My Little Vampire Girl

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I was twenty-nine years old. It seems young to me now. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more on top of the world than I did at that age. The events of September 1st and 4th of 1995 were as in keeping with this state of mind as anything could be.

There is a beautiful mall in Georgetown, a premiere shopping district in Washington D.C.. I was wandering through and decided to stop in to see Phil, my boss from my retail days. I wandered into “Fit To A Tee” T-shirt shop and spent a fair bit of time catching up with Phil. I liked the guy. To be fair, I wasn’t always a top notch employee. The fact that he still enjoyed my conversation spoke highly of him…so I felt bad.

I felt bad because, as we spoke, my attention was divided. Outside the store, sitting at a table with a friend, was one of the cutest girls I have seen to this day. She’d have been a distraction under any circumstances. In this case, she was more of a distraction than any strange girl had ever been. She was young, and she was practising. Every time I cast my eyes in her direction, she was staring at me. She didn’t look away when our eyes met. Instead, she would drop her head a bit and cut her eyes up at me in a transparent but effective attempt at being alluring.

Thus, my conversation with Phil became burdensome. The etiquette with which I was raised held me captive. I looked out and the girl was gone. I broke away as soon as was reasonable. Feeling a little bit pathetic, I scanned the mall for a sign of her. A wave of relief and gratitude washed over me when I saw her. She was a petite girl, with long, unbelievably straight, brown hair with hints of a playful,purple dye. I circled around to intercept her.

For all the confidence she had shown outside the store, she seemed uncertain of herself as I approached. I wan’t deluding myself. I knew she was a girl with limited experience, proving to herself (or her friend) that she was a natural. Indeed, she was.

I was used to back burnering any of my anxiety by this age. I said hello and asked her name.

“Kisska”, she said.

“I’m Wyatt…so, how old are you?”


I laughed wholeheartedly and expressed my disbelief with a resounding “Bullshit!”. She looked down in a brief moment of embarrassment, then amended, “Eighteen.” Clearly, she was being truthful now.

My plans were very short term. Her lips looked so soft. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to run my hand over her shiny hair. I felt that I had at least this much that I could count on.

“So, Kisska… do you live around here?”

“No, I live in Crystal City”. There was an uncomfortable pause as our minds maneuvered around each other. She had been the aggressor. Now she had a look on her face that made her seem like willing prey. This was good. I sort of liked feeling like the predator.

“Well, this may seem a little odd. It kills me that you’re as young as you are. You are so fucking pretty, you can’t imagine. You were making my head swim back by the store.”. Her face turned redder as I spoke. I continued, “There isn’t much choice but for me head on my way… but I would like one thing.”.

“What’s that?”

“A goodbye kiss.”. She drew in a deep breath and hesitated. Then she said no. It was like cold water being dumped on my chest as I awoke on a winter morning. I gracefully smiled and said that it was too bad. “Maybe I’ll see ya around.”. We parted ways and I considered going somewhere I might find a willing lady to help tend to my bruised ego. Then I noticed that I didn’t feel like it was a done deal. I exited the mall from it’s far entrance and walked briskly along “M” Street.

Sure enough, she and her friend were standing at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and “M” Street, scanning the street. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. I actually felt myself shift in my jeans. When our paths intersected, she had regained her air of confidence.

She said, “Ya know, I think I’ll take that kiss now.”. There we were, on one of the busiest intersections in the city. I grabbed her and pulled her snugly against my body. I put my hand on the back of her head and was instantly overwhelmed by the sensory pleasure of feeling her soft. silky hair. We kissed. In that moment, she was the sweetest, most darling, tender specimen of female delight on the planet. She was an angel. Then she got dirty. It wasn’t me. She pulled herself up my torso to grind against me. My hands went to her ass. We were fully clothed and standing on an island in the midst of nonstop foot traffic, but we were fucking. I helped her stay in place with a hand on the small of her back and helped her grind with a hand on her ass. I tried to absorb the experience in case it was the only one. I took note of her breasts pressing against me. I forced her body to shift so I could feel them move.

Her friend coughed. I gently let her back down to the ground without letting our lips separate. Once her feet were planted, I pulled my lips from hers and gave her small kisses on the smooth skin of her neck and then her haramidere escort cheek. “I’d like to see you sometime.”, I said with as much self assuredness as possible in my euphoric state of being.

