My Journey To Perversion Ch. 5

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When Paul got up I felt almost sleepy, I was defiantly tired, and I felt used. It was like I was in a euphoric bliss I opened my eyes as Paul pulled away and said “OK Baby, it’s my turn now, lets get you back to the hotel.”

He got in and we drove to my hotel. I did feel drained yet I had a smile on my face like I have never had in my life this was one nasty man and I loved him for being this way. My mind was spinning as to what I could possibly do to some how give him some kind of reward for all of his efforts doing all this for my pleasure. What could I do that no other woman has ever done for him before? What could I do to make sure that Paul goes home to his wife wishing and praying to God that it was me he was going home to?

My God with his nasty and filthy mind, our life together would really be way out. I can’t help but wonder why he loves it so making sure that I am having so many wonderful climaxes. Why is it he loves eating cum out of my sperm filled pussy so much? I don’t think Paul is gay, maybe he is, I don’t think he is Bi-sexual, he never gave me any hints in that direction. Shit I love his nasty-ass fucking mind, this trip is turning out to be way more than I had ever hoped for. I know that if I don’t watch my self, I may not get back on that plane. Oh shit the kids, oh well, this has turned out to be one hell of a trip so far. I well think of something to do to him before I go back, something real nasty.

Once in the room, Paul said, “I know you are tired and most likely wore out, why don’t you take a nice hot bath, wash your hair and relax a bit, I’m going to order us some food.” I heard that and it was music to my ears. I took a nice long bath and just relaxed in the huge tub, I think I even fell asleep for a bit. I finished and dried off; there was a blow dryer on the wall so I used it. When I came out of the bathroom, Paul had a dinner plate waiting for me; he must have been tired also, because he had fallen asleep on the bed on his back and nude. I looked at him and I loved what I saw, he was hung and I stood there just a minute debating on where I would eat. I looked at him and then at the covered plate. I walked over to it, lifted the plate to see a lovely steak. I set the lid down and looked at him again.

Well I am sure I don’t have to tell you what I decided to eat. That steak was delicious; it was cooked just the way I liked it. When I finished I covered the dish and went to Paul. I got on the bed with him and I wanted desert. When I touched him he woke up, he grabbed me and we rolled on the bed laughing. We kissed and kissed. I wanted him bad, I was not horny, I just wanted to feel him inside of me.

He asked me “Are you ready to sleep, or would you like some more wild sex?” I smiled at him and said “I can sleep on the plane back, I came down here for sex, so give it to me.” I kissed him wild and hot, he broke the kiss and said, “I have some more surprises for you baby, come over here, I want to tie your hands up.” I smiled and said, “Oh my, Paul wants to get kinky, OK honey, tie me up.” I moved to the center of the bed and stretched out my arms. Paul tied them and then he took some soft ropes and tied my ankles. The ropes where not tight like my arms so I really had almost total freedom of my legs and feet.

I expected him to go down on me, to my surprise he got off the bed. He went to a bag and pulled out several things. One was a body massager, another was a big fat rubber cock another was this pink looking rubber cock that he tested to make sure it vibrated. He had a soft mitten with white fur and other different dildo’s. He came back to the bed and said “Well My dear Linda, I can guarantee this, after tonight. Every time you ever think about sex again tonight will flash into your mind first and foremost. You will go to your grave thinking about tonight” I said, “Oh I know, tonight has been wonderful.” Paul then responded, Oh no, I don’t mean what you have done so far, I mean what you will be going through the next few hours.”

I heard him turn on the body massager and he put the head of it against my exposed pussy, after all, I had my legs open thinking he would eat me at any time. Now I have used vibrators before, but this way he laid there holding the massager so it just barley touched my exposed clit. I felt like a fluttering bee was touching me. Sending through my nerves, nothing but pure lovely, wonderful pleasure. I felt myself beginning to respond to the touch. I tried to scoot down to push myself tighter against it, but he would pull it back to keep it just barley touching. I had my ropes stretched as far as they would go. I felt myself after some time very close to having a climax. I knew it would be a small one, but I also knew it would feel good. I don’t’ know how he managed to tell I was ready but right at the moment of perfection, he pulled it away from me.

