My ‘Hardd’ by the Window

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She is standing by the window overlooking the street below. He moves behind her and places his hands on her hips. She sighs and leans back into him, her head tilting to the left, inviting a kiss on her slender neck. He accepts the invitation.

She is wearing nothing under the blue dungarees, so as he slides his hands inside the denim he encounters soft, warm, flesh. He kisses her neck again as his hands move to cup her wonderfully full breasts. She arches her back and reaches behind to hold his head in place as he licks, nibbles and nips in between kisses and kneads her magnificent ‘girls’.

She presses her firm arse back into him, wiggling against the erection prominent in his trousers. Freeing his right hand of delicious breast he undoes his belt and buttons, letting his jeans fall to the floor. With her right hand remaining to keep his head in place her left snakes around to release his hard cock and being to stroke its length.

Instead of returning to mammary duty his hand heads inside the dungarees once more traveling down. She feels his fingers furrow her light fur and plough into her wet pussy lips. ataşehir escort He runs them up from the base of her hole, over her velvety, moist labia, to pause then press against her clit before pushing down again and entering her sopping, hot cunt. He puts this routine on repeat, pussy rubbing, tit squeezing, neck nibbling, lust.

They stay there for an age, breathing getting louder and faster in rhythm with the stroking and play. Finally it’s too much.

Wrenching away she turns and pushes him roughly against the wall, her mouth gluing to his, her tongue attacking him with ferocious passion, her hand still wanking him hard. He leans into her assault with his mouth, grabs handfuls of her arse and grips hard. They both moan in each other’s mouths, their ears ringing from the pounding of their blood.

Her hand thumps against his chest, pinning him as she suddenly squats and swallows his twitching prick in one. The warmth of her hot little mouth smothers his cock, his knees sag. Her tongue swirls around his shaft as she fondles his balls. He swears avcılar escort loudly in delight.

Hands enmeshed in her hair, she lifts her head up then slides it back down, and again and again. Her eager tongue licks up either side, around his helmet and over his tip, relishing the taste of him, his hardness and most of all the effect she is having on him.

As her head begins to bob up and down, her lips seal on his shaft, she purposefully starts to fuck him with her throat. He takes up the rhythm, sensation upon sensation spreading up from his groin. His grip tightens, the pressure builds, now he is fucking her as she holds the back of his thighs to hang on. Building and building, mouth fucking, grunting until once again she takes control by jumping back to release, springing up and into the engorging kissing.

Clips snap open, dungarees are shed, stumbling to the sofa, she is flung on her back. He pushes his dick into her mouth again and this time is free to attack her clit with his fingers. Rough, insistent rubbing, pressing and pinching of avrupa yakası escort her throbbing nub. Occasional dips of one finger, then two, then three into her pussy but the focus is her clit.

Cock muffled cries grow louder and the frigging goes on and on, she squirms and wriggles, she gurgles and slurps on his prick. Harder, faster they both go, on and on both their legs shaking.

They stop, he swivels and plunges his prick deep in her, once, twice, three times then out. Readjusting, he dives in to lick her slick slit but only in passing as he rises again, this time her legs over his shoulders. In goes his prominent weapon again. Deep, very deep.

In and out slowly at first he starts. Is this gentle love making? As the tempo builds and he grabs her tits quite clearly this is more than that, this is mutual, animal passion, a release.

His cock and balls thud and slap, her hips buck, his right thumb finds and traps her clit. Pressure, rhythm, pace and pleasure ripping through them both. “Fuck”‘s, “Yeah”‘s, “Harder”‘s and “Oh god”‘s mingle with less intelligible shouts as they just simply and joyfully fuck.

Then the dams break, their sweat sheened bodies wracking and shuddering. He tenses and holds her viciously tight in his final down thrust as his boiling cum spews and sprays into her hungry cunt, she judders and wails in exquisite, eye rolling ecstasy.

Once more they melt into one being, joined at mouth and pelvis, together body and soul.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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