My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 38

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Where do I begin? (For all of those not familiar with my story) My name is Lucy. I live with my mother, my Aunt Jill, and her daughter Kristen. We are all lovers. So yes my story deals with lesbian incest. If that is not what you are into, then I suggest you stop reading now.

I did a fair share of catching people up last chapter, and I’ll do my best to remind people of things as I go, but I’d love it if people who haven’t read all of these chapters (for lack of a better word) to at least read the last one (Part 37). For those of you who have been reading all along, thanks so much for all the kind words. This is my real story, so believe me when I say that the kindness many have shown far outweighs the mean nature of others and I will be forever grateful.

Okay so for this chapter I was going to share about my Birthday Trip (Sorry no orgy this year, LOL). It was a little after my birthday this year as us girls wanted to postpone it for feminine reasons, and I’ll just leave it at that. I just turned 25 by the way, my actual age truth be told. My mom is now 43 years old, but she still looks like she’s 33 if you ask me. (So glad I have her genes.) Of course that means I look like I’m only about 18 (and yes when I first started teaching I got asked if I had a hall pass, so embarrassing). My mom and I were both blessed or cursed with very large breasts, which has both gotten us into trouble, but it has also been a delight. We are both F-cups and as we are all in pretty good shape, I guess you would say I am a lot top heavy. Funny thing is my mom is maybe just a little bigger than me with a little bigger chest. So I guess that’s why I am so into big boobs, I’m not sure, but I am definitely attracted to women who are voluptuous like the girls in my family. Buying bathing suits absolutely sucks however. When you are around 5’7 and have a small waist and huge boobs it is no fun at all to shop for anything to be honest, yet I still love shopping, LOL. So we spent about a week going all over trying to do just that and we did find some (though mostly bikinis as you can mix and match tops and bottoms) suits and dresses. It wasn’t all bad. We were all so excited for the trip. I haven’t been to Florida in years and never with my Aunt and cousin (My mom and I did and wow what a great adventure that was.)

So we were driving this year. My mom drove our mini-van and her sister Jill sat in the front with her. That meant my girlfriend/cousin Kristen and I had free reign of the back. I decided to start vacation early so just for the fun of it when we crossed from Indiana into Kentucky, I blurted out, “I think I’d like to fuck my cousin.” I’m sorry I just had to do it with all the cousin sex jokes you hear about Kentucky and with me actually dating my cousin, I found it so funny and fitting.

So I actually had every intention of doing just that, but when it came down to it, Kristen ended up fucking me. Okay so picture this. Kristen and I are both wearing these adorable sun dresses. Mine was a strapless yellow number, so cute, and I hadn’t worn any underwear or a bra. Kristen was wearing this robin egg colored one that was even shorter than mine, though hers had straps. She sort of took charge (which I loved) and soon she was wearing one of the strap-ons that I had packed.

Of course Aunt Jill didn’t like the idea and was so freaking out and worried we’d get busted, but my mom was more worried that we’d get in a wreck with her wanting to watch us, LOL. Kristen and I didn’t let that stop us. So soon (and I mean a little bit away from the big cities) I was lifting up my dress and easing myself down on the strap-on that Kristen was wearing. We sat right behind my mom, but she kept glancing at me in the rearview mirror. The roads weren’t overly crowded up in the hills so no one had seen us yet.

At first I just sat against Kristen and she had her hands on my waist and I just leaned back into her enjoying the feeling of being completely filled up. I was just barely shifting my hips and just relaxing against the woman I love. But I could tell Kristen wanted to please me badly as she was trying to pump me, so I leaned forward against the back of my mom’s chair and started rocking on the huge dildo. OMG was I feeling sexy.

Jill kept looking back at me and smiling and I would occasionally look at my mom’s eyes in the mirror, but I mostly just stared off and gave into my animal passion. I was dropping down hard on the dildo letting gravity do the work as the long fat plastic dildo slid in so deep and hard. Fuck I was loving it.

I wasn’t watching out the window to see if any one driving near us was looking, I just began to fuck myself harder and harder. I got to a point where I was really hitting that good spot, and I reached around my mom’s chair and put my hand on her huge boob. Fuck I loved feeling her enormous breast in my hand. It made me so hot, and I squeezed her breast and let out this big moan and then just rolled back against Kristen, sort of scaring her, I did it so fast, and bursa escort then after we laughed for a second I started kissing her as she leaned forward over my shoulder.

