My First Time with Conor Pt. 01

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I’d always wondered if I was gay, but I’d never had the nerves to find out. I didn’t know any gay people, and where I grew up most people were homophobic, so I never had a chance to experiment. I’d tried getting with girls but something always felt empty about it, like I was just going through the motions. But every time I slept with someone I couldn’t help but imagine what it was like to be on the bottom, or on my knees sucking cock. And every time I watched porn I found myself imagining myself in the place of the girl, focusing on nothing but cock. I tried to change it, but nothing worked. It was just how I was.

I’d always heard rumours that Conor was gay, but I never really believed them. That, or I just put them to one side, secretly knowing what I wanted to happen. It was strange to people that we were friends at all. We were from the same estate but I was shy and kept to myself, while he was a loud, social guy. He was stocky and well over six foot, while I was lithe and shorter than most people I knew. To be honest, we didn’t have anything in common, other than that we both smoked, and we’d been in sixth form together. But now we were both nineteen, and both working, it was strange to me that we were friends as well. Until one night, when I found out what he really wanted.

He text me just after ten, telling me to come round and smoke with him. I was already ready for bed, but something about the way he text me made me rush to get dressed and go meet him. The tone of how he spoke to me, how he told me rather than asked me, triggered something buried deep inside me. I knew I had to go to him. I pulled on some track pants and a t-shirt, looking at myself for a second in the mirror before I left. I’d always been ashamed of my body. I had an hourglass build, and was almost hairless. It was like a woman’s body. But I didn’t dwell on it long before walking over the estate to Conor’s flat.

When I got in he was already smoking. There was something different in how he looked at me, a little glint in his eye that I’d never seen before. His shirt was off, his muscular chest out, and he was wearing nothing but a pair of grey track pants. I could see his bulge through the corner of my eye, but I walked over to the couch anyway, sitting down next to him. We chatted for a bit, ignoring whatever was playing on the TV, but the whole time I could feel him staring at me like tekirdağ escort a piece of meat. And the more he stared, the more I realised I liked it. I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but it just made me want it more.

Once he realised I wasn’t going to leave I felt his muscular hand squeeze my thigh, a smug little smile creeping across his face. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling back, rooted to the spot in both fear and lust, and soon his hand crept all the way up my thigh to find the back of my track pants, sliding in to cup my round, feminine ass in his palm. I felt a rush of blood to my dick, my whole body lighting up in lust and confusion. I wanted to do something, but I could barely move. He helped me along, bringing his free hand over to rest my shaking palm on his bulge as he moved his face in so close to mine that I could feel the heat of his breath on my face.

I stroked him gently through the fabric of his pants as he pawed at my ass, panting into my ear as he squeezed my soft cheeks hard. The more he felt me up, the more nerve I found to play with him back, until I was grabbing and stroking at the outline of his dick properly. The nerves melted away, and all of a sudden there was nothing in me but lust. My mouth watered as I looked down at his giant cock, every hard squeeze of his hand on my ass feeling like heaven.

He obviously saw my change in mood and decided he could go even further, reaching over to grab the bottom of my t-shirt and pull it up over my head. The warm air of the flat on my naked skin pushed me even higher, and I ran my own free hand up his stomach to his powerful chest as I turned my body in towards him, slouching my legs across the couch like a woman in a harem. He rewarded me with a light slap on my ass, followed by a slightly harder one, and another, harder one after that. I knew he was toying with me, but I wanted it. All I did was yelp in pleasure, keeping one hand on his cock and the other on his muscular chest as I smiled up at him.

Now he knew he could take me even further he wasted no time, grabbing the waistband of both my boxers and my track pants and sliding them down in one quick motion. I helped him along the way, kicking them down my legs and towards the TV until I was slouched naked on his couch, leaning down into his leg as I stroked his cock. Any kind of nerves had left my body by now. All I could think of was his dick. We stayed like that for a little while, his rough hand exploring my smooth, girly body, sliding up and down my back and grabbing my ass, until I finally felt his fingers sink into my hair, and his hand grab the back of my head. I knew what was next.

