My Life as a Submissive Cocksucker

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How does one become a submissive? Good question, and I feel that I should examine my life from the time I was a young, vibrant heterosexual man and the moment I began to become who I am today. While I was never what you could call an oversexed guy, I did have sex with a number of girls. I never thought of gay sex, but when I turned 18, my thoughts seem to change. Maybe I was bisexual, at least that is what I thought but I continued to date and have periodic sex with women, that is until I went to my gym one day and focused my attention on one particularly handsome older man. I was careful not to be too obvious as I seemed to be drawn to this man.

For several weeks, I continued to work out in the gym but always, this guy was on my mind. It was most likely in my imagination but it seemed that he was always close to my space as he also worked out. So it came as a surprise when I was at my locker getting ready to put on my coat and leave when the object of my attention was standing right next to me.

“I think its about time that we officially meet. I’m Devon and you are?”

“I’m Ron. Nice to meet you Devon.” I responded with some trepidation knowing that he was on to me. I guess I wasn’t as careful as I should have been in observing him.

“Well Ron, I think I know what you want.”

“Not sure what you mean Devon.”

“You know exactly what I mean Ron. If you want my cock, just nod, if not I’ll walk away.” I could not help myself. I trembled in anticipation as I nodded my head. Devon then told me to meet him outside. I met him outside. He was standing next to a car that I assumed was his. He opened the passenger door and waited for me to enter his vehicle. Like a zombie, I just followed his lead. My car was parked near the gym and he informed me that he would return me there after he was finished with me, whatever that meant. I tingled with excitement in anticipation.

He lived a short distance from the gym. Not a word was said during the short trip to his home. He pulled into parking lot behind a medium sized apartment building. “Follow me and be quiet bitch.” This was the first time he addressed me in that aggressive manner and for some odd reason, I was happy. We took the elevator to the 3d floor and entered his apartment. He surprised me by offering me a drink which I accepted. We were in his living room, both of us sitting on a comfortable sofa. As we sipped on our cocktails, Devon spoke up.

“Since you seem very interested in me, let me tell you how this Demetevler Escort will work. Once again, if you not satisfied with this arrangement, you are free to leave, but rest assured that once decided, there is no turning back.” I listened with some excitement. “Since you have never been with a man, the good news is that you are now with the best. I am a man’s man. I plan on training you to be my bitch. After I breed you, I will own your ass completely and you will follow my every command. Is that clear bitch?”

“Yes sir!” What was I saying. How can I be even thinking of man sex since I had never done this before, and yet here I was agreeing to be his sex slave. Devon smiled and as he took away my empty glass, his fingers went to my lips and I automatically sucked on each finger as if it was a cock.

“Good boy, now get naked and get on your knees.” I quickly undressed and got on my knees. I kind of figured out what was next. Devon removed his shirt to reveal a sculpted and hairy chest. He stood directly in front of me and ordered me to removed his pants. First I removed his sneakers so I could have easy access to his pants. I slowly removed his pants, and to my pleasant surprise, his firm cock bulged out of his underwear. “Now pay attention scumbag. Slowly remove my underwear using your teeth but be careful not to rub your teeth against my skin. Also don’t use your hands.” I leaned forward and used my teeth to remove his underwear. The task was done and as his underwear came off, his cock jutted out reaching my lips. My tongue reached out to the head of his cock.

Devon pushed my head back. “Listen up cocksucker. I didn’t give you permission to suck my cock.” With that said, he slapped my face several times. I was in shock as he continued to beat me. Finally, he stopped and indicated that I was his slave to do as he pleased. He lifted my chin and told me that he did not enjoy punishing me but he needed to show me that I belonged to him now. “Now you may begin to suck my cock and lick my balls.” I was happy to say the least and my lips wrapped around his cock and I enthusiastically began to suck. I was careful not to rub my teeth against his skin. I did not want to be slapped again.

“Sir, may I use my hands to wrap around your waist?”

“You may use your hands but first I am turning around so you may munch on my ass. Let’s see how you use your tongue.”

