If Hank’s not going to toot his own horn I am!

He looked over at me, “Tech training?”

“Yeah, I get them on the night shift so I have quiet time to train.”

“And you cross train hosts?”

“Some. Most people who work genç porno at the casino should be arrested for even looking at a screwdriver. But some can get the hang of it. Betty has a good aptitude, would probably make a decent tech if she wasn’t on the host side.”

He chuckled at my screwdriver comment, “Yeah, I’ve known a few like that. So when do you head back?”

“Monday, the weekend flights are for the birds.”

He chuckled, “So you going to do the tourist thing tomorrow?”

My turn to laugh, “Yeah, probably run next door to Disney World tomorrow.” He laughed at that, Mickey was hundreds of miles away. Not a whole lot around here yet with the casino having to be near the water. “I figure we’ll probably stop in and baby sit the machines for a bit, then go for a drive later. Better than staring at the walls in the hotel.”

“You’re coming in on Sunday?” He seemed a bit surprised.

I grinned, “Well with the grand opening it will probably get a bit hectic after ten or so when church lets out. Might as well be useful.”

DAMN, I was hoping to stay in bed all day.

He grinned and held his hand out, “Hank,” shaking mine, “and Betty,” shaking hers, “it’s been a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your stay here while you can.”

We went over to the sit down machines and had some more teaching time, and I just happened to be able to stand there and look down Betty’s top… isn’t that an amazing coincidence? And when she was bent over on hands and knees in the bottom cabinet I just marveled at her ass.

Evidentially I had stopped talking, “Are you teaching or ogling?” wiggling her ass. I gave it a light swat and continued with her.

Maybe I can convince him to not come in tomorrow, stay in bed and make me scream a few dozen times. Damn, I’m turning into a nympho.

We had had enough and decided to go back to the hotel. “I was thinking about heading out to the pool for a bit, maybe catch some sun, you care to join me?” Betty asked from the passenger seat grinning while circling her nipple teasing me.

“Before or after hopping back into bed?” making like I was licking her pussy.

Betty’s eyes went wide. “Before, I probably couldn’t walk afterward.”

ALL FUCKING RIGHT! Hank does still want me. This is it, this is fucking it! I think I tossed those little scraps of a bikini into my bag, the ones I got as a boobie prize at Stella’s lingerie party. If those don’t convince Hank I want him to take me the way HE wants nothing will… if I can wear them…

I had to smile at that. We walked back to the rooms, stopping at our respective doors, stepping inside and then seeing each other through the open connecting doors. Betty stopped and stripped right there, caressing her bare tits, then dropping her slacks and thong, running her finger between her wet lips before stepping to her suitcase.

FUUUUCK! I had to turn away. I rummaged through my suitcase to my travel kit. I hadn’t worn it in a while, but I had a nice little black pair of trunks, barely one step up from a little Speedo, and it didn’t hide my cock. If Betty wanted to tease, two could play that game.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, I could just as well be naked. This thing is so thin, and it gets translucent when wet, and I’m going to be dripping wet all the time! And it doesn’t cover! My areolas are peeking out the sides, my landing strip is sticking up from the bottoms, but if I pull it far enough to cover my landing strip it will disappear into my puss…FUCK!

Betty reappeared in a robe holding her towel, “Ready studly?” I slipped my robe on and joined her. She put her arm through mine and leaned on my shoulder as we made our way out to the pool. I laid my towel out and put my robe on the arm.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I whispered. Betty was leaning over the lounger naked. Well, not actually naked, but FUCK!

There was a thread coming up the crack of her ass and over her hips with another tied across her back. She turned to me and I about came in my trunks. I was probably standing there with my mouth open from the look on her face. Betty was barely covered. A tiny pink triangle over each nipple, three inches tall and MAYBE an inch wide across the bottom. If she moved at all those lovely puffy areola would be peaking out.

And the bottom wasn’t much bigger. Maybe a bit longer and turned the other way around, but it wasn’t even long enough to completely cover her landing strip. Oh did I mention it was thin enough to see the outline of everything behind it also.

I made my way back up her body to see Betty grinning at me, she made a quick glance at my cock, “I guess you do like it.”

Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Hank seems to be okay with me showing off from the way his dick is trying to escape his trunks! Might as well go for it, and the sun feels so good on my skin…

Betty proceeded to make quite a production out of oiling her front up, ‘accidentally’ moving her top aside to oil her tits and then pulling it back over with the oil making that now thin top almost as transparent as her top and bra the second day.

“Your turn!”

I reached for the oil, but Betty pulled it back, “Uh uh, lie down.” I started to lay back, “Uh uh, on your belly, I’ll do your back first.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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