My First Time

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Dear Diary – Ch 1 Help from an old friend.

I was just 17 yrs old when I graduated from Saint Teresa’s School for Girls. It was a small school with only 35 girls in my graduation class. I loved all the teachers, but I guess my favorite was Sister St Stephen. She was the one who helped me when I started my period in my freshman year. She was so helpful and understanding. Mom never really prepared me for this, so it was so helpful to have Sister St Stephen to explain things or showed me how to prepare for each month. I loved her so much.

It was during winter break, my freshman year in college. I was 18 now and trying to cope with studies and all the other things at school. My social life was not much. There were a couple of girls I was pretty chummy with in classes but I stayed pretty much to myself otherwise.

So I decided to go visit Sister St Stephen. It was on a Saturday and the campus was pretty empty. Sister was walking in the Rose garden when I found her. I ran up behind her and called her name and she like to jump out of her skin. “Hello child”, she exclaimed. “How are you?”

“Fine I guess,” I replied, “but I really do need to talk to you”.

“OK” she said. Let’s walk over to the grotto in the orchard. We will be alone there. We walked the short distance to the grotto which was circled by a high wall of rose bushes over 6′ tall. We sat down on a bench, enjoying the smell of the roses.

“What did you want to talk about?” she asked.

“Do you remember how you helped me when I got my period?” I replied.

“Yes, of course I do. Is it something about that?.

“Well yes and no”, I said. “In the last year or so, I have been trying to deal with some feelings I have been having in that area.”

‘What kind of feelings, Dear?”

“Well, sexual ones.”

“Oh and how is that going?”

I told her that it was not all that great. I told her how I had been touching myself with my fingers and while it did feel great it just wasn’t enough.

“Hon, do you just rub the outside or do you put fingers inside?”

“I’ve been doing it both ways but it just isn’t enough. I know about orgasms but I haven’t had one yet.”

“When you have your finger inside, do you hit your G spot?”

“I know what that is but I don’t think I ever hit it.”

“Unless you can hit the G spot, you are not likely to have an orgasm. But I have an Idea how you can get that, if you are up for it. It is very personal and I don’t want to shock you.”

I told her that I thought I was up for almost anything. She could tell me,

“I don’t think I can tell you but I can show you if you would like me too.”

“Oh yes, Sister. Please do.”

“OK, let me explain some things to you. Masturbation is a simulation of the sex act. Since you are not with a man, it is not really a sex act. Your body is sensitive all over. Not just your breasts and vagina. You only have two hands. While one is touching your vagina the other is busy going all over your body. What we do here is we team up. Two of us with get naked in bed and while each of us is fingering our own vagina the other one is stimulating the entire body. Hands, and mouth is used to do this and it works very well.”

“Oh my, I said” aksaray escort So what do you suggest?”

“Let’s go up to my room and get into bed together”

“OK, let’s do it, lead the way as I am very ready.”

She led me to a small bungalow that was just of the walkway toward the main buildings. I noticed as we entered a large queen size bed dominated the space. There was a restroom and closet and a small table with two chairs.

As Sister pulled back the top spread on the bed she said, “Undress down to your panties and bra and then get in bed.”

I didn’t reply but followed her instructions. I removed my top and jeans but left my socks on. I’m 5’6″ tall and about 124 lbs. My boobs are “C” cup. I have a pretty flat tummy as I am pretty active and eat good food and not a lot of sweets or junk. Then I got up on the bed and lay down pulling the sheet over me.

She removed her clothes down to her panties but she was not wearing a bra at all. Her habit had really hidden her body. She was about 5’5″ tall and weighed about 110 lbs. Her breasts were about a “B” cup and very nice to look at. Her nipples were out and very sexy.

“OK now,” she said. “We will start with just lying close to each other and cuddling. I will kiss you and caress you and you just follow my lead. Whatever feels good to you, you go ahead and touch it.”

“Remember that you only let yourself feel where my body touches you. That’s any part of my body. Let it melt into your own.”

She held me close and our breasts pressed softly against each other. This was a new and very exciting experience for me. It really turned me on. Her mouth covered mine and her tongue entered searching for mine. Her kisses were soft but intense. I was soon kissing her back with the passion that was growing in me. I could feel her move her pelvis to meet mine so we were so close all over.

“Now I want you to put your hand into your panties and begin to finger yourself as you normally do.”

I did as she ordered and it seemed my finger had taken on a new feeling. I could feel her panties through mine as there was little room for my hand. She moved her pelvis matching the rhythm of my finger on my clit.

“Let your fingers enter your vagina, Dear, first one and then two.”

I did as I was told and I felt her hand come inside my panties and her finger search out my clit. She matched the rhythm of my fingers in my vagina with her finger on my clit. It was so exciting. I was so wet now. I don’t think I have ever been this wet before. All the while, her lips and tongue sought out mine. My breath increased and I could feel her breath increase as well. My whole pelvis area was feeling the stimulation of all of this so much. I never felt this way before. It was wonderful. I could feel myself moving my pelvis against her in a pleasant rhythm.

“Oh, Sister, you make me feel so wonderful; like I have never felt before.

“I’m so glad my dear. It is what a masturbation partner can do for you.”

“Will I be having an orgasm soon?”

“Yes, pretty soon but just for now enjoy and don’t try to rush it.”

