My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Sabrina Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Author’s note: Please read the first three chapters for the buildup if you haven’t, there’s going to be more group sex!


The notion of getting dressed never occurred to me, nor did it seem to be a priority for either Sabrina or Kaya. We all remained naked, and sat on the ground of my apartment. There was a certain rawness to it; aside from the obvious nudity, the three of us merely soaked in the afterglow without so much as a hint of shame nor regret. Despite Kaya’s now very visible trepidation that seemed to return after witnessing me- her own boyfriend- fuck her best friend, her legs remained spread open. Her slit shone, fresh with her juices that now coated her pussy and inner thighs. Her nipples were hard, still, with goosebumps rising over her body. Her chest softly rose and fell, her stomach relaxed and posture not as tense as I’d imagine she would be. She was cognizant enough to feel shame, but still too aroused to let it bother her too much.

In front of me- and currently lying with her back against my chest- was Sabrina, looking content with every aspect of life. Why shouldn’t she? Sabrina was crass and self-centered, and her ego was swollen with pride. She looked on Kaya’s body, openly ogling her best friend like a prized possession, casting her gaze over her. Despite my position as the center of sexual attention tonight, I certainly didn’t feel in command with Sabrina around.

My hands reached around Sabrina and rested on her tummy, to which she pressed back into me even more. Kaya bit her lip gently, watching us. I was mostly tired, however, and felt my large bed was a much more suitable venue than the kitchen floor. I wasn’t sure if Sabrina was serious about putting Kaya on the couch, but I had a feeling I would find out soon enough. I rose, pushing Sabrina up with me who gladly obliged. As if tied to our movement, Kaya also rose to her feet. Still yet, none of us felt the need to cover ourselves up, our bodies freely on display for one another. I was starting to enjoy the ogling that silently went on between the three of us.

“We should be getting ready for bed.” I said to no one in particular. My words felt empty, responded with nods and small murmurs from the girls but with no real conviction. None of us really knew what to do next. Part of me wanted to hug Kaya. I held my hand out, which she quietly responded to in kind and at arm’s length, we held hands. I pulled her towards me, as Sabrina moved off of me and giving us some space. I pulled Kaya into me and hugged her, feeling her nipples rub against my warm skin and stroking my hand up and down her back before resting it above her ass. I gave her a kiss and looked her in the eyes. Though a bit cautious, there was a softness to her. She was vulnerable, like a cornered animal.

Not one to feel left out, Sabrina hugged the both of us as well. For a brief moment, the emotional charge in our group hug overcame us all. Our bodies were pressed together tightly, my cock pressed against Kaya, Kaya and Sabrina’s breasts pressed together and both of their pussies on me. Sabrina’s hand joined mine resting on Kaya’s ass, but I couldn’t see if Kaya returned the favor to her friend. It was exciting, beyond the sexual thrill. I felt a genuine tenderness from both girls, and it made me smile.

Sabrina leaned towards me and gave me a small kiss on the lips while Kaya watched. Not to let her feel left out, Sabrina then turned and kissed Kaya. My eyes grew in shock, surprised by her bold decision. It was a small kiss at first, a peck if there ever was one. To my greater surprise, Kaya closed her eyes and lightly kissed back. She looked briefly at me before leaning in and giving Sabrina a bigger kiss, holding it momentarily before she turned towards me and kissed me.

“I need to take my makeup off,” she said quietly, pulling herself off of Sabrina and I. We watched as she walked down the hallway to the bathroom, her shapely ass swaying back and forth.

“That was…holy shit,” Sabrina whispered to me excitedly. Her hands pressed against her face, eyes wide with a large grin plastered on. “Did that just happen?”

“What part?” I asked dryly. “The threesome or the fact that all just happened in like, 20 minutes of you walking in the door because that was fucking quick.”

“She just needed someone to push her,” Sabrina said. “Just like I said!”

I didn’t recall her saying any of that but I once again looked down at her body, noting how calm and confident she was being casually naked. Sabrina noticed my wandering eyes and struck a pose, laughing a bit before turning and walking towards the bathroom.

“Someone likes the attention,” I said following closely behind her. Sabrina answered by shaking her ass much like Kaya did, continuing to giggle to herself- though hers was much smaller and the effect was less lustful and more playful.

