My Friend’s Dad Ch. 02

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I just laid on the floor not moving. Looking up at this man that had just abused my throat and mouth. I was still stunned from what had just happened. He was taking off his shirt and kicking off his shoes, and it just dawned on me what great shape he was in for a man his age.

As an Army retiree he had remained in top shape.

Gary and I had seen his Dad workout in the garage on his weight set and punching bag many times before. It was a ritual for him. His daily workout was routine, but he always wore heavy sweat pants and a t-shirt, so I had never seen his naked body before.

I knew he had well muscled arms but I had no idea his body looked as fit as it did. His stomach was chiseled and lean, no fat or flab at all. His legs were hard and developed with well muscled thighs. His waist started out small but developed into a wide set of shoulders and a massive masculine hairy chest. He had the body of a young man. He looked like a pro athlete.

“Move it boy, move it. Shuck those clothes now! I got a hard cock that needs some attention,” he growled at me while I still laid on the floor.

My cock was still hard while I looked at his perfect body. Was I ever going to get anything out of this or was it just about pleasing him?

As he undressed his big cock just bobbed and swayed depending on his movements, but the entire time it just jutted straight out from his groin. I couldn’t believe this perfect thick 12 inch circumcised whopper had just been in my throat. It didn’t seem possible that he had just fucked my gullet with it.

As hard and as straight as a steel pipe, he would occasionally stroke his cock and squeeze it with his right hand. Sometimes, he would tug on his nuts with his other hand between strokes. I wasn’t sure what he expected now and still laid frozen on the floor.

Looking frustrated and impatient he walked over to me and picked me up off the floor by placing his hands under my armpits. I was like a little rag doll in his grip. I had never stood this close to him before and now realized how big and strong he was. As he released me and I stood to my feet, he backed off a step and just stared at me.

“Come on son. Hurry up and drop those drawers. It’s time to give up the pussy! Hurry up you little faggot. I’m ready to turn that pussy out and make you my little bitch,” he scolded me.

I unbuttoned my shirt feeling embarrassed about my slight physique. Peeling off my pants and underwear I really felt inadequate physically next to this powerful man but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he looked pleased as he lustfully stared at my small stature. I wished I at least had some hair on my chest to match his thick furry chest, but I was as smooth as a girl.

When I was completely undressed I just stood there and awaited his next command, knowing full well he was in charge and I would do whatever he needed to be pleased.

“Get on the bed my little faggot cock sucker. Bun’s up kneeling and face down. Push that trophy I deserve up in the air and stretch your arms out over your head. I’m ready to pop that pretty pink pussy hole good for you,” he told me.

I crawled up onto the bed and assumed the position, bun’s up kneeling with my ass high in the air, as he had directed me. I felt so exposed and embarrassed in this position waiting for him while he went to his night stand and pulled out a jar of petroleum jelly.

As he crawled up onto the bed behind me I felt him jostle his body into position. He grabbed my hips roughly and readied himself, pulling my body back and forth while making his final adjustments. He took both of his hands and pushed my knees farther apart exposing my ass even more. I just let him mold me into any position that he wanted so he could do what he needed.

I heard the jar of lubricant open and sensed him smoothing the petroleum jelly onto his cock. His thumb touched my sphincter hole and started to grease my opening. I had no idea how good that could feel. It seemed like millions of nerve endings were alive and awake while I just tingled at his touch.

He was very gentle, just smearing jelly on my hole and tickling my butt. Occasionally he would insert a little of his thumb gently into my ass pushing the lubricant deeper, and this made me groan hard. The teasing was getting to me and I started to meet his thumb thrusts and moan a little.

“You like that huh? That’s just what your little pussy needs huh? You can’t manisa escort hide your lust bitch, I feel your pussy moving on that thumb. I hear you moaning on it. Soon those moans will turn to grunts and I will own that pussy. Just let it go sissy, give it up. Daddy knows what he is doing. Don’t worry, you are gonna love this,” he laughed.

He ground his thumb in deeper, past the first knuckle, twisting it around real gently. He would slide and twist it back and forth til it was all the way in and then pull it out and start all over again. I just wished it was longer and thicker. I was so relaxed and so horny. I just knelt there and openly moaned like a slave as he manipulated by ass.

I hated it when he removed his thumb and left me empty. On one occasion while his thumb was out I pushed my hips back looking for that thumb. I guess my movements were too obvious to him.

“Oh yea, that’s my sissy boy. Work that pussy back. That little cunt is getting hungry huh? You like that huh? Just relax son, be patient. The trick to fucking a virgin pussy is to be slow and make them want it. I know what I’m doing. All in good time bitch, all in good time. I’m gonna train this pussy real good for you. You’ll dump that little whore of a girlfriend and come running to me when I call,” he laughed again.

He took his index finger and his middle finger, and slowly inserted them into my tight ass. I felt a little bit of pressure at first but that went away in seconds. I got used to those fingers very quickly. While he fingered my ass slowly and gently, being careful not to make me lose my lust and desire, I secretly begged for three fingers or even more.

