My Life in High Heels Ch. 08

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Hi everyone, haven’t been writing lately. Have some time to get a few things done so will write one now. I am very much along the road to full feminization now but the stories I write here are about the sexual history that led me on this path. I always have had a high libido and have always found myself attracted to men, women as well but wanted to be one. Once I became active sexually I found I actually enjoy being very submissive. I enjoy it when my body gives pleasure to others.

I am writing about a man that was a regular partner of mine many years ago. We played together often. Sometime just he and I and sometimes with a group of men. It would be either myself or with another cross-dresser named Robin. My male partner was of medium height, on the thin side, quiet agile, short brown hair, very dominant by nature. What made him special were his genitals. Now over the years I’ve seen many, large, small, thick, curved or straight. His penis itself was actually about 7 inches in length and about 2 inches across, impressive but not in itself extraordinary. What were unique were his balls. Large hanging orbs, a bull would be proud of. They would hang about seven inches down themselves and each was the size of a small Kiwi. I would delicately shave them as well as his cock for foreplay and I always admired his size, savoring them orally as often as possible.

I remember one night he requested I prepare extra special, making absolutely certain I was cleaned out, which I always did anyway and he also gave me on my arrival at his hotel room a black crotch-less latex bodysuit to wear. It was incredibly difficult to get into but once on, was I ever turned on. The crotch in the front was closed holding my penis tight and covered. My bottom quite exposed with a much larger, airy opening. I put on my black stilettos and black skirt. My c cup breasts were held in place with glue but the stretched latex pressed them very tight and left quite the impression for anyone to see. My blondish brown hair was already long enough so I was easily passable and my makeup was stylish, not sluttish even though the outfit said otherwise. He had me walk down to the lobby to get a newspaper. I like walking around when dressed but not so trampishly. I felt very very naughty to say the least as my submissiveness was tested.

Once back at the room I knocked and it took forever for the door to open. In the room another Kartal Fetiş Escort of my regular lovers, a gentle black man with a large mushroom headed penis was waiting with my large testicled lover. They were both standing sipping on a drink with grins of anticipation. I was led to the center of the window facing another hotel tower about fifty yards away, I was pushed to my knees and a cock was placed at my lips. In my element now I did not need instruction. I lovingly accepted the gift offered.

I worked the white cock first with licks the length of his tool then his glorious balls then back to his cock, fully engulfing the head. I like for my fingers to jack off the shaft in my mouth while using my tongue on the sensitive lower underside of a cock. If a man allows me to suck him till he ejaculates then when I feel the first pulse in the shaft I love to stick my tongue in the slit of his penis and hold the cum in till the pressure builds then drop my tongue and take the length into my throat shooting it into the back. Semen will fill my mouth. I intentionally look into my lovers eyes as he cums not blinking, letting him know I am a willing partner. This night though my men had other ideas, Both allowed me use my oral skills on them for a limited time only. Before putting me back on the bed.

My heels were held up and wide by one as the other took his place between my outstretched legs. I was fucked repeatedly by one and then the other, then the other. After what I thought would be simple tag team sex I was stood up and led to a table in front of the window. My legs were pulled up and my wrists were bound to my ankles and to the top and each side of the table. Two large pillows and a towel were put under my bottom leaving me completely vulnerable, I assumed since fisting had become a norm for this group that I would soon be a puppet but instead I was pumped full of lubricant leaving me as slick as I had ever been. Both men inserted fingers and pulled and stretched me. I was blindfolded but knew this was being taped as I saw the recorder on the tripod earlier. Afterwards they showed me the video and eventually gave me a copy which I still have. So I am writing based on the video.

My black lover proceeded to insert into me several items which at the time did not seem all that large. Not knowing what it was made me nervous but being submissive I immediately relented Kartal Gecelik Escort and let all trepidation pass.

The description of what followed is from what I saw when I watched the video as I was unable to see but I certainly reacted. My black friend then inserted his cock in one complete thrust. I was completely open and physically restrained, unable to move. My only response was a yelp and convulsions. Inside me the objects that had been inserted into my anal passage began to pulse with electrical current causing intense pressure and pleasure. My legs strained but I couldn’t move. My lovers cock was receiving the same stimulation inside me as I was and my anal opening was convulsing around his thick cock. I was literally milking my lover involuntarily. In several minutes I heard him moan and knew my lover in me was erupting. The load of semen in me was conducting electrical impulses throughout my bottom. I later watched in the video the spasms of my anal rings opening and closing and pulling inward, in a milking motion of my muscles, pulling sperm from within my lovers manhood, like a milking machine on a cows teat. Finally my spent lover withdrew his still throbbing, veiny, cum stained shiny black cock from my pulsing girlie “pussy”. My anal pussy kept convulsing, in unison with the pulses of electricity, making love to an illusive cock.

My next lover I thought would line himself up but had to shut off the electronics in order for me to relax so he could accomplish his objective.

Instead of inserting himself he inserted his fingers and pulled me open again and opened then and wiggled them around opening me further, he then pushed in a massive dildo with three cock heads in a row, each progressively larger. He pushed until the second one was in me. Then pulled out. Satisfied I was sufficiently open he gathered his massive testicles together and pushed them into my gaped open “pussy”.

His cock rested upon my latex covered penis and was truly massive next to mine. Pulling out slightly he bent his erection slightly and inserted it at my bottom opening. It slid in, almost swallowed up by my hungry wet hole, It was getting crowded with, two large sperm making balls, a sperm spewing cock, lube, sperm and some electric objects and wires. All of a sudden I was racked with shocks of electricity. I was having body convulsions of my own as well as my Kartal Genç Escort poor pussy. I was clenching down on my lovers equipment as he was being pulsed as well. I could feel after a very short time him lean into me and his penis spasm. My black lover working the controls, kept the pulses going and I came as well, but was unable to because of the tight latex and the constrictions of my muscles.

Finally The electricity stopped and we both relaxed and the genitals in my “pussy” slid out. A thick penis shaped dildo with a hole in the middle was inserted in me. The head was so large it would not come out unless pulled on and at this angle the camera was able to show a pool of semen sitting inside me along with the conductive balls. I was still unaware of what was occurring but the video later revealed this view. The men poured a cup of semen which I later learned they had collected from themselves for the last month into my hungry “pussy”. The men turned on the pulses again and kept the camera trained on the muscles in my “pussy and the pool of cum inside. They took turns having me suck them in this position and when each was ready to squirt they inserted the shafts of their cocks in the hole in the dildo plug and gave me another injection of protein. By the time each had filled me again I was cumming almost constantly. I was trembling and was having muscle cramps but unable to relieve them as I still could not move. The pool of creamy semen was more like a lake inside me sloshing around. I can only imagine how many sperm were actively swimming in that puddle inside me at that moment.

The plug was pulled from me and the triple headed monster dildo was pushed into me again. They didn’t stop with the second head instead forcing all three cock heads into my sloppy loose bottom. Finally my dominant lovers were satisfied with their power over me and their spent shiny cocks, testament of my true submission. They released my bonds. They slid me back and removed the pillows. I felt creamy cum seep from around the large dildo jammed in my pussy onto the table. I lay there for about twenty minutes as we talked about what we had done and giggled some.

Finally the dildo was pulled from me. A flood of sperm and semen fell out of my abused bottom. I was told to get on my hands and knees and llick up all the sperm on the table. I was weak so they assisted but I was ordered to do this none the less. As I did so the men commented that I should have another cock in my “pussy” as I did my chore. At first I was not amused but knew I would gladly take it and in fact wiggled my bottom signalling my acceptance. My lovers though were unable to comply unfortunately. Oh well, another time.

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