My First, Matt

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I was chatting on-line with Chris for a while. He knew I had been interested in exploring things and hadn’t done so yet. He suggested a site to me for meeting up with guys. Being rather naive, I just didn’t really give it much thought, only thinking of it as a dating site to meet people. It actually turned out to be a sex and swinger site, but I put my profile in anyway. I thought, I will never meet anyone, but maybe just chat. I listed I was looking for one-on-one, long term relationships and that I was shy and not into the bar scene. I did list my fantasy as being with two guys, but really would be scared out of my mind to try it.

I got quite a few emails, some to the point, “wanna fuck”. I didn’t bother to contact him, although the picture of his cock was more than impressive, it was huge. One guy though, sounded like me, shy, didn’t drink or smoke, we exchanged messenger accounts and started to chat.

Bradley: Hi

Matt: hi

Bradley: So, you are shy too. Not into bars and stuff?

Matt: Yes

Bradley: nice

It went on like that for quite a while, it was difficult to get him to open up. If I asked something, I got yes and no answers and not much information. He did send a picture, and he it was hard to tell, but he looked like an okay guy.

But then he wasn’t as shy as I was, because he invited me to do cam2cam with him. I wasn’t into that, way too shy to be an exhibitionist. However, I had no problem watching him. He really did put on quite a show and cum shot. Makes me horny just thinking about it.

I found out where he lived, and drove by his house, but didn’t have the nerve to stop. I told him about it though, and we chatted again this second day on the net.

Matt: So, how do you want to start this. We kiss, then I work my way down your body.

Bradley: Um, can we go a little slower. I don’t really have much experience.

Matt: Ok, me either.

Bradley: No, when I say I don’t have much experience, I mean I don’t have any experience.

Matt: Really? Wow.

Bradley: Maybe we could start out as friends. Go to a movie or something.

Matt: Cool, what about tonight?

Bradley: Sure, that was quick. Um, a couple different shows start at 7:30p.m., I’ll pick you up at seven?

Matt: Seven is good.

I was rather nervous, he hadn’t seen me, although I had given him a description. I waited in the drive, but he didn’t come out, so I got brave and went to the door. He was way better looking than his picture he sent. Again, like on the computer, I did most of the talking even though I am shy also. He didn’t say anything on the way to the theater.

We sat quietly through the movie, laughed at the same things, but didn’t talk. The ride back to his place was really quiet as well. He said, thanks for the movie and was about to leave the car. I leaned in toward him and it paid off. He kissed me, just a gentle soft lipped kiss, then left to go inside. I didn’t know what to think. At home, I got on my computer and he was on-line.

Bradley: I hope you had fun tonight.

Matt: I did, thanks.

Bradley: You were so quiet.

Matt: I don’t talk much.

Bradley: atakent escort I see. I wanted to take your hand during the movie.

Matt: I wanted to make a move on you too, but was waiting for you to make the first move.

Bradley: Ok, let’s agree to feel free to do things next time. I liked the kiss. I could use kissing lessons LOL.

Matt: I can do that.

Bradley: Well, want to go to a movie tomorrow?

Matt: Why don’t you come over for kissing lessons instead?

Bradley: Ok.

The next day he got on the messenger and told me he couldn’t give me lessons. He had a sore throat. I was feeling really down about missing out on making out with him. We talked about going to a movie instead, but I couldn’t wait. I figured I had kissed him once, already exposed to the germ. I was happy to go to a movie. Matt just wanted the kissing.

I went up to the door, his cats were in and out of my legs, while I rang the bell. He came and let me in, leading me to his bedroom. We sat side by side on the twin size bed, kind of scared to even look at each other. I would glance at him, he at me, then we would look away.

“Are you going to give me those lessons?”

“Well, the easiest way is to just start kissing.”

Matt leaned in and we did. It took about two seconds for his tongue to be in my mouth, but I didn’t mind, as mine was in his next. Before long we were all over each other and lying on the bed. As we kissed, my fingers slid down his shorts, feeling his pubic hair. I felt his hair, sticky with sweat. I didn’t look, but kept feeling, knowing I was getting close. We kept kissing, and I let my hand keep going, feeling his erection. His cock was hot and hard in my hands and I loved it, making me kiss him all the harder. Sucking his tongue, not wanting to let go, he stopped me and pulled out of my grasp.

“You want me to take off my shorts?”

“Sure. I don’t care.”

I did care, but hated to seem too eager, even if I was. Matt pulled off his shorts, giving me a clear view of his 6-inch, thick, uncut penis, standing straight up against the dark hairs on his belly. He pulled off his t-shirt as well. He had a nice patch of chest hair starting. I don’t have hair on my chest. I took his dick in my hand and started to jack him off, as he let his body fall back on the bed from a sitting position. He raised his head and looked at me. And I looked back and spoke.

“You know what I want?”

“Do what you want.”

Taking his shaft in my hand, I got down between his legs and licked over the pink head of his penis as I pulled back his foreskin. This was the first time I had ever taken a man’s cock into my mouth. I had thought about giving a guy a blow job a lot and really wanted to. I took in as much as I could and started to suck. I looked at him, he lay with his eyes closed, breathing through his mouth, as my fingers gently massaged his balls. They were shaven and so soft. I kept getting braver, as my hand drifted from his balls, down further.

“Do you know that is my asshole?”

“Yes. Is that ok?”

“Sure, put in as many fingers as you want.”