After a couple of minutes, sensing I was comfortable, I felt him insert yet a third finger and I was so ready for it. My ass gobbled it up and thrust back signaling I wanted more. He read my will and movements perfectly, removing the three digits and prying my ass open now with four fingers. I just grunted and moaned while he slid all four fingers in and out my ass. So relaxed from any pain but so hungry to be full.

He would move those fingers around tickling the insides of my guts. Twisting, probing and grinding those fingers in my ass got me so hot. I could feel those knuckles opening my ass up and stretching me out. All the way down those four fingers would go, touching me so deep and making me so full.

I started to perspire and grunt, feeling an enormous amount of pressure like I was going to pee or something. Not really to urinate, maybe, but some other strange feeling. I was starting to lose control of my body.

Withdrawing all his fingers, he said, “Shit bitch, that is one ravenous pussy you got. You are a fist fucking whore if I ever saw one. Not yet though, maybe later if you’re good. I want that pussy relaxed for my cock, but I want a tight fit too. If you do a good job with this cock, maybe I’ll fist fuck you later.”

He moved his body in closer and I felt contact again. That beer bottle thick cock was now touching the tip of my ass.

All I could think of was, “Please hurry up. Put it in!”

He just teased my ass hole opening with his cock. That steel muscle poked in just an inch or so and he pulled it right back out again. Leaving me empty and wanting, I just waited, going crazy with anticipation. Again and again he would just poke the tip in, pulling it out all the way and then just waiting. I groaned every time he popped it in my ass again, hoping my reaction would get him to give me more.

I knew he was training my ass to need his cock. Training my ass to miss it when it’s gone. I knew exactly what he was doing and it was working. This man was a master, my master, and he knew just how to exploit my ass for a lifetime.

“You miss that dick when I pull it out bitch? You miss it when it’s not in you? You be a good slut and give me all that pussy,” he teased.

All I could do was groan out a meek submissive, “Yes sir, please give it to me.”

“Don’t tease me boy! Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. I got a solid foot of hot hard dick that needs to be buried in a hot hole. This cock needs some attention. Let me bury every single inch in your pussy now. All the way son, every inch of it,” he groaned.

I could only answer by begging, “I’ll try sir.”

He swatted my ass hard with his hand now, still restraining from entering my ass again with his cock.

“That’s not good enough son. Tell me you want it all. Tell me you want me to pound that pussy all the way to my root! Say the words son,” he demanded.

“I want every single inch of your cock up my ass. I’ll do it. Pound it all the way to the root. Please just put it back in, please,” I sobbed.

He swatted my ass hard again and said, “It’s not an ass, it’s a pussy. It’s a pussy dammit! From now on this is my pussy, never say ass again! Now say it right!”

“Yes, please stuff every single inch of your cock up my pussy. Pound my pussy all the way to the root,” I begged.

“That’s a good little faggot. Now get ready to get rode hard. I’m gonna turn you into a bona fide little cock loving queer that needs this hard dick all day long,” he told me.

I just realized what I had committed to. I had just promised to let him shove that 12 inch beer bottle thick cock all the way up my ass. I knew how he liked it deep from the blow job he made me give him. I wasn’t sure I could take all of it. I just knew that right then I needed something more stretching my ass open wider.

There was no way he could get it all the way deep up my ass. We both knew that. It was just too long.

The thickness was what I wanted. The girth was what I craved. That stuffed full feeling that I just had with his fingers was what I desired. I just wanted my ass stretched out. I had no idea how deep he could really go, but I had just promised and even begged for all of it. Surely he would stop on the depth if it started to hurt me. However, there was no way I could get out of his grip, he was just too strong. It was just then that realized I was at his mercy.

Right then, he slid in about 7 or 8 inches and hit rock bottom. I felt the blunt tip nestle into the bottom of my ass. He just remained still and didn’t move it. I could feel him purposely flex his cock and let me adjust. I loved the way he made it throb. I was so lubricated and so horny it didn’t hurt at all. God, it felt so good.

It did take the breathe out of me at first as he filled me up so quickly and completely. It was now buried as deep as it could go.

After a minute or so he just started stroking it in and out. I could feel the bottom of the cavity of my ass meeting his cock head as he stroked into me. My ass was so hungry, so it never hurt at all. In fact, it felt perfect, like I had hoped it would. He continued this pumping for about five minutes or so, just making me feel so good.

It seemed like it was all about me. I felt like such a little girl, letting a big stud use my ass to please himself. I never wanted this feeling to stop. I just groaned and slobbered out the side of my mouth while he used me.

He now rocked in and out, pulling out til the tip just let my ass close up, and then pushing back and opening it up til he hit bottom again. Each stroke in would open my ass hole up again and it felt so good.

Maybe 8 or 9 inches were in me now and I felt some pangs of pain when he went too deep. I would flinch when he went to deep and he seemed to like that. It hurt a little but I never really wanted him to stop. I really wanted to please this man. He held my hips tight and controlled the thrusts, sensing my resistance on his deep strokes, but never relinquishing his power over me.

