My French Crush

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“Uh oh don’t look now…someone’s crush just walked in.” My friend Sam said just a little too loudly to be comfortable at this college house party.

He was coyly looking at me and I felt my face burn red in embarrassment as him and the two other friends we came with chuckled.

“God you’re such as asshole!” I said laughing a little with them and taking a deep drink of my beer.

I was close friends with all three of these very straight guys, but they didn’t mind at all that I was gay. I swear I hooked up with more people through my straight friends than any of my gay friends.

It was also funny because it was a long time running joke. I had a crush on Peter since I had seen him in the gym my freshman year. Now I had just started my junior year and he was a senior.

Peter was on our school tennis team and was very good. Easily the best singles player and good at doubles too. He was originally from France and the way his accent spoke English in his deep voice, it sent shivers down my spine.

He was very athletic and lean. He moved like he had the grace and flow of a big cat. He didn’t have eye popping muscles since he wanted to be lean and fast, but his body had a hardness to it that I dreamed of roaming my hands over. He was taller than me by a couple inches, he was 6 foot 3 or 4 inches, and his limbs were very long His hands were massive too which I loved. I think his bio said he weighed 190 pounds.

To sum up, he was a fucking dreamboat. Tonight he looked extra sexy in boots, dark jeans, and a long sleeve henley that was unbuttoned all the way.

“So gonna talk to him this time or pussy out again?” Matt asked me with a smirk on his face.

“I think we’ve said like two words to each other since we’ve been at school, don’t think randomly approaching would be super covert.” I responded.

“Whatever man, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” James said. “You wanna play beer pong? I think a spot at that table just opened up.” He asked Matt.

“Let’s do it!” He said and two of disappeared into the crowd.

Sam turned to me smiling and said, “Hell of a party huh?”

“Seriously there must be like 100 people here!” I had to practically shout back.

“You wanna smoke a joint? I bet the owner won’t care if we steal a room upstairs?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Dope, go scope out a room upstairs and let me know which one, I gotta go grab my jacket. I’ll meet you up there.”

He dipped back towards the entrance and I grabbed a six pack on the way upstairs. I opened the first door on the left and saw a guy and girl fucking in a very drunken doggy style. I laughed and shut the door.

The second door was just a bedroom so I scoped across the hall to see if it had a better place to sit.

This room had a couch, two chairs, a daybed in the corner and a tv on the wall. It seemed like the perfect hangout spot.

I texted Sam to let him know where I was at and fooled around on my phone sitting on one of the chairs.

After a few minutes door popped open and Sam stuck his head in. “Damn this is perfect! Come on.”

He said that last part looking behind him and nodding his head in. He must have found someone else who wanted in.

The next thing I knew my throat closed up and my heart beat out of my chest as I watched my crush Peter walk in behind him and shut the door.

Fuck what did he think he was doing?? I was suddenly nervous and I felt like was sweating. Fuck this room was hot all of a sudden.

“Hey I’m Peter, Sam said you guys were going to have a little party up here and sounded like a good time!” He said striding over to the couch and sitting down. He then leaned over and extended his hand out and I shook it. His long fingers draping around mine.

“Hey, yeah we’re always up for a good time!” I said nervously. Sam looked at me and I could tell he was like what the hell man, be cool.

I gulped and Sam asked Peter about tennis a little bit. He seemed like he could talk for hours on the subject and the upcoming season.

Meanwhile Peter sparked up a joint and took a puff and then passed it to me. I took a deep drag and immediately felt the effects take me away. My nervousness and anxiety drifted to the back of my brain. Just what I needed.

I passed to Peter who took a puff and Çorum Escort then we puffed and passed til the joint was cashed.

“Another?” Peter asked smiling with half lidded eyes.

“I got one more.” Sam said.

“I’m going to take a piss, then let’s keep the party going.” Peter said standing up and heading to the bathroom attached to the room.

“Dude, what the hell?” I asked right away.

“Relax man he’s cool, just bumped into him on the way. Also you should be thanking me.”

“And why’s that?”

“Cause dude, you never would have had the balls to ask him up here which means you probably don’t know that he’s bi.”

“He is? I always assumed he was straight.”

“Nah man, the word I hear is he fucks guys and girls alike so don’t be so shy.”

With that, Peter came back in the room and sat down and we all took turns puffing on the next joint. Grabbing another round of beers from the six pack as well.

Emboldened by the news and the state of my addled mind I found myself openly checking Peter out. From his deeply tanned arms to the chest hair I could see sticking out from his henley.

His hand I noticed were on his thigh. Casually rubbing up and down. Then our eyes met.

I heard Sam cough and say he had to take a leak too. He got up and left for the bathroom.

My heart was hammering in my chest as I watched Sam leave us alone. Then my eyes went back to Peter who was staring at me. His deep, blue eyes boring into me.