I called out to him. “Oh honey, I am ready, let me come baby.” I heard him say, “Oh you were, I’m sorry, I wanted to see how you could handle this.” I felt him inserting aydın escort a nice fat cock inside of me, I looked down, and he lay there smiling as he slowly slid the big fat rubber cock inside of me. I could not climax because as good as it felt with the cock, it changed the feeling from my clit to my insides. I could feel the movement of the cock as Paul stroked me with it. I could feel myself loving it as it touched every fiber in my cunt.

I began to fuck back at it; I knew I could have a lovely climax any moment. I was there and Paul pulled it out. “No” I said, “put it back, I’m ready, give it to me, put it back.” He did not say a word, I heard the massager click back on and the electricity of it touching my clit again. He did it again, just as I was there, he changed everything, and I could not climax right then because he changed the feeling. I was getting lost in this desire to climax. I knew my body was building to a big climax now. I decided to try and fool him.

I worked hard at not showing him how much I loved the feeling, I knew that I could do it, I relished the feeling of that thing working my clit. Just as I was ready to explode again, he pulled it off. I began to beg, “Oh please, please, let me come, let me come.” He never said a word. I felt the cock back at my pussy and it slid right in. I then felt another rubber cock at my asshole. I can only assume that he lubed it up real well because he had no trouble inserting it in to me nice and slowly.

Once inside he pulled the one from my pussy and he started to lick my clit as he fucked my ass. My mind was going a mile a minute. What could I do to get him to let me come? I started in talking real dirty and smutty, I know he loves a good slut that can’t get enough. “Oh baby, I love that, I love your cock in my ass, I have had so many guys fuck me there tonight, but you are the best. You know how to treat a cunt like me, you know I love cock, I love big ones, I love small ones, I love a nice fat one, and I even love a skinny one. I am your slut, fuck your nasty cock hungry slut, make this cunt purr to perfection.”

I knew I was getting to him, because he was fucking me so fast and he was sucking on my swollen clit hard. I was bouncing up and down as he fucked my ass. I was close. I said “Oh baby, it’s good, it’s good, fuck that nasty ass, eat the cunt that would fuck an army, oh baby, SHIT IT’S GOOD, OH PAUL, OH FUCK, GIVE IT TO ME, DON’T STOP, FOR GOD SAKE DON’T’ STOP, NO, NO, DON’T’ STOP, FUCK ME, EAT ME.”

I could not believe it, he did it again, and he worked me right to the point of a climax and stopped. I felt like crying I wanted to climax so bad. I felt movement and Paul had moved up between my legs. I could see him and his cock was rock hard. I felt him lift my hips as he inserted him self in me. I knew this was it; I knew I could get my climax now. All I had to do was wrap my legs around him and he could not pull out. As he laid into me I pulled up my legs only to find that the ropes stopped me from even touching his ass with my feet. I decided to fuck him hard and fast to get myself back to the boiling point. I started to work and oh I knew this was going to be it. Then it happen, I felt him pulse inside of me and I knew he was coming. I was close but not quite there yet. He seemed to know my body some how because just as I was going to climax he yanked back hard and fast.

I got mad, I started screaming at him “YOU SON OF A BITCH, FUCK ME, GIVE IT TO ME, LET ME COME. YOU BASTARD, YOU FUCKING BASTARD LET ME COME, LET ME COME.” Paul just sat there on his knees then he moved up to my face he said, “I told you when we started this is going to be a night you will never forget. You will look back on the rest of your life as the best sex you have ever had, now tell me just how hot are you and what would you do to let me let you come?” I said “I would do anything, anything at all, just tell me, I’ll do it, Please have mercy on me, I need to come.”

He then said “what about a nice 6 man gang-bang, would you like that Linda?” I looked at him and said “yes, you know you don’t have to do this to get me to do a gang-bang, I want to, I came down here in hopes for it, let me come, I’ll do another one, but please let me come first.” I wasn’t kidding, I was serious, I came down here to be with him because he told me he would arrange a gang bang for me and so far tonight has been one long gang-bang. At the club I fucked I think every man there and some of them twice, what more could Paul want for me?

