My Mom vs. My Sister Ch. 06

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*** Continued from Chapter 5

Main characters:

Cathryn: Mom, 47, ER doctor

Caitlyn: Daughter, 19, porn actress

Carter: Son, 18, student

Ashton Love: Porn producer-director, 43

Damien: Porn cameraman, 20, son of Ashton Love


How do you keep one twin and give away the other? How do you decide which one to keep? My mom made that decision nineteen years ago. She kept the first born and gave up the second born for adoption.

Caitlyn, the first born, is a high school dropout and just started a career in porn.

Arianna, the second born, is currently attending UC Berkeley and majoring in math.

While Caitlyn grew up the daughter of a doctor, Arianna’s adoptive father died when she was six. Her mother works as a custodian at a middle school in Petaluma.

And yet, the child that excelled in life was the one that didn’t get a new iPhone every two years. She didn’t get a new car on her sixteenth birthday. She had no concept of laying around the house all day taking selfies of herself. She worked part-time jobs since she was thirteen.

It is a stunning case of nurture over nature. Some children respond well to material privilege. And to some, it’s the worst thing that could ever happen to them, as my mom has known for a long time.

Arianna is the daughter my mother always wanted, and Caitlyn is the daughter she got. It was karma on steroids.

While Caitlyn and my mother have always been fighting, the last few years have been one long vicious battle. And it was all because of my mom’s heartbreaking decision nineteen years ago.

Mom’s war with her first born came to a head when she discovered that Caitlyn was shooting a porn movie at our house. Mom kicked her out, and Caitlyn moved into a hotel.

And thus, the beginning of my affairs with both. Yes, I am fucking my mom and my sister. And since they don’t talk, neither one knows about the other.

Beyond the deeply immoral premise of my incestuous relationships, I am also a cheater. So, I’ve decided to clean up this mess. And that’s not going to be easy.

My mom is emotionally dependent on me. I’m the only family she has left. She has no boyfriend and has given up on finding one. She’s bisexual but says she can’t form romantic attachments to women. Instead, she’s formed one to me.

To make matters worse, my exiled sister has become totally dependent on me to manage her new career as a porn actress. During the day, when my sister shoots porn, I drive her to the set, read her contract, and provide psychological counseling during her scenes. She’s very difficult on set, and I find myself constantly running interference between her and her director.

At night, I tend to my mom. I make dinner, clean the house, and perform my boyfriend duties.

My mom and my sister only have one thing in common–they are hypersexual. And while my sister is very kinky, my mom’s sexual depravity is on another level, and starting to scare me.

Mom’s a great person by day. But late at night, her sexual demons always have their way with her. It runs in our family. Mom had a long affair with her father until he passed away. She has a strong preference for extreme sex, and says she needs it because it helps her deal with her very stressful job as an ER doctor.

That’s why we had our first fuck. Someone died on her shift, and she needed to get it out of her head. No better way to do that than to make passionate love to your son all night.

Since Caitlyn has been exiled from our house, both relationships have proven too much for me. The sex has been fantastic, but I have no life of my own. So, I’ve got to get them back together.

And in the process, I’ve got to end my incestuous affairs with both.

* * *

I invited Caitlyn to dinner without mom’s knowledge. It took some convincing, as Caitlyn now thinks she can make a living in porn and mom can go fuck herself.

Since Caitlyn is a powder keg on a porn set, I don’t think she has more than a few months until the word gets around. And in the insular world of the California porn industry, it gets around fast.

My sister and I were in the kitchen, standing at the cooktop, and making pasta. Caitlyn has never shown any interest in cooking, along with a maniacal repulsion to cleaning up. But it’s a basic life skill that I want her to learn so she can save money.

She thinks nothing of ordering takeout from a nice restaurant and dropping thirty bucks on a Styrofoam box filled with cold spaghetti.

So I’m going to teach her how to cook some real Italian food, and at the same time, mend a severely dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship.

“Carter, why the fuck do we have to put an egg in this?” asked Caitlyn, who was stirring the pasta as I was pouring the raw egg and cheese slowly into the pan.

“Mom’s favorite dish is Carbonara. Come on, Caitlyn, you gotta learn this shit. Keep stirring. I want to be able to say you helped cook the meal.”

“She’s not gonna Taksim Escort give a fuck about that.”

“The little things mean a lot to mom. She notices this stuff.”

