My Friends Dad , My Lover Ch. 1

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For as long as I’ve been a teenager, men have always turned me on. Women did too, but there was something about a guy that I liked. Anyway, about 2 years ago, I met my friend Chris. Chris was 14 when I was 16, and he had a sister that was 17 named Jennifer and they lived with their dad Matthew. Chris and I were friends because I tutored him in English.

Well now that I am in college I still do what ever I can to help him. Anyway, When I saw his sister, it was like love at first sight for me. But then I saw Matt, and I feel for him instead. I never saw a man with a family that looked so hot! He was 6ft 2in, about 165lbs, thick dark blond hair, and had a moderate amount of hair on his chest. I should know because the three of us to this day work out in the gym in their basement. I always would dream about what the sex between me and Matt would be like, then my dreams came true when he and I had a 7-day-orgy.

It all started when Matt told me Chris and Jenny were going away to visit their mother from December 26th to January 2nd, and that he wanted me to stay over. I said that I’d just have to check in at home. He told me to tell mom & dad that I was going with the kids and that he’d be paying for the trip. My parents OK’d it and Matt told me that I was to come over after he dropped the kids off at the airport. Matt told me that he was placing the spare key in the mailbox for me so I could enter the house. About an hour later I hear a car pull up, and a door close. It was Matt. He was walking in the house with a few things he picked up at the market. That’s when it all began.

Everything escort bursa went smooth; we clowned around, talked about women, sports, and school. We ordered pizza and had some beers, true guy stuff. Well it was getting late so I walked down to the guestroom where I had my stuff, and changed out of my cloths just leaving on a T-shirt, boxers, and socks. Matt approached me, massaging my shoulders. He told me that he was glad I came over and that I was going to have “the time of my life”! All the sudden I felt him grab hold of me. Almost like he was hugging me. At that moment he turned me around and hugged me.

While doing that I felt his hands start to move down my back across my ass. I expressed a little concern, he told me that there was nothing to worry about. That it was common for guys to do this thing. I started to get very turned on, but very scared. He then told me to take off my shirt. I took off my shirt, exposing my lean, trimmed smooth chest. He then told me to go to the living room. As we were walking he shoved me on the floor and we started to wrestle. Just then I got up, he sat in his chair and pulled me into his lap and told me I was a good-looking adult.

He said I was the best looking 20-year-old he ever saw. He then told me to relax and lay back and that he was going to make me happy. He started to kiss my neck, then rub my chest and started to play with my nipples. He then ordered me to drop my boxers. After that he told me he wanted to show me how much he enjoyed my company. I stood up pulling off my boxers, bursa yabancı escort exposing my 6in long cut cock, and my balls. He then stood up and undressed right there.

I was used to seeing his chest because it looked like mine only hairier. But then he took off his pants, dropped his boxers, exposing a long 8inch cut cock. Matt then picked me up, and carried me to his room where he tossed me on the bed. I knew what was going to happen. My dreams were about to become a reality. He then came on top of me and we started to kiss me. Then he stopped and grabbed my cock and stated sucking it. It felt like something I never had before. His suck was so tight and so powerful; I almost blew my load in his mouth right then and there.

Then I felt him stop. He then got on his back and told me to get on top of him and put my dick in his face. We began to 69. As we did I felt him start to prep my ass for his Long cock. He started to put one finger after another till he had three fingers up my ass. Moving them around getting it ready. Just then he pulled them out, grabbed me and tossed me on my back. He got up and sat in his chair. He told me to come over here. I slowly went down on his cock. Then he grabbed me forced me down shoving all 8 inches up me. I started to ride him till he said to me to get on the bed on my hands and knees. He was going to fuck me doggie style. As he began to fuck me, all I could think about was how much I had wanted this for so long. I started shouting out…

“Oh daddy, Oh daddy Fuck me hard daddy, fuck your bursa escort little boy hard. Fill me with your cum!” After about a few minutes, He screams out…”Holy Shit, I’m gonna cum, Daddy’s, Daddy’s, Daddy’s, CCCUUUMMMINNGG, Oh god, oh fuck that feels good!” And with that he blew his hot load right up my ass. After that he fell on top of me, and then pulled out. I lay down. He told me to get up. He began to suck my cock. He started sucking my dick and licking my balls, and jerking me off. Just then I felt I had to blow my load in his mouth, I then grabbed hold of Matt’s head, and shouted…”I’m is cuming for you daddy, I’m gonna fill your mouth with every drop of cum!” With that a forced my cock down his throat and shot every drop of cum I could.

My balls felt like they had been drained, sucked dry. I almost feel down that’s how good it felt. Before I could, Matt, Picked me up, put me on the bed. He had swallowed all my sweet cum. While lying there, he told me he had wanted to fuck me since we met, but he didn’t know if I ever wanted it. I told him I felt the same. I told him I had a crush on him for years. The next day went by. That morning we woke up in each other’s arms, and we both showered up together. Before we showered I gave him the best blowjob I ever could. I swallowed every drop of cum he shot out. We went to a few placed and did things. We were friends by day and lovers by night. We slept in his bed the entire week. We even spent one day together in bed. The entire week went by as a big orgy.

Matt treated me like his lover and his son. Well Matt and I continue to fool around still. Now that Chris is in college and has a class certain days at night and certain day’s Jenny has her cheerleading practice, we get to have the house for ourselves for a few hours. One day we had a threesome with Jenny in her college cheerleading uniform. But that will be to follow.

To be continued…

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