I was in heaven. I was facing inward away from traffic as we were in the slow lane, but I heard Jill say, shit we have some voyeurs.

I stopped kissing Kristen and looked over and there was a young couple driving next to us. Both were looking over at us. Now there is no way they could have known I had a dildo up inside me, but it was more than obvious I had just been making out with the girl I was sitting on. I winked at them and blew the girl a kiss and then waved and they passed us by.

Then I felt Kristen’s hands on my inner thighs and I snapped out of reality for a moment again. Feeling her fingertips on my skin was magical. I sort of melted, just pressing into her and my legs spread wide. Then feeling that plastic cock in me I sort of tightened my ass and my pussy all at once a few times just almost without thinking and wow it felt so good. Then Kristen slowly pulled my dress up and her fingers started to tease my clit. I began to rock some more on the dildo, and the more I did, the more she rubbed me. I loved looking down at my clit as she played with it, and when I did I saw my cleavage and that made me want to touch my own nipples.

Then I heard Jill (our self-appointed lookout) say, “We’re about to be passed again.” Kristen asked, “Girl or boy.”

Her mom said, “Girl.”

So my crazy cousin reaches up and pulls my dress down and out plop my huge boobs. Kristen’s right hand went right down to my crotch again, but now her left hand was groping the hell out of my tits. I felt so insane right then. I had no idea who was about to pull up beside us and see me. I was incredibly excited, and yet nervous, scared even, and also so aroused.

When the car pulled up, my crazy mom actually matched speed with her, and I had to look over. It was this adorable blonde who couldn’t have been more than thirty. She was completely oblivious for the longest time, but I think she got annoyed by my mom speeding up and when she looked over, she took a double take. Her face was so funny, and I waited with my hand ready until she took another look and when she did I shoved my own nipple into my mouth.

My mom sort of slowed down about then and the girl kept driving. I never saw her again, but I will never forget the look on her face.

I pulled my dress up then and started pounding as best as I could for as long as I could, but that position is no picnic and a hell of a work out, and soon I tired before I orgasmed. So Kristen rubbed me until I came so hard. After I did I just sat on her for a while kissing and just enjoying her arms around me.

So crazy, but that’s the thrill I had been looking for, for a while and was hoping to get even more of it down in Florida.

That night in the hotel room, my mom pounded the hell out of me. She told me how horny she had been ever since watching me in the car and she had been dying to give it to me to. I just knelt over the bed and took it, while Jill and Kristen watched. Kristen had the cutest smile on her face the whole time, and she actually sort of snickered at me when I orgasmed and said my face looked funnier than normal. I didn’t care as it had been an amazing orgasm.

Okay so when we got to Florida later the next day we checked into our condo. It was so gorgeous and right on the beach. It was a high rise over ten stories, and just perfect. The first thing we did is hit the beach. We couldn’t wait to get into the ocean. The sand is super white and powdery there so it isn’t even hot on your feet in the middle of the day. Well the four of us just enjoyed the water and waves, and soon it was dinner time so we all went back to our room.

My Aunt took off her top as soon as she walked into the apartment and she went into one of the rooms and just laid back on the bed. She looked so beautiful and I just couldn’t help myself. I laid down on top of her and started to suck her nipples. She just looked at me for a while and then said, “Let’s take a shower.”

Ha, usually when my mom says that to me, I know I’ll be down on my knees and licking her asshole, but my aunt doesn’t normally ask me to take showers so I didn’t know what to expect.

I love feeling someone’s hands rubbing all over my body when I have warm water running down it. And that is exactly what happened the moment we were under the water. My aunt’s hands are so soft and smooth and with the water everything just seems so slippery and sexy. Feeling our breasts together was so sensual and we were both smiling so big. My 34F’s are a little bigger than her 36D’s, but believe me her boobs are so round and just amazingly soft and mmmmm love my aunts nipples. Soon I was sucking her nipples again, and then I was down on my knees, but I was licking her pussy.

