My Friend’s Sister and Girlfriend

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After college I worked for a company that moved me around the country for a few years. Eventually I was brought back home and moved in with my buddy Jim who had his own house. Another one of our buddies was living with Jim, but he was moving out to buy his own place so the timing was perfect. Jim’s Master Bedroom was on the first floor and my guest bedroom was on the second floor. Jim was dating a girl named Gina who was real nice, had long, dark hair, was about 5′ 6″ and weighed about 140 lbs. She was by no means fat, but she was curvy. She had a nice pair of 36DD tits. I know because when she would spend weekends at our place she would leave her overnight bag in Jim’s room and when they weren’t around I would go through the bag to see what my buddy was working with.

On one particular summer weekend my buddy Jim’s sister, Tia, was in town. She was staying in a guest bedroom on the first floor next to Jim’s room. I had known Tia since she was in the grade school and practically considered her my sister. I didn’t talk or text her as the years went by, but every so often we would email just to see how each other were doing. Tia loved to drink and party so it was no surprise that when she graduated college she got a job as a club promoter. That meant Tia usually slept during the day and “worked” at night. Tia was 5’3″, weighed about 110 lbs, and she had a very athletic build to her. Growing up Tia always had small little tits but after college she changed that and got some massive implants. On her small little frame one might argue that she went to big, but at the club, in a tank top, those things were like cannons on her chest and any heterosexual guy would have to look at them. She also loved to go tanning so her olive colored skin contrasted nicely with her blonde hair.

On Friday night, the first night of her visit, Tia met up with some old college friends so I never saw her. Being summer, Jim and I had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ and as with most weekends, we got after it with the drinking. Flip cup, corn hole, washers…you name it, we played it and everything was a drinking game. By midnight the party was still going strong but I had a tough day at work and was ready to pass out. I said my goodbyes to everyone, stumbled upstairs, and luckily made it to my room. Throwing my clothes into a pile, I quickly undressed down to my boxer briefs and crashed into bed.

I was probably only asleep for 15 minutes but it felt like a lifetime when I was awoken by a loud knock on my bedroom door. Too tired to get out of bed, I just groaned, “come in.” The door knob quickly turned, the door was thrown open, and Tia came bouncing into my room and jumped onto my bed. She was wearing a sky blue tank top and tight black pants. The tank top did very little to support her gigantic breasts and as she bounced into my room so did they. She gave me a big hug and immediately started making fun of me for being asleep. I was reluctant to engage her in conversation because I was so tired, but she was relentless and finally got me out of my slumber. We sat on my bed talking, catching up on life, and actually cracked open two beers.

About an hour passed and by this time I could hear the party downstairs was coming to an end. Jim and Gina were saying goodbye to the last of the guests, and hopefully cleaning up a bit. When the last of the guests was gone, Gina came up to check on me and Tia. She saw us laying in bed talking and said goodnight. On her way out of my room, Gina joked, “don’t forget to use protection.” Tia and I laughed, but Gina’s comment led me to ask Tia how her love life was going. Tia said she wasn’t dating anyone and then mentioned that it had been a few months since she had gotten any action. I found this strange because let’s face it, if an average girl wants to get laid she can, and Tia was no average looking girl, so I know she would have no trouble getting dick if she wanted to.

Realizing it was getting late, Tia excused herself and went downstairs to get ready for bed. No longer tired, I went to the bathroom and when I got back to my room I grabbed my phone and decided to watch a little porn. I was browsing through short clips of college girls having sex in their dorm room and had to make sure the volume was down so nobody in the house heard me. At night our house got very quiet and with Jim’s bedroom right below mine I didn’t want them hearing the sounds of girls getting fucked while I rubbed one out. After the first video I was looking for another one when I heard the unmistakeable sound of a girl moaning. Laying still in my bed I continued to listen and quickly realized that Jim and Gina were having sex below me. My first thought was what were they thinking, Tia was staying in the room right next to them and she would obviously hear their shenanigans going on. Then I realized they were both probably drunk and didn’t give a fuck.