“OK…here. let me give you my phone number.”. She didn’t seem to have a piece of paper on her so I fished some scrap from my wallet. She wrote it down with the obligatory heart over the “i” in her name. I was entranced. I watched as she walked toward the bridge leading out of the city, then went home. I called her that night.

She and I spoke each day until we saw each other on the fourth. The disparity in our ages proved a small barrier in the early part of our first conversation. After this, we learned which subjects were better for us. Music was a good one, as was anything to do with partying. Inevitably, our conversations turned to sex. I am certain that she was masturbating during one conversation. I could hear moans and erratic breathing being camouflaged as well as she could. Eventually, she got stuck in the middle of a sentence, which should have been easy to spit out. This girl exuded a very potent sexuality.

Another recurrent theme was witchcraft. Dark magic and demon spirits fascinated her. It was cute and seemed very appropriate to her age. This topic seemed to blend in naturally to our sexual dialogue. She made repeated references to a spirit in a female, human form. This spirit made love to men and, in doing so, drew their souls from their bodies in a very painful way. I really didn’t think much of it. Like I said, it was cute.

Monday arrived, and I drove down to Georgetown to pick her up. Rarely was I so infatuated with a girl whom I had just met. Rarely did I go to meet a girl with whom sex seemed such an inevitability. I arrived ten minutes early. It was unlikely that I would find a parking place suitable for waiting in that amount of time, so I drove over the bridge into Virginia that she would be crossing. I crossed over Key Bridge and turned around. On the way back I saw her.

She was wearing black stretch pants, maroon Doc Martens and a black t-shirt with red, paint-like swatches across it. There were several strategically placed slices in the material of the t-shirt, which showed the small of her back, just above her pants. My desire to how the tears were situated on the front of her shirt was both strong and juvenile. The crowning feature of her look this afternoon was her hair. She had dyed it blood red. I crossed the bridge and waited for her around the turn. As she approached the car, I stepped out to meet her.

Kisska greeted me with an embrace and a deep kiss. We picked up exactly where we had left of a few days earlier, but with the added intensity of having had several sexually oriented conversations. I lifted her onto the hood of the car and backed up to get a good look at her. The slices on the front of her shirt revealed her tummy and just below her breasts. A larger breasted girl would not have been able to wear it. I kissed her stomach through the hole, letting my lips linger a moment. It seemed that every little touch of her skin was worth the journey. She leaned back on the hood of the car and closed her eyes. It was a tremendous effort to resist the gesture of submission. I could see her womanhood pressing against the fabric of her pants and wanted nothing more than to consume her, starting there. Unfortunately we were in an unsuitable location.

“We have to go.” I said, “Would you like to grab something to eat?”

“No, I ate before I left the house.” She paused. “I only have three hours before I have to be home. Is there someplace we could just hang out?”

We decided that my house was too far and went uptown to a nice outdoor spot called Little Forest. Little Forest is a city block, which was left wooded and never developed. I always loved the place. It was not frequented by many people and provided as much solitude as one could find in the city. When I pulled off the road, she jumped out of the car with a positively bubbly manner.

“Is this the path?” She pointed to the only path visible.

“It is.” I said and she ran ahead. I didn’t chase, but simply followed. I saw her stopped at a division in the path. She faced me as I approached, looking as if she wanted me to chase her. I pointed left and she took off. I ran this time. I had timed my pursuit well. I caught up with her at the very spot I wanted us to stop. I grabbed her and lifted her from behind. She was giggling. As I put her down, my hands explored her body. Her giggling stopped, and I turned her around. I let my cashmere overcoat slide off of me and let it fall so it would serve as a blanket. Lifting her, I turned and let her down on the coat. I kneeled in front of her and raised her shirt just enough to expose her belly to me. I kissed her there briefly, and then began to circle her belly button with the tip of my tongue. I traced down from her belly button to the top of her pants, actually pushing them içerenköy escort down a little in that spot. I added a couple more kisses, including one between her legs. I stood up.

