My Good Girl

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You sent for me. The message was very neutral and gave me feelings somewhere between curious and suspicious.

The door of your apartment is cracked open, and I can hear music and several people’s voices barely coming through the opening. I enter, wary of what I might find. The space is dark, slightly smoky, party filth here and there. I close the door quietly behind me, seeing the door to your bedroom partly open and hearing the voices inside. Drunk, slightly tense, slightly intense voices, mostly male. And groans.

I get closer. The music is playing in the abandoned living room, partly masking the sounds coming from your room. My heart is pounding, my nerves wired tight. I get closer.

Through the open door I make out two guys with their pants down, standing facing your bed, frantically jerking off, muttering to themselves, to whoever.

“Yeah man, fuck her good…stuff her fucking cunt…fuck yeah…give it to the little bitch…”

They don’t even notice me. I make my way quietly behind them, to see what they’re watching.

You’re bent over on the bed with nothing on but a skirt, bunched up around your waist. Two guys are kneeling in front of you, taking turns fucking your face, sometimes both at once. You’re straddling one man with his dick up your pussy, and another is behind you, pounding your asshole. You’re moaning and grunting lewdly with each thrust, drooling all over the two dicks in your gaziantep escort ilanları mouth.

The men fucking you are grunting and sweating and grabbing you all over, mumbling their lust.

“Take it, bitch…yeah baby, eat my cock…take it all the way, you cocksucking slut…”

The one fucking your ass pulls out and cums all over your back, squeezing it out and moaning loudly. One of the guys in front of you does the same, shooting cum all over your face. You don’t even wipe it off. One of the men standing up lays down, and they put you on top of him, and they start to take turns at either end, chain fucking you while you squirm and writhe between them. Another one shoots off on your face, and the last three cum all at once, hard and loud in your mouth and body, and you gulp the cum out of the cock in your mouth while the rest froths out of both your holes.

I stand in the corner while they all put their clothes on and silently make their way out. When the last one shuts the outside door and they’re gone, I shut the door to your room and lock it.

You hear the click and roll your head around to stare groggily up at me. Cum is running down your cheeks, dripping off your lips, leaking hotly out of your pussy and ass. When you realize it’s me, your eyes change and you cringe slightly, turning away and curling up till I can’t see your face. I walk over to the bed and sit by your head, pushing your hair back till you shy away again.

“Did you like it?” I ask.

You don’t answer and I stroke your hair while I ask again.

“Did you like it, baby?”

You still won’t look at me and I curl some hair between my fingers and pull your head up to face me.

“I said did you like it, baby?”

You lick your lips compulsively and stare heavily in my eyes and nod slightly.

“Say you liked it.”

You swallow and groan quietly, “I liked it.”

“Did you like having all those cocks inside your body?”


“Did you like being used like a piece of trash little whore?”


“Tell me how much you liked it.”

You hesitate and I wrench your hair a little tighter.

“Ungh…I loved it…I loved it so much…”

I reach between your legs and dip some of the cum out of your cunt with two fingers and bring it to your mouth, putting them inside for you to lick off and swallow.

“Is this what you liked?”

“Uh huh…” you say with my fingers in your mouth.

I pull my dick out and start to jerk it slowly while I talk.

“Tell me what happened.”

You take some labored breaths and start to whisper.

“There were a bunch of people over. We were drinking and talking and one guy came into my room with me when I came in to get my phone. He…he said he needed to fuck me and put his hand up my skirt…”

I squeeze my cock a little harder, my breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps.

“Did he touch your pussy?”

You whimper and continue. “Yes…and he took out his cock and put my hand on it. And he took off my shirt and pushed me down and told me to suck it.”

“Good girl. What else happened?”

“Then his friend came in and pulled out his cock, too. So I sucked them both. Then the door was open and people were watching and they all started taking their pants off. Then they all put their cocks in my face and started touching me everywhere. Then they started fucking me…”

I groan a little and start to stroke myself a little faster while you talk.

“And they took turns with me…and they put two in my mouth at once…and they put their fingers in my ass…and they started fucking my ass…oh god…”

I put my fingers on your clit and start to rub you off.

“Did you cum for them, honey? Did you cum all over all their cocks while they gang fucked your sweet, wet pussy?”

“Oh god yes…yes…yes I came all over their hard cocks in my pussy and my ass…”

I feel you shudder with pleasure, and I roll over to stick my cock in your mouth and shoot all my cum down your throat while you orgasm. You squeal and drink my cum while your pussy grinds against my hand, and when it’s over I get a towel and clean you off as you lie unconscious on the bed. I pull a sheet over you and kiss you on the forehead before I stand up to leave, pausing in the doorway just before I close it on your sweet, sleeping form.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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