My Hottie Aunt Sujatha

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Hey all ! I don’t know why but eventually I were in love with my real aunt. My cursory eyes always be on her figure. Her name is Sujatha and still looks more beautiful than her age. She has killing figure at the age of 40. She is not very beautiful but looks like typical Indian mature woman. Her height & weight is 5.2 feet and 68 kg respectively. She is little on heavier side and that attracts me lot because I like mature and bulky ladies a lot. I like her rosy lips on her whitish face. And the most important is that her figure 38ddd-34-42. She looks goddess while she wears typical Indian apparel Sari.

My name is Anuj. My age is 26. I work in a MNC.I started work at age of 22, that time I was new to this city. I used to live alone here. At that time aunt used to live at our home town but for better future of cousin uncle decided to send aunty to my place so that proper education could avail to their kids.Now I were also stable on my job and had good life going on. I used to live in a single bedroom apartment when she joined me. She came here with her son. His name was Aaditya. His age was 5 year. I also felt good because I used to feel boar after job. Life was going good but one day something happened so eventually that induced me to fell in love with my own aunt.

One night I came home at 10’o clock, took dinner and went to bed early because I was feeling tired from office work. Here room rent was too high, hence we still accommodate in a single bedroom but we had separate bed. I used single bed while aunt & Aaditya shared same bed. I just told all of you earlier that she used to wear sari, nigty or salwar kameez. That night she was in sari. I felt thirsty, I awoke & looked at my wrist watch it was approximately 2’o clock at night. When I turned my face towards aunt bed I was surprised to saw aunt’s condition. She was in deep sleep but her clothes were in unmannered way. Her sari was lifted over her waist and thighs & ass were clearly visible. As I saw her condition my dick erected suddenly and it started pressuring my trouser.

She was still sleeping very innocently like a beautiful doll. By swear this was my first time when I saw someone in this pose. As looking her ass I fell in love with her. Her ass was huge and nicely shaped and its lining was 10 inches long extended from her waist ring to pussy. I was little surprised to see her clean & smooth ass. It seemed that she used to vexed her waist. It was really smooth and there were no hairs. It made me think that she was still full of sex because someone who cares herself it means she still keeps thought about all this.

By seeing & assuming all about her I tempted and came near to her bed, collected all my courage and tried to touch lining of ass. As I touched her ass lining with my middle finger I exploded in my trouser. gaziantep swinger Trouser was full of my cum. I run towards to bathroom. Hey friends that was the day which encouraged me to come more closer to her. After that day I always dreamed about her ass and ass lining. I always be in chance to stare at her shaking ass & its up and down movements instantly make my dick to dream about her.

I got promoted and my salary was increased, now we start taking dinner and lunch at restaurants. I were feeing she was also getting attracted towards me because I always fulfill her wishes before she demands. But still we both were maintaining our limits. We didn’t ask about physical relation. I don’t know I were in love with her or I am in lust but it was sure that I wanted her. Her 38ddd boobs were hugely erected in blouse and it was tough to hold with one hand. But her ass is awesome. When she wears sari it looks like two big balloons are fully filled with air and placed inside sari.

One day I decided to propose her. When I returned back to home I gifted her flowers and told….” Aunty I want to say something to you.’’ She replied ‘’ ok, tell whatever want to say ‘’. I replied….Aunty, I feel that I am in love with you. She was astonished to hear these words from me. she didn’t expect that I will propose her like that because she always consider me as her son. She was unanswered that time, did’t say anything and came to kitchen. I thought….” She might be angry with me”.

At night when Aaditya was sleeping, she came to me & replied….’’ Anuj, I know you love me well before for long time, but I am a mom and also consider you as my son. So forget all this.’’ While she was telling all this I felt that this is right time to tell her about feelings. As she completed her words, I took her hand in my hand kissed her hand and replied….” Aunt, I know you are a mom and also loves me like your son, but what I do, whenever I see you, I feel you are my destiny, I don’t know whether I am fit for you or not but I always feel that you are absolutely perfect for me.” She didn’t tell anything and returned to her bed.

After a month when I got my salary & decided to gift her a brand new Sari with pair of blouse . For this I took her a blouse & gave it to famous ladies tailor to stich it. After 2 days I presented it to Sujatha & requested her to wear. She told me to wear after when Aaditya got sleep. After 11’o clock when she got free from her house hold works she told to me for go outside for 10 minutes. I got out of house & start thinking what she will do.

When I entered into room she was sitting on her bed waiting for me. As I entered she stood. She was looking stunning in sari. Sari was transparent and her figure was protruding clearly in it. Blouse was low neck from front & back. It was completely open from front and almost half of her boobs were reflecting from sari. I replied…” Aunty you are looking awesome, may I kiss your hand.” She replied….”no, as I told you before it is not possible.” I came nearer hold her hand and took her to my bed and told her to sit on bed. She sat on bed and asked…” what happened.”