We lay entwined for almost ½ an hour and I could tell she was working my body to heighten my pleasure a level higher escort bayan than it had ever been before but not to the point of orgasm; not yet.

Then she broke our embrace and rolled over on top of me. Reaching behind me she unhooked my bra and then slipped the straps over my shoulders and tossed it off the bed. She kissed and caresses me and as she did she moved down to cover my breasts. My nipples grew firm and stood out more than ever before. She sucked them each and what a feeling that was. Back and forth she took a nipple into her mouth sucking it as a baby would suck it’s mother. Then she would sort of bite it but gently and just enough to make it hurt just a little bit. I really like that feeling as the pain was small but it really turned me on more.

She moved her kisses down my tummy to my navel: moving her tongue around it and down into it. Over and over, oh my, such a wonderful feeling it was. I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter and I knew I was getting wetter and wetter down there.

She worked her way slowly down to my panties with soft kisses. She took my hand out from my panties and slowly pulled them down exposing my vagina. I lifted my butt enough so she could slide them all the way off.

She slipped her hands under my butt and consumed my vagina in her mouth. Her tongue softly worked my clit around in circles first one way and the other. OH my, I had never had that done to me before and it was so wonderful. My whole vagina was tingling like never before. She sucked each labia and licked the opening all around. Her tongue licked my clit softly but steadily up and down the length and then over the tip over and over again. She replaced my finger with her own pushing it into my vagina and stroking in and out then changing to two fingers filling my vagina even more. I thought she was reaching for me G spot, and I think she found it.

The heat in my pelvis started me moving it in rhythm with her sucking my vagina. OH, so good. I could feel like a warm glow deep inside of me growing and pulsing harder and harder as she fucked my vagina with her tongue and fingers. I moaned softly as I held her head with both hand pulling into me as hard as I could. Then the feeling in my pelvis exploded with a pleasure of feeling I never felt before. A loud cry escaped me, “Yes, Yes” Orgasm… oh yes!

“Oh Sister”, I moaned as wave after wave of my very first orgasm pulsed throughout my body. “That was so wonderful.”

So good it was and it lingered and ebb as she continued to lick my clit and labia. The feeling started to subside but then it came back again even stronger. I could feel the wetness running out of my vagina and cover my ass. I took her head with both hands again and held it tightly to my sex. My pelvis was moving hard against her mouth and her hands under my butt pulled me ever closer. Another orgasm even stronger than the first. My whole body quivered as the orgasm slowly dissipated, I went limp in her arms. I was exhausted. We lay together in a tender embrace; kissing and nibbling each other’s neck and ears and lips.

“How do you feel now?” she asked as she moved back up to kiss me. Her face was covered with my wetness and I could taste it as we kissed passionately. escort A sweet taste to be sure and the thought flashed through my brain, I wonder what Sister’s pussy tastes like.

“Oh Sister, that was wonderful. That is exactly the feeling I was looking for. I don’t know how to thank you so much.”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Now, would you think you can do to me as I done for you and be my partner in orgasm?

She must have been reading my mine. “Yes, Sister, I think I would like to do that. Do you think I could?”

“Oh course, my Dear. Just do as I did to you and follow you instinct.”

I rolled over some and began kissing her ear and neck while caressing her breasts. We kissed deeply. I slowly worked my way down her neck to begin kissing first one breast and then the other. I sucked on her nipples as she had done to me. Softly and then harder as thought I was her child nursing. I tried biting her nipple. I wasn’t sure how hard to do it but she didn’t cry out, but she moaned a little.

Slowly I kissed her body working my way down to her navel trying to make love to it as she had done to me. It was really wonderful to kiss her tender body everywhere and hear her soft moans as I did.

I slipped my hand into her panties and she opened her legs a little more to give me room. I softly massaged her mound. Her hair was soft to the touch and I think I enjoyed caressing it as much as she enjoyed having it caressed. I slipped my finger between her labia and found her clit. Again she moaned as I rubbed softly. She was very wet and I used her wetness to help make my touch even softer. Moving my finger around her clit and over her labia softly, she moaned again and again.

Moving between her legs, I eased her panties off with slight tug and she lifted her bottom to help them come off with ease. She had a beautiful pussy. Her light brown hair was not heavy even though there was no evidence of trimming. I parted her labia and bent down to kiss her clit. I ran my tongue over and over and around, kissing and licking. She was very excited at this point and was thrusting her pelvis onto my face in a rhythm to match my licking. At last she could wait no longer and had her orgasm. With long moans she fucked my face as I licked her. I slipped a finger deep inside her and fucked her to match her thrusts. Again she had another orgasm which seem to last and last.

Finally she cried out, “Oh Honey, I have to rest. I haven’t had orgasms like that in a long long time. You may be new to this but you are so very good at licking.”

I moved up and we embraced and kissed a long passionate kiss and then held each other for a while, just enjoying each other’s body so close.

“You better get up.” She said. “We have been at the a good while and I really need to get back to my duties.”

She got out of bed and began to dress. I just lay there and watch her.

“I hope that you will come back and visit me soon. I can’t tell you how wonderful you are and I want to feel your love making again.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Of course”, I said. “There is nothing more I would want but to be in your arms again.”

“I have to leave you now. Take your time getting dressed and straighten up the bed if you don’t mind, before you leave.” With that she left the little room.

I got dressed, straightened up the bed, and left. As I walk home I went over the last hour in my mind again and again.

“I’ll be back”, I thought.

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