My first meeting with Ollie

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I first met Ollie at choir practice. He had just joined the tenors and I had moved down from tenor to baritone, as I was getting older. I noticed him straight away, not just because he was so good-looking, he was, but he had a kind of hesitancy, a shyness which I found very attractive. I didn’t stare at him too much but I could feel his eyes on me as if he was interested or just curious to know more.

At coffee break I went up to him and chatted about what singing he had done before. He told me that he was looking for more of a community choir where the singers were a bit older, over twenty-five at least, so this one seemed ideal. As we talked I tried to get a sense of him physically but I couldn’t pick up any kind of subliminal message from him. He was nice, had a lovely smile, which made me more determined to know more.

When we went back to our places I put my hand on his back to steer him in the right direction. He didn’t flinch away from me, some men would have done, but turned and smiled, which was nice. I asked him to join some of us afterwards in the pub.

“Fine,” he said, “see you then.”

Well that really emboldened me. I kept looking at him during the rest of choir practice, hoping he’d turn round and smile but he didn’t. I didn’t mind as I felt so good about him I started to get an erection as we were singing the Mozart Requiem, which doesn’t usually happen.

Afterwards in the pub I bought him a drink, a gin and tonic, and sat really close to him. He didn’t seem to mind that, in fact he seemed to like it as we chatted away about our musical tastes, he liked Russian choral music, and had been to some concerts we’d both attended, but not together of course.

As we were talking he leant forward to me and I saw he was wearing black lacey women’s panties. His grey jeans were worn quite low and I could see the elasticated top of his panties just above his belt. Mmmmmmm that was exciting. Was he giving me a sign of his tastes, did he like wearing women’s lingerie, or was it an accident and he was just being careless?

I thought if he got up to have a pee I’d follow him to the toilets, so I could find out more and maybe have a feel of his cock. But I then thought no, control yourself, this could become quite big, a proper relationship not a quick wank in the toilets. Anyway escort bayan gaziantep later he said that he had to be off as he had work in the morning.

I said that I’d enjoyed talking with him and I’d like to see him again. He replied, saying that would be nice, so I asked him to come round to my place tomorrow. He said he couldn’t make that but how about the following evening? I said that would be perfect. We exchanged phone numbers and I sat down feeling wonderful, almost exultant.

That evening I went home, took off my clothes, lay down on my bed, and thought about my meeting with Ollie. The more I thought about him the more I wanted to masturbate. I squirted some lube onto my hands and started to rub my cock. I like a two handed wank, one hand doing a circular motion round the end of my cock squeezing myself quite tightly, whilst the other holds the base of my cock and making slower, gentler, up and down strokes.

I felt in the drawer for a babydoll nightie and put it on. I turned over onto my side so that I could see myself in the mirror as I masturbated. I loved the soft feel of the light see-through fabric on my shoulders and back. I imagined Ollie was in the room, standing next to the bed, masturbating close to me. I stood up close to the mirror, my legs apart and gave myself quicker, harder wanks, thrusting my cock up in the air, fantasising I was doing this with Ollie watching me.

I turned sideways to look down at my ass, placing two fingers up my asshole, as I continued wanking. After I orgasmed over my tummy and cleaned myself up, I put on a pair of satin French panties, pink with black edging, which I thought went well with the babydoll. I walked around like that, feeling very sexy. But after a bit I got bored. It’s so much better to dress in front of another man, so I put on a pair of shorts and switched on the TV.

The following evening I tidied up the flat ready for Ollie’s visit. I showered and slipped on a new clean bath robe, poured myself a drink, checked my hair, sprayed on some eau de toilette, Hermes, and sat flicking through a book waiting nervously for Ollie.

When the doorbell rang I jumped up and looked through spy hole to check who it was. It was Ollie and he looked gorgeous, white shirt, jeans and yellow canvas shoes. I just wanted to fuck him there and then on the doorstep. But I opened the door and graciously welcomed him in.

