My Mother Fucked Us All

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Female Ejaculation

I was hanging out one night, waiting for my mother to come home from work when a buddy called. He told me that he and two other friends had picked up two older babes at a bar and were already balling them at some motel.

“Get here fast! These two babes are wild!”

The offer was tempting, even though I preferred younger pussy. Call it stupid, but there was something about fucking older women that just turned me off. Then, I reconsidered for one simple reason. I hadn’t gotten laid in a long time and needed pussy bad. Young or old, I was gonna go to the motel.

The only thing was, my mother was already over an hour late getting home from work and I was getting a little worried. Then I remembered her saying she was going shopping with her sister and that they’d probably stop off for a bite to eat after.

Feeling better, I left to meet my friends and the two old whores they’d picked up at the bar. Fifteen minutes later I was at the motel in a sleazy part of town. It was a perfect spot to take the two old sluts for a quick gang-bang.

After parking my car, I looked around for the room number Joe had given me, then knocked on the door. Someone yelled that the door was unlocked and to come in. When I did, I saw a wild orgy taking place on two big beds.

My friend Joe was lying on top of one babe, banging the crap out of her while she had her arms and legs wrapped around him. On the other bed, Billy was on his back while the other woman sucked him off. At the same time, my friend Jack was fucking the second babe from behind. I couldn’t see their faces, but that didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to do anything with their faces anyway. No way I would ever kiss the mouth of a cock-sucking whore.

I don’t have to tell you how hard my cock was from seeing my friends pork these two old bitches. I couldn’t wait to get my cock into either one. My time came when Jack popped his load and pulled out of bitch number two.

“Go ahead!” he told me. “This one really likes it in the ass!” he said, and I quickly grabbed a hold of the older woman’s soft beefy hips, resting my stiff one right between her big ass cheeks.

That’s when I realized what a nice body this older woman had. While she didn’t have the small tight ass of a young babe, it wasn’t all that bad either. At the very least, it was nice enough to hold onto while I slipped my cock between her two cheeks and into her loosy-goosy cunt.

While sucking Billy’s cock, the woman groaned while I pounded her cunt from behind. When I reached around for a feel of her mushy cunt, she groaned even louder as her body moved with mine. A few minutes after we started, I dumped my load into number two’s pussy. Right after, Billy filled her mouth with bursa escort his own come. Joey was right. This old cunt was some hot babe all right!

Up until then, I hadn’t seen the faces of either woman, but, as I said, I didn’t care. They both had nice bodies, and were giving us the best fuck we’ve had in a long time. Who cared what they looked like? Only when Joe finished fucking number one, did I get to see her face. That’s when I knew something real strange was going. There was something very familiar about the babe giving Jack a blowjob. She looked just like my mother’s sister. Yet, as strange as that was, it couldn’t have been my Aunt Darlene.

She had red hair, just like Beverly, my Mom. These two sluts were both blondes, and the woman with Jack’s cock in her mouth wore much more makeup than I ever saw Darlene wear. It couldn’t have been my mother’s sister. No way! I was sure of it.

With that thought out of the way, I again grabbed the hips of blonde number two and gave her ass a quick reaming, sending my cock all the way into her anal opening. When I did that, I caught the old cunt totally by surprise. She lifted her face from Billy’s cock and let out a very loud scream.

“Aghhhhhhh!” the woman groaned, then turned her head to the side. Since Billy didn’t want to stop the blowjob she was giving him, he attempted to pull her face back to his cock, but in the process, pulled off her blonde wig. When he did that, he uncovered the woman’s pinned up red hair. That’s when I got the shock of my life. The woman whose ass I’d just fucked was not some old whore the guys had picked up at a bar and fucked before I got there.

She was my mother.

My friends had been fucking my mother.

In total shock, my dick shriveled inside her ass, and in no time, it was limp with the rubber barely staying on my dick. I never felt so awful in my life. I had done the absolute unthinkable, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the mother I’d just fucked was fucking for and sucking off both my best friends too.

In disgust, I ripped off the rubber, put my dick away and left without a word. My own mother was a whore who took it in the ass from someone she didn’t even know. She even sucked and fucked for strangers, blowing them while they did whatever they wanted with her slut body. I was pissed.

While driving around for over two hours, I did a lot of thinking. For the first hour or so I was very angry. In time, I calmed down and began to think differently. Maybe I overreacted and was wrong about my divorced mother. Was she any different than the other babes I’d screwed? They all had their needs. Who the fuck was I to judge how they went about getting the cock they all needed? Did it really bursa escort matter that it was my friends who fucked my mother?

Did it really matter that I fucked her too?