My breath caught again and I watched his hand start rubbing his groin area.

“Sorry I get a little horny when I smoke.” He said in his deep, accented voice.

“Me too, mind if I help you out with that?”

“I was waiting just for that.”

He said as his eyes kept drilling into me as he licked his lips once. I felt so exposed and turned on by this hunk desiring me.

I stood up slowly from the chair and went over to the couch. He opened his arms and I sat next to him. His left arm went behind my lower back and his right hand gripped my thigh. I wrapped my arms around his neck and our lips connected.

His body was warm and tingling it felt like as if electricity coursed through him. Our lips were wet and he pressed hard against me.

I couldn’t help but let out a little moan. Once he heard that though, the floodgates opened. His lips parted and he pushed his tongue into my mouth roughly. I kissed back as hard as I could as he roughly French kissed me.

I lifted my left leg and draped it over his leg. His left hand had raised up and was running through and gripping my hair.

Our kiss was passionate and the heat was steaming the room when we heard the bathroom door open and Sam walked back in. We broke our kiss and looked up at him. Our arms wrapped around one another.

“Haha I knew the real party was gonna start after I left, you kids have fun.” He said as he headed out the door and back down to the party.

Peter looked back into my eyes, “Well we don’t want to disappoint him do we? I guess we party?”

“I guess so.” I said as cool as I could licking and then biting my bottom lip.

He smiled and pulled me to his lips again to kiss. His right hand was on my hip and reaching around to squeeze my ass.

I took my left hand from his neck and ran it over his chest. He was so firm and his muscles felt like rocks!

Slowly I ran my hand down his chest to his abs. And then down to his jeans and over his bulge. Fuck he was packing for sure I thought as I squeezed his shaft and he groaned into my mouth.

I shifted and broke our kiss and leaned my head against his chest while I played with his cock. His hand was on my lower back and ass. Rubbing me up and down.

“Take it out.” He said above me.

With his right hand he undid his belt and button. I pulled down his zipper. Then he popped his ass up and I helped his jeans down to his ankle.

Fuck I was in for treat I thought seeing his package stretching his boxers.

“You like big French cock?” He asked me.

“First one, but I know I’m about to!” I said as I grabbed his waistband and he grabbed the other side and tugged down his boxers to his ankles.

“Fuck…” I moaned out as his cock swung up and down in the free air. I wasn’t small myself, about 6 and a half Çorum Escort Bayan inches but he was massive. He had to be 9 inches or so. His lean frame made his big, thick dick even more impressive. “You have an amazing cock!”

“Thank you, I made it myself.” He joked.

His cock was not as tan as his body, but still darker than my pale, white skin. He was uncircumcised and his shaft looked velvety smooth. He had several small veins running around his shaft branching off of one large vein snaking around from top to bottom.

My left hand cradled his balls and I rolled him between my fingers as I admired his cock. I was afraid I was drooling as I watched it bob up and down like I was hypnotized.

“Touch me baby.” He said to me.

I didn’t need much more coaxing and my hand left his balls and stretched around his shaft. He was so thick my fingers could barely touch.

I slowly stroked him up and down. Watching his foreskin slide up and down his head. His hips slowly moved with me and I felt his breath get deeper in his chest.

“Fuck that feels so good…” he moaned.

I smiled as I played with his big cock. I shifted again so I could use my right hand on him too. His cock required two hands I determined. His muscular body was slowly moving to my rhythm as I stroked him.

He was moaning softly and slowly above my head. The weed and the intoxication of our bodies put us on another planet.

I was mesmerized by his cock as I stroked him up and down. His foreskin slicked his pre cum and lubed his head as I used both hands to pump him up and down.

I felt his hand tilt my face up from his chest to face him and we kissed again. I didn’t stop stroking as we made out.

“You, use your lips?” Peter said in his lowered voice. I nodded my head. I’d been dreaming about sucking this man’s cock since I saw him.

I lowered my head down to his cock and stroked him inches from my lips. His musk washed over me. I licked my lips and moved my hands to position his head right in front of me.

Slowly I closed my lips around his head and stroked him again. My tongue trailing around his head and tasting his pre cum.

Peter moaned above me and I felt a sense of pride wash over me. I was making this hot Frenchman’s cock feel so good!

My lips stretched as I lowered more of myself down and his thick cock entered me. My hands moved lower as I pushed him into my mouth until I reached the back of my throat.

Peter’s right hand was on my head and his left was gripping my ass and hips again as I sucked him deeply into me. The room was quiet and it was hot to just listen to his moans and the sounds of my lips sucking his cock.

I pressed and held him in my mouth against my throat. I could feel his hips move up to go further into me. I gagged and pulled up to his tip again. Stroking him firmly now that he was slick with my saliva.

