My Hot Fantasy

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As I told my online girlfriend the other day… when I masturbate, I have these long drawn out fantasies that I get off on. Its like my own little women’s made porno, you know what I am talking about… a porno with a real story to it and plot that leads up to mind-blowing, body shaking, crying out loud, eyes rolling to the back of your head orgasms pornos…

Anywho, I used to work at well-known insurance company. They had the neatest VP offices on the floor and building I worked at. There were a few men there I wouldn’t have mind playing with but it just wasn’t in the cards at that time in my life. However, my fantasy is built around those offices. (with all that being said… go get yourself something to eat or drink cause this is going take a while in the telling…)

My fantasy is that I have been working for a VP as his assistant for quite some time… he had been my Master for most of that time also. He has me dress a certain way so I am easy access for him whenever he wanted me for his sexual pleasures. I must wear easy open blouses and front closing bras, I must wear skirts and no panties. No panty hose but stockings and garter belts or those built in one stockings and garters belts types of hose. In his presence I am to always keep my mouth slightly open, my lips must never meet unless speaking. If there are others in our presence, this is to let him know that I am aware of my place and that my mouth is always ready for him at anytime to service him. It’s also a sexy reminder to him that I am always ready and willing for him. I have been a faithful bottom to him for so long he felt it was time to spice things up.

In talking to me, he knew that I had thought about having a girl go down on me a time or two. But I always felt uncomfortable about returning the favor to a possible female partner. He assured me that there are plenty of girls out in the world that would be more than please to service me and not want anything in return but to have the opportunity to suck my sweet pussy again in the future.

So, one-day Master calls me in and tells me that he needs to interview some new girls to be assistants. I knew better than to ask Gaziantep Yabancı Escort too many questions. I also knew if he was including me in the hiring process, I was probably not going to loose my job. I had been working a lot of long hours on top of keeping Master happy so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about… right? Right… I won’t worry about it.

The first girl shows up. Typical interview… but not closely qualified to even sort papers. She was a good-looking girl though. Master asked me what I thought of her… I shared with him in a very business like manner.

Then he asked, “But what did you really think of her? Did you want her to strip for you? Did you want her to service your pussy?”

My jaw dropped even further than what was expected of me, shocked at his questions… he told me to answer him.

I said, “She was a little too young, too skinny.”… I shifted uncomfortably in my chair wetting my lips and remembering to keep my lips parted afterwards, the thought of a girl going down on me at that moment got my pussy excited, squeezing on itself and getting the juices flowing.

Master then said, “Yes, my pet, I remember what you like… a girl like you… about your height, weight, hair color and similar curves… What would you do with a girl like that my pet?”

I stammered and said, “I don’t know Master.”

Just then the intercom buzzed and the receptionist on the ground level announced that the next interview appointment had arrived. He told me to meet her at the elevator and bring her to him. I did what I was told. I met this beautiful woman at the elevator. Dressed very similar to me. Looked similar to me all over. Accept her hair was shorter and was in a flirty pixie cut. My mind started to race at what she would look like naked… what her full lips would feel like on my skin. I could feel my clit and pussy pulsating again as we turned down the isle way to my Masters office.

I sat in the corner this time… allowing the interviewee to sit closer to the door, Master was sitting behind his desk. The interview went on like any other, but she did seem timid around Master, she jumped at my questions and I noticed she was looking at me very hard when I asked her something. I noticed she watched my mouth as I talked and stared at my lap when she answered me. I was a little puzzled at her actions. Finally, the interview started to wrap up, I asked her if she had any questions…

she said, “No.”

Master asked her, “Do your think you would like working here?”

She said with great enthusiasm, “Yes, Please, I would!”

“What would you do to get a job at a company like this?” Asked my Master…

she licked her lips and stared at my lap again and she muttered, “I would do ANYTHING to work here.”

He asked in return once more, “Anything?”

She nodded this time looking like a starving child with a piece of candy sitting before her and I was the candy. Master said, “Would you service her pussy to get the job?”

“OH YES PLEASE!!” She cried and dropped to the floor before me laying her hands on my knees and started to beg, “Please… Please Mistress… may I please service your pussy?”

I knew my eyes had to be as big as saucers and I blinked hard and look up to my Master, he nodded to me giving me the go ahead.

Uneasily I said, “Ok.” to her.

She tried and push my legs apart… I gasp raise myself up on my hands on the arms of my chair as she starts to nibble in the inside of my thigh. I looked to Master again, he continued to nod and sits back in his chair and folded his hands over stomach to watch me be devoured by this hungry pussy eater. She started to shove my skirt up my legs and press her head between my legs getting closer to my mound of Venus. Now my pelvis was thrust forward and I was up on my feet, my hands holding me up on the arms of the chair and my head pressing on the wall behind the chair. Master said quietly to me to climb up on the chair so he can see better just as the interviewees tongue tip discovered my slit and hard little clit. I did as I was told and backed up into a standing position on to the chair. The girl lifted my left leg up and places it on the left arm of the chair. I leaned up against the wall for support and press my right hand on the other wall of the corner I was in. The girls tongue quickly rediscovered my clit between my swelling lips. she teased me, like no man has ever done before… like she is in my own skin knowing what to do and how to do it. She took her face away from my pussy but I could still feel her hot breath on my trimmed bush. She had crooked her finger and was sliding her knuckle up and down between my soaked lips. Every time her knuckle bumped my clit I moaned. Then she moved her hand, she had stuck a few of her fingers inside of me and her thumb was nudging my clit… my legs started to shake… her hot breath on my pubes as she jacked me off made me swoon even more. I felt my pussy clinch her fingers.

She moaned out , “Oh yeah…”

So I knew she felt my muscles tightening around her fingers… I started to wobble on the chair I grabbed her hair with my right hand and thrust her face into my pussy… barking the order to suck me,


She starts to suck madly at my clit… her fingers finding my g spot inside and teasing it like mad… My knees started to buckle as a huge rush of waves took over my body… my knees buckled down and landed on her shoulders… both my hands were now grabbing her hair. Guttural and savage sounds escaped my throat as I cam and poured myself onto this girls hand and mouth. Gasping, I regained some composure. I looked to Master and he nodded with a pleased look on his face, then looked at the girl and swung his head to que me to make her get away from me. My hands were still both in her hair. I pulled her face out of my pussy and straighten my self back up off of her shoulders. I barked at her to get away from me. I don’t know where this came from. Its not like me…I am a submissive, not a Dom.

I slowly adjust myself and slid back into my chair regaining the rest of my composure. The girls face glistened with my juices and she stood next to the wall by the door, her hands tucked behind her back. Master told her to go through the door behind him that was his private bathroom to freshen up before she left. She came back out looking fresh with new make up and brushed out hair. Master told her that she could go now and that she would be hearing from us soon. She nodded quietly to Master and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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