I continued to lay in bed, with my hand slowly working my dick, as I listened to Jim and Gina. I don’t think there was much foreplay as I could here the faint sounds Uşak Escort of bodies slapping together and Gina clearly telling Jim to, “fuck that pussy, come on, fuck it, harder, harder.” I found myself slightly chuckling, thinking of the inevitable moment tomorrow morning when I would see Gina. I wouldn’t say anything to her about what I heard, but I knew in my head all I would be picturing would be her doggy style taking it from behind.

As I was laughing there was a light knock on my door. I quickly stopped stroking myself and stuffed my 8 inches back into my boxer briefs. I then jumped out of bed and opened the door. Still in her tank top and black pants Tia was standing there with wide eyes and her mouth wide open. I was about to ask her if everything was ok when she said, “Oh my god, can you hear that?” I tried to pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about but during the moment of silence between us we could both clearly hear Gina yell, “Fuck Jim, right there…faster, harder…I’m going to cum.” Staring into Tia’s eyes we then heard Gina let out the loudest moan and I can only assume she came all over Jim’s cock.

Tia and I could not help but to start laughing and I said, “Oh, you mean that sound?”

Tia then walked into my room and said, “There is no way I can sleep in the room next to them, can I sleep here?” I said no problem and we both walked over to my bed. It wasn’t until I crawled under the covers that I realized I was just standing in front of Tia, in my boxer briefs, and I still had a raging hard on stuffed inside. Standing next to the bed with her back to me, Tia reached under her shirt and removed her bra. Then she bent over and removed her black pants, revealing a white thong that disappeared deep into her ass cheeks. She threw the bra and pants onto the floor and jumped into bed, way to quick for me as I could have stared at that ass all night.

Up until that point I can honestly say I had never had a sexual thought about Tia, except for wondering what her fake tits looked like. At this moment though, I was having every dirty thought a guy could have. And now laying next to me I even found her smell to be intoxicating. I tried to shake the thoughts from my head and actually shook my head slightly. Tia asked if I was OK and I quickly responded that I was fine and just had a little sore neck. Tia told me to roll over and she would give me a little neck rub. I wasn’t going to argue and rolling over onto my stomach gave me a chance to hide my hard cock in the mattress. I thought Tia would just roll over onto her side to rub my neck, but the next thing I knew the covers were pulled down and Tia straddled my ass. As her hands worked my neck and back all I could picture was her little thong covered ass sitting right behind me. She did a great job working my neck, back, and shoulders, so much so I let out a light moan to which Tia said, “Well at least you are quieter than Gina.” We both laughed and Tia continued to massage my back. If I didn’t know better, I think Tia was also using this massage to her advantage. While massaging me she was slowly rocking her hips and grinding her pussy and clit on my ass. After a few minutes Tia moved further down my body and began to massage my butt and legs.

As Tia was kneading my butt, through my boxer briefs, we could again hear Jim and Gina fucking. This time it was just grunts coming from Gina as Jim continued to fuck her. I guess Jim was taking his time to cum and that meant Gina had to continue enduring some hard fucking.

Finishing the massage at my feet, Tia told me to roll over. The tent in my pants had gone down by this time so I rolled over onto my back and Tia resumed the straddling position and began to massage my chest. Outside of a professional massage, I never really had my chest massaged but I loved it because I was often sore from my workouts. The problem was now I was laying there looking at Tia and I could not help but to take looks at her thong which was again grinding, this time on my stomach. To make matters worse, her big, fake titties were also bulging out the sides of her tank top and jiggling as she worked her hands over my body. This of course meant my dick was beginning to stir and if she backed up even the slightest she would encounter my boxer briefs’ speed bump. I told Tia the chest rub was a nice surprise and she said she loved having her upper chest massaged. I know it sounds stupid but I used this opportunity to ask Tia if, with her implants, she had the same sensitivity in her chest. Tia said she didn’t think she lost any sensitivity with her implants to which then I began asking her a few more questions about them. Was she happy with them? Did she think she went to big? And did she think they felt natural? Tia was very open and honest with her answers telling me she was very happy with them, that she probably did go too big and that she got them done for about $12K. Then she asked me if I wanted to feel them. Laying on my back, looking up at Tia, with her straddling my stomach, I wanted nothing Uşak Escort Bayan more than to feel them. However, this was a girl who I knew from childhood and who I considered to be my sister. I was about to say no when Tia gave me the greatest gift. She lifted up her shirt, exposing the most beautiful, fake tits I had ever seen. She then grabbed my hands, placed them on her breasts and together we massaged her breasts. Eventually Tia removed her hands and I continued to massage them lightly by myself, occasionally taking each nipple in between my fingers, and tweaking them gently. At this, Tia closed her eyes and I saw a small smile come across her face. I could tell she liked the “massage” so I told her to lay down and it was her turn.

