My Magaluf Holiday

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Anyone ringing me at three in the morning needs to be hung drawn and quartered even though I needed to be up in half an hour of which my alarm was already set. I knew who it was so it was no surprise to see my best friends name, Gina, on my phone.

“Morning Kirsty.” Came the overexcited voice.

“Do you know what time it is?” I exclaimed in mock anger “some of us had set our alarm for a little later, you Cow”

“Moo to yourself too. I just rang to make sure you’re alive and getting ready to go to the airport for our sun, sea and cock.”

“Well you’ve woke me up now, so yes I’ll be ready. Now fuck off and ring some of the other girls. I’m going for a shower.” I hung up the phone and lay back on my bed. The sun was poking its head round the curtain, as is usual in the British summer time. As much as I was annoyed at Gina for waking me up I knew I could have a little fun before I went for my shower.

The past few weeks had been building up to this day, finally me and the girls were setting off for the wonderful island of Majorca. Moreover the messy week we had decided to have in Magaluf. If you have never heard of the place, Magaluf is total filth. Cheap alcohol, partying til five or six in the morning and fit lads who have nothing to think about apart from where the cock was going to get wet that night or morning.

The trip had been decided the day after our A level exams were finally completed. After a few hard months of studying and deciding where we possibly want to go to university, if we got the right grades. We had all congregated at one of our local bars for a few drinks and to decide on our summer plans. The decision was unanimous,we would be going to Magaluf after we had got our final results and chosen our universities that we were going to attend in the autumn. So after getting the required results and my place at my choice of university confirmed it was time to go.

For weeks, while getting ready for this holiday all I could do was fantasize about all that cock I could get during our week there. Although I was a calm collected girl in school, outside of school I loved sex and couldn’t get enough of it. Up to a couple of months ago I did have a steady boyfriend who was as randy as me but he split with me to go with a girl, who in all fairness, was classed as the village bike in my area. Since then I’ve been enjoying sex with a few different men, a couple I could even call fuck buddies.

While I had been asleep until Gina had woken me I was having a dream where a chiselled guy with a six pack and a big thick massive cock had been taking me hard and fast from behind and being woken up by Gina had now left me frustrated with a very wet pussy.

Reaching underneath the duvet I started to stroke my breasts letting a hand loiter over my already swollen nipples, the electric I could feel on them made me want to dive directly onto my clit and that’s what I did. First with one finger softly circling it I could feel it harden slightly as I went on, my clit started to demand another finger, which I duly obliged it. Going harder and faster I wanted to moan as I felt my orgasm coming but I knew I couldn’t be detected as my parents were on the other side of my bedroom wall. Eventually it came in one big wave over me leaving me panting with desire and wanting my hole to be filled up but I hadn’t get time to get my reliable vibrator out. After getting out of bed after my playing, I started to run myself a quick shower. I knew once we had got to Magaluf the fun would certainly kick-off.

Half an hour later, after my shower, make up done, dressed in a short denim skirt and pink vest top, I greeted the taxi driver who was taking me and the girls to the airport. I was the first to be picked up and would be going around to collect the other girls up before making our way to the airport. I could see that the driver was looking me up and down as soon as he got out the minivan to meet me. I mean who wouldn’t look a teenage girl who was wearing next to nothing at this time of the morning. To describe me I have a nicely proportioned sized 16 body with curves in all the right places I have a pert little bum and size 38E breasts of which I’m very proud of. As my ex said more than a handful is a waste. I have shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that sparkle like sapphires.

With my suitcase packed in the back of the van and both of us sat down we set off to the next destination where my bestie Gina was waiting for me.

“Alright slaggggg.” Came my best friend’s voice as she entered the van. She always greeted me like this, Gina like me loved to worship cock, and to her it was so easy, with her perfect Tits (size 36C) and her size 10 toned frame, she had no problem attracting the boys. Sometimes I envied her with the amount of attention that she got but I suppose all is fair in love and sex when you have got boys and men that desire you and wish to have in your bed. This morning she was dressed in a cute pair of Sakarya Escort white hot pants and a white t shirt tied up at the side to show off her tummy a little.