I caught my breath and pushed myself down again on his cock. His hand helping to firmly push me as far as I could.

I lifted again and gasped for air as my hands pumped him faster. He was moaning and writhing around under my touch. I could tell he wouldn’t last much longer.

Peter pulled my face to him again and we kissed. “I want to fuck your face now.” He said in his heavy accent. He had a way of telling me something but asking at the same time.

I nodded my head again and I moved off the couch to my knees on a pillow, taking off my shirt as I did so. He stood up and kicked his jeans and boxers to the side and faced me. His cock hanging between us. Ready to fuck my face.

I gulped and took him into my mouth again. Licking his shaft and head and getting him wet. His hands gripped my head as I did this and he groaned above me.

Slowly I worked him down to the entrance to my throat again. This time he had his right hand on the back of my head, his left on the side and he helped to push his dick into my throat. My eyes watered and my cheeks burned as he stretched me out.

He pulled back and drifted from my lips and I gasped and caught my breath.

“Again?” He said and I nodded.

He pressed into me again as deep as he could. My throat accommodating his large cock.

We did this a few more times until he was easily dipping into my throat.

Peter Escort Çorum started moving his hips and fucking my face. His head in my throat as he shifted back and forth. I could feel his heavy balls swinging onto my chin.

I felt so accomplished taking his huge cock in my throat, I bet not many could!

His hips thrusted harder and harder after a minute or two and I reached up and grabbed his ass cheeks as he fucked my throat, drawing him into me with each thrust.

He hard body was heaving and he was moaning as he fucked himself to his orgasm. I gripped his ass hard and he let out a cry when he came. His head buried in my throat and his cum shooting straight into my belly.

I felt so full as he blasted load after load into me. But he made me gag again and he pulled out of my throat and rested in my mouth as his dick finished cumming and I swallowed all of him.

His grip lessened on my hair and head and his cock softened a little in my mouth. I kept sucking him though until he pulled out and asked me to stop. I wanted more of him!

“Wow that was the best American blowjob I’ve ever had!” He said in a post orgasm laugh and he fell back into the couch.

“American? I guess now it’s my goal to give the best blowjob in the world!” I joked as I sat next to him.

Peter’s arm was around me and he was smiling at me. I couldn’t help but kiss him again. Our tongues danced together again while this studs cock rested between his legs. I had forgotten anout my cock since I was enamored with his, but now I was fully aware of my painfully hard cock in my jeans.

After a couple minutes of kissing he leaned up and pushed me onto my back, my head against a pillow.

He smiled at me as he undid my jeans and pulled them off and tossed them onto the floor. Then he did the same with my boxers. My cock springing up straight into the air. I was so hard for this man.

I had one leg on the floor and the other I raised up onto the back of the couch. Peter was between my legs. He smiled at me again before dipping his head down and running his tongue all over my cock and then my balls.

I moaned as he licked and kissed me all over several times. My body was on fire and tingling as he played with me.

His large hands firmly gripped my hips as he brought his lips up to my cock head and started to give me a proper blowjob. God it felt good and I moaned my appreciation to him as his lips and tongue stretched down my cock all the way to the base.

The quiet room was again filled with just the sounds of his lips sucking my cock and my moans into the air.

He lifted his head up for a second and asked, “You like your ass played with?”

“Yes please.” I stammered out as I knew I would cum quickly once he started there.

With that he reached up and placed two fingers in my mouth and I slobbered and drooled over them to make them wet.

Then he dropped down and sucked my cock into his lips. His hand went between my legs and quickly found my hole. I gasped as he slowly pressed into me. I opened up and he started a come here motion with his two fingers inside of me just to the first knuckle in time with his head bobbing.

My legs squirmed as I felt my orgasm build. I knew it wouldn’t take long after that! Soon I was telling him I was going to cum and he swallowed me deeply and let me cum into his mouth. His fingers kept working me until I stopped cumming.

He lifted his face and smiled at me and grabbed my arms and pulled me up to my knees and we kissed deeply.

I ran my hands under his henley and felt his abs clench as we made out again. Our tongues trading the taste of cum and our cocks bouncing together at our hips.

After a few minutes of this, we smiled and started to get dressed again.

“We’ll do this again yeah?” He asked me as we dressed.

“Hell yeah I’m down if you are.” I said blushing hard.

“For sure, you have an amazing body, those lips, that ass and that cock.” He said as he made a chefs kiss.

“Yours is pretty amazing too. Literally the most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks, well here’s my number, let’s smoke again soon.” He said winking and typing his number into my phone.

He left back to the party and I went into the bathroom to piss.

When I came out, Sam was in the room and smiling.


“Well that was amazing!” I said not being able to hold back.

“Good you should let me wingman for you all the time.” He said fist bumping me and handing me another beer.

“Let’s go kick some ass at beer pong.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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