My Girlfriend Turned Me Gay Ch. 02

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Note: This story starts where “my girlfriend turned me gay” ended. These stories are for entertainment purposes. I am not making a statement or soliciting debates about consent. Not to wax philosophical but how many of us are really free to make choices. As hard as it is to understand for some, many straight men do fantasize about being taken anally – usually without consent. Being forced or coerced erases any accountability and as such the man can experience gay sex without being gay. This Zen like idea is the inspiration for this series of stories. This type of sexuality isn’t for everyone, so do not read any further if you’re offended by: gay sex, gay gangbangs, bisexuality, consensual rape or other types of forced fantasies, large throbbing erect cocks, or ….. well I think you get the picture. To all who support creative expression without succumbing to pressure from critics I give a thumbs up in solidarity. To my detractors and critics I offer a different finger (no not ‘flipping’ you off) pointing to the exit (like a very astute and witty fan indicated). And you can quote me, “An extreme prudishness belies a lascivious nature.”


Scene 1 – he wakes up and comes to grips with his experience last night with the help of a loving open-minded girlfriend.


I awoke.

I found myself confused and disorientated.

I got up on shaky legs and looked in the mirror.

Last night events came rushing back to me so quickly, “Oh my god what did I do?” I asked myself, my head spinning with images of my body being used as a fuck toy.

I ran my hands over my trim body. I was sticky, sore and in desperate need of a hot shower.

I called out, “Honey” I waited for a reply then, “Honey are you here?” There was no answer.

I showered, my hands washing last night from the tone muscles of my body. I was surprised that my ass was still dilated from last night’s abuse. I got excited at the thought of how well I performed as a whore. What was I thinking? What was happening to me?

I had so many thoughts whirling through my head of shame and guilt that were soon replaced with a growing desire for even more of this abuse by hard cock. I left the shower refreshed and lustful.

She surprised me, “Hey babe, you’re up?”

“Yeah.” I instinctively dropped my head. Demetevler Escort She picked up on my need for reassurance.

“Lets talk a bit – OK my little snuggle bunny?” She asked knowing this term of endearment always brought a smile to my face.

“Ok.” I replied still reticent.

“Last night was wild. I loved it but I want to know how you feel?” she asked me seriously.

“I guess I’m worried and kinda ashamed….” I replied.

“Whatever for darling.” She stroked my shoulders.

“What I’ve done, I’m worried you’ll think I’m gay, diseases, and I guess just everything.” I blurted out quickly.

She hugged me and softly said, “You’re not gay – maybe bi, and I’m OK with that. As far as being manly you fuck me better than any lover I’ve ever had. Trust me you don’t have to worry about diseases and I think you’re the kinkiest boyfriend I’ve ever had, and I live for kinky!”

My confidence grew, “Really are you sure?”

“Hell yes, now I have some questions for you.” She said looking at me with those dreamy eyes mesmerizing me, holding me captive. For a moment, I felt like a small field mouse returning the gaze of a predatory snake.

“Did you like being used at both ends like a common street whore?” She asked bluntly, so nonchalant, the prefect temptress.

“Yes.” I confessed and continued, “I never knew what I was missing – it was incredible.”

“Good cause I’m going to help you bring out your inner slut.” She said.


Scene 2 – she prepares him for even more to come. Can he handle it?


“I have surprises for you.” She said handing me a leather outfit that was nothing but straps studs, and rings.

“What’s this?” I said wondering how to put it on.

“That’s the outfit you’ll wear when you service men on your hands and knees as a submissive bottom slut.” She stated in a sexy voice exciting me.

“I don’t know if I want to…” I said reluctantly but unconvincingly.

“Well, I do, I’ll show you how to put the outfit on.” She started to help me with the straps and buckles.

When she was done, I looked in the mirror the image reflecting a leather clad submissive – the kind you would see in some gay magazine or bondage club.

“See you look hot, those Otele gelen escort men will just go ape shit when they see you.” She said.

