My Hot Family

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It was the beginning of summer vacation, and I couldn’t wait, my sister Cindy was supposed to be home from college any time now, she is 21, and I am 20. We have always been really close, best friends forever, it would be great to have her here with us again. My mom, Janet, was working as usual, and wouldn’t be home until after seven o’clock for dinner. I am sure I am prejudice, but I have the best-looking mom of anyone I know, and my sister is just as hot as my mom is.

I love watching them lie out and tan in the summer even though they are family they have such hot bodies. Mom and my dad have been divorced for a couple of years now, so it is just the three of us at home. My mom hasn’t been dating at all, and it’s not for lack of interest, sometimes it is almost funny the way guys try almost anything to get her to go out with them, and who can blame them. My mom has the fullest most luscious breasts I think I have ever seen on a woman.

I have to admit I don’t have a lot of experience with women; in fact, I haven’t even got my first piece of strange ass yet. But I have played with more than a couple of tits and I have the feeling that this is the summer I am going to be a man in every way, I know that a lot of people don’t think that an twenty-year-old is a man, but I know that I am. I have dreamed of what it will be like to get my first piece of strange ass. The woman will have to be at least as gorgeous am my sister and mom.

I know I have my sights set high, but that is what I want. I remember getting my first hard on. Cindy was using my bathroom because there was some problem with hers. We were the only one’s home and for some reason the door did not stay completely closed. It only opened about an inch, but it was plenty of room for me to see Cindy’s sexy young body. The sliding doors on the shower were clear glass so I had a perfect view of Cindy rubbing her breasts with soap and then reach down between her legs and wash herself there.

I had never seen a woman totally naked before up close, and even though I did not get a good view of her pussy, I saw everything else. while Cindy was washing herself, I imagined that it was my hands that were running over her body that was all it took to make my cock stand at attention. I saw Cindy starting to run one hand over her breast while she was rubbing between her legs, and what she was doing it sure made my cock strain against my pants.

It was starting to get painful, so I unzipped my pants and started rubbing my cock. It didn’t take long for my cock to explode all over the door frame. I saw Cindy shaking against the wall, not realizing then that she was cumming all over hand at the same time I was cumming in my hand. I heard the front door and jumped away from the door trying to get my slowly shrinking cock back into my pants. I bumped into the door when I jumped and was hoping Cindy didn’t see me spying on her.

I was lying on the bed pretending to be reading a book when my mom walked into the room. She walked over to the bed and said Hi, bent over and kissed me on the forehead. When she bent over, I could see all the way down the front of her blouse, and seeing her large, beautiful tits after seeing Cindy gave me an instant hard on. I was glad she turned to the door and said Hi to Cindy and walked out to fix dinner. I had to shift positions on the bed to ease the pressure on my throbbing cock. Just then Cindy walked out with a towel wrapped around her, she just looked at me and smiled, I was sure she knew I was watching while she showered.

From that day on whenever Cindy took a shower when we were alone, I noticed the door was never closed. I was able to spend a lot of time stroking my cock while looking at my sister’s beautiful body. Cindy never acknowledged the fact that I was watching, but she started taking longer showers and spent a lot of time washing her long legs, usually facing away from the door so I was able to get a wonderful view of her pussy. My cock would instantly jump up when the water in her shower would start running because I knew I was about to get a wonderful show.

I knew that Cindy was aware of what I was doing for sure about a month after I saw her nude for the first time. Mom was taking a shower and Cindy was going kızıl gaziantep escort out. My room is directly across from my mom’s. I heard Cindy go in and tell mom that she was leaving and would be back shortly. When she left, she waved and smiled as she went out the door.

I saw that the door to my mom’s bathroom was standing open about 2 inches. Mom and dad had been divorced for about 2 months then. I very quietly snuck into my mom’s room to see if I could see her and see if her body was as great as I had always imagined. I looked in and saw my mom in all her naked glory her body was even more fantastic than I had imagined. full tits with huge nipples swaying in time with her washing her self.

She had the most fantastic ass I had ever seen. Much fuller than Cindy’s, but not the least bit of fat. Sometime during this, I had taken my cock out of my pants and was jerking it for all I was worth. I had conflicting feelings on this, I was peeping on my own mother and thinking of how great it would feel if I was putting my straining cock into her pussy instead of jacking off. Mom bent over to wash her legs and her beautiful ass pushed against the door giving me an excellent view of her shaved pussy.

When she raised her leg to wash her foot, the pussy lips opened and I was able to see the tight hole that I came out of and was imagining that I was pushing my cock back into. I couldn’t take any more. Seeing her pussy spread like that made me explode I didn’t think my balls would ever empty I came so hard. Just then the water shut off and I hurried back to my room.