“Hey honey, lets get this show on the road. It may be 4 in the morning but I’m dying to get my drink on as soon as we get to the airport.” I smiled

“The airport!!! Hun I am so not waiting til then. Have some of my coke?” Gina gave me a wink as she passed me her 2 litre bottle of coke. As soon as the liquid entered my mouth I started to feel the burn of the vodka present in it and even at this time of the morning it felt good, especially as I knew that this was the best way to start our holiday. Feeling the buzz that the laced coke had given me, we pulled off from outside Gina’s, our next stop was to collect Freya and Orla.

The twin’s are identical to a tee from their 36D Tits and sexy little ass to the size 12 bodies that they always flaunted in nearly identical outfits although this morning Freya was dressed in short flowery summer dress and Orla was dressed in a black short skirt and boob tube top. When we were younger it was always fun to watch them mess around with a teacher when they were both being taught at the same time they would often swap seats when the poor soul wasn’t watching and fool them. There was a rumour that once Orla took one of Freya’s exams because she couldn’t be fucked to go but it was never proven. As the twins hit year 12 though Freya got bored of being the same and decided to dye her once ginger hair and to blonde which she now tints with this weeks colour being a neon purple. Orla though loved and decided to keep her very ginger hair which made her to die for. Both girls still have poker straight hair and deep brown eyes a boy could get lost in and trust me when I say I have seen many a boy do (even my ex one time got transfixed by Orla.)

And then finally we picked up Paige. Every group of friends has one who is the brains of the group and the least beautiful of the group but still sexy none the less. At school she was the girl who has her hair in a tidy bob and dresses up in plain clothes so she doesn’t show what goodies she is hiding underneath. Outside of school, like this morning she liked to dress in T-shirts and jeans which show off the least amount of flesh, which is a shame as she has a nice 32C bust and a size 8 figure which annoys the hell out of the other girls as she can eat and drink for England. She is the baby of the group having just turned 18 the week after her last exam.

Everyone feeling a little buzzed by the Vodka and coke that was nearly all consumed from Gina’s secret bottle the conversation in the car was getting louder and very jolly. We were all singing along to a dance track from a CD that we had give to the driver. He was a weary looking man as though he didn’t want to be up at this time of the morning let alone being stuck on a taxi run with five loud girls in the back. I did notice though he was sneaking glances in the rear view mirror at our tits as they jiggled when we went over bumps in the road. Even though she was more tipsy than me Gina had also noticed this.

“Do you like the view mate?” She asked as the song came to a close another tune started to play

“Don’t know what you mean missy.” he said with a slight smile

“We can see you looking at our tits jiggling about” Gina replied with a smirk on her face. Knowing Gina as I do I had an idea where this could be heading. Gina was always a tease and always want to take advantage of someone if she could.

“Oh all right you got me I was, Sorry I don’t get that many chances to look at 5 pairs of teenage tits even at this time in the morning.” he said laughing a little he was about 50 years old and with his greying hair looked a bit of a silver fox. I thought sadly the only sex that he got was from his wife as he had a wedding ring on.

“If we got them out for you for to have proper look how much would we get off the fair mate.” Said Gina with a cheeky smile and a glint in her eye.

The cab driver looked stunned at what she had said to him as if he had never had this kind of question asked to him before, I had a shrewd feeling though this was an act of his as probably a fair few girls had done this before to get off of paying a fare. “How about half the fare?” was his reply.

“Three quarters off the fare” The alcohol making me feel more confident as this “and we will keep them out until we get to the junction to the airport? What do reckon girls?” The glass in the van had been darkened so no one could see into it so our modesty or lack of would not be seen.

There was a cheer from the rest of the girls as they agreed with my offer, none of them apart from Paige had any hang ups about their body’s but I knew that she wouldn’t want to be left out so would just go along with the whole thing. Sadly she always gave into peer pressure. Gina however decided to go even one step further.

