My First Harley Ch. 2

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This story and its characters are complete fiction from the mind of the author. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidence.

* * * * *

This is a continuation of the story begun in My First Harley. You may wish to find out what was going on up to this point.

I slowly began to wake up to a pleasurable sensation between my legs. When I became aware of my surroundings I was spooned against Marcy’s backside. My morning woody was nestled between her delectable cheeks, and her hips were moving slowly back and forth against it. Neither of us had been up during the night, and Marcy still wore the leather vest and chaps she had used to excite and arouse me last night. The memory of our lovemaking and the continued sensation of sliding between my wife’s buttocks and upper thighs brought my woody to maximum length and hardness.

The regular up and down movements of Marcy’s chest told me that she was still asleep. I wondered what erotic dream she was having as her hips slowly moved back and forth against me. There were small little sighs coming from her throat, and I decided to add a little more stimulation to her dream. My left arm, which had been around her waist, I brought up to her left breast underneath the vest. The firm but pliant flesh was warm beneath my hand. I slowly moved my hand caressing and fondling until I felt her nipple begin to harden under my palm. When the little nubbin was fully distended I took it between my thumb and forefinger to begin rolling and gently squeezing it. This nipple attention must have been what she was looking for, because her sighs became louder and the movement of her hips became a little more urgent.

Marcy’s other breast seemed to be calling out to me, so I had to give it equal time. She’ always loves it when I play with her breasts and this time was no exception. After switching back and forth one more time, I began to move my hand down her body. I caressed her tummy as my hand passed that lovely area on its path to my ultimate goal. Shortly after it passed the cross strap of the chaps my hand encountered the soft wisps covering her pubic mound. My hand cupped her mons and very slowly moved up and down against it not wanting her to wake up. I was having too much fun stimulating her while she was asleep. Moisture began to seep into my hand from her opening as I continued to stroke with slightly firmer pressure, and once again her sighs and humping picked up in pace.

As my hand continued to move in sync with her movements, I began applying pressure to her labia with my middle finger. It slowly began to work its way through her lips until it finally encountered an entire pool of warm juices inside her. I added my index finger and her movements slowly drew my fingers deep inside her. Her labia had finally opened completely and the ball of my thumb had come to rest in the area of her clitoris. In her sleep state she must have been afraid I would remove my hand, fat chance, because she placed her hand over mine and clamped her thighs around both of our hands to hold mine in place. Then her hand began moving mine to provide maximum stimulation to her clit. Her sighs then became pants and her hip movements became evermore urgent.

It was at this point that she finally woke up. Her first words were, “Oh, Tom. I’m soooo hot. Please don’t stop, pleeeease.” By this time I had added my hip movements to hers. The lower regions of her body were receiving as much stimulation as we could provide, and her body was on fire. Responding to the needs of her body she practically yelled, “I NEED YOU IN ME NOW!!!”

Rather than waste movement rolling onto her back, she rolled fully on to her stomach taking me with her. It is amazing how strong someone so small can be when in the throes of passion. She thrust her hips up off the bed and got to her knees while pulling my hand from between her legs, then reached between her legs and guided my staff into the steamy entrance of her womanhood. When she was sure I was in securely she thrust her hips back toward me with incredible force impaling herself on my prick. Rocking back and forth on her hands and knees she pleasured herself with jarring backward thrusts. She began chanting, “Harder… harder… harder.” As her hips slammed into me. I was giving it all that I had returning thrust for thrust. The slapping and squishing sounds we made were stimulating us both as we neared mutual climax. Her inner muscles began to flex and relax on me as her passion filled words became screams, and my grunts became louder and louder until we screamed our release to each other. The cum seemed to explode from me in torrents as I continued to pump into her, she had reached such heights of arousal that she went from one orgasm to another as she thrust back against me. We wrung every last drop of pleasure from each other before we collapsed on the bed exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew my bride was shaking me while telling me to get up. She waved a fresh cup of coffee under my nose, and then licked my ear. I was wide-awake in more ways than one. She said, “Whoa, big fella. That will have to wait. You have slept the morning away, and you need to get up now.”

“Why,” I asked groggily?

“If you will recall Mr. Fix It,” she Bahçeşehir Escort replied, “you promised to help Jake put the finishing touches on his new shed today. He and Patty are expecting us at 2 and it is 12:30 now.”