“What men?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about that, you ask to many questions for a whore. Just do what you’re told.” She said forcefully.

“Now were going to watch your debut performance.” She popped in a DVD and started to undress then walked over to the closet and got out her strapon. She meant business.

There I was on Television, down on my hands and knees, oiled up and saying, “Yes, please fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

“See, you know what you want.” She said rubbing lubricant on the strapon dildo.

The next scene showed me taking it at both ends. She simply said, “See you’re just a slut. You want cock, you need it.” With that said she got into potion.

“These rings on your outfit are so you can be suspended, and this strap around your waist has a grip for whoever is fucking your ass, so they can pull you back forcefully.” She gave me a little education.

I was thinking, “suspended?” when her grip tightened on that strap and she thrust her cock deeply into me all the way to the base in one smooth motion.

“Ahhh honey oouch.” I protested.

“Shut up whore! Take that cock and watch the movie.” She proceeded to mount me in every conceivable way possible as I watched myself play the part of a gay slut on the screen. She bounced off my ass thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out, on and on.

Her athletic body pummeled me with such force that it was hard for me to keep steady. She was making a point, that she could fuck me just as good as any man, probably better because her cock never went soft, and she was always ready. Her rhythm and intensity would change. I would get accustomed to her soft and shallow thrusts only to be surprised with hard and deep penetrations. I offered no resistance to her violent assault on my ass because it belonged to her and she could to do it whatever she wanted. What was I thinking? Who was I becoming?

By the time the DVD was over my ass was vigorously fucked, she dismounted got dressed and said, “You can keep the DVD, that way you’ll always have a reminder of your first time. I think your performance was damn good considering it was your first.” She continued, “I haven’t decided to post it on the Internet or sell Balgat Escort to some video company for distribution.”

“What!? You wouldn’t do that would you? Please don’t.” I pleaded as I took the DVD from the drive, on the verge of cracking it in two.

“Oh that’s your copy. I have another and I think it will be a best seller.” She smiled mischievously. Was she joking? Would she do that to me?

“Please don’t.” I implored.

“Ok I won’t I promise (she gave me a quick peck on the lips) but you have to do something for me.” She handed me a business card.

“Yes OK I will I promise.” I said with relief and looked at the card. It was the business card for a manager of some club; I was unfamiliar with both names. I looked up confused.

Anticipating my question she said, “That’s the man who will show you the ropes.”

She could tell I was slow on the uptake and explained, “He’ll be your pimp and make all the arrangements. You’ll make a good sex slave. You’ve already gotten a good start. But there is only so much I can do to help you out because Girls aren’t usually privy to what goes on in these places (she taped the business card with her finger). All I know is that they are wild, just absolutely fucking wild”

Her demeanor changed from sweet and soft to hard and demanding, “Now listen to me bitch, (she grabbed the straps across my chest and jerked me forward) I want you to do as you’re told but remember that I own you – NOT him. I’m just letting him rent your ass out. GOT IT?”

Any resistance melted away by my burning desire to submit; I looked at her and said, “I understand. I’ll do anything you want me to”

She kissed me open mouthed and said softly, “That’s my good little slut. Your such a nice whore – you’ll make those horny guys so happy.”

Then she whispered in my ear conspiratorially, “You can quit anytime you want or go as far as you want, it’s all up to you. Just remember I love you.” She kissed me again deeply her tongue dancing and playing with mine.

“I’ve gotta go to work now, but he is expecting your call – today. Bye-bye hon.” She was gone too quickly.

After a few moments of reflection and apprehension I reached for the phone, the receiver trembled in my hand (what was I doing?) I dialed the number. It rang once (could I really do this?). It rang twice (should I do this?).

The third ring was answered by a deep baritone voice, “Hello.”


Scene 3 & beyond – to be determined by reader suggestions, just let me know what you want and I promise to deliver. I know this story was light on graphic sex but the philosophy of leaving them wanting more is a good one. Plus, the setup is as import as the delivery, so can you deliver?

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