My First Time

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This was my first experience and I thought of sharing this with all of you. Just remember no part of this experience was forced – It was completely consensual.

I am a male, 32 years of age and now I know I am a bottom. But this happened when I was about 19.

My first climax in my life was with a HIM not a HER. He was our cricket coach and at that time I used to play for our school team. He was about 32 I think and I was just about to turn 20. I used to be one of the best bowlers on the team and he had been a bowler too so I guess he took a liking to me. He had even been selected to play for the national team but an injury had forced him to quit.

(For people in the US…Please equate cricket with baseball and a bowler with a pitcher).

Before I go on let me emphasize that he was a fantastic player and a very nice human being – In fact he was my hero. Everyday after practice I used to stay back and he would give me tips to improve. Anyways one day I sprained my inner thigh and he offered me to do a massage. And at that time – Neither of us had a clue about what would happen later. Anyways after practice I lay down on the bench in our locker room. I was in my briefs and he came over and massaged my thigh. I don’t know what magic he had in his hands or maybe the fact that another human being had touched my thighs – I liked it. I had a hard-on for the first time in my life. Anyways we didn’t talk about it.

After a few days I made another show of getting sprained and he massaged me again. And after that I think we both understood that he liked massaging me and I like getting massaged by him. At no time did we exceed limits and massages were just that massages. I mean now I know he too was getting excited, but at that time I had no idea he too liked touching my body. After a few days, he asked me to wear a particular brand of briefs as he said they are Sakarya escort bayan very comfortable. I wore them – of course I didn’t realize that they were low waist and he could get to see a lot more of me. I used to wear shorts until then.

I remember it was my 18th birthday and I really wanted to spend time with him. So I met him again about 2-3 days after my 18th birthday and he gave me a gift – It was a brand new cricket bat. Anyways after that I guess I started adoring him more and more. By now our “massages” had started to get a little more personal – but he still had not touched me anywhere inappropriate.

One day I was at hosiery shop with my mother and I saw someone had left a pack of panties near the bill counter. I don’t know what struck me – I swiped that pack without anyone noticing. I was curious to see what women’s panties looked like. One was red, another bright yellow and the third one was black. Both the red and yellow ones had white polka dots and the black one was basically sheer. After I got home I took that pack out after my parents had gone to sleep and I started to look at them. When I looked at them I realized how similar they looked to the briefs my coach told me to wear. I had an idea right then – and I just put them on. Dear God it felt so very good. My head started to swim. I took them off and well I could not resist I put them on again and went to sleep.

I had a practice with the team in three days and by then I made up my mind. The next time I was going to see him – I would be wearing those panties. So the next time we were alone in the locker room. I excused myself and went inside to “change”. He was waiting outside. I quickly put on the red pair.

I must have thought at least a thousand times before stepping out wondering what he will make of it. But anyways I was determined to go ahead and I wrapped Escort Side a towel around myself and walked out. I lay down on the massage table. He was surprised I still had my towel on, so I told him to go ahead and take it off. He did just that and he saw what I was wearing. At first he didn’t realize and then when he did – His eyes went round as saucers. I just shut my eyes tight and hoped he would not yell at me. Anyways the next thing I felt were his hands on my hips…playing with the waistline of the panties. I guess he was as fascinated as me seeing me in them, as I was wearing them. I slowly relaxed and well feeling his hands on my body and the panties on me – I started to get hard. Slowly his hands were on my thighs massaging me on my thighs I guess he wanted to tease me a bit more. He didn’t do anything else. Just massaging my thighs. Maybe once or twice his fingers rubbed against me and each time it felt I received a massive electric shock.

I don’t know how long I was lying on that bench, anyways after some time (it felt like a lifetime to me) he asked me to sit up. He sat down next to me and very shyly asked me if I would mind sitting on his lap. I was in a trance with seeing this fit handsome man wanting me as mush as I wanted him. I slowly moved up and sat sideways on his lap. I could see him close his eyes. I thought I was hurting him and started to get up. But he held me in place, assuring me everything was OK. He then asked me to turn around facing him. So I got up and then straddled him, now I could feel his intense hardness from underneath. I just hugged him tight and sat there and he hugged me back. We didn’t know that we should be kissing or caressing each other. We just sat there hugging each other. My legs wrapped around his hips as he gently kissed my body. Especially with him kissing my neck, chest, shoulders and finally my nipples. After a izmir escort while I started to feel cramped so I got up and just as I got up he pulled me back onto him. Now I was sitting on his laps but with my back to him. I turned around after a few minutes and asked him (I don’t know how I had the courage…I guess I was just too far gone by this time) – I told him rather that I wanted to see him “like me”. At first he didn’t understand and then it hit him. So he stripped off his clothes as well down to his underwear. I could not help admire this fit man standing there in just his underwear. Finally he just laughed and asked me to stop checking him out and come down to the massage table.

I walked up to him and straddled him again with my back to him. I gently started to move my hips around. As he felt my hips moving, I heard him moan. I was just too far gone by now and I kept grinding him under me. He had his hands on my thighs as he was now controlling my movement. I could not control my feeling anymore and I took his hand and placed it on my thighs. He started to stroke my thighs and gradually his hands came up between my legs, fondling me. I opened my legs a little wider and gave myself to his soft caresses.

I don’t know how long this lap-dance went on. But all I remember now is that I woke up because someone splashed water on my face. He was looking down at me very very concerned and I woke up feeling very tired. Once we kind of got back to normalcy, I asked him what happened. He later told me I started to moan and then finally I screamed as I came. My climax was so intense (the very first orgasm I had in my life) that I blacked out. I just remember going hazy and then a sweet sweet feeling of pleasure cascading over me – nothing like I ever felt before.

After that first encounter – we met regularly. We kept at it for almost 4 months and then he had to leave. He used to buy me panties to wear and well I wore them for him. But for those 4 months we always kept our bottoms on. He used to love sitting on a chair and me straddling him and giving him a lap-dance. But those 4 months were some of the most blissful of my life.

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