“Oh, right,” I said taking the offered coffee and trying to get my eyes open. Jake is a pal from work, and he and I had built a shed from a kit in his back yard on Friday. It still needed the doors put on and a coat of paint. Neither of us could work on it yesterday, so we decided to finish up today. The day yesterday, for us anyway, was taken up by a cook out with my son and his family, and then my lovely wife took be out and let me buy a new motorcycle. A Harley no less. We got there late in the day, and by the time the salesman called the bank on the financing all the loan folks had left for the day. He said he was positive there would be no problems, but we would have to wait until Monday to finalize everything. Helping Jake finish his shed would occupy the day and keep my mind off of the new bike. Needless to say, I was anxious to get aboard and on the road.

I looked over at Marcy standing beside the bed. She was a vision in a red tank top and white short shorts that showed off her breasts and legs to perfection. Her hair was fixed, and she had put on some light make-up. Just looking at her got the old ticker going and woke me up the rest of the way. I had a shower and a quick bite to eat, and by then it was time to leave for Jake’s house. We had a good day with Jake and Patty. The shed got finished and the girls talked houses, clothes, kids and recipes as usual. It was close to midnight by the time we got home, and both of us were beat. We decided to call it a night and went to bed.

The workday on Monday went by like the clock was going backwards. I kept expecting the phone to ring, and hear Marcy telling me that the deal for the bike was all set. That dumb piece of plastic didn’t jingle even once all day. By the time I left work I had all kinds of problems running through my head regarding the bike deal. When I got home I stepped down out of my pick-up and headed for the door. Marcy met me at the corner of the garage and said, “Dave just called from the Harley place, and he said he needed to see us right away.” We jumped in her car and off we went. Her urgency had me worried, and I tried to ask what was going on. She said she didn’t know. I was a nervous wreck by the time we pulled into the Harley dealership.

Dave, the salesman, came out the door before we could get in. He started walking slowly toward the service bay in the rear of the building. He said, “Man, I’m sorry for calling you so late about all this.” There was a dejected tone in his voice as he told us about all the problems he had with the bank and getting the financing approved. The closer we got to the service bay the more my heart sank. By the time we got there I was resigned to going another day without my new toy. As we reached the service bay I saw that big red beautiful Ultra Classic just sitting there. I could almost hear it calling to me. Then Dave said, “I really wanted you to be able to ride the sled out of here tonight, so here.” With that he tossed me the keys.

I looked from him to Marcy and saw big Cheshire Cat grins on their faces. It seems that they were in this together. They worked all day to make sure the bike was ready for me when I arrived. Marcy had arranged for the insurance, and Dave had taken care of everything else. There was a temporary tag on the bike and it was all mine. I felt like it was Christmas, my birthday and anniversary all rolled in to one. I was so stunned that I just stood there looking from the bike to them and back again.

Marcy finally took pity on me and took me by the hand. She led me to the trunk of her car and opened it. Inside were my leathers and helmet. My little minx had pulled one over on me. I scooped her up in my arms, kissed her, and told her that I loved her. She said, “Here, go have a good ride,” as she handed my helmet and leathers to me.

Dave had moved the bike out of the bay, and it was ready by the time that I was. I told Marcy to follow me, because I was going to take a slow way home. There was a good sized development behind the Harley place, and I felt that I needed to do some stop and go to get used to the big bike before I took it on a main artery. I hadn’t been on a bike in many years, and I needed to get the feel of it again. It took us over an hour to get home. When we arrived I saw my kids’ cars in the driveway. Apparently the whole family was in on this, and they wanted to see dad and his new toy.

I was standing next to the bike taking my helmet off. Marcy came to me and put her arms around me and asked, “Did you have a nice ride?”

“It was heaven,” I answered.

“When do I get a ride,” was her next question.

“Baby,” I said, “nobody is going to ride with me until I get a better feel for this monster. I need to ride it for about a week or so to get used to it. I want to be sure I’m comfortable with it before anyone rides with me. I don’t want to take a chance on spilling your pretty person all over the highway, so I will take my time. But I will promise that you will be the first to ride with me.”

“Good enough big guy. I’m gonna Beylikdüzü Escort hold you to that.”