“She doesn’t notice shit.”

It was half past six when we heard the garage door open. And like every other dinner I was about to share with mom and Caitlyn, I started sweating.

“She’s home,” I said. “Okay, Caitlyn, be nice.”

“I’ll be nice if she’s nice.”

Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea. It’s been a long time since Caitlyn and mom sat down to dinner together. Even a longer time without getting into an argument.

But too late to back out now. The door into the kitchen opened, and there she was. Mom.

Caitlyn and I were standing at the cooktop, and the look on mom’s face was both suspicious and sour.

“What are you doing here, Caitlyn?” was mom’s first volley fired across Caitlyn’s bow.

“I live here.”

“Not anymore.”

“I invited her for dinner, mom. Come on, it’s your favorite. Carbonara. And Caitlyn helped make it. Have a seat in the dining room, we’ll bring everything out to you.”

Feeling like I just threw a mongoose into a cobra pit, I nervously took my mom by the arm and led her to the dining room.

“Mom, just be calm,” I whispered. “She’ll have dinner and then leave. Okay?”

“Okay,” said mom flatly. She sat in her usual seat at the end of the table.

I deliberately sat in between Caitlyn and mom, and for the first two minutes, it was uncomfortably quiet. I tried to invoke some chit chat about mom’s day, but she wasn’t biting. She just quietly ate her pasta.

“So, mom,” I said, “Caitlyn is learning how to cook. She helped make dinner.”

Mom sipped her white wine, looked suspiciously at me, then looked at Caitlyn.

“How is your acting career coming?”

“Great,” said Caitlyn, not realizing it was a snide question. “I just finished my third movie. I made six thousand in a single week.”

Mom seemed surprised but was predictably unenthusiastic.

“Good, then you can finally pay your brother back for all the money you borrowed from him.”

Caitlyn can’t take the slightest criticism, which my mom delivers to her constantly.

“What are you fucking saying, mom? I just made six grand and all you can do is insult me?”

“You made it in porn, Caitlyn. Do you want an award?”

“I don’t want an award. I just want a mother who doesn’t shit on me every fucking day of my life.”

“Maybe if you weren’t a sociopath, I wouldn’t have to. If you expect me to give you a gold star for your new porn career, it’s never going to happen.”

“You have no right to lecture me about porn. You’re a fucking sexual deviate who can’t wait to get your hands on your own son.”

“Get out of my house, you fucking whore! You’re not welcome here ever again!”

Caitlyn turned red with rage, stood, then clenched her fists. I jumped up just in case she was going to swing at mom.

“I don’t need you anymore, you fucking cunt! You’re no longer my mother. You never were. I hope that whatever has been eating away at you your whole life will fucking kill you!”

Caitlyn knocked her chair over, spit at my mother, then ran to the front door. I followed her.

“Caitlyn, hold on, I’ll give you a ride.”

“Fuck you, dweeb,” she shouted. “Stay home with mommy. She’s already fucked your head. Just stay that way.”

Caitlyn slammed the door. It was less than a mile to her hotel, so I’ll let her walk it off. I came back to the dinner table, picked up the chair Caitlyn knocked over, and sat down next to mom.

I sighed. “Mom, why does this always have to happen?”

“She’s proud of making money in porn, Carter. I’m not going to accept that.”

“She’s a sex worker now, and she’s good at it. There’s no shame in that. It’s not an easy job, it’s very hard work.”

“Why are you sticking up for her? I thought you hated her?”

“She can’t make it on her own, mom. She can’t even drive a car.”

“Don’t you drive her to her porn shoots?”

“Yes. Then I read her contracts and make sure she gets paid.”

“Is she so fucking stupid that she can’t even read a piece of paper?”

“Mom, she’s Caitlyn. Your daughter. You remember her, don’t you?”

“Unfortunately. Do you watch her have sex too?”

“Sort of.”

“Sort of? How do you sort of do that?”

“It’s a long story. But it’s a dirty business. You should be worried about her. The director tried to get us to do a private incest porn. For twenty thousand.”

With raised eyebrows, mom sipped her wine, then put her glass down on the table.

“That’s illegal, Carter. And it will end up on the internet.”

“I know. But that’s the world Caitlyn’s in now. She shouldn’t be in it alone. The woman that directed Caitlyn today was into some scary stuff.”

“Who is this woman?”