My bathroom had two sinks, one closer to the door and one less used closer to the toilet. Behind them was the shower/tub. At the moment, etiler escort Kaya was at the first sink closest to the door, bent over and cleaning her face before Sabrina walked in. Without a word, Sabrina walked up towards her and brushed her aside, marooning Kaya to the far sink. Kaya put up no protest, only quietly ceding to the more dominant Sabrina. I walked over and opened up the shower curtain, prompting Kaya to turn around.

“What are you doing?”

“He’s making dinner, obviously” Sabrina said with a laugh. Kaya blushed a bit.

“I feel-” I began. I was about to say gross but my brain told me saying such to two girls you’ve just fucked wasn’t a good idea. “I feel…like a shower.”

“Oh! I’ll join you, I just need a quick rinse, I like feeling clean before bed.” Sabrina said turning around and stepping into the tub.

“You’re staying the night?” I asked, openly gazing at her ass once more. Kaya watched me the entire time, her body slouching and looking a bit sullen. Sabrina turned around and reached for my hand, pulling me in with her.

“What you’re gonna throw me out onto the street? Alone? With all the homeless and GANGS?” she asked in a dramatic voice before laughing again. The worst part of the neighborhood were signature gatherers hoping to save some pond scum, but I just stepped into the tub with her.

“I could go for a shower,” Kaya meekly offered, looking towards Sabrina. The tone of her voice really got to me, but I was reminded of all the times she had balked at the idea of showering together, pushing me away and how Tiff had taken me up on it. There was guilt in her voice, and as much as I would have taken her up on the offer, I knew deep down in the repressed depths of her sexuality that she wanted me to shower with Sabrina, her saccharine words and puppy dog eyes weren’t directed at me in the slightest. She merely set up the alley-oop for Sabrina to capitalize on.

“Yeah, no,” Sabrina immediately shot down in a harsh tone. “I don’t think the tub is big enough for three people. C’mon Dennis, turn on the water I’m freezing my tits off.”

I looked over at Kaya who currently had her hands clasped in front of her, one on top of the other resting on her pussy. She looked like a punished dog, head hanging a bit low and continuing to look at Sabrina. Her eyes were hollow, shy of tears and focused entirely on watching Sabrina and I’s bodies. Without a shred of mercy, Sabrina twisted the knife more, craning her head over towards Kaya.

“Don’t you have makeup to take off?” she coldly offered. Kaya simply looked like she was shot, mouth hanging open before looking at me, then Sabrina once again. Without an ounce of dignity, she turned around and began to remove more of her makeup, though she spent more time looking at the reflection into the shower.

I reached and turned on the water, getting the stream of warmth to spray all over Sabrina. Water beaded on her soft skin, running down it as she stretched and basked in the warm spray. The two of us playfully jockeyed for the bulk of the hot water from the shower head, taking liberties in grabbing each other, rubbing up against one another and grinding. This continued for a minute or two until Sabrina reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock, stroking me softly. It was, however, just a distraction as she moved under the shower head and gave me a smug look.

“Dennis can you get my back?” she asked turning away from me, looking towards me with sweet, doe-like eyes. I decided to match her cruelty.

“You done washing your face?” I said, looking back to Kaya. I had apparently stirred her from whatever deep trance she was in, as she blinked a few times and looked towards me, lifting the hand that wasn’t busy cleaning her face- currently deeply pressed into her mound- up as she looked at me dazed and confused. Kaya merely muttered a few words, coughing and then nodding affirmatively.

“Good, wait on the couch in the living room.” I added. Kaya’s body- thought lightly tanned- grew visibly red, pink in the areas she was more pale in. Her mouth hung open just a tad, looking back at me, then at Sabrina who didn’t bother returning her glance, she herself far too focused on the warmth from the shower coating her body. Sabrina’s eyes closed, head tilted back before her eyes opened dreamily. My own hands began massaging her shoulders and back, Sabrina’s face scrunching in appreciative pleasure before she finally gave her final word to Kaya- by reaching for the shower curtain and closing it shut.

After a small eternity, we heard the soft footsteps of Kaya’s bare feet march out of the bathroom, ostensibly towards the living room. Sabrina bit her lip and beamed at me- her smiles were beginning to turn from self-satisfied to a more genuine glee. Wordlessly, she turned to me once again and draped her hands on my shoulders behind my neck, while mine wrapped around her waist. Moving in close, we embraced in a passionate kiss. I certainly didn’t eve gelen escort feel love for Sabrina, but the newness of having her body on mine, mixed in with the taboo of fucking her while my girlfriend did nothing about it drove me wild. It was completely self-indulgent, entertaining my most greedy and lustful feelings. I was tired of saying “ok” and compromising when it came to Kaya withholding sex. Sabrina clearly had wanted me and was willing to do anything, her own desires being fulfilled.