“If we’re upping the Sakarya Escort Bayan offer’s for him I’ll give you another one. How about for all the fare paid for and we will get our tits out between now and the airport, which I believe is about half hour away. And when I get out of here there will be my freshly taken off thong that I ‘m wearing now sitting on the seat waiting for you. What do you think Mr?”

The cab driver decided to think this over for a minute with covert glances at us while he was making his mind up, I could see that he was flicking his eyes between me and Gina. Finally he spoke.

“OK then girls its a deal, I’ll wave all of the fair for you but I don’t want your knickers” he pointed his finger at Gina. “It’s hers I want.” Now pointing his finger at me

To me it was a no brainier it’s not like I hadn’t packed enough kickers and thongs to last a whole month let alone the seven days that we were going. Besides the money that I would save from not paying the taxi could always get me a fair few new ones.

“You have a deal then Driver. I said leaning over to take his hand which he shook. “Right girls on my lead lets our tits out for the man on three. One, Two, Three”

The look on his face as 5 pairs of boobs came into view with 10 nipples winking at him was amazing and you could see the now he was glad to now have taken on this fare for the morning even though he was £50 out of pocket. As every bump was crossed our tits jiggled and we could see his face get even more contorted as he was getting more and more horny. At one stage I even thought about touching Gina’s nipples to wind him up some more but I resisted but I knew that once he had my panties they would be used more or less straight away.

Coming up to our junction that would take us to the airport we started to get ready to put our money making assets away from the driver. Before we did though Freya announced that we needed to take a selfie with our boobs out for the memories so we all gathered round as she took the picture with her phone. She then asked the cabbie for his number which he gave her and seconds later we saw a message arrive on his phone as our tits were now a keep sake on there and pretty much would be used for future wanks.

With our tops now back on it was time to take my panties off for this pervert driver. As I started to draw my legs up and hitch my skirt he adjusted his rear view mirror to see straight between my legs. If he wants a show I thought lets give him one. I opened my legs wide so he could see the the gusset of my pretty pink thong. It was slightly see through and I knew he could see the triangle of dark pubes that adorned the the top of my pussy. Continuing my eye contact with him in the rear view mirror I reached my hand down and rubbed the front of my thong making it even more wet and sticky for him. Finally I peeled my now very soaking, thong off letting him see my pussy for just a couple seconds. For the final act for him I got brave enough to reach my hand round the side of his seat and placed them directly in his crotch while giving his cock a squeeze. I knew it was a nice thick one as I squeezed it, part of me wished that I could of played with it some more but we were too close to the airport for that.

Finally, arriving at the airport we piled out of the taxi fifty quid better off and got our bags from the back. We all gave the driver a kiss for being a big sport. As I was the final one to kiss him I decided to give him a hug as well. I felt his cock starting to grow again as he held me close. Eventually we released from each other and went into the airport terminal to check in, but firstly for me I had nip to ladies to get dried up a little and put on a fresh pair of panties. Once inside the stall, before putting on the fresh panties on I decided to see how wet I really was and was shocked to find myself so soaked I could of easily slid two or three fingers up there. If I had my favourite vibe with me I could of taken that easily but that was in my suitcase.

Finally with a fresh set of cotton panties on we made our way to the check in desk. The queue at this time of day was always massive as holiday makers were all here for early morning flights. I looked around while we waiting. There was all different of people in the queue, oldish couples whose kids had flown the nest and were now able to enjoy the mature holiday, Parents with young children looking forward to a nice family holiday, the single traveller looking for that moment of freedom and finally other Boy and Girl Parties looking forward to a week away of sun, sea, booze and probably like me a shit ton of sex. In our queue I spied three all boy groups, one of the parties was a group of ten buff looking lads, one was an all right crowd like us of five and then there was a geeky looking gang of three who looked out of sorts in just jeans and t-shirts. These boy looked like they had never been abroad let alone going to a party Escort Sakarya island but then again for all I knew they could have been going to Crete to see some statues, who knew?

