My First Gay Experience

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This is a true experience that happened to me a few years ago.

I had just turned 50, and had been happily married for over 20 years. (Okay, there had been a few escort girls along the way, but mine was a stable marriage.) I suppose the word average pretty much sums me up: white, average height, average build, average looks, with a circumcised cock around 6 inches when erect.

In the city where I worked there was a gay sauna. It was just off one of the main roads into the city, discreetly located down a private driveway behind a row of shops, looking for all the world like a small factory. Every morning I would pass it on my way to and from work, and once I became aware of it I started to become fascinated by the idea of it. In all honesty I couldn’t have told you why: I wasn’t sexually attracted by men, and I was sure I wasn’t gay; but it just felt like that was an area of life experience that had been closed off to me, and I started to wonder what it would feel like to hold another man’s cock, or to suck one, or to feel one inside me.

Anyway, one day my wife had to go away on an overnight business trip and I visited the club. It wasn’t really a conscious decision on my part, just that evening after work I turned down the driveway instead of passing it. On entering the front door I found myself in a tiny room, not much larger than a phone booth, with a service window in front of me. A guy appeared there and I paid a modest entry fee; he gave me a towel and pointed me through a door opposite.

There I found an open plan changing area, devoid of other people, and lockers. Operating more or less on auto-pilot, I stripped, put the rubber band attached to the locker key around my wrist, showered and, towel around my waist, passed through a full length beaded curtain hanging from an open doorway.

I’m not sure what I expected inside: naked nubile young men slouching against the walls, eyeing up the clientele and suggestively playing with themselves? Of course it was nothing like that. To one side there was a small bar, serving complimentary orange juice, where a couple of naked men were sitting, to the other side an empty jacuzzi. Most of the guys in there were middle aged or older and looked like the sort of people you might see behind the counter in a bank, or working as solicitors; married men playing away, like me.

Beyond the bar were a couple of sauna cabinets, and I entered one. There were already two blokes in there, one around Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan 60, the other in his 30s. They completely ignored me as they gazed into each other’s eyes and wanked each other. I stayed a few minutes, enjoying the heat and developing a light sheen of sweat, then decided to explore further. There wasn’t much else on the ground floor, so I went upstairs. The rooms there consisted of a massage room, complete with fully dressed male masseur; a video lounge with black leather furniture; and perhaps ten cubicles, each with a wooden platform supporting a thin mattress covered by a sheet, a TV showing a feed from the video, a box of tissues and small wicker baskets containing condoms and small sachets of lubricant. Three or four of the doors were bolted closed.

I went into the video lounge, where there were four or five men arranged on the sofas and chairs, each n their own, some with their towels around them, some naked. Only one looked out of the ordinary: a huge black guy with really dark mahogany skin. There isn’t a big African American community in the city so his presence was a bit of a surprise. I reckoned he must have been six feet four tall, with a big barrel chest, stippled with tufts of hair — my first thought on seeing his physique was ‘Cuban discus thrower’! He had close cropped hair, a handsome face with a little pencil moustache and a seven o’clock shadow.

The large TV screen featured films of mostly young men sucking and fucking each other. To be honest it did nothing for me, but that didn’t seem to be true of my companions, most of whom were playing with themselves as they watched it. That was certainly true of the black guy, whose enormous cock – guessed maybe nine inches, and quite thick with it — was semi-erect as he stroked his balls with the fingertips of one hand. He noticed me looking and for a moment our eyes met. He looked away but when I glanced in his direction again he was looking at me, and locked eyes with me for a good five seconds. Then he slowly rose to his feet and walked towards the exit door. To get there he had to pass behind the sofa I was sitting on, and as he did he lightly ran the knuckles of one hand across my shoulder blades.

Guessing he wanted me to follow him I gave it a few seconds and entered the corridor. There was no sign of him, but I found him in the third cubicle I looked in, lying on his back on the bed, resting his weight on his elbows, feet together and Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan knees wide apart, displaying his wares. I noticed that his skin was rather lighter in colour around his genitalia and arse, presumably usually covered in the sun by shorts or whatever. The TV in the room as off and it was completely silent. I stood in the doorway and with a flick of his head he invited me to enter. My heart thumping nervously, I did so, closed and bolted the door behind me and turned to face him. Only half an hour after entering the club, for the first time in my life I was in a locked room with another naked man, and a physically intimidating one at that.

