My Holiday with Mum

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I can’t believe it I said to myself, I had just put the phone down after speaking to my best friend, he had just told me that he now could not make it to our holiday to Spain, but if I could get someone else to go within a week I would not lose my deposit and could still go.

After three days had gone I was still unable to get someone to go with me, it was to short notice for my friends to go.

I was sitting down watching the T.V, when my mum and dad came in from their night out, both seemed a bit merry, mum asked me why I looked down in the dumps, I told her that Tony my friend could not make the holiday, and that I had about four days left to get someone else to go or I would lose the holiday, mum then went in the kitchen to see my dad, after a few minutes both mum and dad came out, mum then said that she had some holiday’s coming up and if I want she would come with me, my dad said that it was ok with him.

My mum is 44, 5ft 7, short brown hair, and a cracking figure, all those days that she goes to the gym, helps their, her breasts are on the large size, 40c, I know the size due to my dad buying mum some underwear when we both went shopping one day.

Me well I am 24, 5ft 10, and just a plain ordinary guy, who likes a drink and women.

So the day finally arrived, dad took mum and I to the airport and off we went, after six hours on the go we finally arrived at our hotel, both very tired.

We sorted out our suitcases, well mum did any way, the room was nice the usual stuff bathroom, and two single beds (thank god).

Mum said that we should go and get some food shopping, I said that I can do that, you sort out our room, great a chance to see the sexy bikini clad women, off I went to the shops, on my way there was loads of women, I will get laid this holiday I thought.

I got back to the room, and there was mum in a tee shirt and a pair of shorts, Christ I thought what a body, what a pair of legs, it was the first time I had thought of my mum in that way.

Mum and I had a good relationship but never sexual we never kissed and I never looked at mum in that way.

Mum bursa sınırsız escort said that we should go to the beach today I said it was fine by me, more women to see, nude I hope.

I got our beds and I sat down reading my paper, when mum took her tee shirt off, and revealed a blue bikini top, her tits were great, she bent down to pull her shorts off, at that time I looked at her tits hanging out of her top, Christ they were big, she took of her shorts to reveal blue knickers and sat down on her bed then laid down to sunbath.

After ten minutes my mum said to me that has we are on holiday and if it was ok with me that mum wanted to go topless, ok with me sure go ahead, so mum reached around her back untied her top and took of her bra, and just let her tits hang, they really were great, they were white of course, mum would never do this at home, her nipples were nice and large, my god I found it hard to keep my eyes of them.

So this continued for at least four days into our holiday, mum sunbathing topless, and even getting me to rub oil on her back, great fun that was, yet still I had not got laid.

We were back in our room getting ready to go out for our evening meal, I was on my bed and mum was in the shower getting ready, the door opened and out came mum totally naked, she was beautiful, her legs nice and firm, tits nice and big and her all over tan (not her bottom mind) but most of all she was bald mum had no pussy hair.

Mum looked up and saw me looking at her, she was not embarrassed at all, she just smiled at me, she then put on a pair of white thongs, and a white lacy bra, then put on a nice white top and a very short skirt, she looked fantastic that night, she looked half her age.

We went for our meal and mum wanted to have a few drinks later in the bars on the front, so of we went to the bars, mum was really having a good drink, when she grabbed my hand to get me to dance with her, so we had a dance when she threw her arms around my neck to tell me that this is the best holiday she had had, just me and my son, my bursa escort bayan man for the week.

Mum now wanted to go back to our room, so after a nice stroll along the beach, mum even holding my hand has we went.

When we got to our room mum took her shoes off and then to my surprise also her top and skirt and laid on her bed in just her white bra and thong, wow white underwear on a tanned body was sexy, mum asked me to get her a drink from the fridge, I duly obliged, mum then asked me if I had any luck with the women while I was here, I was taken aback by this, mum never talks about these things being very reserved.

I told her that I had no luck at all; mum then said it was probably because most of the women think that we are together, so mum said that she would make this up to me. Mum then stood up and took off her white bra and knickers, and laid down on her bed, she said you re my man for the week, so I, am your women for the week, mum then spread her legs to reveal her juicy bald fanny, this mum said is all yours for the next few days, I stood there in total shock, but with a raging hardon.

With a raging hardon and nervous as hell I went over to mum and sat next to her, I bent over and kissed mum on the lips, mum grabbed my neck and pulled me hard onto her lips, her tongue delving in my mouth, searching for my very own tongue, which she found.

We finally broke of our kiss, I then started to kiss mum down her neck, and then I laid on mum and continued to kiss her all over until I reached those magnificent tits, which I grabbed hold off and squeezed up to a peak and kissed and lapped at mums nipples until they were hard, mum was squirming on the bed, I now went further down mum’s body kissing her everywhere, noticing her beautiful smell mum smelt of roses, my tongue lapped her belly button, now I was getting to the place where it all started for me, mums bald pussy.

I smelt mums pussy and looked at it was great, not an hair anywhere, so I put thumb on both sides of mums pussy and opened it I now put my tongue in mums pussy as far nilüfer escort as I could and just sucked hard on mums juices, all the time my finger was working mums clit which was now protruding out, my tongue now found mums clit, I nibbled on her clit until there was no tomorrow, mum was now on the verge of coming, mum was moaning and squirming then I felt it, mum tensed up and her juices flowed down my throat, beautiful.

I stood up and took all my clothes off, I walked over to mum and gave her my hard cock to suck, mum sat up and took hold of my cock, she ran her tongue up and down my throbbing cock, and took it all down her throat, Deep throat, mum gave me deep throat, my first ever deep throat, mum carried on sucking like mad, till I was about to explode down her throat, but no I wanted to come in mums pussy.

I pulled my cock out of mums mouth, told mum to lay on her back, I grabbed both of mums legs and pulled mum so that her ass was on the edge of the bed, I then threw mums legs over my shoulders, mum opened her legs wide and I grabbed hold of my cock and rubbed the head of my cock along mums slit I did this a few times and then plunged deep into mums hot sweet bald pussy, Christ mum was tight, I was in deep my balls banging against her ass, mum then gripped my cock with her cunt muscles, god that was something else, what a fuck mum is.

Then mum caught me by surprised that she wanted it up her ass, she told me that her and dad never done anal, dad would not do it but mum always wanted to try it, so mum laid on her back with a pillow under her to raise her ass, I climbed on top of mum and took hold of my still rock hard cock, and slowly started to penetrate mums ass, she said it hurt a bit but to carry on so in I went until I was in up to the hilt, I now started to plunge back and forth slow then hard, mum said she wanted my cum in her ass, so I carried on until I could hold no longer and came, and came.

I pulled my cock from mums ass and watched has spunk ran out of mums ass and down her leg, mum rolled over sat up and kissed me hard, she told me we will do this for the remainder of our holiday, but it will not happen after that when we get back home.

So all I can say is well I did get laid on my holiday, but would never had thought with my own mum, thank god for my mate Tony for not able to make it, from then on I looked at mum in a different way, a good way she showed me what a mature women can do, I learnt a lot that summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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