My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Frightened and trembling, when I reached on the door of Ms. Jane’s Flat, She was standing there waiting for me with her mobile in her hand. It took me about an hour to cover that small distance.

I pleaded with another excuse that my parents are here and I have told them that I have met you and they have sent me to invite you personally to visit them for meeting them tomorrow morning. Ms. Jane scolded me for being a voyeur. I again pleaded that I went there to check if you were still awake or have retired. I never wanted to disturb them in case you have retired for the day.

I fell on my knees and said ‘Ms. Jane, I love Ms. Lucy very much and will do anything for her. I was about to seek her pardon for my mischief just then as if she was waiting to hear from me that I love Lucy, I received the following message on my Mobile phone from Ms. Jane.

Dear Aamir,

At the outset, I am sorry for being harsh with you in that telecon and yet not altogether sorry, because I want that you should know Lucy very well. My Friend Ms. Lucy is an orphan having no relatives alive in this world. She is the only child of her deceased Anglo Indian Parents who have died recently in a road accident. Her father was an Indian Ayurvedic Doctor and mother was a beautiful Britisher.

She is just back from a British school in London. She is a very knowledgeable and intelligent girl, bubbly and lovely in nature and also in the figure, as you must have observed yourself! She has inherited the beauty of her late mother.

She is of an exceedingly warm and passionate nature, and the looks that you gave Bahçelievler escort her in today noon were not lost upon her. In fact, to be quite frank, she had fallen in love with you! You will find her a delightful companion. I think you also like and love her. I know you will take care of her very tenderly, and she will do anything in the world for you.

You may speak to her about life in British school; she loves to talk about it. I want her to be happy, and I think you can help. Remember she has turned eighteen in the last week.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Jane John

“Are you OK?” asked Ms. Jane.

I just cannot describe my feelings about receiving this remarkable communication. Of course, after reading the message I was relieved. I said thanks to her, kissed her hand and she smiled and said – God bless you, Aamir!

On reading the message I was overjoyed and wanted to thank Ms. Jane. Lucy’s fresh flower-like face, her soft red lips, her beautiful eyes, and dimples in her rosy cheeks passed before my mind’s, followed by an instant vision of her marvelous breasts and her delicate shapely legs, and I knew that lady luck has smiled at me, maybe I get to meet Lucy now. It was not possible to misunderstand the meaning of Ms. Jane’s message and indeed when I reached the flat, she was there to welcome me.

She peered at me smilingly and invited me in and we sat on the Sofa. She sat right in front of me and offered me a glass of water.

While drinking the water I was looking at Ms. Jane, a woman of British origin who was tall, with long blonde Bahçelievler escort bayan hair and big blue eyes and a smooth soft chin. She has quickly changed into a red miniskirt and a pink-colored top. My eyes had adjusted to the dim light.

I couldn’t say anything. I was looking at her boobs. Her top was too tight, short, sleeveless arms and she was not wearing a bra, and the top button of her top was open. Her breasts were high and hard and the nipples pressed firmly. I could see the nipples outlined right through the top, and the closeness of her flesh and body struck me like a bolt from the blue.

I was speechlessly looking at her boobs. Her sweater was too tight, a cardigan, and she was braless, and the top button of her top was open. Her breasts were high and hard and the nipples pressed firmly. I could see the nipples outlined right through the sweater, and the closeness of her flesh and body struck me like a bolt of sunlight.

God, I hadn’t ever seen a woman more voluptuous than her and after remembering what I saw from that window wanted to see more of her up close. I was imagining her making love.

Her miniskirt had hiked up to her thighs as high that it could reveal her nylon panties. I stared for a long instant at her soft creamy thighs which were crossed and I couldn’t stop thinking and seeing in my mind that sweet little pussy and all that soft downy hair that was just above the edge of her skirt. Almost instantaneously I felt my cock get out of control,.

Those long, beautiful creamy thighs looked appealing. Even if I couldn’t Escort bahçelievler see her pussy there in the dark, I felt my body moving me over and I couldn’t stop thinking about that sweet, little cunt. I had such a hardon I had to squeeze my legs together, but I got over next to her.

I tried to suppress my groan; my attention was locked on the sweet curvaceous swell of her bottom. I tried to adjust my groan. But it didn’t want to go down. No way.

I had been frequently been an object of amusement for boys at school about the size of my penis, which was unnaturally large for a boy of my years, but I have since found that it was a hereditary gift in our family, my father also had boasting instruments of the enormous build.

My dick wanted to slice right between those beautiful soft, creamy thighs, and slide right into that lovely pussy. It was as if all I had to do is close my eyes and I could feel my prick going into this juicy young cunt of this beautiful lady.

God, why hadn’t ever I screwed a woman like her?

She also noticed my huge erection and was amused and while I tried in vain to hide it.

She mischievously smiled and looking at my erection said that view from the Window is making you uncomfortable. Can you not control that thing?

I hesitantly said it has its own mind and is not under the control of my mind and after what I saw from that window it is very difficult to control it.

I decided to divert my attention from Ms. Jane, as I tried in vain to control my erection. I looked around to have a glimpse of Ms. Lucy, but again the very thought of Lucy and the fact that she is in love with me and the sights of her beauty while she was changing made it harder. I squeezed my legs together in order to adjust my groan.

Ms. Jane noted my impatience and said Aamir you have to be patient. Lucy has retired to her room for the night.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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