My Fuck Buddy’s Friend

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Author’s note: Well, I’ve been pecking away at my ongoing story off and on, but it’s been a little while since I had one of those moods where I felt driven to sit down and write… and when I did, it was to express a fantasy that had been stuck in my head recently. This poured out of my head and was done in less than 24 hours, and it’s still making me horny so I feel compelled to put it out there as quickly as possible. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s too rough-around-the-edges.

I thought about trying to rewrite it so it would fit into my longer narrative, but I have a pretty solid outline for that, so it seems better to let this stand as a one-off on its own.

Hope you enjoy! Feedback/comments are always nice! Feel free to send me a message if you want a safe space to talk about your experiences or fantasies.


It was towards the end of a pretty satisfying session with my fuck buddy. He was on his back, and I had his cock in my mouth – soft now after I had made him come, but I was still gently licking and suckling at it, my eagerness to clean him off hopefully expressing my thankfulness that he had allowed me to swallow his delicious semen. One hand behind his head, the other was slowly stroking my body, and we both were slowly coming down into the relaxed, post-coital state.

“I told a friend of mine about you,” he said.

I made an interrogative noise around his cock and leaned my head back to look up at his face.

“I was telling him that I had found this inexperienced straight guy who had discovered he loves worshipping cock, and how much he loved serving me.”

I felt a whole burst of emotions at that – a bit of residual embarrassment at being considered a cock worshipper (though that had definitely been fading for the past couple months I’d been coming to get topped by my buddy) but also turned on at the idea that I was enough of a dirty boy, and a good enough lay, to be bragged about.

“He likes chubby guys too. He said he’d love to have a session with you, so I said I’d mention it. I can hook you up if you’d like.”

I took his cock out of my mouth and let my fingers gently stroke from his foreskin to his balls. I tried to gather my thoughts.

“I guess you’re still shy around other guys,” he said.

I bit my lip. “No, it’s not that, I guess. I told you that I really do want to be a slut and I want to serve other men… but I do want to make sure it’s in a situation where I feel… safe.”

“Well, he’s like me. He always uses condoms. And I know him, so he’s not like some random stranger you’d meet on an app. And he’d definitely be able to help you feel like more of a slut.”

As I wondered what that meant, his hand ran along my side, then along my belly, and then moved down to grip the steel cage locked onto my cock.

“How much longer are you going to be in this?”

“At least another couple weeks, depending on what cards I draw in the app.”

“Well, I guess you’re going to be pretty horny for another couple weeks, even after getting fucked today.”

It was quiet as we both continued to lazily touch each others’ bodies for several minutes.

I thought about the next couple weeks. That relaxing glow I got after being fucked was already starting to fade. I thought about how being locked up made me feel so eager to serve other men.

I cleared my throat. “So… if I wanted to meet your friend, how would we set this up?”

* * *

On a cool evening the next week, the Uber was cruising slowly down a suburban street in a neighborhood I wasn’t too familiar with. Mature elm trees along the boulevards. Looked like nice houses, set back far enough that the house numbers were sometimes hard to read as both the driver and myself peered to find the right address.

He dropped me off in front of a well-kept brick house. Two-car garage, with a Ford in the driveway. There was a funny little nervous kick in my stomach as I walked to the front door. Wow! I’m actually doing this, I thought to myself. I hadn’t felt this sort of queasy excitement since I made the big plunge and took the chance to hook up with another man. And now, I’m on my way to get fucked by a complete stranger. The excitement was thrilling. I was nervous, but the ache in my balls as my cock strained in its cage meant there was no way I was going to bail on this.

Besides negotiating a night that worked out for both of us and being given the address, there hadn’t been much communication. It was only now, as I was walking up the sidewalk that I realized I didn’t even know the guy’s name! He had simply texted me, saying, “a friend of mine says you want to come to my place and get fucked.”

And now, I realized, I was here. Moment of truth. On the porch, I texted his number as I had been instructed. “I’m outside now.”

I thought the guy would come to the door to let me in, but instead he texted me back. “front door is open. come in + lock it behind you. wait in the entryway.”

