My Kyle

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Comment by the author: After reading *a lot* of these stories I finally decided to try writing one of my own. Hope you like it. If so, I might try another, or maybe a second chapter to this one.


“I’m…” Kyle swallowed hard and forced himself to say the last word: “…gay.”

His mother Lina was quiet for a moment, but then she smiled.

“Is that all?” she said. “I was afraid that maybe you’d gotten a girl pregnant or something.” Her eyes sparkled like they always did when she was teasing. “I guess that’s something I won’t have to worry about anymore.”

Kyle couldn’t help laughing. There was a strong note of pride in his mother’s voice when she spoke next.

“You know we would never hold this against you, right? Gay or straight, we love you, and nothing would or will ever change that. Right, Dave?”

She looked at her husband who cleared his throat and seemed embarassed. Kyle could tell his stepfather would need time to get used to this, even though he still cared for Kyle.

“Yes, Kyle… We’ve got your back, buddy.”

Kyle grinned, which caused Dave to grin too, and seconds later, all three of them were roaring with laughter. When the laughter had died down, Lina rubbed away a tear at the corner of her eye, chuckling.

“So… are you out to your friends yet?”

Kyle blushed.

“No… I wanted to tell you guys first.”

Lina noticed the blush but decided not to mention it. She suspected that someone among Kyle’s friends was the reason behind Kyle’s very sudden revelation. And that someone had better be careful with her son’s heart or there would be hell to pay.


Kyle was back in his dorm room, lying on his bed, eyes closed. His mother and Dave lived only a little more than an hour by bus away from campus, something he’d been very grateful for this morning. He’d woken up feeling that he really needed his mother’s soothing presence, and that it was finally time to tell her he was gay. It was a relief to finally have said it.

Ever since he knew he was gay, he’d had been positive that she and Dave would be great about it when he finally came out (they always were, with everything) but he’d never really felt ready to tell them. Until now. Now when certain feelings had grown so strong.

He had admitted to himself he was gay a couple years ago, but nothing he had ever felt before could even compare to how he felt now. He was in love. In love for real. With his roommate, no less. Kyle really wanted to tell Dean how he felt, but he was afraid. Dean was openly gay, so that wasn’t an issue, but not only was Kyle shy by nature, he was also afraid of being rejected, of ruining the best friendship he’d ever had… lots of things. Still, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could go on like this.

A sigh escaped his lips, and he imagined that Dean was there, covering his body with his own, pressing his lips against Kyle’s, slowly sliding his hand up underneath his shirt letting his fingertips brush against his nipples while grinding his hardness against Kyle’s.


Kyle started when the door suddenly opened and the object of his desires walked in.


Dean Bursa escort smiled affectionately at his roommate. Kyle’s cheeks were glowing and he looked very embarassed. Dean was sure that he’d interrupted a very naughty daydream just now. Dean’s heart fluttered.

“I wish I could give you what you want,” he thought.

The truth was that from the moment Dean had lost his heart to Kyle from the moment he laid eyes on him. He was so cute; black hair, big blue eyes, lithe body. And so sweet, shy and innocent, almost childlike at times, yet with people he knew and trusted he was funny and easy-going.

After just a week or two a genuinely deep and warm friendship had grown between them, but Dean always dreamed of more; however, because Kyle was so shy with strangers he still wasn’t, after being best friends for over a year, sure which gender Kyle preferred and Dean was reluctant to risk making things awkward between them if Kyle turned out to be straight.

“Maybe I should just ask, one of these days.” he thought to himself. He sat down on Kyle’s bed.

“Didn’t think you’d be back yet. I thought you would be at your mom’s house like, all day.”

Kyle looked down.

“No… no, I had just had something I wanted to talk to her about.”

“It’s nothing serious, right? You looked a little upset this morning.”

“I…” Kyle trembled.

Dean shuffled closer.

“Hey… What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” Kyle swallowed.* Say it! Just tell him* “I… just told tell her and Dave that…”

Deep breath.

“That I’m gay.”

Silence. Dean wondered if maybe he was dreaming. Desperately trying not to laugh with joy, he spoke.

“You’re gay?”

Kyle looked up at him with those big blue eyes.

“Yes,” he whispered.

Dean leaned over and hugged him. Kyle inhaled his scent – fresh and clean, like rain – and he tried to say that which he desperately wanted to say but, like always, he became tongue-tied and just couldn’t. Dean leaned back and smiled at him.

“They took it well, I hope.”

“Yes.” Kyle smiled. “They got my back.”

“Great. So… Did you only realize recently that you’re…”

“No…” Kyle said. “I’ve known for some time, but… I guess I wasn’t ready to come out until now.”

Dean suddenly felt a flash of fear in his gut.

“Is it because you’ve met someone?”

“No, I… no.”

Kyle blushed and looked away. Suddenly, Dean felt more afraid than I ever had in his life. From the look on Kyle’s face he could tell there was something he wasn’t telling him.

“This is my chance. If I don’t make a move soon I’ll lose him to some other guy.”

He glanced at the angelic face. He wouldn’t let that happen. He took a deep breath.


Before Dean could say anything else, the door burst open and their friends Sam, Juan and Ray tumbled in.

“Dudes! Impromptu party downstairs, let’s go!”

As they were dragged from the room, Dean sighed dejectedly as he realized his confession would have to wait.


Kyle sighed with relief. For over two hours he and Dean had been surrounded by friends, but now they had finally moved off in different Antalya escort bayan directions in search of drink or a potential bedfellow. He loved his friends but he just wasn’t in the mood to be sociable right now.