Tia and I exchanged places on the bed and now I was straddling her stomach while massaging her tits and upper chest. The whole scene was a little strange because here I was massaging her breasts but we were talking like we were old friends. Needless to say I was still hard and I have no doubt that Tia could see the impact she was having on me. Eventually I had Tia flip over and began to massage her back. Sitting on her thighs my dick, still in my boxers, was able to rest nicely in the crack of her ass, barely covered by her thong. My eyes never left that perfect ass as I massaged her back and Tia was loving the feeling of my hands as she let out low moans.

As I continued the massage, Tia noticed my phone on the bed and grabbed it to check the time. As she flipped it over my heart nearly sank as I saw the porn website I had been looking at before she came up. I was trying to think of something to say, but Tia began to flip thru the different videos and said, “ooh, I like this website, they’ve got a great selection.” I could not believe it, most girls I had been with always denied watching porn (which I think were lies) and here was a girl that was like my sister telling me she loved porn.

I quickly responded, “you watch porn?”

“Of course, every girl does. And if they say they don’t they are liars,” Tia responded. “If I’m alone, I love laying on my bed at night, watching a couple videos, and getting myself off with my vibrator. It’s fast, easy, and there is very little clean up,” she said laughing.

“Yeah, well clean up for girls is surely less messy than it is for us guys,” I responded. I then moved my massage down to her ass and as I did Tia started a movie. I didn’t see the name of the video, but watching it over her shoulder I noticed it was a young guy who was getting ready to mess around with his step-sister. I sat on Tia silently watching the video, as I now began to rub her ass. As I rubbed her ass cheeks I noticed they would separate ever so slightly and even with the thong on I would get quick glimpses of her pussy lips. I eventually began massaging her legs and thighs and as I would do a deep rub of her thigh I would drop my head down to get a better glimpse of her pussy and smell the sweet aroma coming from her panties. I was so focused on her pussy lips and ass over the past couple of minutes that I had not noticed she had dropped a hand underneath her and was covertly rubbing her clit. In fact, as I gave her thigh a final deep rub she lifted her hips up just a little and pushed her ass back slightly toward my cock. Seeing her finger slide down her pussy and into the folds of her lips I just snapped and dove head first into her panty covered ass and pussy. Like an animal I began to squeeze her ass and licked everything that I came across. Pulling her panties to the side they actually tore off of her as I drove my tongue into her pussy and slid it all the way up to her ass. I circled around her ass a few times before returning to her pussy, which I must say tasted just as good as it smelled. Tia was clearly worked up too because her pussy was slick even before my tongue began ravaging it.

I worked on her from behind for just a few minutes and then flipped her over onto her back and resumed my attack on her pussy. In this position I was also able to insert a finger at first, and then two, while my tongue danced around and the thumb on my other hand rubbed the entrance to her ass. I don’t know how long Tia had been fingering herself before I saw her, but it did not take long for her to cum. As her orgasm built I could feel her hands running thru my hair, at times pushing my face deeper into her love canal. She was also trying to express how much she was loving the feeling but she was short of breath and her words just came out as gibberish. As her orgasm neared, her thighs shook around my head and I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers and tongue. Finally she let out a rather loud moan and came all over my tongue and face. I continued to assault her clit all the way through her orgasm and eventually Tia had to remove me as the sensation on her love button was just too much. Laying between her legs I took my first real look at her pussy. It was cleanly shaven and now glistened in the night as it was covered in wetness. I Escort Uşak then looked up and over her two beautiful mounds and into her eyes, which were starring back at me with a huge smile across her face.

“That was incredible,” Tia said, as she slipped two fingers into her pussy and then into her mouth. “Watching porn and masturbating has never made me cum as hard as you just did.” Again she slid her fingers over her pussy but this time she put her fingers to my lips and I happily licked them clean.