I loved smelling her. The mix of sun bathed skin and her coconut oil, and of course her own juices, wow I was bursa escort bayan in heaven. She must have been feeling pretty horny too, as she orgasmed in less than a minute from the first time my tongue met her clit. She yelled, “Fuck,” when she climaxed and her legs got shaky. I was proud of myself, ha.

I’m not sure why I did what I did next, but I waited a little while until I knew she was in control, and then I asked her to turn around. She gave me a look, but she rotated and soon my tongue was going all around her asshole.

She just moaned and said, “Oh Lucy.” I ended up fingering her pussy while I teased her ass for quite a while, until she told me she wanted to lick me. I think her exact words were, “Oh shit, I want to eat you so bad.”

So of course I wasn’t going to say no, LOL. She was soon on her knees and she actually fingered me while she licked me and as I leaned back against the wall of the shower I took my boobs up into my hands and just squeezed them and massaged them the whole time she pleased me. I love playing with my own breasts and teasing my nipples during sex. When I was about to cum, the curtain on the shower was pulled back and Kristen popped her head in. She says, “We have to shower too you know.”

She was just teasing of course. I think she just wanted to watch us. It threw me off for a second though and I didn’t think I would cum, until Kristen looked down at her mom’s ass and said, “Oh my, gosh, mom, I love your butt. You are so hot.”

I have no idea why, but that turned me on so bad and I had such an amazing orgasm.

Okay fast forward. After dinner we actually crashed early and I have no idea if my mom and Jill had sex, but I know Kristen and I did not. We were both super tired. Okay the next day we met this great family. The mom’s name was Wendy and she was spending her vacation with her two daughters, Jasmine and Jocelyn. They were from Georgia and were down here for the whole week just like us. We instantly all became friends it was so fun.

Honestly I didn’t even think about them sexually at first. We first met them in the gift store on the first floor. My mom actually started talking with Wendy and then her daughters walked up and we all just sort of talked for a bit and then nothing.

Thing is the next time I saw them was at the outdoor pool. WOW. Okay first of all they are all black and have amazing skin. Wendy is the darkest, but her daughters might have been a mix of black and white as their skin was lighter, I don’t know, I never asked. Wendy had amazing legs, like model legs and she was my mom’s height which is like 5’8 or 9, I can never remember. She’s taller than me. Wendy’s hair was pulled back in a bun and her face was really beautiful. She has the best cheek boons. I’d guess she was a 36C, but very flat tummy and just very sexy woman. Still I more admired her looks than lusted after her. Now Jasmine was also tall like her mom, and with just slightly smaller boobs. She’s definitely cute. She is 22 years old and had just finished up college this year. I loved her sense of humor the most, and even though she was cute I still wasn’t like hot for her.

Then I hate to say it as I had just turned 25, but Jocelyn, who was only 18 years old and had just graduated high school, had me getting wet almost instantaneously the moment I saw her in her bathing suite. She has the most amazing eyes, and eye lashes, oh so jealous, and her teeth, great smile. She is so pretty, so so pretty. She is shorter, probably 5’5 I’d say, but she had this iddy biddy waist and a super sexy butt, and when she first pulled off her cover out plopped these amazingly round 36DD boobs. OMG!! My lust gauge was off the charts, LOL.

I elbowed Kristen under the water and she was like, “I’m not blind,” and we laughed so hard. So yea we spent the rest of the day with them and the next day and the next.

Seriously we all became so close and they were just such fun great people. So now days later and after talking with my mom one night we of course started to fantasize together and she just had a feeling that she could get somewhere with Wendy (who was not married anymore, but did appear to be straight).

Thing was it was sort of Kristen and my job to distract the daughters away from her so that my mom could work her magic. My Aunt actually was all on board this time, which surprised me as she is usually not the one to be wild (though she can surprise me).

So at the end of that day, the mom’s all went out drinking together (which was just at the bar out back near the pool) while the four of us girls hung out in their room. We just joked and talked and laughed and they actually made us dinner. It was a great night long before it got interesting. I managed to step out onto the balcony and I could actually see our mom’s at the bar. My mom was leaning in close talking with Wendy and I could tell they were getting a little drunk.

When Jocelyn walked out to talk to me, I sort of felt butterflies for a second. We escort bursa were both wearing sundresses and hers was very low cut and I could not stop looking at her boobs and she totally called me out on it.

