My Girlfriend’s Real Life Adventure

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The following submission’s is not written as a story but is simply a fantasy that has been fulfilled.

My girl and my roommate

My girl has chatted with my roommate Matt a few times to get him to lighten up some and feel more comfortable around her. He was in the kitchen and they talked for a half hour too. She was on the couch in the living room, I was laying on the couch with her. He couldn’t see me. My balls were trapped in a padlock and she had the rope tied to the padlock, pulling on my balls, pressing her feet into my balls squeezing them. She tortured my balls the entire time she was getting to know Matt. He has no idea my girlfriend is a whore or anything.

One afternoon, my girl had a client come over to fuck him in my room. My roommate Matt was in the kitchen cooking. They had to walk through the kitchen to go to my room. I was chilling in the living room watching TV. When they finished, she came out wearing only a towel and walked her client out. She walked through the kitchen to make sure Matt saw her. She went back into my room, I went in with her. She cleaned herself up and then told me to come taksim eskort watch as she walked back out to the kitchen in her towel. She loosened it up before going and I followed her out pretending like I was getting something out of the fridge.

She let her towel drop off. She didn’t cover anything up and reached down and picked up the towel. She held it to the side so Matt could easily see her gorgeous tits and pussy. She pretended to brush it off like it had stuff on it. Then she handed me the towel and asked me to put it in the dirty laundry. I said sure and grabbed the towel and took it back to my room. She stayed there fully nude drinking juice.

She asked Matt what he was making, and they began their conversation about stuff. My girlfriend stayed where he could have a good look at her pussy and tits. She walked to the other side of the kitchen where he was, looking at the table letting him have a better view of her body.

My girl asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no. She moved closer to him and asked him if he was interested in getting laid right now by her. He didn’t take her serious eskort şişli at first, but she told him she is for real and grabbed his dick. He asked what about Gary, and she said he doesn’t mind and he looked over at me and I told him to enjoy it. He took a shower, and they went into his room and closed the door. She sucked his cock some, then rode his cock good and hard making him cum after several minutes.

He got dressed and they came out to the kitchen, she was still fully nude and told him anytime he wants her body he can have her body but at a price!

Friend of mine meets my girlfriend

I introduced my girl to a close friend of mine one Saturday morning. We went to his house that morning so I could fix his computer real quick. I introduced them to each other, and he said she was familiar but he couldn’t remember from where. He is married, owns his own construction company, a veteran, and active within the veteran and persons with disabilities communities. We couldn’t figure out how he remembered my girl at the time though. I fixed his computer, my girl and I left and she went back to work whoring herself beşiktaş eskort out.

A few weeks later, my friend and I were at a meeting together and he told me again my girlfriend rings a big bell but he couldn’t remember. A few more weeks later, he came to my office to pick up a laptop of his I repaired for him. He talked to me about my girl some more saying he just couldn’t remember where he knew my girl from, but it was on the tip of his tongue.

I still have another laptop of his I fixed. For the next couple of weeks, he stopped answering my text messages and phone calls, tried sending another friend of his to me to pick up his laptop, but his friend was unable to get away when I was available.

I told my girl and we both figured he finally remembers that he had either received a hand job, or blow job from her or fucked her and felt too bad about it and doesn’t know how to tell me. We decided I won’t approach him about it and to let him come to me about it. If he does, I plan to tell him I know my girl is a whore, and it’s our secret and I’ll give him her number if he ever needs her or any of his friends need her!

So he finally picks up his laptop and tells me he remembers my girl. He paid her for services a few years back. I smiled and said yeah she does that still and I gave him her number to call her up sometime and to pass around to his other friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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