He glanced at Dean. He was so gorgeous. Golden brown hair, dark green eyes, and a mind-blowing body, naturally muscled that was currently dressed in perfectly fitting black sweater and black faded jeans. Kyle swallowed. He hated himself for not daring to tell Dean everything earlier.

“I should have told him I love him the minute I told him I was gay.”

He was beginning to feel a lump forming in his throat, when suddenly Dean put his hand on his shoulder, rubbing it lightly as if he could sense Kyle’s depressed feelings.

“This party really blows. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

They made their way in silence to their room. The moon was almost full, bathing their room in silvery light. Kyle sat on his bed, untying his shoes. He looked up in surprise as Dean sat down next to him and placed a hand on his cheek. Dean’s hand drifted past Kyle’s ear and his fingers brushed lightly through the silky, dark hair, making Kyle tremble. He moved closer, leaning his head towards Kyle. He stopped for just a second, feeling Kyle’s warm breath against his face, and then he softly pressed his lips against Kyle’s.

Kyle felt like his heart was going to explode. *Dean’s kissing me. Oh, God, it’s really happening.* Dean’s arms encircled his waist and he kissed him harder. Kyle pressed up against him throwing his arms around his neck and parting his lips, allowing their tongues to caress. Dean rolled them down onto the bed and Kyle shuddered with pleasure as he felt Dean’s weight and arousal against his body. It was more wonderful than he’d ever imagined.

Dean stopped the kiss and gazed into Kyle’s eyes, breathing hard.

“Dean…” Kyle whispered.

“I love you, Kyle. I always have.”

Kyle’s swollen lips trembled.

“I love you, too.”

Dean crushed their mouths together to a moan from Kyle that made Dean’s cock so hard it was almost painful. He slipped his hands under Kyle’s shirt and pulled it off, throwing it onto the floor. All their other clothes followed until they both were completely naked. Kyle’s head was spinning with pleasure and his breath was coming out in pants. Dean was on top of him, sucking and licking at the nape of his neck, his fingers teasing his nipples, his cock grinding into his own.

“Ah! Aah! Dean…please…”

Kyle could hear Dean’s hard breathing in his ear as he nibbled his earlobe.

“Tell me, Kyle. Tell me what you want.”

“You… I want you… inside me. Please…”

Dean raised his head a little, looking into Kyle’s eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… I’ve dreamt about it ever since we met. I want you, Dean.”

Dean kissed him deeply and sat up.

“Just a sec, baby.”

He walked across the room over to his dresser, where he opened a drawer and collected lube and a condom. He went back to the bed and sat down. Leaning down over his lover he raised and spread his legs. Kyle’s hand fastened in his hair and pulled him down for a kiss. Their Escort Manavgat tongues twisted and danced together until Dean removed his lips from Kyle’s, kissing his way down the soft skin of his throat, down past the collarbone until he reached a dark pink nipple, which he flicked with his tongue to a breathy “Oh!” from Kyle. When it had become perfectly hard, he gave the same treatment to its twin, relishing the taste of the sweet skin. Kyle’s fingers were in his hair, and he heard his name being whispered over and over:

“Dean… Dean…”

Dean abandoned Kyle’s nipples and moved lower. He briefly caressed the area around the belly button until he moved on and finally reached his goal. Dean wrapped his lips around Kyle’s cock and with a loud moan, raising his hips and pressing his head down hard, Kyle came. Dean managed to swallow all of it, not missing a single drop.

As Kyle lay panting, Dean squeezed some lube onto his fingers. He nuzzled against the inside of the thigh, and brought his fingertip to the hole rubbing some of the lube onto the rim. Keeping his hand at Kyle’s entrance Dean moved up and began kissing him.

“Let me know if it hurts, baby,” he whispered between kisses.

Kyle nodded, and Dean pushed his finger in. Kyle moaned, but the sound was not one of pain and he was already hard again, so after just a few seconds Dean inserted a second finger. He moved his fingers, twisting and scissoring, and as he found the button inside Kyle he cried out.


Dean smiled into his lips and slipped a third finger inside.

“Dean…” Kyle voice was growing hoarse from panting and moaning. “Enough… I need you. Now.”

Hurriedly, he rolled the condom onto his shaft and having lubed it he positioned himself and entered Kyle. When he heard a small gasp he stopped.

“It hurts a little… Just give me a sec.” Kyle closed his eyes willing the pain to away. It subsided quickly, and he nodded to Dean who, with a deep moan slid in further until he was all the way in

“Oh, God! Oh, Kyle!” he groaned.

As he started carefully to move, Kyle wrapped his legs around his waist. Dean tried to restrain himself and go slowly, but he was losing the battle and his movements became harder and faster. He could feel Kyle pushing up his hips to meet his thrusts, could feel his fingers digging into his shoulder blades, could hear him crying out, over and over again, and as he dipped his head and bit Kyle lightly on the neck, Kyle came with a scream. Feeling the hard contractions around his cock, Dean felt himself trip over the edge.

“Oh God, Kyle, I’m coming!”

With a roar he emptied his seed into his love’s shaking body.

It took a few minutes before Dean was able to move. His whole body was trembling, but he was blissfully happy. When the trembling subsided, he carefully pulled out and after quickly disposing of the condom and cleaning off Kyle’s release from his stomach, he slipped back into bed and wrapped his arms around the precious body. Kyle sighed contentedly.

“I love you, Dean. I love you so fucking much.”

He felt one of Dean’s hands caressing the back of his neck.

“I love you, Kyle.”

Kyle could feel his exhausted body beginning to fall asleep and smiled happily at the thought of sleeping in Dean’s arms. Sleep was overpowering him. Just before he allowed himself to drift away into unconsciousness, he could hear a soft voice whispering:

“Kyle… My Kyle…”

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