By this time the family had piled out of the house. My sons and son-in-law were looking the bike over, and the grand kids were fighting to see who would sit on it first. Every body wanted to know when they could have a ride. I told them that the first ride belonged to mom and that would not be for at least a week. The rest of the week I spent every free minute I could on the Harley. By the end of the week I even felt comfortable on the interstate doing 80 mph. I knew it was time.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, I went back up stairs to get dressed. When I came back down I had my riding gear on and my helmet under my arm. Marcy was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the morning paper as I walked in. She looked up at me and smiled. “Going for a ride handsome,” she asked?

“I thought I would.”

“Have a good time baby.” She went back to her paper and coffee, but I didn’t leave. The article she was reading must have had her attention, because it took a minute for her to realize I hadn’t moved. “You need something else hon?”

“Well, it is a pretty day outside. Riding on a day like today is what makes it special. It would be extra special if I had someone to share it with,” I said.

My beautiful red head is a very intelligent person, but occasionally she is a bit slow on the uptake. The words finally sank in and her eyes popped and she jumped up from her chair and threw he arms around my neck. A long lingering kiss followed. She then began to back out of my arms and said, “Give me 10 minutes. You can time me.” Then she dashed for the stairs.

Her actual time was 9 minutes and 38 seconds. That’s when I heard her come bounding down the stairs. She had her helmet under her arm and her fawn toned chaps and vest on over Jeans and a T-shirt. Her hair was combed, but not fixed, and she hadn’t bothered with make-up. I also noticed that her nipples were pointing at me through her shirt and vest, which meant she had dressed so fast she hadn’t bothered with a bra. You have to understand that this lady never leaves the house without a bra, unless what she is wearing absolutely won’t look right with one. I think I can count the number of times on 2 hands with fingers left over. The lack of a bra made me wonder what else she decided to leave off. There was a bounce in her step as she came up to me, pecked me on the cheek, and said, “I’m ready when you are big guy.” She then headed for the door with me following the sway of her lovely hips, and watching her delectable backside that was well defined by the straps of the chaps she wore.

I gave her a quick course in the do’s and don’ts of riding on the back of a bike. Then I went over the radios and intercom with her so that she understood how they worked. When we were both situated on the bike I told here we would drive through our development for a while so that she could get used to riding a little. My thumb hit the starter button and that big Harley motor came to life with that unmistakable throaty rumble. The low rpm idle was music in my ears.

We drove around the area for a while, and I gave her instructions and answered her questions as we did. 20 minutes later she loved it as much as I did, and we were ready to hit the road. I headed for the interstate. When the speedometer hit 70 I set the cruise control, tuned the radio to our favorite country station, and sat back to enjoy the ride. We chatted back and forth for a little while, and then Marcy got kind of quiet. An hour later I was listening to Jamie O’neal sing about Arizona and realized that Marcy hadn’t said anything for a while. I knew she wasn’t asleep because her arms were around me a little tighter than when we started. I asked over the intercom if everything was all right. She answered, “Everything’s just fine honey.” I noticed that her voice sounded a little breathless, but put it down to her excitement.

The exit that would take us to our son Bob’s house was coming up. I told Marcy I was headed that way and she just responded, “That’s fine dear.” Still breathless, and now I noticed that I could feel her hips move against mine from behind every now and then. I also thought I could feel her nipples poking me in the back. When we reached Bob’s house I pulled in the driveway and turned the motor off. I heard a little groan of disappointment in my headset when I did. Marcy got off the bike and headed toward the house. I asked her if she was feeling all right. She turned to me with a rather lusty look and said throatily, “Never better big guy. Never better.”

Bob had reached me by then and began asking more questions about the bike. Marcy hugged our daughter-in-law Terry on the porch and they talked while watching Bob and I. As Bob and I were talking, and walking around the bike, I noticed a slight damp spot on the passenger seat. When we walked over to the porch my bride was sitting on the top step of the porch with her arms on her knees that were spread apart. I saw that lustful look again as she smiled at me. There was a glass of iced tea in her hand, but before I could say I could use one myself, a wet patch on the crotch of her Jeans caught my eyes. Finally the coin dropped, and realization hit me about what was going on. One thing I forgot to mention to Marcy was about the vibration of the seat. I knew from past experience that many women become sexually excited with their legs spread over the vibrating seat of a motorcycle. There was nothing wrong with her other than being extremely turned on right now.