He then said, “I am going to call my six friends I have waiting down the hall, we are going to fuck you until it becomes dawn, and I am going to film you being Gang-Banged. I will be using two cameras one tape you get to keep and take home, and I will keep the other one. I may keep it private or I may take it down the club to have it shown there, hell I just may even make a copy and sell it to a porno place so they can make copies and distribute them.” I listen and I was so fucking turned on by what he was saying. He went to the phone and made a call. He said “OK boys, come on down, you better be ready for a ride of your life, this woman is going to milk you all dry”

I watched as he set up the two cameras and he hooked up one to the room TV. I could see everything that the one camera was filming. It was in the far corner and it had the whole room as well as the door. I watched as the door opened and the six men walked in. two blacks one Mexican and four white men counting Paul. Paul was giving orders as they all where getting out of their clothes. The one thing that I picked up on right away was when he told them no matter what they where doing at the time, no matter how close they where when he says stop they had to stop.

Everyone agreed and I felt my first new cock being slid in, it was a white guy that had a lovely cock. I felt it as it slid in and he started to pump. He was a jackrabbit. It didn’t take me long to get the tempo and just as I was starting to get into it, he shot his sperm in me. It was as if he worked real hard to fuck me fast and hard to climax himself with out regard for my enjoyment.

Paul said “next, but fuck her ass, she is too close, one of the black guys jumped on the bed and as he lifted my legs up as far as the ropes would allow, I felt him inserting his cock in my ass. He said, “I’m an ass man, and this man is getting this ass.” Paul said, “remember Bob, this has to be quick, she is way to hot, you stay too long and she will come.” It was only then did I realize what was happening, he had these men come in here to torture me, he was going to have them fuck me over and over but he was not going to let me come myself. I knew I had to really work at it if I was going to out smart Paul and his plan.

The big black fucking me reached for my tits and he worked my nipples as he slammed in and out of me. He was fucking me fast and hard. I kept my ass as tight as I could I wanted him to love the feeling so much that he would disregard Paul and get me off. Then it happened, he shoved his cock deep inside and held me tight as he shot his sperm in my asshole. I was so close I wanted to cry. I knew any second he would be pulling out and I kept moving my ass trying to keep that feeling going. I heard Paul say, “Pull out Bob, she’s way too close.

I screamed “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, LET ME COME, LET ME COME” I looked at Paul and he had a shit-eating grin on his face. I was in misery I ached to climax and that son of a bitch would not let me. I was moving my hips I tried to close my legs to some how stimulate my self. The ropes would not allow me to close my legs. I heard Paul telling the guys to use their mouths. Inside I hoped that he had forgotten that when I am as turned on as I am right now, that I can climax with my nipples being stimulated. I felt the bed move with three or four men coming to me, they all started kissing me. I had mouth on each tit, one on my neck, and one I was French kissing. I felt another man join us by kissing the insides of my thighs working his way up to my hot little hole. I was moaning with pure pleasure and with all the stimulation, I was feeling my climax come. I concentrated on keep my breathing level and to not give any indication that I was getting close. The mouth at my pussy was driving me crazy, but those two working my nipples where doing it. I think there was a direct line of nerves from my nipples to my clit. It was coming, I had him beat, and I was going too finely climax.

Paul said “Bill, John, stop, pull back” I wanted to scream I wanted to cry, I was kissing this black guy and he would not let go. My mind was racing, how? How can he tell when I am so close to a climax? How does he know? I heard a familiar buzz and I felt the vibrator working my clit. I was so fucking hot. It couldn’t have been one minute before I was ready to explode. Then he said it again. “Pull it back Fred, she’s way too close.” We better give her a break and let her cool down just a little. If we don’t we will loose control and that is not going to happen.”

I had an idea, I said “Oh I have got to pee, I can’t hold it anymore, let me up to go to the bathroom please.” Paul laughed and said “Oh sure you do, all you want to is for us to untie you so you can go to the bathroom and masturbate, sorry baby, if you got to pee, I’ll get some towels and you can pee all you want. But you ain’t going no where until it is time.” I said, “I really have to pee, please let me up to pee.” I really didn’t at first, but the more I talked about it I did have to go.

Paul walked into the bathroom and came out with a bunch of towels, two men lifted me, and Paul placed them under my ass. Folding the ends up between my legs and he held it tight against me. I started to grind myself against his hand and towels but he took his hand away and said, “OK Linda my little darling, pee away, let it all out.” By this time I was ready so I let it loose, there was something about peeing like this all tied up, in front of all these men. I felt the warm liquid fill the towels between my legs and down to my butt. I felt so warm and relaxed yet embarrassed all at the same time.