“Yea boy! Take Daddy’s dick! That’s a good boy. Eat that cock up. Show me what a hungry pussy you got. Come on boy, work that pussy,” he taunted me.

He kept pushing deeper and deeper. I’m sure at least 10 inches were in me now. I loved the thickness but it was too long. Being full felt so good but when he bottomed out it was really hurting some.

He didn’t seem to care anymore about me. He rammed it in hard and deep. Each stroke that hit the bottom caused me to flinch. I didn’t think I could it take this much longer. I was grunting and crying on that big cock.

“Damn you little fucker. Be quiet and lay still. Quit pulling away from me. You got a solid two inches left. You better open up that pussy and take that cock like you begged for it,” he screamed at me.

Now I was just hoping he would hurry up and finish. He was going too deep and it hurt too much when he tried to get the last couple of inches in. I was really struggling and he seemed frustrated with my efforts. He pulled his cock completely out and quickly flipped me over on my back. He then got between my legs and repositioned himself.

He looked so mad but so horny. I lay there on my back looking up at him and his massive cock was sticking straight out. I was kinda afraid he was gonna slap me again. I couldn’t believe that monster had been in my ass. He looked angry and just stared at me.

“You didn’t take it all. You just need more training bitch, but I’m too horny right now and I need to fill that pussy up with my man juice. Open up,” he barked.

He grabbed my ankles and pushed my knees up to my chest. This was uncomfortable and kinda hurt because I wasn’t that flexible. With my legs wide open now he slid that monster back up my ass. It felt so good. He placed my calves onto the top of both sides of his shoulders, holding me wide open and pushing down. Finally adjusting me so the back of my knees locked onto his shoulders, he shifted again, and leaned over me now. He had me locked into a position that I couldn’t move from.

He had complete leverage now to my exposed ass. This was much more comfortable for me. In this position he was able to push his entire cock up my ass with just a little effort. Now that he had buried it all, he smiled at me and thrust his hips against my wide open ass. I had finally taken all of it to the root. For some strange reason, I felt better about this, like I was a being a better lover for taking it all like he needed.

“Good girl. Now you got it. Wrap those arms around me. Chew on my nipples. Suck on my neck and you better not give me a hickey if you know what’s good for you. I need to blow my load. Now work that pussy for me,” he groaned.

Holding my legs he pumped deep into my ass. I felt his balls slapping against me as he bottomed out. My hard cock just bounced up and down with his movements.

I got that feeling again in my ass. Like I was losing control, like I was going to pee or expel. Sweating and groaning, I gnawed on his nipples while he hovered over me slamming deep in my ass. I held my arms tight around his strong body and let him use me. I sucked and slurped on his strong sweaty neck and made him groan.

I lost control and was sure I was going to pee. I just went with the feeling though. It didn’t feel like a regular orgasm. It was much more intense, but then I groaned and started to cum.

My first squirt hit me on my own neck. I sprayed all over my stomach and chest while he rammed my ass roughly and I started crying from the overwhelming feeling. As I sobbed and cried he just leered and laughed while redoubling his thrusting and pounding that big cock home.

“Yea bitch! You like that dick huh? Makes you cum good huh? Chew them nipples bitch. Come on, lets go. Don’t give up on me yet. I need to empty these balls. Work it sissy, work it,” he barked.

As I clamped down onto one of his nipples with my teeth he groaned loud and pounded as deep as he could. The pain came back again immediately, because he was too deep. I flinched and struggled to adjust but he wouldn’t let me move an inch. I thought I was going to pass out. Poking his cock in as deep as he could, I swear I saw stars.

I couldn’t move an inch and was forced to take this pounding on my ass. I thought this would never end but after about 10 or 20 more strokes like this I felt his cock jerk and spasm. Hot juice filled my ass as he shook me violently and squeezed me hard. He just sprayed and sprayed, filling my ass while he grunted, punching it in deeper and deeper. I struggled in his grip but he was too strong. Finally the jerking in his cock subsided and he quit pushing so deep.

Then he slowed down and the pain went away. His cock felt really good again. Instead of struggling I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of being full and used. I tried to encourage him not to pull his cock out by holding onto him and opening my legs wider, but he was finished for now.

As he pulled off me and pulled out of me, I felt lost. I felt so empty as the cum poured out of my ass. He noticed my cum on my stomach and smiled at his handiwork.

He stood up and for the first time today, acting like himself he said, “Are you thirsty? I am after that workout.”

My throat was so dry and I was so glad he wasn’t being mean now, but was instead offering to get me something to drink.

“Yes sir,” I said.

He scooped up my cum with his hand and brought it to my mouth. I just looked at him. He cocked one eyebrow and glared at me. I knew what he wanted. Pouring my seed into my mouth was humiliating as he watched, but as I licked my cold cum off his fingers I knew I would do anything he wanted.

To be continued……………….

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