My Freshman Year Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The next morning I woke up right at 8:00. I just laid there thinking about last night and if it really happened or if it was just a dream. I noticed I did not have a hangover and looked over and saw Amy was awake. When I tried to talk I noticed my jaw and tongue were sore from you know what. Then I tried to move and realized I was sore all over. I tried getting up but I was so drained of energy I felt like I weighted a ton. All of my holes were sore from last night and I walked bowlegged to the bathroom.

I made it to the bathroom and peed, showered and applied the antiseptic ointment to my pussy and anal areas as I was instructed to do last night, dressed, ate breakfast then took the diet pill. Amy and I had our first class together and we were really dragging on the way to class. When I sat down I noticed the diet pill started taking affect and I felt much better. I had never taken a diet pill before and this was a new feeling to me, I even found myself paying attention in class and I liked it. By the afternoon Amy and I had pretty much recovered from last night.

Friday evening all the pledges were required to report to the Sorority house at 7:30 ready to go out on a blind date. It was usually from an older girl whose boyfriend’s best friend needed a date usually for a fraternity party at a frat house. Since pledges were not allowed to have sex with anyone we were required to wear a dress, panties and panty hose to keep the guys from getting to our bodies. Panty hose is a great barrier for guys because it is difficult to take them off and guards our pussy. We were told to stay away from the punch bowl and drink only beer from the Keg. Luckily Amy and I were not picked that night.

At 9:00 Bill and 3 other guys showed up carrying the cooler with Margarita Cocktail and passed around drinks. Bill said they wanted to get here early to spend some time with us and thank us for allowing the dancers to come to our sorority house. To thank us he invited all of the sorority girls there to come to the party if we wanted to. Amy and I looked at each other and said why not, along with all the other girls. Bill said “since we did it last night the guys would do us first tonight to show the dancers what will happen to them so they won’t be scared when it is their turn and see how good the sex feels”.

Around 9:30 the dancers showed up wearing their practice leotards and a wrap as requested by Bill last night as the guys started handing out drinks to them. I was already feeling the effects of the cocktail. We all started getting to know each other as Bill told the dancers that he wanted to thank the sorority girls for allowing the dancers to meet at our house, as they applauded us. Then Bill said “it was only fair to invite us to join them plus the guys would do us first to show the dancers what will happen to them and how good it will feel so they won’t be scared when it is their turn”.

We were all starting to loosen up from the cocktail. After a while the bus showed up and we all got on for the short ride over to the men’s athletic dorm. Some of the dancers tried to bring their purses, but Bill said no purses allowed, just what you have on. On the way to the athletic dorm the guys stood up on the bus and we were sitting, so their crotch was right in front of us, so we pulled down their gym shorts and sucked their dicks on the way over. The dancers were surprised but joined in.

As I entered the Den it felt different this time because I knew what was going to happen and I was excited and turned on. The guys gave us another cocktail as I felt the effects of the Quaaludes in the drink turning me on even more. Bill welcomed all of us to the Mixer, especially the dancers. He announced that “since we have sorority girls and Ballet dancers here tonight, he will have to address the dancers separately like during the initiation and the swearing in ceremony so he will call the sorority girls, girls and the ballet dancers, dancers”. He said “I see some dancers that were here last year, raised your hand” and about 10 dancers did. He said welcome back and it will be a little different this year but better.

Bill gave the dancers a tour of the Den showing them the fancy bar with the Margarita machine and the 4 TVs for studying game films on a commercial video player that could go forward, backwards, stop and slow motion, the same thing the TV networks use. In fact these game films come from the networks. Like last night the guys had us sit together and pose as they took group pictures of us.

Bill asked if the dancers had seen the pictures of the dancers they took last night and they answered yes. Then you know what is going to happen to you and asked if we were ready and they answered yes. Then asked if the dancers wanted to become part of team and they did. He talked about the team being perfect so if the team is perfect, then the players have to be perfect, so we need to be surrounded by perfect girls, and that is you. Bill explained that the team is perfect because they have a perfect win record and they wanted to keep it that way, so all of you will give us the inspiration we need to go bostancı escort all the way to a perfect season.