“She’s an ex-porn actress from about twenty years ago. Now a producer and director, does fake incest porn. She apparently is in contact Ümraniye Escort with a number of rich people that pay her for real incest videos.”

“There’s a lot of money in that,” said mom. “How old is she?”

“Forties. Has a son. Even wanted a private party with us.”

“With her and her son?”

“Yes, but she doesn’t pay for that.”

“I see. Does she have sex with him?”

“She didn’t explicitly say that, but it was implied. I met him, he’s a cameraman for her movies. I didn’t even know they were related until we were about to leave.”

My phone vibrated, so I pulled it out of my pocket. It was Ashton Love, the lady we were just talking about.

“Did you talk to your sister?” texted Ashton.

“Wow, it’s her,” I said. “She wants to know our decision on the sex tape. Give me a sec, I need to tell her ‘no’.”



“Carter, would it be okay with you if we invite her and her son over tonight?”

“For sex?”

“Not necessarily. I’d like to talk to them to see if we are compatible.”

“You really want to have sex with them?”

“I had a bad shift today. Please, Carter. Invite them over.”

* * *

About ten minutes after nine, there was a soft knock on our front door. We opened it and were greeted by Ashton Love and another woman.

“Hello, Ashton,” I said, “this is my mom, Cathryn.”

Ashton was dressed like she had money, in a frilly white silk top with a matching white jacket and white skirt.

“Hello, this is my son, Damien.”

I looked closer and recognized his face underneath the thick makeup. He’s a crossdresser, and a convincing one. He covered his blue spiked hair with a long blond wig and was wearing blue eyeshadow and ruby red lipstick. He wore a black bikini top and a very short black miniskirt.

Fuck. I don’t feel right about this. Damien looks like he’s bi. My butt cheeks just clenched together, and I have no idea why they do that automatically.

“Hey, Carter,” said Damien, who didn’t try to sound like a female. “Some shoot today, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was.”

Damien entered first and shook my hand, then hugged my mom. “Hey Cathryn. Your daughter was really good today. So was your son.”

I could tell my mom instantly disliked Damien. He is too hyper and in-your-face for her tastes.

Ashton stepped into the foyer and casually shook my mom’s hand.

“So nice to meet you,” said Ashton. “Your son really helped us out today. We couldn’t have finished the movie without him.”

That wasn’t what my mom wanted to hear, but she is very good at concealing her feelings.

“Thank you. Why don’t you have a seat in the living room? Can I get you wine or beer?”

“White wine,” said Ashton.

“I’ll have a beer,” said Damien, who either has small breasts or is wearing a stuffed bikini top.

They sat down together on the long black leather couch in the living room while mom handed them their drinks. We sat in the adjacent love seat and began the awkward mother-son “date”.

They both crossed their legs in the exact same way, right over left, and it was immediately obvious that Damien spends a lot of time crossdressing. He shaves his legs and wears pantyhose. And between the two of them, his legs were better.

“So how long have you been active?” asked Ashton, who held her glass of white wine loosely, almost spilling it.

“Active?” said mom. “We just started. How about you?”

Ashton locked her eyes with Damien’s and smiled like a proud mom. “Damien lived with his dad in Florida until about two years ago, when he came to live with me. That’s when we started.”

“Yeah,” said Damien, “mom offered me a job with her company, so right after I graduated high school, I came to Cali and we got busy my first night here.”

Damien put his hand on his mom’s knee, and like a loving couple, she placed her hand on his.

“How do you like it so far?” asked Ashton.

“It’s been amazing,” said mom, who just put her hand on mine. “I had a relationship with my father for many years, and it was really hard for me to adjust when he died. I felt very alone until Carter and I finally became lovers.”

“Do you and your daughter play too?”

Mom grimaced. Ashton was looking for the big payday, as she previously told me she can sell a private mom-daughter vid for fifty thousand.

“No,” said mom. “I have no problem with same-sex incest. I think you should try everything at least once. It’s just that my daughter and I have a very bad personal relationship.”

“She is a handful,” said Ashton. “She blew up several times, but Carter calmed her down each time.”

“Carter has taken the brunt of my daughter’s sociopathy. He had to learn how to deal with her just to survive.”

There was an awkward pause, as chit-chat at a swing party seems to do nothing but shrivel genitals.

“So, tell me, Ashton,” said mom, “what do you two usually do on the first date?”