I Escort Sakarya followed the instructions, stepping into a bright and warm vestibule. There was a closet on one wall, a bench and coat rack on the other. The place seemed clean and cozy, as much as you can tell from seeing just this much of the house. There was a sliding door at the far end, open just a crack.

My phone buzzed. “get undressed,” the text read. “you can leave your clothes on the bench.”

That got my stomach trembling all over again. This was happening! It was real, and it was exciting in a way I was not expecting. This man, who I hadn’t seen – hadn’t met – was giving me instructions. No, orders.

I kicked off my shoes. I wanted to follow his orders. Feeling embarrassed and eager and nervous and horny all at once, I took off all my clothes, making a neat pile on the bench. By the time I was down to my briefs, I didn’t even pause. They went on top, and I was now naked in this stranger’s house.

My phone buzzed again. I was so excited and nervous I let out a little grunt of surprise.

“take the blindfold from the coat rack and put it on. when its on, stand and face the wall beside the bench”

Wow. Oh… wow. This wasn’t what I was expecting. But it was also far more intense than what I was expecting. I knew I could put my clothes back on and leave, but… I wanted to find out what was going to happen.

There was a leather strip on the coat rack that I hadn’t noticed. I grabbed it and moved over to the far end of the bench and turned so I was facing the wall. I looked at the blindfold. The notch where the nose would fit gave me an orientation for it and when I pulled it in front of my face it covered my range of vision completely. There was a strap on the back with a belt-like clasp, so I fumbled at it a bit until it tightened and the prong found a hole. That done, my arms dropped to my sides.

I heard a noise beside me that I guessed was the sliding door being pulled open.

“Hands on the wall, shoulder height,” a man’s voice said.

As I did that, I could feel him standing next to me. And now, there was another tremendous wave of excitement and nervousness. Naked and blindfolded, ready to offer myself to this stranger.

“Just stand… like that,” his voice said, and then his hands were touching me. Running up and down my sides. Squeezing my shoulder, then reaching around to run over my tits and belly.

“You feel okay? You ready to do this?” Judging by his voice, he sounded like a middle-aged guy, maybe about the same as my regular fuck buddy. The voice had an edge of authority, but it wasn’t mean or threatening.

“I feel… I mean, I am. Yes, sir,” I said, my words coming out in more of a nervous rush than I had intended.

“All right, then. Hands behind your back.”

Without thinking, I complied, and seconds later I felt cold metal press against one wrist and then the other. There were loud clicks as the cuffs locked around my wrists. Even more than before, I was feeling nervous and powerless and very, very turned on.

“Turn around,” the man said, a hand on my shoulder guiding me so my shoulders were now against the wall as a hand on my breastbone pushed me back into it.

Again his hands ran up and down my body, teasing my nipples and then moving down so both were squeezing my flabby belly.

“How much do you weigh?”

“About two forty-five,” I replied. Normally I’d feel awkward to admit that out loud, but the way his hands stroked and squeezed my love handles made it feel different.

“You should gain some more. It looks good on you.”

Then I felt his body press against mine as he leaned up against me. I could feel from the textures along my chest and legs that he was fully clothed. To my surprise, he leaned in and kissed me on the mouth.

It took me a moment to adjust to this. I had told my fuck buddy early on that since I wasn’t gay, I didn’t like kissing guys, and he had never pressed the matter any further. But now, I was getting it full on from this stranger.

I felt his tongue pushing out between my lips. Without really thinking about it, I tilted my head a bit and opened my mouth, letting him penetrate me. It felt weird, but I was also excited. This is what I came here for, I thought to myself, to get penetrated by him. The part of it that seemed the strangest was feeling his stubble rub against my face.

My whole body pinned to the wall, the length of him was pushing against me. Not violently, but insistently. His tongue was doing the same thing… pressing, pushing, entering. He was claiming me, controlling me, and I wanted to let it happen.

He wasn’t in a rush and he kept making out with me like that for several minutes. Sometimes he’d break the kiss and nibble at my earlobes or lick my neck, before ramming his tongue back into my mouth. And most of the time one hand has stroking along the sides of my belly.