So your job on the team is to inspire the players to win every game. We will be making history and all of you can be part of it. Would you like that and they said yes. So tonight will be your tryout for the team, your initiation into the team if you make it and will also be a Boot Camp to toughen you up and get you in shape and ready to be on the team.

Bill said “I will tell you a little about myself, I have had it perfect all my life. I came from a wealthy family, good looks, lots of charisma especially with girls, play football and I am the perfect winning Quarterback. So I have learned through Zen to share my perfection with anyone I want, that is why the team is perfect because of studying Zen and my perfection rubs off on them. The more you are around me the more rubs off. So I will share my perfection with all of you tonight and every time you girls are here, especially when we make love. When you cum around our dicks, you give us your love, energy, excitement and inspiration, in return we give you perfection. That is what happens during nirvana. That is why you feel so good afterwards”.

Bill explained why he wanted to be with the ballet dancers, because they are athletes like the football players, but instead of playing in a stadium you perform with grace on a stage, but you are still elite athletes and your bodies are perfect like ours. In fact I think learning some ballet can help me be a better quarterback. A lot of times I have to dance around in the backfield to keep from being tackled and we all laughed, so I thought you all could teach me and the guys some ballet, can you all do that. The dancers replied just let us know when you want your lessons we are ready. Bill answered back, soon. Through Zen we will work on technique for Ballet dancers so you can learn how to move more seamlessly, gracefully and flow to the music to excel in dance.

Like last night, Bill told us about his life growing up and all the girls he had been with. He said since he had been having sex with girls since Junior High School he has been able to study the development of girls’ bodies and yours are perfect. All of you are the perfect age where your bodies have developed into a woman and just reaching their maximum sexual peak because you are getting extra sex hormones so girls have a strong sex drive now. I have been with over 2,000 girls so I know what I am doing and how to make perfect love to girls and how to take them to nirvana through Zen.

I have always had a steady supply of girls since Junior High School, including tonight, and have perfected nirvana. It is such a rush to know how many girls want to be with me and the guys. Last year people told us how lucky we were because we could have any girl on campus so we wanted to see if that was true, and we had over 1,000 girls last year. This is how we perfected taking girls to nirvana that you will experience tonight. We also figured since we were with so many girls we thought we would rate and pick out the girls we wanted for my quest for the perfect girls this year. Every ballet dancer I had last year was perfect because they know how to use their muscles and bodies for maximum sexual pleasure and I was hoping we could do that again this year and here you are.

Bill described his desire to create the perfect girl since high school and now he has the chance to do it this year and we were going to be the girls that he is going to make perfect and we are going to love being perfect, which turned me on again just watching him talk. He said all girls look and feel different so I never get tired of making love to girls. I am addicted to making love to girls and taking them to nirvana. I can remember everything Bill said like it was yesterday, because I hung onto every word he said and this was my second time to hear it.

He explained what they would do to us tonight. They were going to teach all of us how to make perfect love, and since girls bodies are made for loving and seducing men, they would show us how to do it. So the more love you give us then the more love we can give back. It is a big circle, and we feed off of each other so when you make me hotter it I make you hotter and it builds until you reach nirvana.

Perfect sex for girls is going to nirvana, but it is a process and the only way you can achieve nirvana is through anal sex. But you can’t just stick a dick in a girl’s asshole and take her to nirvana, she has to be coaxed, lubricated and turned on through foreplay and love. So Bill said he created the perfect way to make love to girls that takes them to nirvana and you’re getting ready to experience it.

Making love consist of foreplay which is getting to know a girl’s body and get her sexually excited and wet through kissing, licking and exploring her body. This will help me and the guys to teach you all about the different types of orgasms girls have and we will do each one to you so you can experience them and see how it feels. So girls can have büyükçekmece escort unlimited multiple orgasms in a row. He asked us girls how many orgasms we had last night and we all said from 100 to one continuous orgasm.