“Hi Ollie, welcome to my humble abode,” I said, fluttering my eyelashes at him.

“Come in and make yourself at home. Would you like a drink?”

“I would indeed, but first of all let me introduce myself properly.” he said.

He gave me the warmest hug and started kissing me on my lips, gently at first and then more vigorously. I felt his tongue licking my lips and then inside my mouth, licking my tongue with his tongue,

I felt my erection grow inside my bath robe.

“Mmmm I can see someone is pleased to see me. Why don’t I slip off to the bedroom and get changed,” said Ollie.

I watched him walk down the hall, his shapely bum swaying slightly. I was so full of desire for him, I felt my cock just to give my erection some encouragement. I went off to make him a long gin and tonic.

“I’m ready,” he called out from the bedroom. When I entered I nearly dropped the drink in surprise. He was standing there by the mirror in shiny black heels, fishnets, high cut up to his waist but open around his cock and balls and bum and a purple satin camisole. Divine is not the word, he looked sensational. He held his arms out wide to embrace me.

“You like?” he said, “all for you darling, come and let’s play together.”

I went over to hug him and caress him and his muscular satin clad bum, running my fingers up and down his asshole.

His body felt so warm and so firm, so smooth and supple in my arms. His cock hardened, such a large magnificent cock, so I caressed him, spitting some saliva on my hand, and started a gentle wank, looking into his eyes as I did so. I wanted to touch him all over he was so gorgeous, so muscular, hard even.

I pushed him back on the bed, and sat beside him. I bent over him, holding his hard cock in my hand and rubbed it against my cheeks, kissing him and sucking him at the same time.

I was so horny for him; I kissed his whole body, starting along his firm smooth thighs and then between his legs. His cock was so beautiful. I held it against my cock so I could wank both of us at the same time. I wanted us to come together, so I played with his ass hole as I wanked him.

“Go on,” he said gently, “I want you to fuck me, fuck my mouth and then my ass. Look at me, I know you love what you see, Come on baby let’s fuck.”

He held my cock in his hand and wanked me as I covered his face with kisses. I bit his little hard nipples. He turned over, lifted up his satin camisole and showed me his gorgeous bum. I bent over him, kissing his ass hole, and then squirted some lube down over his lovely ass crack.

I gazed at him as I caressed his bum. Supporting myself with both hands I lowered myself down on him, guiding my cock into his hole, and then giving a final shove as I locked myself inside him.

Holding him around his chest with both arms I swivelled round so we both lay on our sides his back to my chest, my cock still hard inside him. I gave a couple of thrusts and felt his sweet bum squeeze my cock so I pushed in deeper. He twisted his head around so we could kiss. I loved the taste of his saliva on my lips, as I wanked him with long firm strokes of my hand. His cock was so delicious, so big and hard, so masculine but soft as well to my touch.

I wanted to suck him so I slipped my cock out, and let him lie back on the bed, with his legs spread out. I raised myself up and knelt over him holding his cock in my hand. I bent low over his thighs, licked his long hard cock with my tongue and then put it straight into my mouth. I could feel his cock against the back of my throat.

I sucked him with passion, wanting to make him come over my face. Imagine my joy and pleasure when he let out a long sigh, force his bum up to my face, and squirted out his white sperm all over me.

I was in absolute bliss. I rubbed my fingers over my face, licking some of his cum off my fingers. Ollie sat up, stroked my face with his fingers and then put them in my mouth to lick. I held his fingers in my mouth greedily licking them clean. He leant over me, holding my face close to his as he gave me a long beautiful kiss. I could feel his tongue on my tongue, licking me and his cum on my lips.

Post script

I wrote this story because it made me feel sexy. As I wrote I masturbated which made me think that, whatever its merit, I was at least on the right lines. I wore my blue satin bathrobe which allowed me to play with myself as I wrote . I hope if someone reads this story they will also feel sexy and maybe also want to masturbate. I am very fond of masturbation, and would like to hear from anyone, man or woman, who has a similar fondness.

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