“Mmm. You’re a hot one, a sexy one,” he murmured Side escort before he lowered his head so he could gently nibble my nipples. That gave me a moment to catch my breath and part of my mind felt weirdly reflective. It’s so funny! All my life I felt so self-conscious about my weight, and now it’s so weird that there are these guys who are into my body type. There was a strange thrill along with that, and after a moment of reflection, I realized maybe that’s what it’s like to feel sexy.

That weird sensation was enhanced as I could sense the man dropping to his knees in front of me, and then, once more, both his hands started squeezing my belly. His tongue licked around my belly-button and then into it. He gripped and licked my flab for a few more minutes before a hand dropped down to the smooth-shaved skin above my caged cock.

“I guess I don’t get to play with this, hey?”

I shook my head. “The key is somewhere I can’t get to it.”

“Too bad, I like making chubby guys squirm when I play with their little dickies. Is that why you put it in this? Because it’s too small to use like a man?”

“I’m about average.” I said. “Almost.”

He chuckled. “Almost. I bet you’re smaller than that.” One hand gripped my balls and the other wiggled the metal tube of my cage. “They say it shrinks if you stay locked up in one of these, is that right?”

“Some guys say that.”

“So do you want your cock locked up so it shrinks down to a little niblet?”

“That’s not why I do it, but I guess… if it shrinks, it shrinks.”

“Then why do you wear this?”

“Because… I guess because the way it makes me horny is different and way more intense. It makes me want to serve men, and it makes… other things feel incredible.”

“Well, I hope it shrinks you right down. Then you could come and show me your big belly and tiny cock while you serve me. Speaking of that…”

He stood up. “Maybe it’s time for you to show that you’re serious about serving a real man.” A hand wrapped around my bicep, guiding me. “Through here.”

He led me past the sliding door, and then after a few feet we turned again, and I sensed we were entering a larger space, probably the garage based on what I could guess of the layout I saw from the street. The air was a little cooler in here, especially on my naked body.

I was walking across plastic or some kind of mat. He guided me around unseen furniture and then helped me lower myself to my knees. I was glad the floor was padded below me, and not bare concrete.

In front of me I heard some rustling, and then a zip that sounded like he was taking off his pants. I could sense him stepping back in front of me, and now there was also… a smell. A body smell. Man-sweat.

His hand gripped the back of my head and pushed it forward into what I assumed was his underwear. The smell was overwhelming now. Sweat and musk and a bit of piss. But very, very strong.

“I wanted to be ready for you,” he said, “so I’ve been wearing these for five days now… ever since you texted me. I’ve worked out in these and slept in them. No showers. I think they’re getting a little ripe now, don’t you think?”

I muttered something as his hand kept pressing my face against his hip. But then he released me, and I tilted my head back to get a breath.

“I want you to get a sense of the cock you’re gonna worship tonight, so you can go ahead and lick my cock and balls through these.”

Feeling a little dizzy, I started doing just that. I had to explore around a bit, gumming at the fabric until I could sense the outline of his mostly-soft cock. Once I had traced it out, I tried to wrap my lips around the head through the cloth, meaning that my spit was now soaking into it, activating all of the stink that had dried into it.

“That’s right,” he said as I felt his cock twitch, somewhere hidden from me. “Suck all my sweat out. Show me you deserve a taste of my cock.”

I ducked down and tilted my head to get at what I thought were his balls, my tongue lapping along the front of the underwear. I could taste dried piss now along with the other flavors, and part of me thought I should be disgusted with this. But the bulk of my brain – the part of it wired into my pheromone receptors, I assume – was telling me don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.

His cock was filling out now, and it was getting easier for me to move my lips along the length of his shaft, as if I were trying to play a flute wrapped in a gym sock. The whole front of the underwear was damp from my spit as I kept working at his tool.

Finally, I felt him pushing my forehead back. “Okay, I think you got it hard enough that you deserve a reward. You can use your teeth to take my underwear off.”

That was not as easy as it sounded. Trying to tug at the waistband without using my hands was not easy, and it took a couple minutes, but I got the impression that he was enjoying watching me struggle at it. Finally, I got them over his hips izmir escort bayan and freed his cock and I could sense the underwear falling to the ground. Two little half-steps implied he was stepping out of them, and then he moved back in front of my face.

