My First Time

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I can’t remember when it first happened. When it changed from me just going out for a beer with him, to me noticing the way his hands wrapped around the bottle, the way his tongue flicked the rim before sucking in a long, cold swig of beer. When it changed from standing on the deck smoking a cigarette, to me fixating on how his lips wrapped around the filter when he took a drag, the shape of his mouth as he blew out a wispy puff of smoke. I can’t remember when I started to notice the curve of his hip, the small tuft of hair that poked out from the top of his shirt. When I first started to secretly glance his way as he stood next to me at the urinal. The way my heart would speed up at the scent of his cologne, the sound of his voice. The way that the manliness between my legs would harden if his knee brushed up against mine while sitting next to one another at the bar eating wings. I don’t remember when any of these things started happening, but I do remember the night that he let me know they were happening to him too.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are both family men. Happily married, kids, house, dogs, jobs, normal “All-American” dads in every which way. But that night in September, it all changed for us. My secret glances, the deep felt feelings I had suppressed so much. Those thoughts that I only dared to fantasize about while I was safely deep inside of my wife, they all changed. Everything changed that night, and I don’t think I ever want them to change back.

It started as a normal Sunday. We were at the local bar, in our usual positions, watching the game. Our wives and kids were away, again, off on some crazy “family fun” pumpkin finding mission in the country for the weekend. We drank and chatted through the 1 o’clock game and through Çankaya Escort more than half of the 4 o’clock game, but something just felt different that day. Some electric energy was in the air. The bulge in my pants hardened at every knee touch, every accidental hand brushing. My heart jumped every time he spoke my name. I almost jumped out of my seat when he asked if I wanted to finish watching the rest of the game at his place. Of course I said, “Yes”.

The beers from his refrigerator were barely opened when he approached me. I felt his hands upon my shoulders, his breath in my ear. He whispered something about how long he has wanted to touch me. At that point he could have said anything. I was his.

I never remember wanting anything as badly as I wanted him that moment. He brushed my hair away from the back of my neck. His lips ever so lightly caressed against me. His hands grasped tightly into my shoulders. I leaned back into him, letting out a sigh. His kisses became stronger, exploring all around the back of my neck. His hands were then sliding off my shoulders, across my chest and down to my throbbing penis. The feel of his hand through my jeans alone was almost enough to make me explode.

He spun me around to face him. I could see the bulge in his pants matched my own. Our eyes locked as his mouth came closer and found its place on top of mine. His tongue meeting mine, his hands rubbing over my body. There are no words available that are good enough to explain the feeling to you. The feel of his 5 o’clock shadow scratching against my cheek. His hands tugging my shirt over my head. The feel of his bare chest pressed up against mine. The sound of my belt as his Keçiören Escort hands passionately unbuckled me, letting my pants fall into a puddle onto the floor. My hands moved quickly, helping to remove his clothes. And there we stood. Both of our naked bodies pressed against one another. Our penises growing with pleasure as they were pressing and bumping into each other, his hands and lips exploring me. My mouth and tongue eagerly explored back. The taste of his cologne is a flavor I will never forget.

I reached my hand down and wrapped it tightly around his manhood. My senses taking in every ridge, every bump, my heart racing at the realization of what I was holding. My fingers explored every glorious inch and they stroked back and forth over his full length. I slid them down, allowing them to enjoy the softness of his balls, rubbing them, cupping them. My hunger intensified. I felt ravenous, hollow, empty. I needed to taste him, to devour him. On my knees I went. The feeling was so right, so meant to be. The way his head slide so perfectly into my mouth. The way my tongue knew how to act. How it instinctively knew how to find all his crevices, how to suck and lick him. His hands found their place on the back of my head. He gripped into my hair, helping to guide my movements and my speed. I never wanted to stop. It’s a moment I wish I could live again and again forever.

He came down to the floor with me. He buried his face in between my legs. His eyes staring into mine as he took my hard, quivering dick into his mouth. His tongue flicking my balls every time he swallowed me down. His fingers squeezing and pinching my nipples as his pace sped up. I tried to slow him, but he Etimesgut Escort was determined to move, faster and faster. His fingers started to explore my ass, finding my hole as his tongue and lips continued to work their magic on my throbbing penis. I couldn’t hold back any longer. The orgasm started in my toes and caused my whole body to convulse. Waves upon waves of pleasure overtook my body as every part of me emptied into his awaiting mouth. He moaned and swallowed down every drop, licking me clean.

Without missing a beat, he grabbed my knees, pushing them hard down into my chest. He climbed on top of me. His mouth, still tasting like me, pressed hard upon my lips. My ass, drenched from all he had done to me down there was dripping wet with his spit. His dick found its spot. His breathing stopped as he guided his beautiful, smooth head in to my awaiting, hungry, tight ass. I wanted him so bad. I lifted my hips to help him enter. The pleasure, the pain, as he pushed into me. I let a small scream escape my lips. He kissed me harder, silencing me. He slide all the way inside of me, it felt as if he belonged there. His balls pressed into mine. Our bodies moved as one in and out, in and out. His hands digging into my shoulders, scratching my back, grabbing onto my knees for leverage. Faster. Harder. I wanted more and more. I begged him to move faster. I begged him to push harder, deeper. Please come in me. Please let me feel you. All of you. Use me. Come in me. I want to be part of you. I need this. Oh God, the feeling is too much. The pleasure is too intense for my senses to take. I feel as if I may go insane. Harder. Faster. Deeper. Until he finally delivers into me what he has to offer. I feel his warm juice filling my throbbing, burning ass. The feeling…is indescribable.

Our breathing calmed. Our bodies resting on one another, weary from the work we just did. Exhausted from the overload of pleasure we just gave to one another. The last of our orgasms now leaving us as we lay in one another’s arms, riding out those final waves of pleasure.

I can’t wait until next Sunday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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