My First Sub Experience

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I was kneeling naked in my hallway facing the open front door. My heart pounding. My head covered with a pillow case.

My house in darkness except the small bedroom lamp.

I heard his footsteps on the floor boards as he entered my house. He used his phone as a torch & although I had my face covered, I could see the light & the shadowy reflection that was cast.

A stranger had entered. A man I didn’t know. He told me to kiss his feet which I did without hesitation. He then told me to thank him for letting me kiss his feet. I hesitated before doing so as I was a little confused. The whole concept was new to me. He then slapped me hard across my face telling me I’d taken too long to thank him. With my cheek stinging I was ordered to crawl to the bedroom.

As to how I ended up in that position in the first place I need to start at the beginning.

This happened after weeks of preparation & grooming. A process I thoroughly enjoyed, even thrived on.

Small things to begin with that soon became ground rules. Me not recognizing their significance or importance at the time.

Most of my friends had chat buddies. Using the dating sites to meet people to chat anonymously with & send the odd picture. They seemed to be having fun & I wanted to try for myself.

It wasn’t that long before I started chatting to a man who described himself as an experienced Dom. ironically, he lived close by although I never actually planned on meeting with him.

What seemed like harmless innocent fun to start with soon became a part of my daily life. I was hooked. The more he asked of me the more I wanted to do. If he sent a message, I was to answer promptly. The only exception to that was if I was working.

One of my first tasks was to take a picture of my tits. That seemed straight forward. It wasn’t. I had to write on them with a permanent marker the words slut & whore. I had to leave those words there & go to work & although they couldn’t be seen, I knew they were there. It was my secret. It wasn’t enough for him though, he wanted me to take the next picture while I was at work. Although taken in the Kartal escort staff room there’s CCTV to avoid. He knew that which only added to the excitement.

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d actually meet this man which made it easier for me to reply to his questions. Starting out with what appeared as general conversation asking my number of sexual partners. Although something I hadn’t really had an issue with, I did feel a little embarrassed telling him.

Then asking my recent sexual history, pushing me for almost daily updates of my arousal status. All the while gathering more personal information.

I had to reply promptly to his texts & other than one phone conversation all our interactions were via text.

All the while being careful to use my manners & show respect. Such as thanking him when he acknowledged I’d done something to please him & always referring to him as master.

I desperately wanted to please him. I think to demonstrate that I would make a good Sub. That involved completing my tasks in a timely manner. Sending photos to show I had completed my task.

To prove my commitment to him I chose to do a task he’d not asked for. I decided to elaborate on one of the more daring ones that I had done. Not only did I take a picture with my tits out whilst in my uniform in my work tearoom I inserted a small gauge needle through my nipple, took the picture & left the needle in for the rest of my shift. I wanted to see those two words, good girl.

I have no idea at what point those words came to mean so much, or even why at that point but they did.

When asked to video myself pissing into a cup & then drinking my urine I did. I never questioned him about it.

He gave me a wax challenge. I thought that would be an easy one. Melt the wax & pour it on my nipples & take a picture. I did as told. Soon realizing that wasn’t the end of it. He ordered me to pour the wax onto my clitoris. This needed to be filmed so there I was lying on my back with my legs spread wide. I started pouring the warm wax & felt as though I was pissing myself as it ran down between my legs from Kurtköy Escort my clitoris to my arsehole. After filming this I took a picture of the setting wax as it looked like I’d been used as a cum dump. He appreciated the extra picture which made me happy as all I wanted to do was please him.

I’m sure by this point I knew I’d want to meet this man. The man I had been referring to as my master. The man I willingly took pictures & videos of myself in compromising positions for. Although our identifications were still anonymous at that stage.

My tasks seemed to get more challenging & this one I was unsure about how I’d manage to complete it. As I didn’t reply in a timely manner, I then had a time limit set in which to complete the following task.

He wanted me to cut myself. I had to cut into my tit & make a cross. I did as instructed once I had the time limit put on me. Yes, it did sting a little. Rather proud of myself I sent him my picture. His reply was not what I expected. He wanted me to cut the word whore into my tit. Really? Yes. It had to bleed & be deep enough to scar. So, cupping my tit in one hand I proceeded to cut. I found immediate pleasure this time, enjoying seeing & feeling the blood as it ran through my fingers & onto my tit.

I was so excited when I sent that picture to him. Expecting immediate approval. Those longed for two words, good girl. In my excitement & as it had been a challenging day, I had forgotten an earlier order that was to wear pegs on my nipples. As I had removed them before cutting my tit, I neglected to replace them before sending him the picture.

That was a big mistake. The words I had longed to read did not come instead I had orders to cut the word slut into my other tit. I did as ordered & hoped I would be more conscientious in future when carrying out tasks.

Arranging our first session involved him telling me his expectations of me. He also allowed for me to set some limits. Having never been in a situation like that before I was very naïve regarding limits especially classifying them as hard or soft or no.

His expectations were Pendik Escort that he would gag fuck me. He would also be pissing in my mouth & I was to drink that piss. He would slap me lightly on my face & arse. There would be no use of restraints. My only limit was no anal as I’d never done it before.

So, there I was, cheek stinging. Naked on all fours in the bedroom. I was really excited & extremely nervous. I just wanted to please him & felt safe because we had set limits. He ordered me to kneel & grabbed my head clutching my hair & the pillowcase. He pulled my head back & I reached out with my arms before being ordered to put them behind my back. He then put his cock in my mouth & ordered me to suck on it. I did willingly. He reminded me not to look, to keep my eyes shut. The pillowcase was removed but my eyes remained closed.

He then spun me around & pushed my head onto the bed with my knees on the floor & proceeded to fuck me from behind. Occasionally slapping me firmly on my arse cheek. Me thanking him after each slap. I wasn’t prepared for what came next. No sooner had he taken his cock out of my cunt he had shoved it up my arsehole. No warning. I said nothing. After what seemed like a long time, he removed his cock from my arse & ordered me to suck it clean. He said I was a dirty whore who had to clean my shit from his cock & thank him for letting me do it. Although repulsed at the thought I did it. He then fucked my cunt again.

He took his cock out & ordered me to suck him. I could feel his cock on my lips & opened my mouth expecting his cock to go in. Instead, he started pissing in my mouth & ordered me to drink his piss. There was a lot of piss. It was coming out fast from his cock. I was struggling to keep up swallowing & had his piss running down my chin onto my chest & tits. He called me a dirty whore. He took his cock away from my mouth & pissed all over my face telling me that’s what I deserved for being a slut. For which I thanked him.

I never opened my eyes. I did everything he asked of me & more. As I heard him walk towards the front door my mouth tasted bitter from having his shitty cock in it. My arsehole was sore from being fucked for the first time & my hair was wet, soaked in his piss. My only thoughts were when can we do this again. I absolutely loved being dominated & used by a stranger in embarrassing & humiliating ways.

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