My Most Recent Service to MY master

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My Most Recent Service to My Master

Last time my master used me he pissed on me after he came in my mouth. This made one of my biggest fantasies come true. The next time we met I was determined to get more of my fantasies out of the way. My master is a big yet buff and athletic guy with dark hair and a 8 inch fat fat cock. I am tall, fair skin, dark hair blue eyes and an ass like Sasha Grey (one of my favorite porn stars). Note: I had seen his test of him being negative before this and we built up a lot of trust. Yes I know my spelling is bad, so I am sorry to the english professors who read this, and my stories can be rushed, but thats because I am so excited writing this and holding a huge piss while I write it so I can go cover myself after I write it.
I emailed my master and let him know I needed more piss this time and in more places. He emailed me back and said come by tomorrow. So I spent the whole day watching girls getting covered in piss and getting pissed in, to get myself all worked up. The morning of the day we were supposed to meet I pissed all over my self in the shower and gave my self several enemas to clean out my hole for him. A couple of the enemas were filled with my piss, which felt so good.
I had classes that afternoon and Escort Ankara we planned to meet before my classes, so I could go to class knowing I had been used like a little dirty slut. He told me to pick up some slutty, girly attire. I used to cross dress a lot, mostly for my self, just once for a guy though, so this turns me on, and I did. On the way I picked up some white pantyhose and a plaid school girl skirt. I requested that he fill himself with as much water as possible, so that there was piss coming at me during our whole encounter. He said he would. As I went to go pick up the lingerie, he kept texting me to hurry cause he had to piss really bad and had not cum for many days.
On my drive there I watched piss porn on my phone to get me even more worked up. He kept texting me to hurry cause he was ready to burst. He said he would leave the door unlocked and that I had to strip when I came in the door, come upstairs and be ready. My heart beat so fast as I approached his door with lingerie in my school pack.
I went through the door, stripped as fast as I could and walked up the stairs, feeling so sexy I walked like a stripper or some slut. When I got up there he told me to go out on the deck and get on my knees. I could see the windows of Ankara Escort the buildings all around wondering who was watching and got off on it. I got down and he told me to bite and suck his cock through his jogging shorts. He pulled it out and unleashed a huge stream of piss on my face. I opened my mouth and drank some of it, piss tastes so good. Then I sucked it very aggressively as he continued to piss down my throat. Then I turned around and stuck my ass up, put my face on the piss on the ground and arched my back. He began to piss on my head and worked his way down my back and to my ass. I then opened my hole so some of his piss could go inside my ass. This felt so incredible being filled with some piss from a big cock.
Then he told me to get up and go put the pantyhose and skirt on and come upstairs. So I did. I went up where he had porn on of some girl getting railed in the ass. I lay on the floor in front of him on my back with my legs in the air. He pissed on me more and I rolled in it on his tile floor. He then made me suck his fat cock more while he pissed down my throat and fucked my face. He then sat on the chair in front of me, and began to stretch my hole with his fingers while pissing on me occasionally. He knew I wanted to be barebacked Ankara Escort Bayan and bred, and he also knew I had a rape fantasy and wanted to be forced to do these things. And we had built up enough trust that I was okay with this.
Without notice he stuck his bare throbbing cock inside me, as I asked him to stop and pull out, he told me to shut up and began fucking my hole. He pumped me with his cock, with my legs in the air, pantyhose soaked in piss and he began to moan loud. I was practically screaming. Then I felt my ass fill with lots of warm piss, and he told me he was pissing in my ass. I could feel it overflowing and running down my ass as he pumped me hard and filled me with piss.
Then he said he was gonna cum on my ass and fill my gape with more piss. Without even hesitating I told him to cum in my hole. As soon as I said it he began to moan really loud and told me he was dropping a big load in me. I asked him if I could cum and he gave me permission. I came when he pissed on my cum and piss filled whole, with his after cum piss. It was so fucking hot!
I went and released his piss and cum from my ass in his toilet and took a shower. When I got out we made small talk, then he told me to get to class. Sitting in class I could feel his cum and piss seeping out of my still gaping hole. I sit next to a couple of hot girls in class and loved knowing that cum and piss was staining my little panties I was still wearing while looking at them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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