When Cindy came home mom told us that she would be out of town with her job the next night and expected us to behave while she was away. This was not an unusual occurrence so it was really not a big deal, she always left money so we could have pizza or whatever we wanted so it was sort of a treat. The next night after dinner Cindy wanted to go to a party which she wasn’t to do, but I told her it was OK with me if she went. She promised to bring me something as a reward.

Little did I realize then what my reward would be. Cindy was real late getting home; I was already in bed and asleep when she got there. She came in and kissed me goodnight and I could smell beer on her breath. Cindy knew I would not say anything to mom about it, we were that close and would cover for each other when we could.

Cindy went into her room and changed for bed, then came back into the room and asked if we could talk for awhile. I said sure and she lay down beside me. I could see that she had been crying. She told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend after finding out that he had been cheating on her.

She started to cry again, and I put my arm around her and held her against my chest. She turned and snuggled closer to me, and I saw that her night shirt had pulled off her shoulder, and her right breast was almost completely out of it. I couldn’t help but stare at it, wishing that I could reach out and touch and caress it. Cindy must have said something to me, and I didn’t answer, because I finally realized she was watching me.

I turned every possible shade of red and looked away, but Cindy didn’t get mad, she quietly asked me if I had ever touched a woman’s breast. I was too embarrassed to answer, but I shook my head no. She slowly reached up and slid her shirt the rest of the way off her breast. She reached for my hand and placed it on her breast, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, I could feel her nipple pushing lightly against the palm of my hand. Without realizing I was doing it, my hand started lightly caressing her breast.

Cindy started moaning very lightly and I stopped not knowing why she was moaning. She asked if I wanted to see both her breasts up close, and of course I said yes. She sat up and pulled her shirt over her head. Cindy was wearing nothing underneath night shirt, and I had full view of her lovely body. I could not believe that her boyfriend would sleep with another girl when he had such a fantastic one right here. Cindy lay back down and looked at me and asked if that was better?

I was speechless at the sight of my beautiful sister whom I had gaziantep kızıl escort bayan lusted after for months, actually laying in my bed next to me completely naked. You can touch them both if you want Cindy said slowly. I didn’t wait for her to change her mind and started to rub them and feel them again. Cindy reached up and pulled my head down in the direction of her breasts. I took a nipple between my lips and was shocked at how fast it grew, so plump and hard but at the same time soft in my mouth.

Cindy started moaning again but held my face against her breast. I felt her hand sliding down my chest to the front of my pajama pants. I couldn’t believe that she was going to feel my cock at the same time I was sucking on her tits. Cindy started pumping my cock with her left hand and holding me to her tits with her right. I had never had a woman touch me before, and it was too much to take. I came inside my pants and Cindy kept pumping my cock until it started shrinking.

I again was totally embarrassed at cumming so quick. Cindy must have known what I was thinking, because she asked if I wanted to touch her down there. I quickly agreed that I did. Cindy took my hand and guided it down over her stomach to her hot throbbing pussy. She showed me how and where to touch her. Soon she was moaning and writhing in my bed. I could feel her throbbing pussy grabbing my finger as she arched her back and let out a long soft moan.

All the time she was having her orgasm she had been holding my soft cock in her hand. I was amazed that it had again grown long and hard. I have to admit I am fairly well endowed from what I have read. Cindy was slowly stroking my cock and looked at me with soft loving eyes. I was afraid that this was all just a dream that I would wake up from.

She pulled me on top of her and I could feel the heat from her wet tight throbbing pussy before my cock even started to enter her. Cindy guided my swollen throbbing cock to the entrance of her tight pussy, sliding it up and down her cunt lips to get the tip of my cock wet. She spread her legs even wider allowing me full view of my cock about to plunge into my sisters throbbing love tunnel, something I knew was totally wrong all my life. I guess I really didn’t care at this point, because the only thing I wanted was my cock buried as deep in her sexy body as possible.

I watched Cindy guide my cock into the entrance of her love tunnel slowly putting the tip into the wet heat of the entrance. I couldn’t stand it anymore I rammed my hips forward driving my cock into her waiting hole. Cindy let out a muffled scream and her legs wrapped around my waist locking me into her steaming throbbing pussy I could only move in and out about an inch, but that was enough that every time I hit bottom, she jerked her hips up to meet my stabbing shaft. I felt her body start to shake and jerk amazed that she was already cumming with me buried deep inside her.

Her legs slipped off my back as her climax reached its end, and I was still hard as a rock, I started pumping my cock in and out of her sopping pussy for its full length. I would pull it out until just the tip was still in her, then plunge it deep inside her belly again. I could feel Cindy starting to move under my thrusts again, I reached back and pulled her legs up on my shoulders so I could ram my cock even deeper into her I could see my cock go in and out of her cunt by the light coming in from the hall light she had turned on when she came home.