“It depends on you. We’re both bi. We’re open to anything. Full swap, soft swap, or group, whatever you’re comfortable with. Are you both bi?”

“I am. But Carter is not experienced enough to know what he is. Why don’t we start by watching you two together? Then you can watch us.”

“Okay,” nodded Ashton. “Right here in the living room?”

We have a very thick shag carpet with a lot of empty floor space that is perfect for an orgy, but difficult to keep clean.

“I just had the carpet done.”

It was as simple as that. State what you are, what you want, take off your clothes, and get at it. No muss, no fuss, and no waiting. Swinging is much more like a negotiation than a date.

Damien stood, helped his mother to her feet, and they moved to the open space in the center of the living room, where they undressed. Ashton is tall with large boobs, and her body is a bit on the plump side, but still shapely.

My mother and I sat quietly on the love seat, holding hands, and relishing in the anticipation of watching live mother-son incest.

Damien removed his bikini top, and sure enough, he has a perfectly hairless chest and small breasts which were struggling to be an A-cup. He seems to be on hormones. Ashton unhooked her bra and let it fall on the floor. Her breasts were obviously implants with their best days behind them. Still, they were breasts, and her nipples were just inches from rubbing up against her son’s chest.

She has mom-sized areolas, one of which is pierced, white milky skin, and a long furry black landing strip. Damien dropped his skirt, leaving on his black panties that he wasn’t in a hurry to remove. He has narrow shoulders, and his body is frail and feminine, except for the prominent bulge in his panties.

We were all aroused. There is a secret society of group incest that is being practiced behind closed doors, in otherwise normal looking homes.

The people that practice it look just like regular people. They have jobs, go to work or school, and function quite normally in society. But the thrill of incest always gets the best of them.

Damien faced Ashton and pressed himself into her for a sly and self-conscious kiss. Damien is slightly taller than his mom, and as their kiss intensified in both pressure and tongue penetration, their arms wrapped tightly around each other.

Ashton and Damien both get off on flaunting their taboo relationship. It enhances the experience of incest to do it in front of another couple. It’s like doing it for the first time.

My mother’s hand squeezed my upper thigh, getting me ready for its next advance. Mom is wearing a short skirt, which is unusual for her. So I took advantage, placing my hand high on her thigh, within inches of her crotch, which already felt like it was burning up.

Watching live mother-son passion is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. And they are going at it like newlyweds trying to conceive.

My mom leaned her head against my shoulder, provoking my hand to continue onward. My fingertips touched down on her silk panties. She responded by parting her thighs further, inviting me inside her body.

I moved her panties to the side and slid my middle finger into her hot and excessively wet slit. She responded by unbuttoning my pants and sliding her hand down the front, under my boxers, until she found it.

She gripped my petrified shaft and stroked it up and down several times. Then rubbed her index finger on my urethra, touching the warm and effusive leakage of seminal fluid.

Damien was standing, and while Ashton was down on her knees with his cock in the back of her mouth, mom leaned in for our first kiss. Her slightly protruded tongue led her lips by a small margin, but just enough for me to taste it first.

As many times as I have kissed my mom, it still feels so very wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s fucking evil. But that’s why it feels so amazing.

“Come on you two,” said Ashton, whose hand was stroking her son’s shaft with her cheek pressed into his leaking crown. “Off with your clothes.”

She lifted his cock, then pushed her face into his testicles, stopping to gently suckle his balls in her mouth. The tip of her tongue licked up the underside of his shaft until she finally wrapped her lips tightly around his aching crown. She then gave us another lewd glance, wanting very much for us to join in the incestuous fun.

We stood, removed our clothes, and mom took my hand, leading me around the coffee table to the middle of the living room, right next to Damien and Ashton.

As Ashton’s head was bobbing back and forth on her son’s cock, mom directed me to stand right next to Damien.

Nude, my cock standing straight up, mom knelt on the floor. Taking my shaft in her hand, she stroked it several times, then glanced up to see my reaction.

She liked what she saw, then put the tip of her tongue into the salty pre-ejaculate oozing from my urethra. Still tracking my reaction, she swallowed my cock all the way to the back of her throat until I could go no further.

Ashton, with her own son’s cock deep in her mouth, shifted her eyes to watch my mom suck me. She pressed her fingertips into her clit and rubbed herself methodically, enjoying the passion my mother and I have for each other. This was deep incest. Times two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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