I slid my hands under her shirt and around her waist. “Lift your arms.” She did. She had no bra and the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. They weren’t large, but suited her petite figure very nicely. I had wanted to see her undress completely before touching her again, but seeing her pink, puffy nipples was more than I could stand. I held her just below her arms with my hands. She was so slight that my fingers met at her spine. I took one nipple between my lips, as I would suck the peak off a mountain of whipped cream. It stiffened, and I pulled my tongue back over it, pressing it against my teeth lightly as I did. She shivered. I put my hands on her ass, kneeled and swept her legs out from under her with my elbows.

She laid back on the coat. And parted her bent legs so I could move between them. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I let my hands softly explore her upper body, noticing the aroused look on her face whenever I handled her breast a little more roughly. I squeezed and pulled them harder as she responded with more and more writhing on the coat. I was torn between wanting each moment to last and wanting to get to her little pussy. I cupped her hips with my hands, enjoying their fullness. I began to slide them down her hips a little, pulling her pants down with them. Just before I could see more than might show over bikini bottoms, she stopped me.

“Take off your shirt. This isn’t fair.”

I pulled my shirt up over my head. My dick was so hard that it was exposed over the top of my jeans. She propped herself up on her elbows and stared at it. She cut her eyes up at me and rose to a kneeling position. She looked down again then back at my eyes. Then she lowered herself and touched the tip of my dick with her tongue. I felt it grow even more. Her lips went around it much as mine had her nipple just moments before. I felt her tongue flicker a bit before she reclined again and told me to continue.

I pulled her pants down to her boots and she said she’d take them off.

“Get undressed.” She almost commanded. I did. I felt freed as I took off my pants. She lifted her feet to me as to allow me to finish removing her pants. I pulled them off, leaving just her red panties. I slid them down and off of her, and stared at her lying naked on my coat. Her skin was so smooth and flawless. She was lightly olive complexioned, and she was all but shaved bare. Only a small strip of hair was left. The light through the trees played on her skin, creating little patches of shadow and light. I was entranced. I pushed her knees up toward her chest. As her thighs spread and her inner lips were exposed, the light glistened on her wetness. I bowed to her pussy and kissed it gingerly. I let my bottom lip graze up the length of her pussy and my top lip back down. She was so wet that I could feel her fluids on my lips. Her clit had swollen out from under its hood, so I touched it with my tongue. She pushed my head firmly against her. I opened my mouth to cover all of her pussy, then pulled them together slowly. She couldn’t have been wet enough for me. I wanted to drink her life force. I sucked on her clit for a few seconds then plunged my tongue inside her. She was gyrating in convulsive motions now, as I tongue fucked her. I held her ass to help me stay in contact with her. She seemed to relax a little, so I switched back to sucking her clit between my lips. Just squeezing her thighs as I did this was almost enough to make me cum.

Suddenly, she popped up into a sitting position. “Lay down.” She said.

“I want you to cum first.’ But she shook her head. I leaned back and collapsed onto the coat. She raised herself to her knees and spread them apart widely over my torso. Her hands went to my chest and she lowered herself just to the point in which she could rub her pussy up and down the underside of my dick. I began to dread cumming too soon. She kissed my chest and then up my neck. She began to pinch the skin on my neck with her teeth. It was gentle. She kissed my mouth again while still sliding over my dick.

She looked into my eyes and said, “I’ll be back in a minute.” Then, with a long drag of her tongue, lowered herself to my cock. She paused before making contact and the anticipation of her touch was killing me. When she did, it was just tiny touches from her tongue, once on the head, once on the base of the underside and so on. She cupped my balls in her hand and gently caressed their underside with her fingertips. She lifted them and touched her tongue underneath. This time, I shivered. She began licking them hungrily. It seemed as much for her pleasure as mine. All at once, she sucked them into her mouth, pointing my stiff dick into the air as she pulled at my balls with her mouth. I could hardly believe she could do it. Then as quickly she pulled innovia escort back. She stroked me a couple of times with a firm grip of her fist.

“You’re getting messy”, she said while gazing into my eyes. I looked down and saw my pre-cum on my dick, her hand and my stomach. Without breaking her gaze, she went down to clean it up. As she finished, she drew half my dick into her mouth and sucked it as if she needed me to cum. I wanted her to stop. I wanted to cum inside her pussy.