Watching the stretched pink glistening skin of Cindy’s pussy work in and out with the rhythm of my thrusts was a beautiful sight. Suddenly Cindy reached up and pulled my head down and gave me a deep searching kiss. Why this shocked me I don’t know but it did, feeling her tongue in my mouth made me pull back and look at her. Cindy pulled me back to her and whispered I want to kiss you; your cock is buried inside me why can’t you kiss me?

Thinking of it that way, it made a lot of sense I leaned down and enjoyed her lips and tongue as well as her steaming pussy. I felt Cindy starting to shake under me again and that was all it took to make my second load of hot cum juice explode deep gaziantep kızıl escort into my loving sister throbbing depths. Cindy was slowly rubbing my back as I lay on top of her my cock still inside her slowly shrinking out of her hot wet slit.

Suddenly realizing that I had shot a load of hot cum juice into Cindy’s pussy, I did not even have a condom, let alone wear one. I rolled off of her soft body and tried to figure how to ask her about this. Cindy must have seen the worried look I’m sure I had, because she asked what was wrong. And I said that I did not use a condom when we had made love. Cindy assured me that she was on the pill, and I did not have to worry about that. While she was talking, Cindy’s hand was rubbing my leg and side. She pushed me on my back and started kissing my chest moving slowly down my stomach.

My cock was still lying soft on my leg when she got down that far, she got on her hands and knees as she sucked my cock into her mouth. I had thought feeling my cock inside her was the best feeling in the world but feeling her suck my limp cock into her mouth was a close second. I lay there enjoying her mouth and tongue on me. I looked to my right and saw Cindy’s ass in the air next to me quiver as her head went up and down trying to breathe life back into my cock. I started rubbing her ass cheeks and slid a finger into her wet slit.

Cindy gasped around my cock when my finger hit her swollen clit but never slowed her rhythm, I slid my head between her legs so I could watch her pussy while I stroked her clit. Her tunnel was still stretched from my cock, and it seemed I could see right inside her. Feeling Cindy’s lips working life into my cock again, I pulled her down on top of me so I could taste her young sexy pussy. I felt Cindy shudder as my seeking mouth made contact with her swollen clit. Cindy had what seemed to be a large clit to me, but I really had nothing to compare it to.

I sucked it in between my lips and started licking it with my tongue. Cindy let out a groan and collapsed on top of me, I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. I felt her gag a little before she pulled her head back. Her pussy rocked back against my mouth as Cindy pushed herself to a sitting position, she was trying to turn around, but I held her in place seeing her tight little asshole in front of my eyes. Cindy hadn’t stopped me or complained so I drug my tongue across her slit and when my tongue slid across her puckered hole, she exploded all over again.

Her hot juices gushing over my face. I kept from swallowing all of it, wanting to share the taste of our bodies with her. Pulling her down beside me I gave Cindy a long-wet kiss allowing the combined cum juices of our bodies to flow into her waiting mouth, her mouth sucking the juice in and her tongue working against mine.

Feeling her ass against my stomach and my cock sliding along her steaming slit was more than I could take. I reached down and guided it into her willing snatch from behind, ramming it deep into her willing depths feeling her steaming wetness grasping me as the head of my cock hit the bottom of her willing tunnel. Cindy gasped as my cock speared into her again, still ramrod hard from her hot mouth.

She started pumping her ass back to meet my thrusts reaching between her legs she grabbed my swinging balls and started massaging them, causing an almost immediate eruption of hot cum into her straining pussy. Pulling her down with me, I fell sideways on the bed completely worn out, and spent. We fell asleep with my hand holding her fabulous breast.

I woke with the sweet scent of Cindy lying next to me, my hand still resting on her soft breast. I couldn’t resist the urge to tweak her nipple between my thumb and finger. Cindy moaned and shifted her ass closer to me. I could feel her nipple swelling against my hand. Feeling the warm cheeks of Cindy’s ass against my stomach started my cock swelling, it was slowly working its way toward her damp slippery cunt lips.

Cindy was still asleep, her body reacting to my hands wandering over her. I could feel the head of my cock pushing its way between her swollen wet pussy lips. I turned her over onto her stomach and shoved my cock deep into Cindy’s hot cunt.

Cindy came wide awake the instant I buried my cock inside her. I could feel her arching her back to get her beautiful ass higher in the air giving me free access to ram my cock as deep into as was humanly possible. I was slowly stroking my cock in and out of her as she rocked up on her hands and knees in front of me. I now was able to watch my cock as it plunged in and out of her tight pink cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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