After we had got through all the checks we had to go through the duty free shops. I love going through here looking at loads of expensive bits and pieces. I also knew that I could use some of the perfume samples to make myself smell good for on the plane. A girl always needs to smell nice and if I’m travelling on a plane full of sweaty body I wanted to spell especially nice. Looking around the most expensive perfumes I decided to go with a fruity little one that smelt very sweet just like the girl I am.

Starting to feel hungry we made out way to the bars in of the terminal to get a drink and order some breakfast. Upon finding a table we ordered a full English breakfast each and two bottles of Rosé for the five of us to enjoy.

“Hey girls.” Piped up Orla as we finished topping up our glasses of wine. “Can I propose a toast to this holiday that we are about to take. Here is to seven days of fun in the Majorcan sun. Let each day be filled with joy, drink, sunbathing and whatever may come.”

I raised my glass as the other four joined me all clicking together.

“Kirsty I forgot to tell you something as you were in the toilet.” Piped up Freya. “I got a message from that taxi driver. He said to thank you for the wet panties he enjoyed smelling them as soon as he had left us and he would like to give us a free ride home for another pair when we get back.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I laughed, “I wouldn’t mind more than just giving him my panties.”

This made all girls laugh. “Seriously Kirsty, He’s old enough to be your dad” a shocked Orla exclamined.

“Yes I’m aware of that Orla.” I smiled back innocently as Freya was busy typing a message on her phone. “If you felt how thick that cock was you would want a bit of it too.”

“Ok if you say so, I dare you then to ask for a picture of it before we get on the plane.”

“Terms?” I questioned

“If he send you a pic you get to swap seats with me if I get a hottie sat next to me, If he doesn’t then I get your seat if there is a Hottie beside you.”

“Game on then Orla.” I said offering her my pinkie to which she offered me hers. “Freya give me his number.”

As instructed she passed me her number and typed him a message straight away asking if he had Whatsapp. A few minutes later as our food arrived my phone buzzed a message saying he had and said I could message him on there. The next message I sent him just went straight to the point and asked him for a cock pic as I wanted to know if looked as good as it felt. I also promised him a pussy picture for him to wank off to if it was a good picture. Within seconds the picture came through an easy win for me. I did message him back with said pussy picture and promised him when I got back he could put that cock to good use in my pussy as it did look as good as it felt in the car. When I showed the girls I got gasps of shock and compliments about getting him to give me what I want. Needless to say Orla wasn’t happy that she had lost but took it with good grace.

Breakfast and wine finished we were all feeling chilled and we discussed what we wanted to do while we were waiting to board as we had a good half an hour before the flight was even ready to board. Paige announced she was going to just sit down near to our supposed gate and just chill. The twins were going to look around a few shops. I wanted to go to the news agent and get a couple of magazines to read on the plane. Gina decided in the end to be lazy and sit with Paige. So on my little lonesome I went to get some magazines.

Walking to the shop though meant I could also do some window shopping of my own but not for goods, for men. I don’t really have a type but I like what I see and usually get what I want. I think its always easier for me to get a man rather than a man trying to get into my knickers. I mean lets face it if a man fancies me they have to try and chat me up and make that bond with me if I’m not interested at the start. If I’m interested in a man all I have to do is show him a bit of flesh and I’ve near enough got him wrapped round my little finger. It’s why nights out are always cheaper for a girl.

I saw a few men and boys that took my eye. A couple of dad’s I could easily fuck if the wife or kids were not around. Some of the lads groups that were dotted around I could easily have a few of them. As I passed one group of lads that had matching slogan t shirts, I saw a very hot looking lad. He had a cheeky boyish face with hair cut that showed off his facial charms, one of his arms were just one massive sleeve of Tattoo’s, I could tell that he worked out as his arms looked built but not too bulky like hardcore gym bunnies.

As I looked at him talking to his mates, his eye suddenly caught mine and to my amazement he smiled at me. Shocked as I was, I knew I just couldn’t go up and say hi to him. This was the wrong time and wrong place and that would never do, besides, I wasn’t that tipsy. Turning my back on Mr t-shirt I went on my way to the shop, Although I might have just wiggled my ass a little more than usual while I walked away.

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