Girls have numerous erogenous zones over their bodies which we will explore together. After foreplay comes fucking. I know that sounds crude, but it is the primitive act of a man’s dick pumping in and out of a girl’s pussy and asshole and takes you to nirvana. So making love includes foreplay and fucking. Me and the guys will teach all of you how to make love and show all of you the feelings your body is capable of giving you.

We just want to refine the art of love making, for the perfect sexual experience. I am going to take all of you to a higher dimension by using my studies of girls from the last 10 years to make you perfect. We make love to your whole body, mind and spirit, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes all the way to nirvana. Once you go to nirvana you will never look at life the same way again after experiencing the out of body experience.

Now guys only have 3 erogenous zones. One is the largest sex organ on a person’s body, do you know what that is and we answered no. He said your mind and we all laughed. You have to be in the mood to enjoy sex, right? Of course guys are always in the mood. Next erogenous zone is a guy’s eyes. Guys are voyeurs and like to look at naked girls, that why they go to strip clubs, girlie magazines and check girls out. And the third zone is his dick. He just wants to stick it in a girl’s holes; it is a primitive instinct that drives guys crazy. The problem is guys can only have one or two orgasms a night, but girls have it better than guys, they can have multiple and unlimited orgasms.

With girls you have numerous erogenous zones all over your body and we are going to show you all of them and how they feel. In fact so many erogenous zones prove how much of a girl’s body is dedicated to sex. This is foreplay. I discovered in junior high how much girls like foreplay. Girls like their body explored by guys as we get to see, feel, kiss, lick and get to know you inside and out and what turns you on, it is so much fun.

This will be Sex Ed 101, but this is a lab and not a classroom, because we do research in here. So tonight we will teach all of you the basics of sex to start with. Every mixer you will get a new lesson in sexology so all of you will have a PHD in sex by the end of the year. We will also learn from you what girls like and how to turn them on even more.

You all will be perfect for learning Zen and it will help you in every part of your life. Also sex is good exercise, like running a marathon; it increases testosterone in men which increases a guy’s strength and endurance so we can outlast the other team and win the game. There is no place else we can get exercise like this. So you can see how important all of you are to the team.

Also, by you girls making us stronger we will make all of you stronger, so you can make love all night long. Sex also increases a girl’s sexual hormones which makes them want more sex. It also makes a girl’s skin more beautiful because sex increases blood flow which makes your skin firmer so your body can be more perfect. So all of you are being taken by the most perfect male bodies in the country that know how to make all of you feel like a woman, it doesn’t get any better than that and we all agreed.

As we said earlier, girls have to be in the mood for sex, so you have to block out everything outside this room from the outside world. This is a fantasy world in here and the only thing that matters now is sexual pleasure. So this will be your first lesson in Zen to block everything out and concentrate on what we are doing to you. Every time you walk in this room you leave all your troubles behind. Next he said your second lesson in Zen is to learn all about yourselves, what you are capable of and how to use your body to please your partner and yourself. Why shouldn’t girls be able to enjoy sex, because society says it is wrong, but your body is made to enjoy sex as you will find out.

A girl’s body is very complex physically and sexually, but no one teaches you about it. You learn to walk, talk, read and even learn to drive, but no one teaches you about sex or your body, but we will. It is hard to learn about your own body, like what your vagina looks like, so you will learn through each other’s bodies. You are all different but basically the same. All this is required to be perfect. So tonight will be your first 2 lessons in Zen, sexual boot camp and the initiation of all the dancers into the team just like we did last night. We will also see how many orgasms we can give all of you tonight, and you will love it. Just listening to Bill I was under his spell and I was his to do what he wanted of me and I was very turned on and wet.