“Sorry, between your body and the porn I don’t know what came over me, but I just had to do it,” I responded.

“Oh, please do not apologize, it was exactly what I needed and wanted.”

Tia then sat up at the head of the bed and grabbed my face to pull me up towards her. I climbed up her body and we began to passionately kiss, with Tia licking my lips to further enjoy her taste which still coated my face. As we kissed Tia reached her hands into my boxers and began to rub my still throbbing dick.

Tia broke the kiss for just a second to say, “Well what do we have here?”

“Well a guy can’t rub a beautiful ass in a thong, eat a delicious pussy, and not get hard,” I responded.

Tia let out a little giggle and then said, “Then I guess we need to take care of him, just as well as you took care of my little kitty.” Tia had me stand up on the bed and pulled my boxer briefs down, causing my dick to springboard out and come to rest right at the entrance to her mouth. Tia then began to slowly lick the head of my penis with her tongue. Swirling around the head of my cock, up and down the shaft, and around the balls, her touch was very light. I tried to reach down to grab at her tits but they were just to far out of reach. So instead I grabbed the headboard with one hand and a hand full of her hair with the other and just enjoyed the feeling.

After a little bit Tia stopped to ask if I was enjoying the blowjob. I said it was great to which she then responded, “well hold on.” Tia then violently spit on my cock, grabbed my ass and shoved my dick deep down her throat. It was a complete 180 from the sensual blowjob I had been receiving and I could feel my penis hitting the back of her throat every time she took it in. It was a good thing I was holding the headboard, because if I hadn’t I probably would have fallen over. In and out my cock went, with Tia doing a masterful job not to nick me with her teeth. Every so often Tia would let my cock go so that she could suck on my balls, even placing both of them in her mouth at the same time. When she would put my cock back in her mouth it would take me a few seconds to pick up the rhythm, but eventually I would and I took to fucking her mouth. It looked like tears were starting to form in Tia’s eyes and I would think about stopping, but she would just keep telling me to fuck her mouth. At one point Tia slid her hand down to her pussy, lubed up a finger with the juices oozing from her pussy, and began to slowly prod the entrance to my ass. Now Tia was the animal, attacking my dick just the way I had attacked her pussy earlier. The intensity of the blowjob and ass play was incredible and I began to near my own orgasm. But I did not want to blow my load yet so I stepped back and withdrew my cock from Tia’s mouth and laid down on the bed. Tia then went down on me to continue the blowjob. I stopped her only briefly to tell her I wanted to taste that pussy again, so we assumed a 69 position. Laying on my back I was able to enjoy the feeling of the blowjob as I continued to lick at her pussy.

From this position the door to my room was just to my left and I caught something out of the corner of my eye. It was Gina and she was standing at my door in a short t-shirt and panties. She must have heard Tia moaning when she came earlier and instead of staying in her bed she came up to investigate. At this point Tia didn’t see Gina leaning in the doorway, but I could and I could also see Gina’s fingers inside her waistband, rubbing herself. Gina and I locked eyes for a brief moment and I thought I might scare her off. Instead she ran her free hand under her shirt and began to squeeze her tits. As I stated earlier, I knew Gina had 36DD boobs and I so badly wanted to see them.

As Tia continued to bob up and down on my dick I looked directly at Gina and said, “Oh that is fuckin incredible. I love your pussy and tits.” Tia, assuming I was talking to her, just moaned and continued to work my cock in and out of her mouth. Gina, on the other hand, turned her back towards me, pulled her top over her head, and then bent over and slowly slid her panties down her legs. I could see the panties cling to her pussy ever so slightly as she pulled them down, letting me know there was some moistness between those pussy lips. She then turned back around and resumed rubbing her pussy. Although it was dark I was able to make out those gigantic mounds with huge nipples as they hung naturally from her body, unlike the huge tits that sat up high on Tia’s chest. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Gina’s pussy was nicely groomed and a small amount of hair was protecting the entrance to her pussy. Still looking me in the eye and rubbing her pussy, Gina raised one of her breasts to her mouth and sucked on her nipple, as if she knew what I wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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