“I want to fuck you…now” I croaked.

“Nuh-uh, you won’t last a minute. I’m going to suck you off. After you cum in my mouth, then we’ll fuck. Will that be OK with you?” She didn’t seem to be asking me, but telling. She grabbed a handful of the skin of my balls, tightening the skin on my dick. She flicked the ridge of the head o my dick with her tongue, then circled it. Then she began to suck the head very slowly, but with an incredible grip of her lips. She drew me in deeper and deeper as she sucked faster. As she began pulling me deeper into her mouth, I felt the tightness of her throat. I had never, in all my experience, felt that. She pushed me all the way in. I have never had this happen since. She moved her head very little now, but was somehow tightening and loosening the grip of her throat. I looked down at her, and when she looked up and made eye contact, I exploded in her throat. Her head started to bob again as I bucked. I was afraid I would hurt her, but she stayed with my motions. As I gasped for air, she moved over me again, on her knees, towering over my face.

“Are you shot now? Or do you still want to fuck me?”

“More than anything in the world. I might need a second though.”

She looked down at me and said to take all the time I needed. Her pussy directly over my face, and she started rubbing herself. Her motions were too intense. I grabbed her knees and jerked them forward. She fell on my chest. With my hands, I dragged her higher on my chest. I wanted her to cum with my tongue in her. She allowed me to lick her for a bit. I could feel her shudder as her fluids began to flow freely. She was close. She couldn’t hide it. Her inner thighs were tensing and releasing. I thought I might cum just from her doing so, but she lifted herself up again.

I groaned, “I want you to cum!”

“Will you let me do what I want to?”

I couldn’t imagine anything she could do that would be anything but heavenly, so I said yes. She scooted back and stopped when her pussy was right over my dick. Using her hand, she positioned it to penetrate her. With slow, circular motions of her hips, she worked me into her. This was what she needed to ask to do? It was amazing. She took me all the way in and began to rise and fall. Each time she rose, she thrust her hips forward a little. I was lucky I had cum already. I didn’t even feel I would last too long now. As she fucked my dick, she walked her hands along the ground at my sides until her face was over my neck. I needed control of our fucking, so I grabbed her hips with my hands and took over. I bent my neck to position myself to see her hips as I pushed into her. I looked between her legs and saw her little stripe of hair. Her tummy looked so flat that I was expecting to be able to see the shape of my dick showing through. In that moment, I felt I was in love with her. She began to respond with thrusting of her own. I was moments away and suspected she was too. Then she bit my neck.

She bit so intensely, I could feel the tendons grind between her teeth. This pushed my orgasm back a little, but not much. The pain was agonizing, but her pussy was enveloping my dick even more firmly. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. My hands dropped from her hips and she began pounding my loins with her pussy. I watched. It looked exquisitely violent. As my cum boiled up in me, she pulled my skin with her teeth. I could feel blood running down my neck. She cried out through her teeth, never letting go. That was all I needed, I came so much that I felt it coming back out of her. She let go of my neck and sat upright on my cock. I was still pumping out into her. I felt my heart was going to explode. She cried out with a couple last thrusts, guided by her hands right over my dick. I was her sex tool at that moment. Then she collapsed. I felt an occasional twitch from both my dick and her pussy as we lay there.

She gently sucked the blood from my neck and said she was sorry. She was almost crying. I couldn’t stop the words as they rose to my mouth. “I love you.’

“I love you too.”

We were both lying. It was OK.

“We have to get going.” She looked at her watch. “Oh shit!” We both jumped up. I had my jeans on quickly, but she just grabbed my overcoat, put it on and said she’d get dressed in the car. I walked up the path, putting on my shirt while trying not to drop my shoes. I dropped one and turned to pick it up. When I saw her behind me, the coat was open. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted her again.

“Come ON!” she panicked. She stepped around me. “How long will it take to get to Crystal City?” I told her thirty minutes. That seemed to relax her, which encouraged me. We arrived at the car. I felt blood dripping on my neck again. Right before she put her hand on the car door handle, I grabbed her by her waist. I lifted the coat and pressed myself against her. She objected through an aroused moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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