My Fireman: Second Chances

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I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. The feel of his strong arms.. the taste of his kisses.. After spending the night and the better part of the next two days with Randy, he had me hooked. Why couldn’t he have just been one of those good looking, awesome fucks that you dream about for weeks afterward, but never really see again? Somehow he had gotten to me, something noone else has ever done..

I had never been one to go crazy over a guy, but Randy had this way of popping up in my thoughts at the worst times. Concentrating at work was nearly impossible. Every time I would hear the ambulance toned out a tingle would run through me, hoping that he would be riding again, but no such luck for me.

Finally my work week was over. Friday again and I had seven days and nights free. Life pretty much got back to the same old routine, hanging out with my friends and at the house.

A huge smile creeped up on my lips as I cleaned up the kitchen that first day off, a broken glass still laying on the floor brought back such erotic memories of Randy as he pushed it off the counter in a hurry to slam his cock into me before he left for work that last morning.. Mmmm..

“OK.. Enough Missy.” I told myself out loud, all the while smiling as I slipped my clothes off and a robe on while I ran hot water into the huge tub, piling my hair on top of my head. I added a hint of lavender to the running water.

I laughed as my puppy, Daisy, tried to climb into my tub. I grabbed her up, playfully scratching behind bostancı escort her perky ears as I walked to the door, opening it to let her out. A cool breeze gently blew my robe as I leaned over to put her down, almost dropping her, freezing as I hear that familiar chuckle.

Only seeing black boots as I slowly lifted my surprised eyes, knowing without looking up who was standing there. “You look happy to see me, baby.” He drawled in that so sexy voice, his amusement evident as his smoky eyes drop to my hardening nipples, now clearly visible through the thin silk..

God, why does he have to look like that?? There he was, standing on my porch in tight blue pants, that light blue shirt that fits his muscular chest and arms so well and his fire dept jacket. He didn’t even wait for an invitation. He just strolled on in the door like he owned the place, sliding his jacket off and dropping it over the back of the couch.

He looked toward the bathroom again amused. “Did you forget about something, Mel?” He chuckled as I rushed toward the sound of the overflowing tub.

Cursing under my breath as I threw a towel in the now soaked floor and leaned over to turn the water off, I gasped as I felt his strong hands on either side of my hips, without warning, suddenly slamming me back onto his rock hard cock. My cheeks turned red, knowing that he knew that I was already dripping wet, just from talking to him.

One hand slid into my hair, yanking büyükçekmece escort my head back, his warm breath teasing my ear. “I told you I decide when and how we do this, didn’t I?” His voice was almost threatening, as he continued to slam his cock into my aching pussy..

Hmmm how I had dreamed about this since I saw him last, the reality of his attentions far surpassing the fantasy once again. I ground my hips back against his, the sting of his hand across my bare ass brought my attention back to his voice. “I didn’t tell you you could cum yet, did I, little one?” He growled.

I was so lost in the moment that I had not realized it until I felt the warm juice sliding down my thighs. “I.. I’m.. sorry.” I whispered, true regret in my voice, even as my mind screamed out not to apologize to him..

He pulled his rock hard cock out of me, pulling me around and pushing me down on my knees, his hand still in my hair driving my mouth onto his dripping cock. The taste of my cum mixed with his, sent shivers down my spine. His intended punishment had the opposite effect on me.

After a few moments of fucking my mouth like this, his dark eyes met mine. “Hold out your tongue, NOW!” He demanded. He jerked my head back and without hesitation, I slid my tongue out of my now red and slightly swollen lips. Thick spurts of cum rolled from his cock onto my tongue. I hungrily swallowed it, the tip of my tongue licking every last drop from his çekmeköy escort swollen head.

His eyes seemed to smile as he lifted me from the cold floor, sliding the wet robe from my shoulders. his once harsh fingers now gently touching my nipples. He leaned over and brushed his lips to mine. “I missed you, baby.” He whispered as he lowered me into the soothing warm water, slippping out of the rest of this clothes and into the tub behind me.

I leaned back against his hard chest, contentment on both of our faces. Hands once hard as steel, now soft and tender as they soaped up and slowly glided over my soft skin, taking great care to cover every last inch of my chest. Strong fingers payed special attention to my sensitive nipples, sliding farther down to my so swollen clit, gently rolling it between two fingers. He was so soft and easy, the tension between my thighs built quickly.

I felt his cock hardening once again. I tilted my head back against his hard chest. My voice begged, “May I…?”

His short nod was all the encouragement I needed to slide around in the tub to face him, a knee on either side of him. Our eyes locked, no words needed as I slid down his hardness. His hands on my hips held me still, the feel of his cock twitching inside me was enough to drive me over the edge. I tried to hold back, waiting .. and waiting. My eyes begged for the release that he knew that my body so desperately needed from his. Our breathing was the only audible sound until he half-whispered, half-moaned, “Now baby.” My body reacted to the mere command in his voice, tensing immediately as I felt his cock pulsing so deep within me.

I awakened much later that afternoon, stretching so sensuously. My heart dropped as I felt the empty space next to mine, until I saw the single red rose laying on the pillow. A short note lay beside it, reading “Until tonight, little one.. “

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