I let him guide me down, pulling my legs up to the couch so I was on all fours next to him as he drew my head down towards his cock. As it got closer and closer I brought my mouth down, kissing it gently through the fabric before running my tongue up and down. And then I finally got it out, pulling his grey track pants down so eagerly that it bounced up, smacking into the side of my face as it did. I giggled as I felt the warmth of it hit me, its thick musk filling my nose.

He gripped the back of my head a little harder, pulling me up as I opened my willing mouth for him, and finally I felt his cock slide into me. It filled my mouth instantly with a deep, salty taste, overpowering my senses. It felt intoxicating, my rock-hard cock swinging underneath me as I slid my tongue around the head of his dick. He was so thick it filled my mouth completely, but I kept toying with it, sliding my mouth up and down gently as I adjusted to having him in my mouth.

I heard him groan in pleasure above me as I teased his cock, and his hand came down on my ass again in another hard slap before settling in to grope me as I sucked his dick. Every time my head came up off his shaft he pushed me down a little further until he was steadily pushing his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking it slowly. Lust had overpowered me completely now, and I could feel myself sticking my naked ass out for him, arching my back as he toyed with my body.

He was slow with me at first but as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft I felt him get rougher, grabbing harder in my hair and pushing his cock further down my throat, holding me in place so he could use my willing mouth. I gagged at first, feeling little strands of saliva dribble down his shaft and out of my mouth, but as I got used to it I felt his powerful cock pushing into the back of my throat as he fucked my mouth like a pussy, both of us moaning openly. Every hard squeeze of my ass and every push of his cock to the back of my throat forced a little moan out of me, the sound vibrating against the shaft filling my mouth.

Eventually I was held in place completely, his cock pumping upwards in and out of my mouth, filling the flat with a wet, slapping noise as he used me completely. As he kept grabbing at my round ass I felt a finger push past my cheeks, toying against my hole, but I was so full of lust now that all I could do was encourage him. I reached back with my hands, my chest pressing down into the couch as my back arched as far as it would go, and spread the cheeks of my virgin ass for him. I heard him laugh above me before giving my spread-open ass one more hard slap and shoving his fingers inside of me.

I had never had anything in my ass before, and I squealed against his shaft as he pushed into me. He gave me no mercy, pumping away at both ends of me as he used my body, his thick fingers stretching out my virgin ass. Every pump of his fingers in and out of my ass made me moan even louder against his cock, pushing out more strands of drool as he fucked my helpless mouth.

He kept me like this for a while, fucking both ends of me as I arched my back for him, silently begging him to use me, until I finally felt his cock twitching in my mouth. I knew it was coming, and his hand started to loosen its grip on my hair, so I got back to pleasing him properly. He wasn’t holding me in place any more but I still fucked my own mouth onto his cock, pushing it all the way down to the back of my throat before coming back up. All the time I felt his fingers pushing into my ass, sending waves of lust through my body. Suddenly he grabbed my head one last time, pushed his cock all the way back in, and I finally felt him flooding my mouth with cum.

The taste of it was overpowering. It was like a drug. As soon as I tasted it, the thick, salty texture of it coating every part of my mouth, I knew I was addicted. I swallowed as much down as I could, as he pumped a near-endless stream of thick cum into my mouth, but there was so much that I could feel it spilling out around his shaft. After he had finally finished emptying his balls into me I felt him pull out of my ass in one quick movement, making me squeal again. Now that my ass was empty, it just didn’t feel right. I knew I wanted him back inside me. I looked down at his thick cock, cleaning off the rest of the cum with my tongue, and then looked up at him and swallowed. He just looked down at me with a wide, arrogant grin on his face, rewarding me with a final slap against my ass. He knew he had me where he wanted, and I knew this would be a night I would never forget.

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