I started ataköy escort with one, then went to two. I was pumping in and out of him, while I tried to give him good head. His ring kept tightening around my fingers, and his expression made me think he was having a great time. Matt breathed heavy through his mouth, with each pump of my fingers. I liked the feel of his cock on my tongue, and tried to hold my mouth open enough, not to scrape him with my teeth as I bobbed back and forth. I could taste the salty pre-cum on in my mouth. I was very clueless about how to do things right, so stopped and asked.

“Am doing ok?”

“Yeah”, he smiled.

I kept up the sucking and finger fucking for quite some time when he told me that it takes him a while to get off, and it was ok if I were tired and could stop. I kept going as long as I could, my jaw was a little tired. I stopped sucking first, then the fingers and washed my hands, while he continued to jerk.

I came back to the room. As we started to kiss again, he started to unzip my jeans. This was another first for me, and I didn’t know what to expect. He tugged at my pant legs and boxers, and left them on the floor. I pulled my shirt off over my head and looked down nervously, as I saw him between my legs, his tongue at my crotch. Matt took my 7- inch cut cock into his mouth, and I think I nearly passed out from hyperventilation. The room seemed to spin as he took more of me into his mouth. I let my body go limp on the bed. Then jumped as he fingered me also, and I must admit it hurt.

“You want me to stop?”

“No. Keep going.”

I wanted to experience it. I realized he enjoyed it way more than I did; he said it would get better. He worked magic with his tongue. I couldn’t keep my pelvis still, as he probed at my hole. Although I had no hair on my chest, I wasn’t shaved down there and felt a little embarrassed as he picked a hair from his mouth. I didn’t give him any warning, because I didn’t think it would happen so soon. I shot my load . He gagged a little, but didn’t seem to mind, just licking his lips and again grinning at me. Then he got back up on the pillow beside me and our tongues met again as we kissed deeply. He kissed me so deeply that I think if I hadn’t had my tonsils out when I was twelve, he would now have them as a souvenir.

Matt lay beside me, and I just drank him in. I ran my finger over his eyebrows, looking deep into brown eyes. He continued to jerk off, until he came all over his stomach. I took my finger and played in it. I wanted to taste it, but wasn’t sure what he would think. He wiped it up.

Things had gone a lot faster than I had planned on. Matt fell asleep with his arm over the top of me. I just loved looking into his peaceful face. I hated to move and wake him. It was my first time with a man, but I didn’t want it to be my last. I liked feeling his heart race when we were passionate, and I enjoyed his gentle breaths in sleep. I savored in the smell of his body and the feel of it next to mine.

I knew I had to stop thinking about him, before I got hurt. For him, we were just fuck buddies, he had said as much atalar escort to me. I want more someday, with someone, but I wanted to enjoy what we have. Just to lie next to him, watching his body twitch as sleep took hold, was more than I could stand. His chest heaving as he gurgled out a fine snore in the silence of the room. I should have left for home. I wanted to stay there frozen in time, not worrying about what my family would think, although, it was bothering me. I was an adult, they had no real say, but knew they wouldn’t approve. My mom had already commented about leaving so late to meet with Matt. I looked at my watch and it was after three in the morning when he awoke. He suggested I call, but I couldn’t. I was afraid of the reaction of telling my mom that Matt had asked me to spend the night.

Things heated up again pretty quickly. His hands ran over my chest and he sucked my nipple. It tickled as he ran his tongue over it. He kissed over my neck and shoulder. I did the same, biting just a little, not hard. He wanted to fuck me and I wanted it too. Matt must have been totally frustrated with me. I got on me knees and he put on a condom and lube and tried to enter, but it just wasn’t happening. I was too tense, and it was hurting. I fell back on the bed, panting.

I lay face up, my legs astride his body. His strong arms either side of my chest. He went through the motions for a bit. I felt his penis, sliding over the crack of my ass, as he pushed into me. We held each other tightly as he pumped his hips into mine. He was powerful with his thrusts into me. It was very intense, as his body pressed into my crotch.

He understood about my not being ready for anal sex and lay beside me as I jerked his cock, making sure to keep the foreskin over the head. He told me how he came better that way. We kissed as his pre-cum oozed over my fingers making them sticky. I got down and licked then sucked his balls.

“Just be a little more gentle.”


“It’s okay. Do what you want with the rest of me.”

He flashed me that beautiful smile again, with a little chuckle. I continued to jerk him, while playing with his balls as gently as I could. Matt enjoyed it. I knew this, when he came in my hand. He used his fist to help me out, but I just wanted to kiss some more. I took his hands in mine and held them tightly as we kissed urgently. It wasn’t long before he was asleep again on his side, facing me. I don’t think I slept. All I wanted to do was watch Matt.

Later that morning I called my mom, she was upset and said she almost sent the police. Matt was right, I should have phoned her before. We made plans to go to a movie later that day, and I went home.

“Well you are finally home. What did you do all night?”

“We slept. Well, Matt did, I didn’t really.”

“Well neither did I. I worried all night long. You should have called.”

“I know. I am sorry.”

“You’re not telling me you two had sex together?”

“We …”

“I’m hungry.”

I went to the kitchen and ate some left overs then headed to the shower. After that I went straight to my room, not bothering to finish the conversation. Mom didn’t bring it up again. I went to the movies with Matt. When I dropped him off, he said he had a good time, but that was it. He went into his house and we have only chatted on-line a couple times. I wonder if we will ever hook up again. It doesn’t matter. I got off on his web cam show tonight. Thanks Matt for a great time.

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