“Thank you sir!” I proceeded to open Otele gelen escort his butt cheeks and use my tongue to enter his juicy ass. The aroma was something new to me and it was wonderful. What was I missing all these years. As my tongue entered his ass, my hands held on to his cock. I used my tongue like it was a cock pounding a pussy. He turned around again with his cock facing directly in my face and I proceeded to deep throat him. As I was sucking, my left hand fondled his balls and my right hand played with his ass. At this point I realized that I had never experienced such pleasure with a girl. My life would be forever changed. Not only was I gay, but I was a total submissive.

“Listen up faggot. I want you to lick every part of my body. Now get down and start on my toes.” This may sound disgusting but in fact I took this command as a sign of his love for me. And so I began to take each digit and suckled each one. He helped by lifting up each foot as my tongue lathered each toe. At one point he lifted his foot so I could lick the heel and sole. He smiled and he pointed upward, meaning that I should continue my journey. I licked each leg and when I reached his crotch, he told me to avoid licking his cock and balls for now. And so I started on his stomach and chest. I found myself sucking on his tits. He lifted his arms and I licked his pits.

“You did well faggot. Now follow me into the bedroom and get your ass on the bed. Assume the position of a total cum slut whore. On your stomach and ass in the air.” I did as I was told and soon found myself with a cock slowly entering my man pussy. It felt so good! He pounded my pussy and my ass reached back to receive him. I was being bred by a master. After a few minutes of pure pleasure, he exploded into my body with his cum. He pulled out and I flipped over so I could clean his cock with my tongue for the remaining cum. There is no doubt now that I had become a total cum slut whore.

“Wash up scumbag. We’re going back to the gym so that I can present you to some of my close friends.” I was embarrassed and yet I was excited for the prospect of making my master happy. And so we left for the gym. I was dressed only with a jock strap that barely covered my cock and left my ass naked. My master had allowed me to wear a ratty raincoat to cover my body. He had also provided me with an old pair of pink flip flops.

We entered the gym and it seemed that all eyes were Balgat Escort on me but of course I should say that all male eyes were on me. He guided me to the locker room area and to the rear where there was a small alcove located next to the showers.

“Give me your clothes and get on your knees. My buddies will be here momentarily and I suggest you please them. I will be working out so I will see your later.” I quickly removed my clothes and waited for master’s friends. After a few minutes the men began to come in. I recognized a few of them and they smiled as they recognized me.

“Boys, look who is here. I always knew that this guy was a closet faggot but I guess he came out of the closet!” I felt humiliated and yet I knew that I was meant to be a cum slut whore. One by one they came up to me and I opened my mouth to accept a cock. “Wow, what a cocksucker. You were born to suck cocks.” I took that as a compliment. I sucked and sucked until each man came in my mouth. Before moving to the next cock, I made sure to swallow each load. After a while, I lost track of time and of how many cocks I sucked. Finally the guys pushed me into the shower area but not to take a shower. They ordered me to lay down flat on my back and they proceeded to piss on me. Could I sink any lower? After they had bathed me in their piss, some of which I had drank, I lifted myself up and took a nice hot shower. The guys were waiting for me outside of the showers.

“Thanks for the blowjob. By the way your name is now boy cocksucker. Make sure that when you come to the gym, you head to the locker room and prepare to suck cocks. But just so you remember, stand up and lift your head back.” As I did this, he slapped my face several times. “You are a worthless piece of shit good only for sucking cocks.” They left and I waited for master to return since I was naked. I didn’t have long to wait.

“You did well cocksucker. You earned $500 for me and if you are very good, I may give you a present. Now get your ass back into your clothes. We are going back to my apartment. Don’t worry about your car. I took the liberty of having it moved into my extra parking space. You won’t be needing a car anymore faggot.” I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing and followed him into his car and back to the apartment. I realized now that not only was I gay, but I was also a submissive. It was clear that my master was now a pimp and my purpose in life was to earn money for him.

So this was how I knew that my life would never be the same. Being bred and owned by my master was total contentment. I lived with him for some time until he tired of me and kicked me out of his apartment but I had been well trained. I could support myself by becoming a total cum slut prostitute. There are so many stories I could relate but for now let me get on my knees. A cock is waiting to be sucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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