My Mates Girlfriend Cheats Pt. 01

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I was 25 and looking to start new after a bad breakup back home east. I was the definition of average, 5’9 in height 185 in build with a slight stocky frame and a smooth 7.5 inch cock to top it off. I preferred being alone and being picky as fuck on what porn video to watch, but I needed human contact eventually. I found a job at a tech help desk in Best Buy and managed to keep myself afloat, with my friend helping his way of course. Life was decent.

After a few months in of establishment in a new city with my buddy, lets call him Griffin, had started dating this girl and brought her over every now and then. I had only seen her in passing and managed to make eye contact in passing. She was curvy as hell, like she was overweight in childhood and managed to slim down but keep the thighs and ass. Her dark brown hair perfectly detailed her light brown skin, she was definitely mixed with something. Her breasts were still a mystery, as she wore layers often with yoga pants to match. Id always do the classic nod smile and never say anything as they watched Netflix and Id go into my room to continue grinding on World of Warcraft.

I heard them have sex at least 4 times a week, which I was more proud for my buddy rather than jealous. Good for him, she was a damn fox and I wasn’t in the business of wanting what wasn’t available. He was rather quiet most of the time, I think to preserve the idea that they weren’t having sex with me in the apartment, but I didn’t care. She definitely didn’t either. She moaned and occasionally screamed and swore. It was a perfect overtone to my porn.

One weekend Griffin had to leave town for work, and wouldn’t be back until Monday. By now most of Kayla’s, was her name, clothes were packed or scattered around his room so she opted to stick it out and binge the new Netflix show she was watching. I had to work a double both nights and wouldn’t even be home so he felt comfortable leaving her there.

Work was dull, I hated the normal calls of broken laptops and the occasional printer call. The store itself was slow, which was surprising for a Friday, and I couldn’t stand another minute of the Indiana Jones movie playing on repeat in the entertainment section. By 7 I was just about to clock out when a guardian angel was sent from above. A coworker approached me and explained she needed hours and wanted the second shift of my night. Without hesitation I took her offer and grabbed my stuff with the door in eyesight.

It was dark by the time I got home and the parking lot was still mostly empty. People were out in the city or doing something other than staying in. With a slow entrance I texted Kayla that it was me, and that I had gotten off early. She called out “cool!” from within griffins closed door. I closed the front door and took my shoes and work shirt off. I had a black tank underneath. gaziantep escort bayan Scattered across the counters were several Mikes Hard Lemonades. Kayla must have made a night of it and got some alcohol for her show. I opened the fridge and snagged one myself, hoping to catch a buzz from the nightmare at work. Just as I popped the bottle lid off, Griffins door opened and Kayla tip toed out. She looked a little goofy, sneaking past my empty room. She peered into the darkness of my bed before turning towards me and kind of hopping in place. I smiled. she was in a black tee and red panties. Her massive thighs weren’t able to be hidden even when she pulled down the front of her shirt to cover her pussy. I could see the forms of her breasts through the light tee and realized she had bigger breasts than I realized, C cup or maybe even D.

“Fuck, I thought you were in your room…you usually are.” She looked down, going red in the face.

“I wanted a beer. Looks like you had your share,” I said with a chuckle, “Hows the show?” I leaned my back against the counter and held the beer loosely. She eyed me suspiciously and didn’t move. Which was odd for a girl in her panties.

“Iss good.” she said with a slight slur. “Griffins bed is super comfy so I haven’t left it all day.” She giggled, letting go of the front of her shirt. I tried to play it cool and not ogle over her.

She jumped up on the counter opposite of me, placing her hands in her lap. It was better coverage, but I was actually more of a leg man myself. So I enjoyed the view even more. Which was strange because I normally didn’t look at what wasn’t available. I swigged more alcohol and continued conversation.

Before too long she had spread her legs slightly, more comfortable, and she changed the topic.

“You know, you look really good in that tank, you usually wear so many hoodies.” she jumped down and took a step forward.

I looked down. “Thanks, you look good in black.” I chuckled again nervously.

She did a little twirl back and forth on her toes and curtsied, revealing her fine hips laced in red.

“Take it off! let me see your abs! I bet you’re surprisingly ripped.” she grabbed at the bottom of my shirt and lifted before I had a chance to set my beer down.

“Wait, stop,” I laughed. She was surprisingly strong and pulled it up and over my head. Her eyes glazed over my body, which was okay, I didn’t have a bunch of definition but it wasn’t rolls of fat. She pressed up against me lightly and looked up at me. My dick twitched a little and I think she felt it. Her hips stirred and she hummed in delight.

“Lemme show you me,” She said quietly and grabbed the bottom of her tee and pulled it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts sways loose before me. I didn’t object, I should have. She shook her head and her hair fell loose.

“Do you like it?” she asked, looking up at me, the whites of her eyes big.

“Yes,” I whispered, grabbing her hips lightly. She pressed against me and I felt the warmth of her breasts against my chest.