“You’re almost ready to worship my cock. Get down and lick my fucking balls.”

Feeling the presence of his cock in front of me, by trial and error I ducked until I found his ballsack. It was smooth and hairless and his balls seemed to be big and dangling. The smell of him was different and more intense now that he was out of the filthy underwear, and once I was orientated, I started by licking around and under his balls as much as I could, breathing in an incredible musky wave before licking his scrotum proper, and then, slowly sucking one of his balls into my mouth. Then I repeated the procedure on his other side, and he made a humming sound as I applied a very ginger suction to the other testicle in my mouth. After that, I did my best to lick the entirety of his ballsack clean, turning my head sideways to give long strokes along the warm dangling orbs in front of me.

He pulled his balls away from my mouth. I took a deep breath, wondering if I was going to get to experience his cock now. But he had another assignment for me. “You better clean my asshole too, before you can get to my cock.”

Turning away from me, he must have had something to lean on in front of him, as I could sense him bending over as he pushed his butt into my face. The smell back here was different, and as my tongue began exploring to find his asshole, I discovered it was incredible. I can’t lie… licking assholes was one of the things that excited me most about serving men, and this hole was the most amazing one I had encountered. There was a salty, sweaty tang, and something bitter as well. I guess I didn’t have to pretend to myself what those flavors were… after all, he had been, um, using his asshole in the regular way for the past five days without showering. Logically, I could tell what I must be tasting, but the truth of it was that I didn’t care one iota. It was delicious.

Either he also enjoyed getting rimmed or he could tell I was really into it, as he let me lick his asshole for an extended amount of time, and I did my best to lick his whole area clean before using my tongue to make out with his hole in the same way he had been kissing me earlier. Eventually, though, he moved away.

I moaned involuntarily. “Thank you,” I said, with complete earnestness. “Your asshole is incredible. Thank you for letting me lick it clean.”

“I knew you’d like it,” he said. “Our mutual friend said you were especially a slut for rimming.” In the back of my mind, some part of me was impressed that two men had had a conversation about my propensity for licking assholes.

After that, I had almost forgotten about what I was going to get next, until he stepped back in front of me and began slapping my cheeks with his hard cock.

“C’mon, get your mouth on it,” he teased as it darted from one side of my face to the other. I tried to guess where he was moving it, but he kept smacking my cheeks until I managed to wrap my lips around the head.

And then I was sucking his cock.

This was also fantastic. Without being able to evaluate it with eyes or hands, at first it felt gigantic as I started moving up and down his shaft. I paused and licked it up and down and suckled on the circumcised head before getting back to full-on sucking, and as I started to take it deeper I was more able to appreciate what I was working with. I could tell, from the way I was stretching my jaw, that he was a bit thicker than my fuck buddy, but when I did my best to push the head down my throat I could feel my nose brushing against his smooth-shaved stomach as my gag reflex started, so it seemed to be about the same length as my usual top. So, a fairly average cock, though on the thicker side.

And it was also quite delicious. Especially the crevasses along the base of it that had that salt-sweat taste, but as I kept sucking there was also a subtle-but-intoxicating favor to his pre-come.

With my hands still cuffed behind my back I couldn’t gain much leverage, and I had to be careful as I was bobbing my head not to go too deep and start gagging. I hadn’t been sucking cocks for all that long, and I didn’t think I was really good yet, but whatever I was doing seemed to do the trick, and this stranger seemed satisfied with my efforts. At least he didn’t need to remind me, as my regular top did, to keep my mouth tight, and to keep the suction on his cock.

I had no idea how long I had been sucking him for, but I could hear and feel some of the cues I’d been learning that he was getting along. He was breathing a little more heavily now, and I felt his balls twitch against my chin. I was wondering if he was going to let this go all the way to completion when I heard him take a deep breath and pull his cock away from me.

“Phoo! That’s enough of that for now. I don’t think you want me to blow my load yet, do you?”

“However you want to,” I said, as I also started to catch my breath. “I’d love to taste your come, but I want to do whatever lets you have the best time and the best orgasm.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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