“You know Kaya can hear us right?” she said after pulling away. Her smile never faltered, her words didn’t tremble. It wasn’t a warning as much as it was icing on the cake. She was a massive bitch and it was driving me insane.

“I don’t fuckin care,” I answered in annoyed words.

I moved into Sabrina once again and began kissing her, letting my hands explore her body. I felt her smooth, toned back- feeling the slender frame that turned inwards towards her thin waist before flaring back out to her small but pert ass. I spread her cheeks open, feeling her entire body shudder as goosebumps rose over her fair skin. I didn’t hesitate in any of my movements, I was unhindered by Kaya gawking like earlier, or being in public like in the coffee shop when that cute barista could have turned and spotted me at any moment. Some might enjoy the thrill of being caught, but I wanted it out in the open, I wanted to be blunt with my urges.

Sabrina’s nipples- though small- were like diamonds, and as her wet body rubbed against mine, I felt them drag over my skin. They teased, prodding me to keep going. I wanted all of her, and I stopped kissing her only to rain kisses down her cheek and neck.

“Oh, Dennis…that’s…” Sabrina began, her words stumbling out. It was another rare instance of her sounding submissive, ceding control to me. “Oh fuck!” she cried as I nibbled around her ear. Her neck and ears were clearly her weak spot, as evidenced by not just her words, but how her hand reached out to grab the shower curtain and pulled on it. Her actions caused her to pull the curtain open enough for me to peek out, looking down the hall and spotting Kaya lying on the couch. I wasn’t sure if she was awake or not, but she seemed pretty motionless. Part of me hoped she hadn’t flipped the couch cushions over.

Sabrina saw what I saw as well, and in unison, we turned back to face one another. Her face was pink, ears a blistering deeper shade. Her eyes looked into mine, with rapt attention. It took me aback- I hadn’t seen a girl give me fuck me eyes like that in ages, not even when I worked Tiff up.

“I want to hear you say you want to fuck me,” Sabrina said methodically. There was a hypnosis to her words, calming in an otherwise insane situation. Moreover, I knew she really meant that she wanted me to say it loud enough for Kaya to hear. It wasn’t enough for Kaya to linger in uncertainty, Sabrina wanted to scorch the very Earth on which Kaya stood. She was absolutely merciless.

“I could fuck you whenever I want,” I shot back at her, in a gruff voice. I hadn’t meant to put a voice on, my words were just coming out that way. It was alien, like something took hold of me. I reached back and shut off the water, pulling the curtain wide open. I didn’t bother to check and see if Kaya had heard the small commotion, opting to grab my last spare towel and quickly dried myself off with it (which admittedly wasn’t hard given I hadn’t really showered) before tossing it to Sabrina who did the same.

“Here let me dry you off fully,” she said after drying herself, bending down and using the towel to stroke my cock. I didn’t mind hear teasing, as she did so to me in clear view of the couch down the hall. She smirked at me, letting the towel fall to the ground but continuing to stroke my prick close to her face. Sabrina exposed the tip of my cock, glistening with precum and raring to be given attention again. She soon swallowed my cock, taking the entire length into her mouth and began sucking on it, bobbing her head up and down. Her sounds and movements were exaggerated, initially anyway, before she sighed loudly and her movements became more fluid and relaxed. It was less skilled than before, but much more crazed. Eventually, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head off, tugging up and motioning for her to stand up.

“You like how I suck your dick?” she asked, once again louder than necessary. “Is it better than Kaya?” Another dig. By this time I was growing tired of her cuckquean mind games, I just needed her.

“As if you need to ask,” I said before turning to the hallway. “C’mon. My bed. Now.”

Sabrina did as she was told, but not before reaching down to pick up the towel and toss it into the hamper, causing me to swat her butt to get her to hurry up. We walked towards my bed, leaving the lights off but leaving the door open. The blinds to my window were wide open, as was the window itself to give the room a nice breeze. I could distinctly fatih escort still smell the aroma of sex from last night, though it was mostly in my head.