My hands grabbed more at the skin on her hips and ass as she leaned forward quickly and kissed me hard on the mouth. She lifted her leg and rested her knee on the counter, trapping me within her embrace. I said fuck it and wrapped my arm around her leg, pulling her close with the other, my hand firmly on her ass.

Her tongue pressed against my lips, desiring entry. I met hers with mine and we explored each others mouths as her hands moved quickly at my belt buckle. I squeezed her thigh harder and started kissing at her neck, moaning slightly as she pushed down my pants and her cold hand found the warm, now swollen cock in my briefs.

“Lookie lookie” She smirked and squeezed me, which erupted a little shout from me. She kissed me one more time, biting my lip as she pulled away.

“Do you hear me ride Griffins cock at night?” I nodded. “Do you touch yourself to me screaming?” I nodded again. She laughed and moaned a little, turned on by the fact.

“I do it for you sometimes you know…I think about you two going to town on me… I almost thought about doing it…pulling you in.”

I squeezed her ass and bit my lip.

Before I knew it she had slid down to her knees and laughed happily as she covered the head of my cock with the her mouth. I moaned and leaned back, looking down. She took a moment to spit into her hand before returning to pump and twist my cock with matching rhythm of her mouth. With a “POP” she released herself from me and her tongue found its way down to the shaft of my cock, she sucked hard and then popped one of my balls into her mouth, pumping my cock hard at the same time. This girl was a fucking pro.

She stood and turned, pulling down her red panties quickly and pressing her ass out to me,

“Fuck me, Kyle, Fuck me please.”

I took a step forward and watched as she took a step apart to widen her lips. I grabbed onto that fat ass and guided my hard cock into her dripping pussy. We both moaned in unison and she threw her head back in ecstasy. Her hands gripped the counter as my thumb covered the entrance of her asshole and thrusted hard into the warm depths of her pussy.

“Fuck!! You’re so tight, Kayla, this pussy is so fucking juicy, you like it when I fuck this ass?” I said with a big thrust.

She moaned a high pitch squeal and laughed. “Yes daddy, I like it when you fuck that ass. That cock is so deep, I can feel it in my stomach…” She droned off quietly as laughed, more in control. I let her ass go and caught her swaying breasts, She yelped in pain when I pinched her nipples.

“I want you to lay on the ground, please, Kyle I need it.”

I exited her with a pop, and watched as she excitedly and desperately pushed me down onto the ground so she could climb onto. she put her feet on either side of my hips and plunged her self onto my twitching cock. Her hands rested on my abs as she bounced her knees up and down quickly, her breasts fell to each side as she leaned back and showed no sign of stopping. I grabbed her hips again and forced her grind back and forth. I watched her face contort and eyes roll back as she moaned quietly. My fingers found her clit and I rubbed it furiously.

“Im going to fuck that ass, Kayla, Ive wanted it since I saw it…”

“No” she started “No Ive never done that.”

I pushed her off and turned her back around on her knees and elbows, she didn’t object as I poised her.

“Be careful, don’t tear me…”

I laughed and spread her ass cheeks and without a second thought pressed my face into in. My tongue lapped like a thirsty dog and lubed up the muscles as much as I could, even so much as spitting around it before standing back.

“Griffin hasn’t had this, but now it’ll be mine, and just mine. He can’t ever have it. You hear me?”

“Y-Yes sir…” She whimpered looking back at me.

I pressed the head of my cock against her ass and asked again.

“What’ was that?”

“This ass is fucking yours just fuck me please, fill me with it, I fucking need it.”

I thrusted forward and her screams were met with my grunts. Her asshole was so fucking tight and seeing her fat ass around my cock was more than I could handle. I pulled back slowly and then slowly fell forward. Her long howl of a moan told me she was finding enjoyment.

“I can feel…it so deep…its…mmmmmffff” Her sentence was cut off with a bite of her lip. picked up speed and could hear her breath getting heavier and heavier, her ass found more intensity as it pounded back against me. she was a slut for anal now I could tell.

“Im gonna cum on this dick, and then Im gonna cum on it tomorrow, and the next day…” she kept repeating the sentence and the idea of sneaking around my roommate with this girl made the end of my dick twitch and grow more sensitive inside her ass.

“Im gonna cum on this-“

“ARGGHGH!” I Thrusted forward and grabbed her neck, pulling back. she gasped a little and then arched her back, moaning loudly herself. We came in unison. I pulled myself out, and watched as she fell forward limp on the kitchen floor.

“Fuck…I just…Fuck…” I said, breathing heavily. My cum dripped off my cock and I watched as it trickled out of her asshole over her pussy and onto the floor.

She turned to me and smirked, grabbing some with her fingers and lapping it up.

“Fun as fuck you mean,” she laughed and sucked on her finger. “Call off work tomorrow?” She winked.

“Fuck yeah…” I sighed back, feeling my dick twitch.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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