I sat down beside her and leaned over to kiss the side of her neck. Before sitting back up I said, “You want to jump my bones right now, dontcha.”

She turned to me with a sexy smile and said, “You better believe it handsome, and how.”

Our visit with the kids turned out shorter than I expected, go figure. We were on our way back toward the interstate when I said to Marcy, “I’m sorry babe. I forgot to tell you about that little side effect some women have riding on motorcycles.”

“In a way I’m glad you didn’t.” She replied. “It was a nice surprise. Now get back on that interstate. I want to cum at least one more time before we get home.”

“Your wish is my command.”

We zipped up the on ramp, and soon the cruise control was set at 70 again. Marcy wasn’t trying to be quiet this time. Every moan and groan was relayed through my head set. It was very arousing listening to her work herself up to another orgasm. I felt her hips rubbing a little more this time as well. Then I noticed that she had raised up slightly on the passenger footrests so that most of her weight was on her legs. This allowed her to rub her crotch against the seat and increase the sensations caused by the vibrations. Her hands had a death grip on my lower hips, and as she approached her climax her left hand slid down over my enlarged and aroused member. She was cumming good and hard as we hit the off ramp of our exit. Her breath was coming in moans and pants as she ground her crotch against the seat. I felt her collapse against my back as we reached the first stop light. As I pulled away from the light I asked, “Did you enjoy your first motorcycle ride, my love?”

All I got for a reply was, “Ummm Hmmm.” Her hand were also busy rubbing my erection through my chaps and jeans. This woman was not done by a long shot. It was a good thing the cops didn’t have a speed trap in our area that day. I didn’t let any grass grow under my wheels getting home. The garage door opener had the door open by the time I hit the driveway and I pulled right in. Marcy was off the bike and in the house almost before the door was down, and the bike was off and on its stand. I was only a few seconds behind her through the door, but as soon as I closed the door behind me my arms were full of naked red head.

She was like a wild woman, and I hadn’t seen her this worked up in a long time. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and clung to me like a limpet. Her mouth clung to mine as she tried to see if my tonsils had grown back with her tongue. I must say that her excitement was contagious, I was becoming as carried away as she was. My vest was pushed from my shoulders and she literally ripped my T-shirt from my body. Without letting go of my mouth with hers, she got down and began undoing my chaps and jeans. A quick trip to her knees to pull off my boots, and then my chaps, Jeans, and underwear were off and tossed aside. Her mouth engulfed my erection and she began licking and sucking for all she was worth. I was so turned on it took all of 2 minutes before I filled her mouth with cum.

She managed to swallow every drop, and then continued sucking and licking. I never completely lost my erection as she sucked me back to full hardness. That hadn’t happened in a decade or more. When I reached a hardness that satisfied my little love machine, she stood and led me by the erection to the den. She dropped to the floor on her back and pulled me with her. Before I could do anything she grabbed my head in both hands, and turned my face up to look her strait in the eyes. Her voice was husky, low, and raspy, and her first words since entering the house were, “I want sex, and I want it hard and fast. Don’t stop until I tell you, and don’t worry about hurting me. I want it all and I want it now.”

With that she placed my erection at the entrance of her sex. I lunged forward with every ounce of strength I possessed. Our pubic bones bounced from the force of their collision. Then began the most intense, harshest, and most ruthless sex of our life together. We were two people possessed by the need to drive each other to heights of passion neither of us had ever reached before. My hips were like a jackhammer slamming myself into the woman I loved, and hers were slamming with equal violence against me. We thrust, panted, moaned, groaned and screamed at each other as we drove each other wild. My need to satisfy my lust mate’s request, coupled with my recent ejaculation, gave me staying power like never before. I don’t even know how long it lasted because I became lost in the intensity of the moment. Marcy’s orgasms were coming one after another. Neither of us was able to remember the exact number. Reality returned to me when she had shouted her last orgasm and began to plead with me to stop. I had not cum myself, and was still hard and deep within her. I supported my weight on my arms and knees, and showered her from face to breasts with kisses licks and nips as she panted for breath beneath me. Her whole body was trembling with aftershocks of her multiple orgasms. Except for my lips our only other contact was between our legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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