Because of the pee, the towel was now heavy against me and I started to use the weight to work my clit with the wet towels. I was watching Paul, as he was talking to the other men and not watching me. I was starting to get the hang of it and I went to work moving my hips up and down. I knew this could work if only I had enough time. I felt myself getting closer and closer I knew it was coming. Then I heard someone say, “Hey Paul, you better check this out.” I did not stop, in fact I really went working my hips I knew it was a race between me and Paul, I knew he would pull the wet towels away and I would be left hanging again. I watched him as he came to the bed and he just stood there watching. He said “that’s it Linda, work that cunt, work it baby, feel it getting close, feel the heat rising, work it baby, faster, faster, here I’ll help.” He reached down and held the wet towel hard against me. I just knew he was finely going to let me climax. I was heaving hard against the towels and his hand. I was there, I was there I was going to come and he couldn’t stop me.

Then he did it; he jerked the towels away and pulled them out from under me. He caught me in mid air, I could not stop him, he was too fast, and it really surprised me. I thought he was going to let me come. I was in tears. “Please, Please, Oh for God sake please, please let me come.” Paul took a dry cloth and began wiping me all dry. It was too late for his touch to get me off, but it did feel wonderful. He said to me, “close but no cigar, I think if I brought in a Billy goat you would fuck him wouldn’t you baby?” I looked at him and begged him with my eyes pleading to come. Then Paul said, “Make sure you let us know when you have to take a shit, that should prove very interesting.” Every one laughed but me. One guy got on the bed between my legs and after spitting on his cock, slid it in me. He fucked me hard and fast then shot his sperm in me and pulled out. I was so close but again, they where all working to keep me going with out letting me come.

The guy that was kissing me earlier got back on the bed, and moved so he was kneeling right next to my face. I wanted his cock in my mouth just as much as he wanted me to suck him. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth, I kept my eyes open watching his black meat moving into me. Paul got on the bed next to me and started kissing my neck and ear. He whispered to me “You may be mad right now, but you’ll get over it, we are going to make you a sandwich, I’m going to untie you Chuck is going to get on his back, you will get up on him and put his cock in your ass. David is going to put his cock in you cunt and Peter is going to let you suck his cock. Do you want that baby?” I could not talk because of the cock in my mouth, so I shook my head yes. I felt the guy I was sucking lift my head up so he could stick his cock down my throat. I wanted to feel his cock in my throat as well. I worked at it and in no time I had his cock all the way in. I had his matted groin hair right at my teeth. I felt this cock swell up and pulse as he emptied his yummy sperm into me.

My mind was in a whirl as he came, but as good as it made me feel I still could not climax. I needed some sort of added stimulation. Even with Paul’s hot voice next to my ear it made me swoon with pleasure with his nasty talk but still I could not come. The guy I was sucking slowly pulled out and I felt my jaw feel a little sore from being open as wide as it was. Paul and another man untied the ropes from my wrist and then my ankles. Paul then told me, if you climax this all stops, you can fuck all you want, but the first time you climax, these boys go home, and so do I. You are only allowed to climax when I say, do you understand my sweet Linda?”

I looked at him, I glared at him, what was he doing too me? Why is it so important that I only climax when he wants? I said, “Please just one time, if you let me come just once I can go the rest of the night, please just one time.” Paul came to me, kissed me so tenderly, and said, “My love, if you do climax just one time that will be all you will climax with us. It is up to you, by now you know you can’t sneak a climax past me, you have tried so many times and I have caught you each any every time. I know your body, I know when you are there ready to climax, just remember how many times you told me this was one of your sexual fantasies, remember how much you wanted to be taken and kept right at the edge of a climax. You wanted this to be the wildest night in your life. If you do it my way and it will be just that, do it your way and climax with out my approval and it is over, everything stops.”

I had tears in my eyes, I had to climax so fucking bad, but I did not want this depravity to stop. I was not willing for it to end yet. I looked at him and said, “I’ll try, (my mind says yes, but my body is screaming for a climax.) I will try but you will have to help me. I don’t want this night to end yet, you are the nastiest man I have ever known, you know what I want, and I want this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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