“Why’s it smell like Febreze?” Sabrina asked before hopping onto my bed. I didn’t bother answering, simply telling her to stay on all fours on the bed. Sabrina acquiesced, but turned around so she faced the doorway. Sticking it to Kaya was clearly the main factor for her, so I did her a favor and walked to my desk and turned a photo of Kaya and myself from vacation to face Sabrina. I spotted a wry smile on her face as I walked behind her.

I gave her ass a good, loud spank. Sabrina breathed out heavily, hands grasping at my sheets. Hopefully it wouldn’t be necessary to change these sheets too.

“You like it doggy?” she asked, glancing at me.

“The first time we met,” I began, getting on my knees behind her. “You were wearing that strapless dress that barely covered your ass.” It had been a few years back, but I remembered it crystal clear. “You wore black leggings under it. When you got up from sitting down though, the dress lifting up and your legging-covered ass was right in my face.”

Sabrina had turned back around again with a large smile. I gave her ass another spank, causing her face to scrunch in pleasure as she turned back around.

“I wanted to peel your leggings down and eat your ass out.”I said, hands rubbing her cheeks down, mimicking the sensation of exposing her ass. My hands lingered at the bottom of her cheeks, pulling on them and exposing her asshole and cunt to me. The imagery and hands on approach made Sabrina bury her face down in the sheets, pushing her ass further up in the air. When she lifting her face back up, I expected her to be wearing the same grin she seemed to have plastered on her face but instead, I saw her eyes looking depraved, mouth hanging open. I was in control fully now.

I leaned forward and planted a kiss on her cheeks, eliciting a quiet moan from Sabrina. I wasn’t aware if she liked having her ass played with, but this was all for me as far as I was concerned. Soon a second kiss followed, closer to her crack, then a third, also closer. I pressed my lips once more closer to her hole as her entire body tensed up. I pulled back right after.

“How long have you wanted to fuck me?” I asked. A loud groan came from her, frustrated at being teased.

“Ughhh,” she groaned. I didn’t think she could coherently answer in all honesty. “You sent Kaya…a nude once…with your camera lens next to your…your dick.” she stated. I had remembered that picture vividly, posing a camera lens (which was clearly 8 inches mind you) next to my cock with the caption ‘let’s see what develops’. The memory made me grin with stupid glee at how clever I thought I was.

“How’d you know about that?” I asked. Sabrina groaned once more, her hands grabbing the sheets and twisting them around.

“I borrowed Kaya’s phone and saw it,” she said sheepishly. “And sent it to myself. I wanted to suck you, I wanted to blow you so fucking bad.”

A bit nosy and an invasion of privacy, but the ego boost wall all that I needed to keep going. I leaned forward and kissed her asshole. She breathed out again, this time now opening her mouth, raspy breaths inhaling and exhaling. Sabrina panted like a bitch in heat, fitting for a girl who’s lust wasn’t stopped by a man having a girlfriend already. This would take her down a more brazen path down the line, but it wasn’t my concern. I would ruin her sure, but it wouldn’t be my problem.

My tongue pressed against her puckered hole, causing her to growl and wheeze. She kept it together, barely, but I could tell she was a screamer.

“Ughhh, that’s, FUCK!” she moaned. “Why’s that feel so fucking good?” she asked me. Clearly this sexual awakening wasn’t limited to just one kink. “Please…” she panted.

I kept it up, licking and kissing her asshole. My velvet tongue slowly moving over her sensitive skin. The slower and more deliberate, the more noises Sabrina made. I gave her ass one last kiss, slowly moving my lips off of it. Skin on skin, I slowly peeled them off, the warmth making them move off slowly and prolonging Sabrina’s ecstasy.

I knelt up, spreading her legs wide and grabbing my cock. Sabrina obeyed, pushing her ass up once again, wriggling it side to side as her shoulders dipped down. I plunged the tip of my prick into her lips, her body giving in and letting my cock penetrate her with little resistance. The quiet sounds of her lips parting, with the slick sounds of her juices made the act that much more lewd. Sabrina threw her head back, her short, wavy black hair tussling around. Her toned body looked natural like this, taking it from behind, back flexed and pressing her cute ass up against me. Sabrina was made for sex, made to be used and to drive men wild. No wonder Kaya couldn’t keep her eyes off.

I pounded her harder and harder, getting her to moan loudly at first, with a content look of relief on her face as she did it. The flood gates opened, and she kept at it, moaning more and more, then adding my name to the mix. She glanced up and spotted the picture on my desk, moaning particularly loud at the sight. She slumped down, strength leaving her body and looking for comfort on the bed.

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