I sort of joked it off at first, but then I said, “No you caught me, you have such a great body, I’m sorry, but you just look super sexy tonight.”

She blushed, OMG I made her blush and she was just smiling and acting all funny.

So I just said, “OMG, I am so sorry, you are just so . . .” I sort of stopped myself and then I blushed and then I started stuttering like a buffoon.

She finally just looked at me with this adorable head tilt and said, “Are you flirting with me? Are you into girls, Lucy?”

I looked away, this little 18 year old had me so flustered, it almost pissed me off, but she was just so gorgeous I couldn’t think straight. I just nodded. Have you ever known me to be lost for words? I felt like an idiot.

Okay so I pretty much admitted to her that I was a lesbian and she was pretty cool about it, and soon the four of us were talking about it while we ate dinner. Jasmine was cool with it too, and Kristen then admitted that she was also and I don’t know, I felt so much better having that out of the way, and I was feeling so close to these two sisters and so wishing they lived closer to us.

So after dinner the four of us were just sitting around on the floor leaning against the couches. We at first were watching TV, but we were talking so much that soon we were just in a circle and not even looking at it. We were asking so many questions and mostly about the differences between north and south, and then Kristen just shocks me and well everyone and asks Jasmine if she has ever thought about kissing a girl.

Wow, did this change the whole evening. Soon we were all talking about sex and experiences, and the two of them shared quite a bit. Jasmine had been with two boys, but Jocelyn was still a virgin. We explained a very untrue version of our love lives, and then Kristen out of nowhere says, “So, you never answered me if you had ever thought about kissing a girl?”

Jasmine looked right at Jocelyn and I was at first thinking, OMG they’ve kissed, but then Jasmine said, “Well there has never been a girl I have wanted to kiss, if that is what you are asking.”

So then Kristen looks at Jocelyn and says, “What about you?”

Jocelyn’s face blushed again, and she looked down at her crossed legs, but then up quickly to me, and then like as if she had given something away she looked at her sister and then back down at her lap and said, “I don’t know.”

Kristen quickly blurted out, “Have you kissed a girl?”

To which Jocelyn answered quickly, “No.” She sort of looked up at me again though, and then said, “I’ve never kissed a girl.”

I’m not sure exactly what Kristen said next. My heart was pounding. But I think it was something like, “Well if either of you want to see what it’s like, no one will ever know.”

I heard Jasmine say, “That’s okay.”

But I heard myself say, “I want to kiss you.”

Jocelyn sort of leaned forward toward me, and I heard her sister saying, “shit, shit, shit, no Joce.”

I heard her and didn’t care. I leaned in and against my better judgement planted one on her as my mom would say. Wow she had such amazing lips. It wasn’t like a tongue searching kiss it was more of a let our lips explore one another kiss, but she was GREAT! She was such a great kisser, and I can remember hearing her sister making noises in the back ground, but no clue what she was saying if she was even saying anything.

I was light headed when we pulled apart and I would like to think I rang her bell too as she was looking very longingly at me. She did say, “Wow.” And that made me smile so big, I must have looked like a fool.

Jasmine was quick to say, “Okay I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen.”

And Kristen bless her heart said, “Can we pretend you didn’t kiss me after our kiss.” She was trying so hard, but Jasmine was just not interested. In fact within 15 minutes we weren’t even at their room anymore. It wasn’t like she just threw us out, but she was hinting strongly and I think she was just worried what Jocelyn would do next.

I told Jocelyn goodnight like I would have said goodnight to Denise in the dorm all those years ago, knowing that I wanted more, but unsure if she would ever give in. And as soon as she was out of sight I was wishing I was seeing her. I actually slapped myself lightly across the face and said, “Geez Lucy hold it together.” And of course Kristen laughed and then teased me that I was luckier than she was.

I joked something back about how Monica lusts for her though, and she made some funny comment back that made us both laugh so hard, but I can’t remember what she said and neither did she when I asked her. So funny though.

So yea, we just went back to our room, and when we got their which was a couple floors up from theirs we sort of paused outside of our condo and just looked out across the city scape and talked for a while. We weren’t sure if our moms’ were home or not, but if they were then Wendy might be in there with them, or just my mom if the plan of seducing Wendy had worked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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