I replied….”Nothing, please allow me to kiss you. You know I love you, even I have many female colleagues in office but you are more caring & the most important thing is that I love you from you with my deepest heart. Please allow me to do that as I don’t want to proceed without your permission.”

She lovingly fingers in my hairs and replied….” Okay, but for this time only, after that I don’t want any request for all this.” I was looking for this moment for long time. I sat near to her, put my hand on her hand and kissed her. As I kissed she hold my face and put on front of boobs. It was first time when I was lying on her boobs. This was nice feeling. It started working. My cock was getting erected in trouser. That time I didn’t wear underwear, if I knew she will allow me to kiss her, I would wear underwear also.

She was feeling good so I couragelly put off sari from her blouse. In low neck blouse boob’s cleavage were clearly open. Her cleavage was 6 inches long and milky white boobs were still tight at age of 40. I touched boobs with my hand and saw her. She replied….” Why you like me so ?”

I replied…..”itz because of your swallowing ass. I saw your ass nude few months ago & become big buff of your figure. You are really goddess to me.” while I was saying all this she was slowly rubbing my lips with her index finger. She bent her face on me & kissed my lips and went apart saying….” Anuj, itz not good. I can’t do all this with you, even Aaditya is growing. What he will think if he know about our relation. I won’t face him in my life.”

I came closer, hugged her & whispered in her ears….” No need to worry. We will do whenever you want only. I will never go beyond your wish. But not live me alone like this. I will die without you. I love you. You are my life now. Let’s start once naa. I am requesting you rather than insisting you.” While saying I was slowly massaging her nude back. At same time my erected cock was creasing her side of belly. I knew she was also fleeing hot.

She got separated from me stand on floor, put off front part of sari, made her boobs open in blouse & replied…..” come on! Take your aunt to heaven.” I hugged her tightly and start kissing her lips. She was complementing me nicely. My hands were on her waist trying to come more closed to me so that there were no gap between me & her. By kissing each other passionately we were exchanging our saliva through each other’s tongue. We kissed each other for more than 20 minutes.

She separated from me came to bed and sat. I came to her bent on my knees and put my head on her thighs and replied…..” sujatha, today you made me man. You are first lady whom I kiss. Will you be my lover.” She was fingering on my hairs & replied….” Itz okay but we have to maintain some limits. We will not do all these in front of your brother. And the other thing you have to promise me that you will never demand for physical relation.,” I thought & replied….” Okay, I will do whatever you want only. I will never demand anything that will hamper your dignity.” She replied….” You are so sweet of you.”

After sometime I asked….” Sujatha, I wanna see your nude ass. Is it possible for your love to feel it.” She thought for a while & replied…..” okay! But no fuck and all those things.” I accepted her proposal.

She stood on feet turn and fronted back towards me & slowly started lifting sari upward. As sari was going up my cock was raising high & high. When sari was on thigh she asked….”anuj its enough naa.” I replied….”no”. Her thigh was full of flesh. Its smooth, fleshy and huge. It was vexed & each of pore waere clearly visible. I was unable to control my temptation. I came behind to her back sat between spreaded thighs & rubbed finger there. As I touched her thigh she shook her ass in great agony.

She bent on bed now. Sari was just on her ass. Thighs were nude. I kissed her ass belly over sari hold in her waist with my hand & replied….” Aunty tonight I want to suck & smell you. Please don’t stop to do that.” She was in agony, replied…..” okay, proceed”. As I got permission I started licking smooth thighs. That was my first experience with Sujatha, so I can’t explain all these in words. She was completely bent on bed spreading her arms. After kissing & licking both thighs I lifted Sari to her waist.

Now Sujatha’s ass was open in front of my face. I didn’t wasted any time pulled her waist on my face & buried my nose inside asshole so that I could smell its honey. She also supported me by pushing her ass on my face. My nose was deep inside asshole. I were unable to breathe but at the same time my mouth got stuck inside ass lining. Tonight whatever I wanted I was getting it. Her ass was so huge that my face only occupied her 25% of total area.

I felt her asshole was smelling like jasmine. It might be possible that she put some jasmine flavored deodorant in her asshole. My both hands were on her ass cheeks.

In that pose she was looking like a bitch whose dog was smelling and sucking her ass. That night I blasted 4 times in my trouser but not proceed for fucking her. It was because I wanted to show my loyalty, trust & honesty towards her. Please give your valuable comments so that I could be encouraged to publish my further proceedings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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