Bill announced that the dancers were the entertainment tonight. He wanted to see their new leotards required by the teacher and how they look when they are çekmeköy escort practicing and stretching with their legs propped up on the barre. The guys had brought in track hurdles, lined them up in front of us, put some pipe insulators on the top for comfort to simulate the barre in class so we could see what the crotch of their leotards look like. He told the dancers to do the same thing they do in class except the rest of us will be sitting on the couch right in front of the hurdles so we could get a good view. Then they will do a strip tease so we can see how sexy they can dance, then stretch and dance some more naked.

Bill explained to keep the dancers from getting embarrassed being the only ones naked, Bill said the guys would get naked first. He told us to take their clothes off, but the dancers get to be in front since this is their first time. So the guys stood there while we took off their shirts and shorts, no underwear. While we were pulling his shorts down, his dick sprang out hitting the dancer in front of him in the face, we all laughed. When they were naked we played with their bodies and the dancers got to suck their dicks first as the rest of us licked their shafts and balls. Before he came he had us move next to each other, press our cheeks together, open our mouths like baby birds to accept his cum. He said this way all of you can taste my cum then shot his load in the dancers mouths first, but I was third in line tonight and got some cum. He had us hold his cum in our mouths until we did a four way kiss swapping tongues and cum.

After the guys came their dicks got soft. Bill looked at us and said “Since me and the rest of the guys are naked, I think it is only fair that the Sorority girls get naked also.” All the dancers agreed so Bill told them to take our clothes off. He had all of the pledges come down to him. He said “from what you told me about not being allowed to have sex and dressing where guys can’t get access to your body. Then we are going to show the rest of your sorority how futile there attempts are from keeping me and the team from getting you naked and taking your bodies for our pleasure”.

The guys lined us up then had the dancers take our clothes off. They got us down to our panties and panty hose and pulled them down to our knees. They pushed us down on the couch and finished pulling everything off until we were as naked as the guys. It felt good to be naked again and was turning me on. Bill said the older sorority members trying to keep their pledges from getting naked didn’t work very well, did it. We all laughed.

Bill said it is show time so we all sat on the couch and watched the dancers. He told them to do what they normally do in class like stretch on the barre and do some dancing for our enjoyment and see what they look like in their leotards. When the dancers took off their wraps we could now see all of their leotards and wow they certainly did not cover much. They were cut all the way above their waists and the material was so narrow going down between their legs in front that most of their shaved pubic mound was on display and the leotard only covered half of their ass cheeks in back. The leotards were like what Jane Fonda wore back then but skimpier and showed more skin. They said the teacher told them that these leotards helped the dancers see and learn what their bodies are doing and what they look like in the mirror while dancing.

As the dancers put a leg up on the barre (track hurdles) to stretch, the crotch of their leotards would tighten up on their pussy lips which squeezed most of their shaved lips out around the material as the guys took pictures. They were pretty much completely exposed and the teacher had a good view of their pussies in the mirror. The dancers didn’t want to wear tights because they were too hot and sweaty and had to be washed every night, but the leotards are cooler. Bill said instead of seeing your selves in the mirror, they can see us looking back at them. The dancers said it was strange not seeing themselves, but seeing us looking back turned them on. Bill asked how long have you been wearing these leotards and they answered this was the second week.

The dancers had brought some music they use in Ballet class to dance to. After they danced for around 15 minutes Bill said it is time to do a strip tease and played a song called “The Stripper”. The guys told them to act like strippers and dance real dirty for them. They all danced as they sexily stripped their leotards and bras off, soon they were all naked. I could see that the twins were completely shaved now. It was fun watching the dancers strip and the guys were hooting, whistling and taking pictures.

The guys had the dancers pose for another group picture but this time naked. A couple of the dancers were embarrassed having their picture taken naked. Bill informed them he does this with all girls because it is necessary to document his study of girls, their bodies and sex and to prove his transformation and sculpturing of our bodies into the perfect girl. So he needs before and after pictures of us to compare and prove his idea works. Plus Bill said during his study of girls he discovered girls like to pose for pictures and show off their bodies especially naked. You see girls are exhibitionist by nature so it makes them feel naughty and turns them on when they do it and from seeing how wet your thighs are, I see you all must be turned on right now as we all laughed.

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