Not sure how to proceed, I sat on the bed and, reaching out a hand, touched him somewhere neutral, his shin. He grinned and stood. His long cock was inches from my face; he inclined his hips forwards and, in what I thought was an American accent, growled “Suck it.” I swallowed nervously, reached my hands around him and took hold of his firm buttocks, and closed my lips over the tip of his cock.

I began to slide my mouth up and down his cock, and he joined in the rhythm, easing his hips gently back and forward. It felt very warm in my mouth the tip soft and rubbery, the rest of his length like an iron bar wrapped in warm silk. As I sucked him, and stroked my tongue along his length, he put a hand behind my head and pulled me onto him, whispering things like “Oh yeah baby, good, that’s it.” I cupped my hand around his balls and started to softly squeeze them, and in response he began to tousle my hair with the hand holding my head. I just began to worry about him cumming in my mouth when he withdrew and finished himself of with his hand, shooting a stream of hot jizz onto my chest.

As he grabbed a couple of tissues and dried my chest I wondered where we went from there, but my partner knew exactly what he wanted. He climbed onto the bed and arranged me on my back then squatted down between my legs. My cock was quite stiff, and I gasped with anticipation as he sucked me into his mouth. His little moustache felt odd bristling against my skin, but the blow job he gave me was as good as any I’ve ever had from a woman. He sank his mouth right down my shaft and even extended his tongue to lick my balls. As he sucked me he massaged the base of my cock between thumb and forefinger, and I lay back panting and groaning with pleasure. When I gasped “I’m cumming” he released my cock and finished me off with his hand, pumping an enormous fist up and down me. I couldn’t believe how turned on I felt by the situation, and I think that orgasm was as explosive as any I’ve ever enjoyed.

As I subsided and recovered my breath my lover lay alongside me on the bed and, to my surprise, took me in his arms and kissed me hard on the lips. It seemed entirely natural to me to respond and I slipped my arms around his neck and we snogged with closed lips for several minutes; I enjoyed the feel of his facial hair scratching against my own face. Then he reached across me to the shelf by the bed and plucked up a condom and a pack of lube. He turned me onto my belly and started to smear the lube liberally around my anal cavity. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure I was up for this, not on my first time with another man, but he didn’t exactly give me much say in the matter!

I assumed he would want to take me in doggy position, but he surprised me, turning me onto my back and getting me to raise my legs and hold them up with my hands behind my knees. Then he rolled the condom onto his very stiff cock and shuffled his knees under my bum, the tip of his prick pushing at my bumhole. He pressed forwards and it began to enter me. I was glad he took it slowly at first, because initially it hurt like hell. I gasped “Jesus!”, at which he gave a rumbling chuckle and began to see-saw back and forth, going a little deeper inside me with each forward thrust. It wasn’t unpleasant, and I actually started to enjoy the feeling of his big cock inside me as my bumhole expanded to accommodate it.

I really didn’t think I’d be able to take his full length, but after a minute or so I felt his crinkly pubic hair prickling against my scrotum and perineum and realised he was deep inside me. He gradually increased the power of this thrusts, grunting with each forward motion, and as he speeded up I found I was panting again, my own cock stiffening in response to this big man fucking me. When he came he gave a final huge thrust which felt exquisitely painful in my arse, and I actually felt the warmth of his semen swelling the condom. We stayed like that for a few minutes, his cock still inside me, one of my arms over my closed eyes as my chest shuddered with my ragged breathing. Then I felt him withdraw, he affectionately squeezed my balls, and a moment later I heard the bolt being pulled back and the door close behind him.

As I said, that was five years ago. I still don’t consider myself gay, but I have been back to the club at least a dozen times since then. I’ve never seen my big black lover there again, but I’ve always managed to pull and I’ve had some great sex and thoroughly expanded my horizons.

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