When I pulled into the driveway, her car was already there. When I walked into the house, she was standing by the couch in her robe. She had her long red hair brushed out, but was still wearing more makeup than she usually wore. She Still looked like a whore.

“Hi! Took you long to get home,” she said while reaching for the blonde wig. “I didn’t know it was you until it was too late. If I’d known, I would have stopped,” she said almost crying. “I’m sorry if I disappointed you.”

As I said, a woman has needs. I understand that. I just didn’t understand her methods. “I’m not disappointed. I still love you!”

“And I love you!” she said, then hugged me close. After saying that, she kissed me lightly on the mouth, then hugged me tight again. This time, I felt her warm body rubbing against mine and her big tits poking my chest. As my eyes closed, I remembered the woman at the motel and how she loved having me fuck her hot body. That’s when I knew out lives had changed forever. The woman I’d fucked was now all mine. No one else would ever fuck her body again. Not my friends, not anyone. Just me.

I said before I would never kiss the filthy mouth of a cocksucking whore. Well, guess what? I lied. This was no whore whose ass I was holding and squeezing. This was my mother, Beverly, and it was my mother’s lips that pressed to my lips and opened wide for my eager tongue. It was my mother’s robe that opened and dropped off her naked body to the floor, and it was my mother whose hot-for-fucking-body I was carrying into the bedroom for our third fuck of the night.

This time, Beverly was on her back with me on top, pumping away while she held me tightly. This time, she wasn’t sucking some guy’s cock while my dick split open her ass. Oh, no! That slut whore was long gone. This was now my mother I was fucking, and would continue fucking from that day on, and the way I saw it, there was no reason why I couldn’t fuck my Aunt Darlene too.

The next morning, Mom and I were awakened by the sound of a ringing doorbell. Both of us were stark naked when we jumped out of bed reaching for something to put on. She went off with her short nightie while I threw on my brief drawers.

As she went to open the front door, I stood right behind her waiting to see who was calling on us so early in the morning. “I just have to talk to you!” I heard Aunt Darlene’s voice as Mom opened the door only part way. “It’s about last night and what we did!” After Mom let her in, Darlene took one look at how we were dressed bursa eskort and came to her own conclusion. “Oh!” she said with a sly grin. “You already know!”

Simply put, Darlene had recognized me the night before and wanted to inform her sister that she was being fucked by her own son. There was no longer a need to do that. There was only a need to do what Mom and me did next.

“You can relax, Darlene!” Mom said as her hand reached inside my underwear and she took out my cock. “I already know about my son and his big beautiful cock,” she said while jerking me off right in front of her sister. “And frankly, Darlene, honey! I think it’s about time that you found out about it too!”

Aunt Darlene was on her way to work at the bank because she was dressed in a nice business suit, one with a short tight skirt that showed off her real nice legs. I always liked her nice legs.

When she got dressed earlier, Aunt Darlene didn’t know she’d be late for work that day. She’d be late simply because her short tight skirt made it very easy for me to get my hand under it for a feel of her mushy wet pussy. Right after that, Mom helped me take off her sister’s panties, then helped me lead the older cunt over to the couch where Aunt Darlene got her own taste of my cock inside her hot and wet pussy.

“Oh God! Oh God!” she sighed as its massiveness moved all the way inside her cunt and she brought those real nice legs around me. “You can fuck me now, baby! I really want you fucking me, sweetheart! Give me your big hard cock and fuck me!’ my aunt told me almost the same words her sister had used the night before when I fucked my mother.

“Oh, I will baby!” I’ll gladly fuck you, Aunt Darlene, but only if you promise to suck my cock right after I come inside your hot juicy cunt. Will you do that, Darlene baby? Will you suck off you nephew’s big cock?”

Before answering she kissed me first, giving me her tongue while moving her hot body to my fast-paced thrusts.

“You know I’ll suck off your cock, baby! There’s nothing I want more than having your big hard cock and all it’s juicy come inside my wet, cock-sucking mouth. Shit, baby! I’ll even suck off your Mama’s pussy if you want me to. I love eating pussy and so does hot Beverly. How would you like seeing that, baby! Your Mama and me doing each other? Yeah! I’ll bet you’ll like that.

I liked it so much, I shot my load right into Aunt Darlene’s pussy, then shot another load into her mouth while she sucked me off. Before leaving, Darlene promised to return after work for a very hot two sister three way. In the meantime, Beverly and me made real good use of the day while waiting for her sister’s return.

“So, you love eating pussy?” I asked while we showered together.

Beverly just grinned while falling to her knees right in front of me. “You’ll see!” she said just before taking my cock into her mouth.

One thing for sure. I was wrong about young pussy. Older pussy is definitely the best.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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